Another long night shift, how Lawson hated these, a double shift as well, why was TR needed at night, it is alright for Kerry to say, they want tactical response out there to deal with the situations that arise and for her to go home at some reasonable hour, into the com "Leon anything, we need something here Leon, there has to be something somewhere?"

Taken out of his thoughts and tossing food up into his mouth, he couldn't do that whilst Kerry was there, a thing about food on the floor, as if he missed, looking at the screen, "nothing Lawson, a boring slow night",

Turing to look at Stella after Leon's response "that would be right, Kerry wants us out on the quietest night", seeing Stella looking at him "can't we just go back to base, let Josh stay out there, I haven't slept in 48 hours", raising his eyes at Stella "old age catching up with you then Stel", getting a glare from her, with Christian laughing in the back.

Seeing a box flash up on his screen "Lawson, your wanted at the Cnr of Bourke Street and Queen Street, they want Tactical Response down there"

Nodding finally something to do "details Leon?", watching the screen slightly confused before replying "A drug overdose, homicide"

Looking at Stella, confused "why would tactical response be needed for a drug overdose?", seeing Stella raise her eyes at him, waiting for a response from Leon "No idea, but they want someone from TR down there"

Lawson into his com "we're on our way"

Pulling up a short time later, Lawson walks over, seeing a blanket over the person he looks around, before taking it off, he finds the person in charge "Senior Sergeant Lawson Blake from Tactical Response?" nodding at Lawson, " Detective Lucy Gallagher from Drug Squad, Detective Peter George from Homicide" then pointing further away "Detective Chris Finch", looking at them wondering why they were called down there "why do you need Tactical Response here?"

Walking away with Lawson towards the body "Superintendent Kerry Vincent, is still in Tactical Response?", nodding Lawson's face turns to shock, surely the body isn't Kerry, since when did Kerry do drugs she has been so against it even more since James's situation, no it can't be, looking back at them trying to keep his voice neutral "Yes, she has the night off, what's this about?", walking towards the body "the id on the body is James Vincent, a suspected drug overdose", walking towards the body, Lawson looks at them "Does Kerry know?" seeing them shake their heads "not yet", seeing Chris walk over to them, "Lawson", then turning to Lucy and Lawson "I'll go and see Kerry now?"

Looking around it is all surreal, James dead, Lawson didn't know him that well, as far as he was aware he had been in rehab and off drugs for months now, looking around "are you sure it is a drug overdose, no doubt your aware he was testifying soon", seeing Chris nod "We still need an autopsy, but nothing is being ruled out just yet."

Seeing Lawson turns to look at her, his voice seems like a millions miles away not next to her, she didn't know James, not at all, she hadn't really met him, heard about him, and looking for him when Kerry got the whole squad involved, seeing her reaction the, she feels for her already. Looking up at Lawson she follows him to the car.


Knocking on Kerry's door, it is early morning, maybe he should of rung first instead of turning up on her doorstep, no she would of worried the whole time it took them to get there.

Hearing an insistent banging on the door, Kerry throws on some clothes, looking at the clock it is 4.30 am, bloody James, leaving his keys behind, he deserves to stay outside.

Hearing the banging getting louder and louder and more urgent, she walks down stairs calling out "Hang on James, I should leave you out for not having a key", opening the door she sees Lawson there, her body tensing up, why is he here, what has happened, the look on his face, no smile or larrikin look, a sombre look, looking beyond him, he sees TR1 there. "What's happened Lawson",

Seeing Kerry standing at the door, opening it up the shock on her face seeing him there, instantly knowing something, was wrong, following her inside, he walks over to the lounge, sitting down, seeing her standing up, he walks over to her, not wanting to say anything, reaching out to touch her arm "Your scaring me here Lawson tell me what's going on" the air of confidence gone from her voice, a slightly scared to it "I'm sorry, we were called out tonight, James has died Kerry", seeing Kerry shake her head "No your wrong, James was only here a few hours ago, he'll be back soon", reaching out with both hands on her arms "Kerry listen to me, we were there, in the city, they need you to identify the body", shaking out of Lawson's grasp "So they don't know for sure it is James then, its all a mistake"

Biting his lips, watching Kerry's face how he wished it was all a mistake, it was someone else, but no it was James "I'll take you there?"

Walking back up the stairs to get dressed, Lawson's wrong, James isn't dead, he was out with friends in the city, he will walk through the door any moment now.

Walking back down the stairs she follows Lawson to her car, driving into the city he sees Kerry looking straight ahead, trying to be strong, "the Id on the body belonged to James", not even looking at Lawson "someone could of stolen it Lawson doesn't prove it is James" As, they pull up at Bourke Street, getting out of the car she follows Lawson, walking the rope she stop turning to Lawson ":why is drug squad here?", taking a deep breath "It is a suspected drug overdose" looking slightly more confident "then its not James, he went to rehab, he isn't into drugs anymore". Walking closer to the body, seeing the blanket over it, one of the feet hanging out, her eyes open, the shoes are like the ones that James wear, glued to the spot she can't walk any further, no it can't be James, slowly her confidence fading away.

Not seeing Chris Finch walk up to them, until Kerry hears his voice "When your ready Kerry, we'll need you to identify the body

Not even looking at Chris "You've got the wrong person, it isn't James", not even seeing Chris exchange a look with Lawson.

Seeing Kerry stop and look at the body, he feels her tense up, her face showing shock and staring ahead, putting his hand on her arm, he hears her whisper "James has shoes like that."

Seeing the realisation that it could be James hit her, her face starting to show shock, her hope slowly fading away "Kerry, do you want me to pull back the blanket for you?"

Nodding but unable to speak she watches as Lawson reaches down before calling out loudly "No stop I can't do it, it can't be James", taking a deep breath, closely her eyes, she turns to Lawson no words just nodding, seeing Lawson pull the blanket slowly back, the first glimpse of hair she sees is James colour, her breathing coming rapidly as she watches the blanket get pulled further down the familiar hair, then the face, relaxed peaceful face, she would know that face anywhere, even though it had been years between seeing him until recently, yes that is her boy her voice quick "Pull the blanket up" wiping away the tears in her eyes not even looking at Chris nodding not saying anything, she hears Chris's voice "I'm sorry Kerry but we need you to say it", her voice soft and weak "that's James" before walking away.

Feeling Lawson's arms upon her she collapses, her body wracked with sobs, a million thoughts going through her mind,, how did it happen, James had been off drugs for ages now, she was sure of it, had she been so caught up with her work and everything that she had missed the signs. Pulling herself together quickly, she walks away, she can't be there not wanting to show weakness or vunerability in front of the others

Pulling up at Kerry's place, Lawson watches as Kerry gets out of the car, not saying anything to him, walking up to the front door, her hands fumbling with the keys, slowly opening the door she walks past James' room, looking in, so messy, his clothes over the floor, walking inside his room, his things everywhere, picking some of them up, throwing them across the room, ignoring the tears that are wanting to fall, walking out to the kitchen, getting a bottle of wine and glass, she doesn't even realise that Lawson is in the room, pouring herself a glass, as he hears her voice "You really think you should be drinking Kerry?", not even looking at him "what are you still doing here?" walking over to her and trying to look her in the eye "someone needs to be here with you", sitting down on the chair with her wine "Who says Lawson, you….I'm fine so go running back to Shannon and leave me alone",

Taking a deep breath, she is so infuriating at times, now one of them, always so tough and strong, not letting people in to her, her, coping on her own "you don't need to go through this by yourself Kerry or do this to yourself", Looking or more glaring at Lawson "Do what to myself, what are you a psychologist?"

Taking a deep breath "I'm here to help you Kerry, let people help you, don't deal or go through this by yourself, let people in, stop trying to be strong?" seeing Kerry's blue eyes pierce through him "You got kids Lawson?" not letting him continue knowing the answer her voice angrier and higher "No, so when you do come back and then tell me how I should be coping or feeling, you have no idea, so just get out", walking closer to her "It doesn't mean that we can't help you so let people in"

Looking up at Lawson,, trying to control her emotion "You want to help then get back to work and find out who was responsible for this?"

Looking at Kerry with concern "It was a drug overdose Kerry?", her eyes fixed with a glare on Lawson "No someone made him take it, I know my son, so find out what happened?". Looking into Kerry's eyes "maybe you think you know him"

Watching as Kerry gets up of the lounge walking over to him, her eyes level with his, and face close to his, her eyes filled with anger "If you want to stay in Tactical Response Lawson, do what I say." moving towards the door "Just take it easy Kerry…I am sorry, call you if you need me for anything", looking at Lawson the care and concern in his eyes evident "I wont" then softly "Thanks"

Waiting a short period of time, Kerry opens the door walking to her car, not even looking around she hears a voice closing her eyes "damm she thought Lawson had gone. "where are you going, I don't think you should be driving" Not even looking at Lawson "Lawson it doesn't matter what you think, I'm going" seeing TR pull up "where?", hopping in her car, as she reverses down the driveway "I'm paying drug squad a visit, I'm going to find out what happened"

Watching as she drives away, he sees Stella looking at him "are we following her?" shaking his head "No", hoping against hope that she won't do anything she will regret,