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"Jeff, that is not your uniform." His teacher started, annoyed. Dalton had a strict dress code which Jeff somehow managed to break a different way each day. Today he was wearing a leather jacket with a black shirt that said 'bite me ;]' in bold red letters. He wore tight, dark blue jeans, with multiple holes in them and boots that went up to his calves.

Jeff shrugged. "What can I say, my ass looks better in these."

The teacher furrowed his brows in anger before pointing at the door. "Office. Now."

Jeff stood up and walked out of the room. Not before saying, "Thank God, coming to this class sober has to be the biggest mistake of my life!" The teacher shot Blaine a look that seemed to say 'How can you be friends with that?' before continuing on with his lesson.

Jeff made his way into the office and took his usual seat as he waited for the secretary to give him the okay to go in. She shot Jeff a glare and he winked at response to her. "Sup Courtney." He said, nodding as he toyed with his lip ring, which was another violation on the dress code.

"First off, my name is Rebecca. Secondly, don't address me like that. It's Miss Platts to you."

"Whatever Carrie." He said, smirking when he saw the annoyed look on her face. "Yeah?" Jeff suddenly said, answering his phone.

"No phones!" Miss Platt hissed.

"Um excuse me, but can you shut up for like two seconds? I'm on the phone." Jeff said as he went back to the conversation on the phone. "Yeah, I'm in the office...I missed my best friend the Dean, that's why. Dumbass...Yeah...Party tonight? Uh, depends, what kind of party? Like a kegger or...it is? Sweet, yeah, I'll be there for sure. Oh hey, I gotta go-the Dean wants to hang out with me now. I'll be sure to invite him to the party." Jeff said, laughing slightly. "Yeah, later." He hung up the phone and walked in the Dean's office, propping his feet up on the desk up on the Dean's desk as he sat down. "Sup." He said, nodding to the Dean.

The Dean frowned. "Mr. Sterling, I will have respect."

Jeff laughed. "Yeah, yeah, so, how's the wife?"

The Dean sighed. The only reason why Jeff wasn't expelled yet was because his family were a huge investors and they couldn't afford to lose them. "Mr. Sterling. This is the fifth time I've seen you this week...and it's Tuesday."

Jeff shrugged. "It's the last period, at least. And this time I'm here 'cause I didn't wear that ugly ass uniform. It's not my fault I don't like wearing suits all day long!"

"Just...Ugh, detention. A week. Starting today. Head there now."

"Alright." Jeff said, getting up and leaving. He didn't mind detention, Sebastian was always there. Not to mention the teacher who usually took over detention was hot. Jeff made his way to the room and nodded at the teacher.

"Sterling." Mr. Fitzgerlad said as Jeff walked in the detention room.

"Sup." Jeff said simply. He took his place next to Sebastian and pulled out his phone. Another good thing about Mr. Fitzgerlad was that he didn't care what the students did. As long as they weren't loud enough to wake him up and actually stayed in the room.

"Hey Jeff, you commin' to my party tonight?" Sebastian asked.

"Yeah, Flint told me about it just a little bit ago, why?"

"'Cause I got you a little thank you gift for all the pot you brought to the last party."

Jeff moved his eyebrows up, suddenly becoming interested. "Oh? A present? Like what?"

"More like who." Sebastian said, smirking.

Jeff's eyebrows raised up even higher. "Boy or girl?" Jeff was openly bi, something that made him more of an outcast at school. Dalton may have a zero tolerance for bullying but that only worked for physical violence.

"Does it really matter?" Sebastian said, laughing lightly. Sebastian, as well as Blaine, were the only two openly gay guys at the school, so the three stuck together. Though Jeff spent more time with Sebastian since Blaine was never in detention.

"Of course it doesn't...but you know I don't like surprises."

"You're no fun. But it's a boy. He goes to McKinley."

"What happened to not talking to people who went to public schools?"

"He was hot so I bent the rules a little." Sebastian said, putting his hands up a little in defense.

"So what's wrong with him?"

"What do you mean?" Sebastian asked, pretending to be completely ignorant as to what Jeff was talking about.

"Don't play dumb with me Smythe. If this guys so hot, why are you passing him off to me?"


"Seb." Jeff warned.

"I'll tell you later. Just meet him, alright? He's super hot."

Jeff sighed. He hated blind dates. Not that this was a date or anything. It was more like an easy fuck. "Fine. Whatever. He better be fucking gorgeous."

"Hey, do you really think I'd actually go inside a public school if he wasn't?"

Jeff nodded. "True."

"Damn straight it's true. And besides, I don't have time for a date tonight. Not with all the hot drunk guys that will be in my house...my bed only a few feet away."

Jeff laughed. "Yeah yeah..." He said, waving the taller boy off. The rest of the hour was spent with Sebastian talking on the phone to Blaine and Jeff sleeping. Jeff had spent so much time in the detention room that he managed to create a kind of hammock his sophomore year that no one seemed to bother the last two years.

Eventually detention ended and Jeff got in his car and drove home. His house was empty, as usual, and he ran up to his room. Jeff's parents were divorced and he 'lived' with his father, though he was hardly ever home due to work. Jeff couldn't really even remember the last time he saw either of his parents. Two, maybe three months. Maybe even more, not that Jeff cared or anything. It meant he got the house all to himself, something that he took advantage of quite often with parties. Jeff threw his bag on his bed before quickly changing into something more comfortable for Sebastian's party. Sebastian's parties were the only things Jeff ever actually showed up to on time. At a Smythe party, if you didn't show up on time you ended up having to park a block away and usually ended up having to drink warm beer.

Jeff threw on a new shirt that said 'Ass: the other vagina'. He exchanged his pants for even tighter ones and put on a pair of black converse. He grabbed a blue plaid button-down and threw it on, not bothering to button it. He would probably take it off later anyway. Jeff gave himself a quick once-over before running out of the house to Sebastian's house. He'd rather be at Sebastian's house, watching him set up than at his where there was nothing to do.

About fifteen minutes later Jeff found himself right out front of the Smythe household. He didn't bother knocking and just walked on in. "Hey!" Jeff called, going straight to the kitchen to grab a beer.

Just then Sebastian walked in and frowned. "That's mine. There's a reason we have a keg, blondy." Blaine followed, shortly behind.

"Psh, like you don't have enough to share." Jeff said, pulling out another and handing it to Blaine who gladly took it.

"He's right you know. Sharing is caring after all." Blaine said, laughing slightly.

Sebastian rolled his eyes. "Whatever. You two are nerds."

Jeff blew Sebastian a kiss and winked. "You know you love us." He said, pulling out a cigarette and lighting it. "Want one?" Jeff asked, Sebastian. He didn't bother asking Blaine since he knew the shorter boy didn't smoke.

"After you stole my beer I think you owe it to me." Sebastian said, taking one from Jeff.

"So when is this party starting?" Blaine asked, eager to party. Blaine was always the life of the party when drunk. It was actually quite hilarious to see the difference between sober Blaine and drunk Blaine.

"Soon. Like an hour or so...Meaning I have pot upstairs and lots of it." Sebastian said, smirking.

"Well, then why the fuck are you down here?" Jeff asked as Jeff and Sebastian went upstairs. Blaine wasn't big on drugs so he simply stayed downstairs. A little less than an hour later the two came back down stairs giggling. They hadn't smoked much, just enough to give each of them a buzz. "Well, let's get this party started!" Jeff yelled loudly as he almost tripped down the stairs, Sebastian laughing hysterically at him.

Blaine sighed. "Just don't act like total assholes tonight, alright? There's this guy coming that I actually really like and I don't want him to think my friends are total losers."

"Aw, our little Blaine has a crush." Jeff cooed, jokingly.

"And what's his name?"

"Kurt. He goes to McKinley."

Sebastian scrunched up his nose. "Gross. What did I tell you about public schools?"

"Hey, you got me a public school whore!" Jeff whined.

Sebastian rolled his eyes. "That's different..."

About an hour passed before the party was in full swing. Jeff didn't really know how many people were in the house but it had to be around one hundred or more. Most likely more. Jeff searched around for Sebastian, anxious to meet his present. He hadn't had sex in a few weeks and was itching to fuck someone's brains out. After a few more minutes of searching Jeff finally found Sebastian making out with some random guy Jeff had never seen before. He thought for a moment whether or not he should leave him be or not but decided against it and yanked the taller boy away.

"Hey!" Sebastian yelled, more whining then anything else.

"Where the fuck is my guy?" Jeff asked, frowning.

"Oh...there." He said, pointing to an absolutely gorgeous brunet boy.

"Damn." Jeff said, impressed. "Name?"

"Nick Duval."

Jeff nodded. "Right, I'll be back." He said, starting to walk towards the boy. He suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder holding him back. He looked up and saw it was Sebastian. He frowned. "What the hell?"

"Remember how you asked if there was something wrong with him?"

"Yeah?" Jeff said, not even caring now seeing how hot he was.

"Well...there's something I should probably tell you..."

Jeff growled a little in annoyance. "Just spit it out."

"He's straight."

Jeff smirked a little. "I like a challenge." He said, shrugging off Sebastian's hand and heading over towards the brunet.

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