So in English, we had to do a project. I chose to write a journal entry from Abigail's POV after John's betrayal during the court scene in Act III.

Abigail's Journal

Dear Diary,

So I was in court today. A lot of stuff went down. The main problem was John. He called me a whore and actually confessed and spoke of our relationship. I cannot believe he did this! He loves me, so why would he betray me like that? Doesn't he care about his good name? Even if they don't believe him, his reputation will still be ruined. Then they called his stupid wife in. I can't believe they let her come! The interesting thing is, she lied and sort of defended me in a sense. She said she got rid of me because they were dissatisfied with me and she mentioned nothing of my relationship with John. Why didn't she just speak the truth? One word and she could have took me down and gotten her revenge. Was it out of spite that she denied the relationship? Did she know that if she denied the truth, that it would hurt me more because John would be arrested for lying under oath? Thanks to her, now they want to arrest John. I cannot believe this is happening. What am I to do? I can't lose John. I cannot live without him. I thought he loved me. How could he do this to us? Maybe… Maybe he didn't really love me… Maybe he never did… Perhaps it was only lust that he felt for me… NO! Nonsense! What am I saying? Of course he loves me! If he didn't love me, then he wouldn't look at me the way he does. He has to love me! He must! He must… And don't even get me started on Mary Warren… But that's a whole other story for another day. So for now, I shall bring this entry to a close. But I believe that I will be soon writing again. Goodbye for now.