Walking into hospital room, seeing Kerry sitting up, an officer nearby Lawson looks at her, her face hard showing no emotion, sitting next to her "what have you done Kerry?" her eyes darting around the room not looking at him her mouth slightly open "I never thought it would come to this" shaking his head at Kerry trying to get her to look at him "that's your problem, you never did think or take responsibility". Her eyes focused on the officer in her room not able to look at Lawson "I didn't think" interrupting her "that's your problem you don't think of the consequences" glaring at him finishing her sentence "I didn't think I'd get caught"

Looking at the officer "give us some time alone" seeing the officer hesitate before walking out, Lawson moves his chair closer to her "got what you want now Kerry, get those responsible?" looking down and around before looking back at Lawson "Any mother would do the same Lawson" looking at Kerry is she serious she has no idea what she has done "Not any mother I doubt any mother would" seeing Kerry look up at him, her face still devoid of emotion "do you have kids?" not waiting for Lawson to answer knowing the answer her voice loud "No … so when you do, come back and tell me what I should do how I should act, I lost my son Lawson, and you have no idea how that feels"

Walking inside the headquarters, Lawson looks around, hurrying up the stairs, he sees Chris coming out of a door "can I see her" the sentence coming out more as an order than asking. Looking at Lawson he hopes maybe he can talk some sense into her nodding "see if you can talk to her, she's giving us nothing" looking at Chris he looks exhausted "she's been through a lot having lost James". Walking away "I know Lawson, but it still doesn't excuse what she did"

Seeing the door open, Kerry looks up rolling her eyes, shit could it get any worse, why did Lawson have to come, she can't say she is surprised he had always been protective of her, he was still the last person she wanted to see though. Turning her head away from him, this was her mess she was in, she didn't need his or anyone's help.

Walking inside he should of known that he wouldn't get a welcome from her, seeing her turn her head away from him he still walks turning the officer in the room "give us ten" seeing him still looking at him, flashing his badge "I'll be just outside" sitting down opposite Kerry looking at her, she is looking slightly older the toll of the past few weeks catching up on her.

He wanted to help her but now had no idea how he had tried and she had kept pushing him away and not wanting his help, he wanted to reach out to her, show her that he was here for her no matter what that he would help her get through it all. Seeing her sitting here he had no idea now how, she was in serious deep shit, with manslaughter charges along with other changes hanging over her head, he really doubted that she would walk away from it all.

Turning around to face Lawson seeing him still there, her eyes still cold and no feeling showing she can't show emotion, or the fact that she actually likes having Lawson there the need to push him away and do this on her own "what are you doing here Lawson, I DON'T WANT YOUR HELP, just go and leave me alone"

Reaching out and touching her arm, feeling her pull away like she had been bitten by some dangerous creature "I'm not going anywhere Kerry, you need to fight this, you can't give up now"

Looking up at Lawson seeing the caring face the concern in his eyes, despite trying to push him away deep down she knows she can't and that he would always be there for her no matter what, looking up at him but there was one fact that will always remain "Lawson I killed someone, how do you get over that" leaning forward hoping he is starting to get through to her "it was self defence Kerry, you've been through a lot the past few weeks, you need to fight these charges"

Seeing Chris walk into the room "Kerry, the body in the drug lab, the explosion" Not looking at Lawson or Chris but more to herself her voice soft "I wanted to burn the place down, I'll never forget the look on those faces or the look on James face", looking at her wondering what she meant "James's face" nodding "I saw the CCTV footage, and it showed a scared frightened boy, I just had to make them pay" looking at Kerry part of him understand in a way what she was aiming to do "so you burnt the place down", shaking her head "I wanted to, but I didn't …. There was an explosion I was lucky to just get out … they were making some drug" then looking up at Lawson "so what happens now?"

Watching as Chris walks in the room turning to Lawson "Kerry at the moment you are free to go, but don't leave Melbourne, this is just the beginning". Looking up at Chris in surprise, he thought Kerry would be staying here "she's free to go" shaking his head "she is able to go, there will be charges, but at the moment they are making a brief and gathering evidence, when they have enough, I have no doubt that Kerry will be charged until that she is able to go back to work"

Her tongue moving around her mouth, was Chris serious, she knew it wasn't the end of it, she didn't know what was worse, waiting to see what happened or being charged now, getting up off the seat her shoes clicking against the floor turning to the door looking at Chris, her eyes wide before turning away following Lawson out.


Walking into the base two days later, how long had it been since she had been there, she never thought she would be able to go back there, now she has no idea for how long. She doubts it will take them long to gather the evidence they needed looking at Leon seeing him turn to face her a smile on her face "Welcome back Kerry" nodding at the intel officer not able to say anything, despite it all she should be happy, looking at the pile of paper on her desk how did her life get in such a mess, her son dead facing good ness knows what charges flinging the paper onto the floor.

Hearing a noise Leon runs to the cubicle, seeing papers everywhere looking at Kerry "You ok" before walking over and helping her "I'm fine Leon, just go back to the computer" walking out standing at the door, watching his boss, he had always seen her strong and in control of herself, she yelled at him and others but he had never seen her like this.


Walking out to her car a few days later, looking up at Lawson arrives back seeing him walk over to her "you ok" glaring at Lawson "if one more person asks if I'm ok, how I'm going… I'm FINE" giving a short smile despite her words he wondered if he was "I'm here if you need me" looking at Lawson she knew that, he was always there for her, despite what he thought was right sometimes and saw things differently her voice soft "I know"

About to hop in the car, seeing two cars drive in, seeing Chris and the other detective get out along with 3 others, seeing them walk over to her "Inspector Kerry Vincent" her eyes looking at them, seeing Lawson move closer to her "Yeah, who are you" seeing them pull out their badge "Inspector Cox from Ethical Standards, Detective Hodges and Detective Mills from homicide" her eyes darting around as they walk closer to her "Kerry Vincent, you are under arrest, you are being charged with killing Raynor Milner, kidnapping, leaving the scene of a crime to name a few ", looking at Kerry trying to hide his shock, he hoped she wouldn't but the evidence was too much, looking at her, he sees her looking up at him, trying to hide the shock, seeing them walk over to her as the handcuffs are put on her as they continue "You are now officially suspended from duty from Tactical Response until further notice" closing her eyes, she knows she is in deep shit she never thought this would happen, she had gotten away with so much before. Lawson watches helplessly as she is lead towards one of the cars wanting to help her "I'll get you a lawyer Kerry" seeing the Chris look at him "make sure it's a bloody good one, she has one charge of manslaughter, and many other charges against her"

Looking at Kerry as she stops at the door of the car looking at him, her face back to showing no emotion, shit he knew it wasn't going to be good but he didn't think it would come to this not one to yell or get angry at others he can't help it turning to the homicide "You can't do this" seeing them look at him "just watch us" before turning to Chris the need to help Kerry strong "Chris that is bullshit, it was self defence, the guy was going to shoot Kerry". Hating what he is doing to Kerry and Lawson "Homicide is talking about the body in the drug lab" watching helplessly as he sees the door of the car closes. Looking up he sees the surprise on the faces of the team, for a moment forgetting the others were still here.

Watching from the corridor in surprise, Leon walks further out, his mouth open as he watches Kerry handcuffed and arrested before being escorted to the car, looking across he sees he isn't the only one watching the shock on all their faces as they watch the cars drive away.


Pacing the corridor at headquarter, unable to go home, driving around for ages, before stopping here his phone ringing and beeping, he doesn't even need to look he knows it would be Shannon wondering where he is and how he is going ignoring her calls, the need to see Kerry to see how she is going.

Seeing Chris walk out of the room "I need to see Kerry?" seeing Chris look at him tiredness on his face "She doesn't want to see you Lawson" walking forward looking straight at him "I don't care, Chris, I need to see Kerry" seeing his mouth move around "See if you are able to get her to talk, say something, anything that will help her, she's giving us nothing Lawson. I want to be able to help her" glancing at Chris raising his eyes he had a funny way of showing it.

Leaning back in the chair her arms folded across her chest, rolling her eyes, shit why did Chris have to let him in seeing Chris at the door "what part of I don't want to see anyone especially Lawson didn't you get Chris"

Seeing Chris glance at him a knowing look on his face before walking out as Lawson walks over to her sitting down opposite her, seeing her eyes moving around the room avoiding his "Talk to me Kerry ….. I'm trying here to help you Kerry, but you need to work with me here".

"I don't need you help Lawson"

Raising his eyes at Kerry shit, why did she have to be so tough and stubborn "your angry I get that" rolling her eyes at him "Geez thanks" as he continues "you can't do this Kerry, you need to fight these charges, I know you, you didn't kill anyone, please"

Shrugging at Lawson "Maybe you don't know me as well as you think" shaking his head sadly at her "your wrong there, I know you better than you think Kerry, once this is all over you will wish you had fought harder. I don't know what you're going through, but you need to fight this, these people killed James, if you go to jail Kerry or are found guilty they could get away with it … where's the justice in that"

Looking at Lawson her face showing no emotion "No one said Life's fair" not willing to give up on her "why did you become a cop Kerry, to help fight justice"

Hearing the door open, looking at Lawson and Chris coming in her mouth slightly open her tongue moving around inside, despite it all she probably would do it all again the fact still remained she did kill someone, whether it was self defence or not she didn't go and help him or give him any first aide now with the charges formal she needs to do this by herself "I don't need your help or Lawson's" then turning to Lawson "Just piss off, I don't want you visiting me, coming here or trying to help me" glancing at Kerry the tough boss coming back, her vulnerability gone Kerry his voice soft "I'm not giving up on you and I'm not going to stop trying to help you" walking to the door turning around wanting Kerry to help herself not to give up, seeing Chris look at her "maybe a night in the holding cell will change her mind".

Looking up at Chris her eyes hard as she gets up "don't you start" putting his hands up "if you don't want to fight them and spend the next few years or more in jail, being a cop too will be hard, then I'm not going to stop you" glaring at him "Reverse psychology Chris" shaking her head "Isn't going to work" before working out heading to the cells.

Walking down to the holding cells stopping briefly her eyes fixed straight ahead not one to show fear, not for the first time wondering why it had turned to shit, why she hadn't been able to get out of it.