Hey. So for those of you who are reading my other story as well, I decided to take a break from it for a little while. I'm hoping once this idea is out of my head, I'll be able to move back to the other story. This story is an Alice and Bella pairing so if you don't like that, don't read. Most of the story should be in Alice's POV. Um… oh yeah!

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Chapter One

It all started that one rainy night in Forks, Washington. When I had decided to go walk around town, I hadn't expected to find much. Oh, but I did.

My boots squeaked as I walked through the small moonlit town. Other than my shoes, the town was quiet; certain tranquility filled the air. It was very peaceful, especially with the soft glow the moon cast. I was about to turn the corner back to where I had parked my car when I saw a brief vision. An eerie green light flashed in front of the Forks library. Just as I came out of the vision, a bright flash lit up the space around the building in front of me. I hurriedly sped around the building to find… nothing. That's odd, I thought to myself. I had turned into the small square that was in front of the town library.

The library was an old building. It had large marble steps and two statues of lions sitting at each side of the stairs.

Wait a minute. I ran up to the statues and look closely. On the stomach of the lion, fastly fading from my sight, which was pretty weird, was a series of words which glowed a soft green. It read, "Liūto statula, klausyk mano komandą. Padidėja tada, kai esate pašaukti. Gulbė. IšimtaI." I didn't recognize the language, but it seemed slightly familiar. Once the letters had completely faded, I realized there was a sheen of what looked like oil in the shape of a handprint. The same mark was on the other statues stomach as well.

I sniffed around the statues and noticed a fairly new scent that smelled faintly of the African safari. Weird. I ran back to my car at vampire speed and quickly turned it on. Whatever did that most likely wasn't human. The question was, whether or not I wanted anyone else in my family to know.

As I drove out of the town, debating what to do, someone stood lurking in the shadows, watching. Waiting. I might've noticed if I wasn't so preoccupied. Too late now.

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