This is an informational story. I decided to write it to list many of the races that exist in the CEA.


Race 1: The Yer'zad

A race of Arthropods that have had bad luck. These creatures evolved their carapaces and hard exoskeleton in response to the high gravity of their home world. Despite the high gravity, however, they still grew to around seven feet tall.

Their bad luck started thousands of years ago. They had the misfortune of evolving in the same arm of the galaxy as the crystal eyes. When the crystal eyes first set out in their territory, they had no intention of starting an alliance.

The Yer'zad fought for their empire, but one by one their planets fell. Then the crystal eyes launched a very underhand move. They tricked the Yer'zad fleet into leaving their home world undefended. When the fleet returned, nothing but space junk and radiation greeted the. Their planet was still intact, but it was borderline T0 and freezing cold.

The Yer'zad fled the system with the last bits of their navy. For years they wandered through space. Eventually, however, they settled just south of the area of the Amahani. Their new home world was a beautiful ocean world with several islands spread across it. They began to expand, but then their bad luck struck again.

They encountered a race known as the Warlens, a race of hyper aggressive lizards. Of course you know what that means, war.

The Warlens conflict was tilted in their favor most of the time, but every now and again the Yer'zad would win a victory. It wasn't technologically that they were losing, they were more advanced than the Warlens. No, they were losing due to numbers. The Warlens fleet was massive.

Soon they were backed up to their new home world. The Yer'zad, however, would not let themselves be destroyed. As their navy held off the Warlens, they finished their latest project. Massive ships that held all their populace inside would whisk them out of the system with the navy following.

These ships had an ingenious and incredibly deadly way of securing resources as they fled from system to system. A large beam of gravity would tear massive chunks of the planets surface up to the ships were they would be processed for raw materials. Anything could be processed, including organic life.

The exodus continued until they arrived in an area just south of the Stralen empire. They hid behind several nebula and remained out of sight.

Eventually, however, they left for unknown reasons and eventually made their way over to the Crystal eyes arm. By now, the crystal eyes were willing to ally with them. They said that they realized that they had made a mistake. They even terra formed their worlds for the. Now the Yer'zad live in their territory again, elated by the fact that they finally reclaimed their home world and their empire.


The Yer'zad take pride in the fact that they have technology that the rest of the CEA don't have, even the crystal eyes. They have always been good at manipulating gravity, which has led to their weapons being very unique.

Gravity Warheads: Originally built for mining use, these warheads are incredibly destructive. They manipulate gravity and cause distortions that collapse building or tear space ships to shreds. The most disturbing bit is what they can do to stars. When dropped en masse on a star, the shear amount of gravity causes the star to collapse, resulting in a supernova and a black hole. The crystal eyes want these because they are the only other weapon known to them that can collapse stars.

Drain Planet: A deadly ray composed of pure gravity which tears chunks of a planet up into the refineries of the ships on it. It of course can also beam up ships and organic life forms and the Grox, although the Yer'zad have never met them in person.

The rest of the ships are equipped with gravity beams that crush smaller ships and hold larger ships in place. Then the other weapons on the ship(e.g. Lasers, autocannons, missiles) fire on the ship while it is in place.

The crystal eyes want these technologies, but the Yer'zad are not very trusting yet and refuse to give them it.


First chapter done. Don't worry, I have not given up on my main story. I just want to flesh out the CEA more.