Well, this might be the final chapter of Races.


The Salpax have some of the strangest biology in the whole galaxy. They have grey skin, are incredibly tall, and their limbs are very long, bony, and delicate. This is the product of living on a low gravity world. The torso is very skinny and sinewy and they have six eyes. They don't have a mouth and produce energy through a weird type of photosynthesis. They also project their voices through the power of their minds.

During the space stage, the Salpax realized that their bodies were tow fragile for combat. Instead of go down the Grox's path and heavily invest in robotic limbs and Archon technology, they decided to do a different type of plan. They developed robots that were cheap and effective. They were also fairly easy to control.

Realizing that they could also do this for their ships, they swapped out most of their manned ships for unmanned ones. They left a couple manned ships so that they could control their fleets and ground forces. Think of it like the most complex and in depth RTS of all time.

However, they still wanted to have living creatures on the ground two. So they devised an Armor suit that was more like an armored vehicle. It had twin shoulder mounted laser cannons and had two railguns attached to its arms.

After doing this, they realized that they needed to create better control ships. So they made their control ships larger, have more fire power, and have the best shields and armor in the entire empire. If a control ship fell in battle, the ships forces would be divided up evenly by the other ships in combat.

Now for a brief look at their home world and Territory.

Their home world is very unique. Its low gravity and porous core has created many interesting and rare geological spectacles. It has many high mountain range and, for reasons unknown, floating "Sky Islands". It is on these islands that the majority of their greatest cities, excluding their Capital, are found. The ones on the ground are in no way substandard, but the floating ones are the best.

Their Capital is built on a plateau on the highest mountain on the planet, near the summit. The Salpax love low gravity and thin atmosphere, so this were they decided to found it naturally. It is the greatest city in their empire and the most protected, naturally.

There home planet has inspired their colonies as well. If a planet does not have low enough gravity, they lower it, The make the atmosphere more thinner, and to round it off, use anti gravity technology to suspend large chunks of the planet in the air.