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Chapter Four

Alice POV

I couldn't get what happened out of my head. After a day, the strange language and lights had been stuck in my head. And what's worse is, my visions have gone hazy. I didn't notice it until after Carlisle told me to keep an eye out for anything strange. I would say it's the mutts, but as far as the family is aware, there aren't any in La Push anymore.

It was about the afternoon, when I noticed something. I couldn't see my future anymore. I completely froze, desperately searching for something, and sighed with relief when I saw myself, going to school tomorrow. I heard Edward call from downstairs.

"What was that Alice?"

"Yeah, you went all scared for a second there." My other brothers' voice followed Edward's.

I thought of how to put it. "For a second, my future disappeared-"

Immediately, my room was full of all the members of our family, except for Carlisle, who was at work.

"What's wrong Alice? Please tell me your future's back," Esme pleaded with a scared look on her face.

I rolled my eyes at them. "If you guys would've let me finish, you would've heard me tell you, I see myself tomorrow, so no worries." My voice turned soft looking at my families' faces.

Everyone visibly relaxed. "That's good Alicat. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't tease you every day," Emmett said jokingly, trying to ease the tension.

I huffed. "Glad to know I'm only kept around for your amusement."

Emmett laughed and everyone else smiled. They all stood there somewhat awkwardly for a moment before Rosalie announced that she was going hunting. Emmett, Jasper, Nash, and Edward decided to go with her, while Esme and myself would be staying at home.

I was sitting on my bed, humming to the song, Into the Ocean by Blue October, when all of a sudden, I thought I heard fast paced footsteps running across the front yard. Which was strange considering Esme was in her garden and everyone else was gone. I stopped humming and raced over to my window, slamming it up and poking my head out. I didn't see anyone, but that didn't mean no one was there.

"Is anyone there?" I whispered, not wanting to worry Esme.

Just as I was about to dismiss my suspicions as paranoia from earlier, someone peered around the tree in front of my window. I stopped moving, as if I would scare her away by doing so, and could feel my eyes widen as I took in her face. She was beautiful, with full, wavy brown hair, neon green eyes, which looking back on it is strange, and full pink lips. I was completely stunned into silence, and more than a little dazzled, as I continued to stare at her. With a mind of its own, my body jumped towards her, landing on the same branch she stood on. I reached my hand out and touched her cheek, almost sighing in relief when I did. How strange. Noticing that she leaned into my touch, and then realizing I had no idea who this person was, I blew the cobwebs out of my head.

"Who are you?" I asked quietly, not wanting to disturb the silence.

Her eyes seemed to clear after a moment and she stepped back, if reluctantly. Her face full of amusement and happiness, she bent into a sweeping bow, before straightening up again. I almost gasped when I heard her voice.

"My name is Isabella Swan at your service, but I prefer Bella," she said. Bella's voice was soft and deep, yet still feminine. "And with whom am I conversing with?"

"I'm Alice," I replied, not really thinking. Her mannerisms were old fashioned, but she wasn't a vampire. How odd. And she didn't smell bad, so she wasn't a wolf. She interrupted my thoughts when she spoke.

"Well, I'm terribly sorry for this Alice, but I'm seizing the moment," she said, before walking towards me.

"Wait, what are you- Hey!"

Bella quickly picked me up, restraining me as she did so, and threw me over her shoulder. I slammed my hand down on her back, not too hard of course, I didn't want to actually hurt her, but it didn't seem to work.

"Put me down! Esme!" I yelled, trying to get my mother's attention.

Bella jumped down from the tree, landing in a crouch, and took off into the forest, away from the direction of Esme's frantic voice. As she ran along, much faster than I had ever been able to go, dodging trees and jumping over rocks and other obstacles, she maneuvered me around, slipping one arm around my entire body, while reaching the other hand into her pocket, pulling out, surprisingly, a pen. I had stopped struggling while I watched her, but as soon as she made to write on me with whatever was in that pen, I started wriggling like mad.

"Just hold still a moment please Alice, I'm not going to hurt you," Bella groaned out after having drawn a smear on my arm.

"How the hell do I know that?" I screeched at her. Here was this random, yet beautiful, girl, who I just met, who was all nice, but then kidnaps ME, a future seeing friggin vampire! And she expects me to believe she's not going to hurt me!?

She finally manages to write something on my arm that apparently satisfies her, before she writes on her own arm. My eyes widen. Wait a minute, that looks familiar. My theory was confirmed when, after she put her pen away, both sets of words lit up a brilliant green, the same color from the other night, and the same color of her eyes.

Smiling, Bella stopped running. Her hearing must not have been too good though, because I could still hear Esme chasing wildly after us. Hopefully, I could stall until she got here.

I sighed. "Are you going to put me down now?" I asked.

She laughed and set me on my feet, slowly releasing my arms. I quickly jumped away from her, looking at my arm as I did so, frantically wiping at it when I noticed the ink still on my arm. When I looked back up at her, after confirming the ink wasn't coming off, she had a sad expression on her face. I immediately felt sad and moved towards her, before quickly shaking it off. What are you doing! She just kidnapped you, and now you're trying to comfort her!

Bella looked as though she was about to say something when Esme burst into the small clearing we had stopped in, looking teary eyed, and deathly terrified.


I ran up to her, going to hug her, but as soon as I got within a couple feet of her, I hit a wall. What the-What did I run into? I looked around her, but didn't see anything. Esme collapsed on the ground sobbing, before she got out her cell phone and called Carlisle. She started to explain to him about what happened earlier, all the while I was frantically trying to get her attention. I whipped around to glare at Bella.

"What did you do to me!"