Entering the squad room Abby is surprised to find one of her colleagues still at his desk. Disturbed by her entrance he quickly hits a key on his computer.
"What are you doing here Tony?"
"Uh, I work here Abs."
She glances at her watch. "I meant what are you still doing here at this hour?"
"What are you?"
"Finishing up the requisition forms. Now stop deflecting and answer my question."
"I offered to collate the last notes for the case file."
"And the others just left?"
"Sure. They offered to help but I said I didn't need them. I am the senior field agent after all. I am perfectly capable of doing this." He smiles at her.
"I know that. I just thought with Wendy coming back you might need... and they promised..." she breaks off what she's saying and shuffles her feet nervously.
"Who is they Abby?" He tries to look sternly at her and fails.
"Ziva and McGee. They were going to take you out somewhere to distract you or give you a chance to talk if you wanted to. I was going to join you when I finished here. Just wait til I get my hands on them." She gives a glare that would truly frighten him if he didn't wear a gun and know that it was directed at someone other than him.
"But I don't want to talk about it. I'm so sick of everyone interfering." He glares at her at the same time wondering first Ducky now Abby what is wrong with me.
"Tony?" He voice is uncharacteristically gentle.
"Sorry Abs. I just don't know where to put all this you know."
"It has been nine years and she did break your heart." After a little too much Caff-Nog at one Christmas party he'd found himself telling her the whole story. Even how for years afterwards he avoided anything to with weddings including the little local bakery that specialized in wedding cakes. He'd changed his jogging route so he wouldn't pass it on his daily runs.
"Yeah but it's not that."
"Well not only that. I just wish everyone would stay out of my business. I mean what was the Boss thinking? He didn't need to make me liaison. It's almost like he was having a bit of a laugh at my discomfiture. Then the other two wouldn't shut up about it. I don't know what I feel yet so how can I explain it to them?"
"Oh, Tony." She steps forward and wraps her arms around him from behind resting her head on his shoulder. "The Boss was probably trying to give you a chance to sort things out. I mean if she had to be here how comfortable would you have been if he'd picked someone else for liaison?"
"I didn't think of that." She was right he would not have wanted Ziva or McGee spending that much time with Wendy.
"And you know the other two are just worried about you. They want to help. We all do."
He pats her hand."Thanks Abby but the best thing you can do right now is give me some space and..."
"And?" She walks around into the bullpen.
"Let me finish this."
She smiles and heads to the elevator throwing a "Night Tony" over her shoulder as she does so.
"Night Abs." He brings up what he was working on, not the case file as he'd told her but an email to Jimmy and Brenna informing them he knew a perfect replacement for their wedding bakery. Wendy returning to his life did need to be dealt with but for now he was moving on at least in some ways.