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Chapter Five

Bella POV

Okay, so maybe kidnapping the not-so-human girl I have a major crush on was not such a good idea. But I was scared, what if she didn't listen to me, what if she is already with someone? And she doesn't seem too happy. She is currently glaring holes in my head with her beautiful topaz eyes… I shake my head. I guess I should explain.

"Um, I kind of made it so no one could interact with either of us?" I try to explain.

"You WHAT!" Alice screeched at me.

She quickly stalked up to me, getting in my face. "You turn me back to the way I was, or I swear, I will seriously hurt you," She spat.

And it was like her words turned me into a puppet. Immediately, I dissipated the command, freeing her, and me, into the living world again.

Esme, who noticed us magically appear in front of her, screamed, dropping her cell phone, and raced to Alice and tackled her onto the ground. I stood somewhat awkwardly a couple feet away from them, feeling like I shouldn't be here, it seems too personal.

Shifting from foot to foot, I hesitated before darting back into the trees, away from the two hysterical women. I should go, I don't know what came over me, but it can't be good, and I can't die. Not after what happened… No! Not that, not now.

After a few moments, I notice footsteps behind me. Sounds like only person.


I slow to a stop and turn around, wary of facing her at the moment. Alice breaks through the trees and comes to a stop in front of me, one eyebrow raised.

"Where do you think you're going?" She asks.

I glance behind me, hesitating. "Um, away, I guess. Uh, sorry about earlier, but I have to go now," I say somewhat reluctantly.

I turn and start running again, only to get slammed into the dirt. After a brief struggle, I manage to slip out from under her, darting away again, only to be pinned to a tree.

"Let me go!" I yell at her.

Alice pouts. "But you can't go."

Wow, she apparently forgives easily.

"And why not?"

She thinks for a moment.

"Because you don't want to?" She asks.

I shake my head.

She thinks again. "Please don't go, I just met you. Stay!"

Again with the puppets, I couldn't move. Great. When I didn't reply, I guess Alice took that as confirmation that I wasn't going to leave, because she let me go and did what looked like a happy dance.


I don't know why I was so happy she wasn't leaving. I mean, she did just kind of kidnap me, but she did turn whatever it is off when I asked. Which is kind of weird. If she was going to do that, why stop as soon as I ask?

I peered at her. She was staring at me with a somewhat resigned look on her face, but she hadn't moved.

Esme crashed through the trees behind me, immediately coming to stand by my side, anxiously looking at Bella.

"Who is she, Alice? Is she the one that took you?"

I nodded my head slowly, still trying to figure out why I wanted her to stay so badly.

As soon as Esme saw me nod she stalked toward Bella and, before I could react, punched her right in the face.

Red swirled over my eyes, my body vibrating from how much I was growling. I could feel my eyes go from bright gold to pitch black in less than a second.

I sprinted forward and grabbed the female by the throat and slammed her into the ground. I roared into her face, baring my teeth, venom dripping from my chin. How dare she hurt, even touch my mate.

My hand slowly squeezed her neck, crushing the marble flesh in my grip, until I was roughly hauled backwards, away from the vile female. Whipping around, I started to snarl, but quickly stopped and started purring when I saw my mate in front of me.

Darting to her, I wrapped my arms around her, rubbing my face in the crook of her neck, relishing in the perfection that is her scent.

I felt her face in my hair, and smiled into her skin when she started to trace patterns on my back. Ever so gently, I lifted my face up and stared at her eyes, now pulsing green and yellow, and slowly leaned forward.


One word crossed my mind as Alice's lips softly molded to mine. I had finally found my siela, my soul. My one and only, my true love, of all the names for it, the only one that fit for me was siela.

The world was forgotten as Alice slowly moved her lips against mine. A fog coated my mind, absolute bliss. All that there was was Alice and all that is ever needed is now her.

I pulled her flush against me and smiled.

The moment was ruined however, when six pairs of footsteps came crashing into our little area. I was roughly shoved back as Alice jumped in front of me, crouching low and growling loudly at the newcomers.

Now, I know I'm new at families and everything, but I didn't think that was a typical greeting, so I reached out and ran my fingers through Alice's short hair. It had an immediate response as she started purring again and leaned back against my hand adorably.

By now, the remaining… well whatever they are, were grouped together around the one they called Esme, glaring at me.

The tall blonde female stalked toward me, only to stop when Alice started growling again.

"Why did you do this to Esme?!" she yelled.

Before I could respond, Esme herself spoke.

"It wasn't her, it was Alice," she whispered.

Everyone's heads whipped toward my siela, who was currently still growling at the blonde. Looks like we've got a problem.

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