Martin Riggs is waiting in his old F250, the air conditioning crank up. He sees Rika walking out of Walgreens with a graduation card he was suppose to pick up days ago. Martin initially laughed at Rika's complaints, but their son's graduation police academy, as with the last three of their children's graduations, she was taking it seriously.

He watches her. Even though she's partially upset at him, he still ogles her. Even after four kids, three boys and one girl, all like him, she's aged well. Even as she looks angrily at him when getting close with her sea blue eyes, her South African blood and cooking has helped her keep a slim figure and her still blonde hair blows with the wind. His only complaint is she stopped wearing skirts after the second boy.

She walks in and closes the door. He looks at her and smiles as she puts her seatbelt on with a huff.

"I love you," Martin says.

Rika looks at him with her hand out, "Money."

"Don't you want to say anything back…"

"Give me the money Martin."

The instant Martin pulls out his wallet from his pocket she grabs it from his hand, takes out one hundred dollars worth of tens and twenties, and double checks her count.

Riggs ruffles his short white hair and sighs with a grin, "How much do you charge for an hour?"

"You couldn't afford me. And don't sigh. This is your fault for not buying a card or writing a check."

He starts his truck. "I remember when you were soft spoken…and nicer."

Rika looks at him and puts back ten dollars back into his wallet.

Finding parking in the visitor's section was easy, getting out of his own truck was another. Martin slowly gets outs and groins when he stands on the ground. He's partially held up by Rika's welcoming arms.

Martin sees Nick saving their seats. For a brief moment, he thinks about Roger. Then he clears his mind, he's not going to cry at his son's graduation for thinking about his best friend who died as he should, in his sleep peacefully.

"Are you ok?"

Martin is brought back to reality and to her Rika's sea blue eyes. "Hi."

"Hi." She smiles as she fixes his shirt and tie, and then straightens his jeans that she ironed the night before. He looks at her scars around her wrists from when he pulled her out from her almost water tomb decades ago.

"Since you're playing with my pants, you can…"

She smiles back without looking at him, "Careful, that kind of talk is how we got a family in the first place."

Riggs grins and says, "I'm up for anther inning if you are."

She pinches his side. "Fresh." She looks at him with a smile.

They walk hand in hand to their seats. Compared to the miracles of seeing all his children getting born, surviving from an career ending shot to the back from a perp, and saving Roger from a toilet bomb, Rika being alive made him trust in God again.