Know thy Enemy

She noticed everything about them.

Maybe it was because she was always sulking, away from everyone, stopping every once in a while to sharpen her broadsword.

Immediately she hated the brown-haired one.

Before she even knew his name (which was Xenos), she had hated him.

He was taller than her, and he liked to joke about it.

She always protested, that she was a Lilty, and it was only fair he was taller. Her height was a very touchy subject.

When they went down to River Belle Path, she began to despise him even more. He always lagged behind, and didn't even notice when everyone else was moving forward. As an added bonus, he couldn't fight or heal.

She fixed that with a sharp poke from her sword.

The others would look at her, whenever she did that. She didn't like being looked at, particularly those ones with the masks. She liked to see the eyes of who she was talking to, thank you very much.

There was something her dad had always told her.

'Know your enemy.'

She didn't know who her enemy was. Was it the others in the caravan, or was it the monsters they encountered along the roads to Myrrh, and, sometimes, along the regular roads?

Over time, she believed more and more it was the caravan.

By the end of their third year, she still couldn't see any good in the others, except for the healing one. What was her name again? Tar-na, or something. Oh, yeah, Tarina.

The others were worthless.

She wished they would just die already.

The problem was, everyone else in the group seemed to care for each other.

They protected each other.

Sometimes she was curious what that would be like. But she wasn't too curious.

Because, after all, they were the enemy.

They were just as bad as those miasma monsters.

And infinitely more annoying.

Then the fourth year came and went. She didn't ponder much about that year.

It was the first time on the journey anyone had sent her a letter.

She went to read it.

The Clavat boy was watching her.

She tore the letter into pieces and pretended that it never came.

In the fifth year, the sluice up by Shella broke.

So everyone in her caravan pulled her back into that annoying boat and they sailed through the river.

Their time in Leuda was an absolute disaster.

She could swear she was pickpocketed at least twice, and left with only half the money she had started with.

That night, they had decided to camp outside the city. It was probably a very wise choice.

She could see the stars clearly.

They seemed to speak to her, but she couldn't tell what they were saying.

That night, they were in her dreams, too.

The caravan was there, too. They were asking her to join them. She did.

It was just a dream, after all.

When she woke up, her father's words were in her head again.

'Know your enemy.'

She knew who her enemy was now. It wasn't the caravan. Or the monsters.

It was herself.