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Summary: A bunch of Yu-Gi-Oh characters, with the power to morph into any animal they touch, fighting Yeerks in Domino City. You don't need to know anything about the Animorphs series to understand this…

The story's set in Domino City, right after the events of the Battle City arc and before any other arcs that come after that.

Yugi Moto = Yugi
Yami Yugi/Atem = Yami
Katsuya Jounouchi/Joey Wheeler = Joey ("Wheeler", if it's Kaiba talking to him)
Shizuka Jounouchi/Serenity Wheeler = Serenity
Ryou Bakura/Ryo Bakura = Ryo
Yami Bakura/ "Evil Ryo Bakura" = Bakura
Ryuugi Otogi/ Duke Devlin = Duke Devlin
Anzu/Tea = Anzu
Hiroto Honda/Tristan =Tristan
Marik= Marik
Yami Marik/Malik= Yami Marik
Odion/Rishid = Odion
Seto Kaiba/Kaiba = Kaiba (occasionally "Seto", if it's personal - or if he's with his brother)
Mokuba Kaiba /Mokuba = Mokuba

–{Thought–speak looks like this.}–

Arcs: Each one is separate in its own right, and they can be read in any order you please. Each one tends to focus on a certain character (shown in brackets), although the whole team is generally involved at all times.

Prologue – Ch 7: First Time for Everything (Tristan)
Ch 8 – current: Betrayal (Marik)

Prologue: The Encounter


The streetlights were dim, barely illuminating the street. The night air was temperate, and I breathed in deeply as I strode down the road. It was the end of just another day in the dull, ordinary life of Tristan Taylor, the end of the first day of our two weeks school holidays. It'd been a blast – I'd just seen a movie, and now I was heading home. The rest of the two weeks should have just flown by, no worries, no cares.

I didn't expect the encounter – none of us did, to be honest. If you had told me that half an hour from this precise moment, I'd be running for my life, I'd have laughed and called you an idiot. The evening was peaceful, quiet. Nothing was horribly wrong with the world.

"Hoi, Tristan!"

Instincts from the old gang days kicked in, and I spun around – but I'd simply run into my friends. I relaxed immediately, more so when I saw a familiar teen waving at me, accompanied by his usual group of friends.

"Hey, Jou!", I hollered, strolling over to the blonde. "Joey Wheeler, long time no see!"

"Come off it. It's been what… A whole day?"

I grinned playfully. "Too long, too long."

"So, uh… Headin' home?" I nodded in reply, and Joey beamed. "Hey, we're headin' dat way, too... well, more or less. C'mon, walk with us for a bit!"

I shrugged. "Ah, all right. Not like I've got anything better to do."

I looked around at the group – we'd all known each other for a long while. Joey Wheeler, my best friend, stood on my right side, blonde hair shining red with the street light, honey brown eyes gleaming mischievously. We'd known each other since kindergarten – he was quick to rush into fights, and I was always the one who had to restrain him. He was also fiercely loyal – if there was anyone I'd trust to have my back, it would have to be Joey. To be honest, there used to be a time when it was just the two of us; him getting into fights, me bailing him out. We hung out together at school, we played together at my place, we got into trouble and joined street gangs together, and we really were the best of friends…

But then two years ago, things changed. You see, Yugi Moto came into our lives – and like we always did to people we were unsure of how to treat, I will shamelessly admit that we bullied him initially. We didn't beat him up, but we certainly caused him pain trying to teach him to be a man. We teased him, tried to crush his dreams - Joey even stole part of his precious Millennium Puzzle and threw it into the school swimming pool.

And how did he react?

Well, we were both surprised when Yugi took a beating for us as we were getting our butts handed to us by a certain thug we'd somehow upset – and even more so when the wimp actually stood in front of us, demanding that our tormentor stop beating usup. The action so touched Joey that he retrieved the stolen Puzzle piece and gave it back to Yugi, and we all became friends that day. Yugi gave me hope again, a real reason why I shouldn't give up. He was just so… so selfless, that it kinda moved me as well.

I smiled to myself – speaking of Yugi, Joey was talking animatedly to the kid now. The two made a strange pair - while Joey was a very outgoing person, tall and athletic, Yugi was the opposite – far quieter than the blonde, and short enough to still be occasionally mistaken for a thirteen year old (though he was of course seventeen, like everyone else here) (1), amethyst eyes and tri-coloured hair making him stand out in any crowd. Yugi made pretty much all the decisions in our little group – we all had a certain level of respect for him, what with being the world's greatest gamer, King Of Games and all that.

To my left was Duke Devlin, the guy I'd been with most of the time during the Battle City dueling tournament. Joey and Yugi had been playing their all–important card games, and had much time to chat – and so I'd hung out with him. We'd teased each other, made fun of each other, and argued who exactly had the dating rights to Joey's sister Serenity the entire time. Since that tournament had finished, Duke had been running his business here in Domino City – selling his own game, Dungeon Dice Monsters, in the game shop Yugi's granddad ran. The well-tanned teen stared off into the distance; his startling green eyes and raven black hair making him look like something that wasn't of this world.

Pale, nervous fingers tapped Duke on the shoulder. "Umm… You OK, Duke?"

The teen shook his head. "I'm fine, Ryo. Just… Thinking, that was all."

The last member of our group - the shy, white haired Ryo Bakura, the Millennium Ring glittering gold around his neck, mumbled and backed away. Duke rounded on him immediately, eyes blazing. "Honestly, Ryo – why do you have to be so shy? I don't bite!"

Ryo's eyes darkened, and I could have sworn his teeth were sharp and pointed for an instant. "I think Ryo's just being silly. You're the one with more to fear, after all…" he whispered, but so softly that only I, now walking right next to him, could hear it. The pale boy blinked, then shook his head as if to clear it, his face once again normal – and I shivered. Both Yugi and Ryo had Millennium Items with personalities inside, and while Yami, as we liked to call Yugi's spirit, was a pretty swell bloke, excelling in games, Ryo's spirit, Bakura, was… well, downright horrible, excelling in cruelty and thievery.

Ryo himself was kind and gentle, hovering at the back of the group as always – yet I watched the boy carefully for any more signs that he might still be possessed. Bakura, unlike Yami, had a tendency to take Ryo over without any sort of advance notice, and often without the teen's permission. And he definitely wasn't a nice guy - our first encounter with the spirit had nearly ended with Joey, Yugi, and myself trapped as miniatures in Ryo's role playing game, Monster World, for the rest of our lives. Fortunately, Yami had beaten Bakura at said game, forcing the spirit to let us out of the figurines – but even so, that didn't make him a friend of mine. He hated Yami with a passion I didn't think was possible – and probably wouldn't be against taking me out if I happened to get in the road of his plans…

Joey looked over at Duke, having not heard the second half of the exchange. "Just thinking? Hah, if ya ask me, Duke thinks waaaaaay too often for 'is own good!"

Duke shrugged, as usual always able to make a smart-ass response to Joey's teasing. "I don't suppose you'd know much about thinking, Joey. Beyond thinking about your stomach, I mean…"

I smiled, looking at them all. We'd had some crazy times during Battle City – but that's another story.

Hmm… I checked again.

Someone was missing.

"Where's Anzu?" I wondered, and knew from the look on Yugi's face that it was exactly the wrong question to ask. Anzu had been his childhood friend, often defending him from Joey and me, and they'd grown quite close. But lately, she'd been spending more and more time with some group called The Sharing. My parents worked for The Sharing over in America – though I hadn't the foggiest as to what they actually did. It sounded a bit like Scouts for not only teens, but adults and kids as well, from what I could gather. They'd asked me many times to join and make them proud - and every time I'd refused (mostly on the grounds of being considered as girly by Joey, who would no doubt would never have left me alone if he'd found out about it).

Duke yawned. "Anzu's gone to another one of those silly The Sharing meetings."

Joey raised an eyebrow. "Again?"

Ryo piped up nervously, "Well, it all seems like just harmless good fun to me… Maybe we should go to one of those gatherings before we judge the group."

"Hah, it's probably just some silly friendship club!" Duke laughed, and Ryo shrank away in fear of the noisier boy. I shot the pale teen an encouraging look – Duke didn't mean to frighten him, but Ryo was inherently scared of everything. He'd lost any sort of trust in anyone, due to his dark side; he was constantly worried that anyone he got close to would be hurt by Bakura. It was a snap decision – I decided to stand up for the kid.

"Hey, Ryo's got a point. It might not be all that bad…"

Duke pulled a face, fluttering his eyelashes. "Good grief Tristan, I didn't know you were going girly!"

Joey grinned slyly. "Says de guy who wears jewelry all teh time…"

I laughed along with the others, then frowned as we started heading through shabbier districts, and towards the familiar run–down construction site. Increasing my stride, I moved to come alongside Joey.

"Hey, where are we going?"

The blonde shrugged, speaking in that strange American accent of his. "Thought we migh' as well take a shortcut through dat old constr'ction site. Or… Are you chicken?" A smirk; a sneaky grin that teased me and as always infuriated me, making me bristle in response. He was challenging me – no way was I going to pull out!

"'Course I'm not chicken!" I snapped, racing him to be the first to climb the derelict fence ahead of us and land on the other side. It was just a silly construction site, right?

Little did I know that what happened next would change my life forever.

The two of us cleared the fence at practically the same time, laughing wildly as we landed on the other side. Still giggling with exultation, Joey and I helped the Yugi and Ryo over, Duke lifting them up from the other side. Only when our two shortest group members were both over the railings did he move, cat–like, over the fence, in a show of dexterity – as always, far more graceful than any of us.

"Showoff", I grunted, and he glared.

"Hey, I wasn't even trying that time."

"Um… uh… A–are you sure this'll be alright?" Ryo asked, his voice shaking with slightly more fear than it usually had.

"It'll be fine!" Joey laughed, and I once again reassured the nervous teen as he cringed at the noise;

"I've done this loads of times – just an empty construction site. You walk straight ahead, and there's holes in the fence; no need to jump or anything. Besides, the whole place is abandoned. It'll be all right."

Ryo swallowed hard, but nodded –

–And a strange blue light appeared in the sky – too bright to be a star.

Besides, it was moving.

Yugi squinted. "What on Earth?"

"Uh… a meteor, maybe?" I suggested.

"How about anuclear warhead?" Duke, of course.

Ryo's voice was barely a whisper. "I… I don't think that's something you'd find on Earth."

"Nah, dat's gotta be an' alien spaceship!" Joey sniggered, and Duke and I started giggling.

And that was when Yugi sat down very suddenly, putting his head in his hands. "Guys… I think it is a spaceship. There's a voice… in my head… and it wants help…"

A perfect silence, then in an equally perfect unison: "What?"

Unsurprisingly, Duke attempted to act cool. "Well, I guess that means that Yugi's finally cracke-"


There was a flash of bright light that blinded us all, then a roar and a vibration that shook the ground. Instinctively, I grabbed Ryo and dived for cover behind the nearest pile of rubble.

I don't know how long the blindness lasted for, or how long it took for cloud of builder's sand to properly clear and settle. What I do know is that when I finally opened my eyes and peered out from behind my cover, I saw something incredible. The thing was something straight out of a dream, or a nightmare perhaps – though don't remember wondering if it was actually real. It was a pure white, composed of smooth metal and sweeping curves, towering imposingly over us. Two oval engine pods bolted under large curved triangles swept off either side of the body of the craft, and it rested on a set of what looked like skis, which I guessed were its landing gear. In short, it was unmistakably what we'd just laughed about.

An alien spaceship.

There was a stunned silence, during which I automatically looked for my friends. Joey had grabbed Yugi, as I'd expected, and had taken cover behind a column to my left. They both looked shocked. And huddled in a ball next to me was Ryo…

"Hey, it'll be alright. We ain't dead yet."

"What's out there, Tristan?" he whispered. "I–I don't w–wanna l-… l–look."

I took a deep breath and steadied myself. "You were right. It isn't anything from Earth."

His eyes widened. "Is everyone all right? It didn't land on them… did it?"

"They're all just f–" My breath caught in my throat.


After a second, I let out my breath in relief as the raven haired teen stood from behind a piece of rubble. He was shaken but otherwise uninjured – but the sigh choked when I saw what he was doing.

Ryo huddled closer to me, still confused and in a state of shock. "W–w–what's going on?"

"It's Duke. The other two are fine, they're hiding… but he's walking over to the spaceship." I whispered back, watching the teen move easily across the rubble.

"You idiot!", I wanted to scream – but I couldn't do that, for fear of whatever horror might be inside the ship, ready to come out and eat us. I could only hope that he wouldn't be stupid enough to–

–Duke knocked softly on the outside of the thing; though it seemingly had no door. "Come out. We're not going to hurt you."

Dammit, he really is stupid enough!

I tensed, ready to spring at anything hostile – but out of the corner of my eye, I saw Yugi shaking his head at me. I raised an eyebrow in question, and he tapped his head.
"What?" I mouthed, and he shook his head in frustration, then pointed at the spaceship, then at his head. I frowned, wondering if the shock had caused some sort of brain damage or something – and then my eyes went straight back on Duke.

A door had simply…appearedin the side of the ship, and a ramp had extended down to the ground – but that wasn't what got my attention. You see, an alien – yes, an actual alien – had stepped out of the ship, and was now coming down the ramp – and it certainly wasn't any cute little green Martian. No, this thing was way stranger than that.

Imagine a centaur – but with a daintier, deer–like horse half, and thin, weak – looking arms. Now imagine that instead of a horse's tail, it has a tail that is long and muscular – curved over its back like a scorpion's tail, but ending in a wicked scythe–blade. Finally, imagine that it is blue – furred all over, that its face has a flat nose with too many nostrils, and no mouth, and that it has a second pair of eyes, constantly moving on stalks atop its head. That final product is pretty much what came out of the spaceship.

Needless to say, Duke was taking a step back for every halting step the thing took down the ramp towards him – until his eyes widened and he froze. The creature staggered slightly, and I realized with a jolt why he'd stopped. The alien was badly injured – scarlet blood dripping over its blue fur from a gaping wound in its chest. The boy tilted his head, eyes wary. "Are… are you okay?"

A strange thing happened then: Duke's face went blank – like he was listening to far off music. He dropped to his knees, then rested on all fours. About twenty seconds later, the alien looked over at Yugi and Joey's hiding spot – and Yugi stiffened, then relaxed, staring into space. Joey looked alarmed. He tried talking to Yugi, but to no avail. Next, he went to shake the other boy – but a second later, his hand dropped away, his face becoming peaceful.

The alien looked over at us – and huddled close to me, I could feel rather than see the shiver that ran through Ryo. His body jerked, then sagged against my side, and he began to tremble. "What is it?"I murmured to the teen, but he didn't answer. The shaking stopped – and that was when I realized his face had gone blank as well.

Minutes passed – slow, tense minutes. There were red lights appearing in the sky above us now, and fearfully, I looked around at my friends.
What's going on?

Duke was the first to cry out in pain and snap out his trance, the others following in the order they'd lost focus, one by one. The teen stared up at the alien, and I could have sworn I saw tears in those cold, green eyes.

"No…" His face went blank again, but only for a few seconds. There was a silence, then he stood. A single tear moved down his cheek, and he wiped it away. With barely a sound, the raven – haired teen walked over to the craft, and went inside – and for once, I was too scared to go after him.

With a jolt, I realized that the thing was looking right at me. And then, it happened.

A voice, in my head.


What the–

–{Do not worry.}– The words were more than just words – they had a calming, soothing effect. My mind quieted instantly, and I felt the alien smile.

–{I understand your fear. You are but a child, you have never seen something like this before. That said, we are running out of time; you are the last I will contact. I am Elfangor Sirinial–Shamtul, and I am an Andalite, a war prince, a hero. Listen to my story, for you will be the last living thing to hear it…}–

The voice was everywhere at once now, and I felt experiences, memories, emotions that were not my own wash over me. (2) Elfangor had lived a long and rich life; he was a celebrated war general now, fighting ceaselessly in the war against his peoples greatest enemy – the Yeerks. He'd fought in many battles, some of which he had won, some he had lost…

What are the Yeerks? I wondered – he must have felt my confusion, because he showed me a slug.

–{This is a Yeerk. The scourge of the galaxy, my mortal enemy. They have enslaved whole races, they take over the minds of sentient creatures. I hoped to stop them from invading Earth, taking another people… It seems I couldn't do it, in the end…}– A soft laugh echoed through my mind. –{This… is my final mission. The wound is fatal. I won't survive much longer…}–

The voice broke into a series of racking coughs. Waves of pain shot through my mind, and the calming sensation evaporated instantly. Without really knowing what I was doing, I cried out in frustration, in pain. "Why?"

–{All things… must pass away eventually. The torch… goes to you, and the other four. Come out, and I will show you. Maybe… maybe now… Earth will have a chance…}– Opening my eyes, I saw the alien – Elfangor – raise his head. –{Come here, all of you.}–

I was in total shock by this point, still trying desperately to comprehend everything I'd just been told. Dimly, I felt Ryo get up beside me, pull me with him. Together, we walked towards the ship.

What happened next changed my life forever. Duke walked out of the craft, and carefully placed a blue cube – about sixty centimeters on each side – in front of the Andalite. My mind reeled, and Joey grabbed my shoulder as I threatened to fall, supporting me without a word.
–{Ah, you're all friends… That makes it easier for you to work together.}–

The Andalite didn't smile – he couldn't, having no mouth – but I felt a burst of laughter flit through my head. It felt like… like… like the sun was coming out, and all was perfect, just for a moment – then I saw Elfangor glance upwards, towards the red lights. His voice darkened.
–{Yeerks. We don't have much time. Place your hands on the cube – this is my gift. Make use of it.}–

It was a solemn moment as one by one, we laid our hands on the box, which glowed in response to our touch. I noticed that each of the others got that blank look when they touched it, saw Elfangor focus on them, and guessed he had something to say to each of them.
Ryo looked like he was about to burst into tears when the Andalite spoke to him, biting his lip as he removed his hand from the cube. A glance from the alien was my cue to go last, placing my hand on the box.

Information flooded through my mind. –{This is the one thing the Yeerks do not have, that you will have in the coming war. Morphing technology – you acquire any animal's DNA by touching it, then you may become it.}–
I wasn't really listening to the rest of what he said, too busy wondering about the general logistics of that one. Alien invasions, that I could swallow for a bit. Turning any animal we touched? Well, that just made me wonder what drugs I was on, or alternatively who had knocked me out and made me have this psycho dream.

But it was his last words that made me shiver and wonder if it might just be real.
–{Be strong, little one. You're going to need to be strong for your friends.}–

–{Yeerks. Leave.}– he commanded, as I removed my hand from the cube. The red lights in the sky were bathing us all in a strange light, making us look like demons now.

Joey bristled. "No! We can save you, patch you up and–"

He reached to help Elfangor up, but the Andalite pushed him away, getting unsteadily to its hooves. –{It is too late now for me. Go!}–

"No!" Yugi growled. "We're staying with you!"

–{Visser Three is coming, child. If you want a chance at saving Earth…}– He broke off, and waves of pain went through my mind. –{Just… leave me. Please.}–

Joey began to object, but Duke shook his head, commanding an instant silence. "Guys… It's his final wish. Don't you see?"

Yugi bowed his head. "A final wish…"

I glanced up at the lights above us. "They're close now. Let's get out of here!"

Yugi's eyes narrowed, and the Puzzle briefly flashed gold around his neck. His voice sounded lower now – I guessed that Yami had briefly taken him over. "Right. We split up, then. Make it hard for them to find us. I'll go with Joey. Tristan, you take care of Ryo. Duke, can you manage on your own?"

There was an evil hiss to my left, emanating from Ryo. He laughed confidently, shadows obscuring his features. "Oh, I think 'Ryo' can do quite well on his own… "

Duke shrugged. "If you like, you can go on your own as well. The more targets they have, the harder we'll be to catch."


The red lights were closing fast on us – a glint of black metal in the sky made me leap for cover.


Another bright flash of light, but I wasn't blinded – having wisely shut my eyes and pressed my face against the ground as the ship touched down. I started to creep away, letting the darkness hide my form, and-

–{Well, well, well. What have we here?}–
An evil chuckle in my head made me stop and crouch behind partially destroyed brick wall.

–{A little Andalite? Oh, and maybe he brought a few friends along?}–
Peeking around the corner, barely able to breathe, I saw it. Another Andalite, its lip curled in a sneer of cold command, as it pressed its own tail blade against Elfangor's neck.

And yet, Elfangor still held his head high. –{Visser Three, the only Yeerk to possess an Andalite. Leader of the Yeerks' Earth invasion… My, am I honored.}–

Elfangor's voice dripped sarcasm, but the Visser seemed to take him seriously. –{So you should be! Now, cower before me!}–

The wounded Andalite staggered, but remained upright. –{No, I don't think so.}–

–{Oh?}– At least thirty more aliens bounded out of the hovering craft – all were six foot tall, bipedal lizards, and covered in lethal blades. –{How about now?}–

Elfangor just laughed, even as the bladed aliens surrounded him. –{My, all these Hork–Bajir… Is this really necessary?}–

The Visser shrugged. –{No. I heard that you had some little friends hiding around here, and I think I'd rather like to meet them. Personally.}–

–{Well… I don't think you'll find too many other Andalites around here.}– Elfangor let out a series of pained, rasping coughs. –{Why would you pursue me, Visser?}–

–{Why, I just wanted to meet a celebrity! Elfangor, terror to the Yeerks! Ha. I'm honored, I must say. }– His eyes narrowed.–{I think you'll find that you are of no use to us, mortally wounded, but your buddies… well…there's many Yeerks who'd just kill for a nice Andalite host body. You, on the other hand…}– He tossed his head. –{I could be persuaded to let you live out your days in peace. If you just told me where they'd gone…}–


–{I should have known… Proud Andalite, so stupid… I must say that I've looked forwards to this day for years. You, Elfangor, as a stuffed head on my wall. What a trophy you'll make!}–

–{Not a trophy. A travesty, Visser. I massacred so many of your people before I went… I don't even regret one of them. And I'm not about to bow and scrape before you now.}–

–{Just die.}– The tail blade flashed, beheading Elfangor in one quick strike.

It was all I could do not to yell and charge at the creature – and then Visser Three's head snapped around, looking for us. –{Find them!}–

I ran, feet flying over the rough ground, hearing the shouts of the Hork–Bajir right behind me. They spread out, but I had a good head start on them – and besides, I knew where the easiest places to get in and out of the construction site were. Rolling under a loose piece of fencing, I raced down the darkened streets, and I didn't stop running until I got home. In fact, I quite literally dived into bed, buried my head in the pillow and prayed that it was all just a bad dream, or some hallucination caused by drugs.

But of course, it wasn't to be…

1. Yes, they are all seventeen in this story, with the exception of Kaiba (who is nineteen), and Mokuba (who is fourteen). It does fit with canon, though – Yugi's a tenth – grader (about 15) in the original manga, and I'd give about two years for the Duelist Kingdom/Battle City arcs to occur. Mokuba was stated to be thirteen in the manga during Duelist Kingdom – a year from that makes him fourteen. Kaiba was in his last year of high school when the others were in their tenth year – thus, he'd be in twelfth grade (about 17), and two years from there makes him nineteen.
2. In the Animorphs canon, Elfangor's voice filled the Animorphs with whatever emotion he happened to be feeling at the time. It had a definite calming effect, and it's been stated several times in the books that someone who's being spoken to privately in thought – speak gets a "blank" look. Here, everyone feels Elfangor's full experiences, which would be stronger than emotions – hence, they all stiffen.