Looking at Leon and of all people Stella "what are you doing back here Leon?" looking at Kerry she looked so different, she actually looked hot. "Stella's giving me a lift home" seeing Kerry walk closer to him her voice nearly threatening "not a word of this to anyone Leon, I mean it or you will regret it" nodding and looking at Kerry she was scary previously but this was something different, there was something totally different about his boss and he was actually scared of her. Watching as she walks out of base, turning to Stella "that was weird". Watching Kerry walk out Stella turns to Leon "you need to tell Lawson" shaking his head "I can't Stella" turning to face Leon "what ever she was here for, it wasn't good, Lawson is worried about her and for good reason it seems, Leon you need to tell Lawson." looking down the road Kerry had vanished "I'll tell him tomorrow, what do you think she came to base for?" shaking her head at Leon "something she needed, she did look pretty hot though" smiling at Stella there was something different about her.

Walking into work the following morning Leon knew he had to tell Lawson, and probably should of told him last night. Seeing Lawson already in at his desk already confused. Hearing Leon come in, maybe he knew he had searched for a while now, looking for the paperwork he had gathered and got from drug squad on all of this, he thought he put it in the tray of his desk, now the whole file is missing "have you seen the folder on my desk/tray about Kerry and James". Not looking at Lawson now it all makes sense, why Kerry had come shaking his head hearing Lawson call out his name louder "Leon" hearing Kerry's voice in his head he was sure she meant it, she needed help, turning to look at Lawson "Kerry was here last night"

Looking at Leon did he hear him right "Kerry was here, did you try to stop her, why didn't' you call me" looking around the communications room could he say why "have you said no to Kerry or tried to stop her? … I tried Lawson I did"

Walking into the communications room hearing part of the conversation "he did try Lawson" looking at Stella shaking his head "No" seeing Stella look at Lawson "Kerry threatened him if he said anything" then with a cheeky grin "he was too busy staring at her anyway, she was hot" thumping the desk, damm Kerry what game did she think she was playing, now she knew everything not that he doubted he didn't before hand and they were back to square one "did you keep any of the copies on back up?" walking back to his computer "I can get your most of the information again"

Driving to Hastings, she knew Lawson would cover the other spots first, she knew they had a boat at Hastings marina thanks to last night she knew the name of the boat. Walking towards the boat she had hired, determination on her face. She would sit and watch for a day, she knew Col would come down here eventually and resting for a day she should be right.

Walking along the pier there should only be two of them now watching as Col comes out of the boat her gun aimed on him "get down on your knees" hearing a noise coming from the boat she glances seeing one if his minders, aim a gun at her "Put the gun down", facing the guy seeing him not putting the gun down she raises her gun, pulling the trigger, watching as he falls backwards in the water slight shock on her face part of her wanting to help her, shit what had she done, in all her years she had never shot a guy, she had done some things bordering on the rules but never this. Hearing Col's voice "you might want to put the gun down" her eyes fixed on him narrowing at him "I'm not putting the gun down, don't move" hearing her name called out "Kerry help me?" moving towards Col, her gun aimed on him as she turns around surprise on her face "Lisa?" wasn't she, she was James' girlfriend "Please Kerry do what they say" her eyes darting to Col then Lisa could she let them hurt Lisa, could she let Col go at the moment to save her son's girlfriend, her tongue moving around her mouth.


Seeing the flashing on his screen Leon turns to Lawson "there has been shots fired at Hastings Marina" walking over to Leon "can you log into their cameras" looking at the computer Leon's eyes wide open, looking up at Lawson he goes back. Looking at the footage Lawson's eyes widen, Kerry standing there with a gun in her hand, pointing it at Col Williams closing his eyes opening them again it gets worse, he watches as a shot is fired and the body falls into the water, into the coms "Josh get to Hastings marina now, shots fired" before running out to TR1 where is the Kerry he knew, the Kerry that pushed the boundaries, and sometimes blurred them slightly but this was not her "get an ambulance on stand by, they are not to go into the marina until the police are there"


Her eyes darting around could she let her need for revenge take control over helping someone, glancing at Lisa she puts her gun down "let her go" shaking his head "put the gun on the ground" lowering her gun to the ground, putting her hand in her pocket turning her mobile phone on. Looking up as the phone is on the ground she looks up at Lisa seeing a smirk on her face as she is released not going away but still standing next to the guy, all too late she realises she is set up looking at Lisa "you were in it all along?" looking at Kerry before turning to the guy a smirk on her face still "you do know she's a cop, she's James' mum" seeing them look at her, as she bends down to pick up her gun feeling a kick across her back knocking her down. Feeling something against her back she knows what it is without even seeing it as it is pushed harder against her "move now" glancing around, could she make a run for it jump over the wharf then what could she swim to safety where would she come up there was no- where to run to. As she is pushed onto the boat wincing as her ribs hits the seat, before being yanked up and pushed into the cabin. Seeing Lisa move into the cabin she looks up at her confusion in her eyes but the need to know "why Lisa? You used James?" her voice with anger in it "You got my son killed" looking at Kerry shrugging "You didn't know your son Kerry, it is a dog eat dog world it was me or him, I did what any person would do" then leaning closer to her "including you". Looking up at Lisa "you know you won't get away with it, as you said I'm a cop Lisa how long do you think you'll get for killing a cop" sitting down near Kerry she has to admit she admires her courage the lack of fear on her face, she was a cop "they will have to find a body Kerry, in this large spanse of water, really think they will" then leaning closer to her, her voice menancing "you haven't been at work for ages so they won't even come looking for you."


Travelling to Hastings, Lawson hears Leon's voice "Lawson, when you get to the marina there is two boats waiting for you, it is a blue boat left the marina about 2 minutes ago called "tripper" I'm tracking Kerry's mobile now, she's turned it on" then taking a deep breath "they have kidnapped Kerry, Lawson forced her into the boat". Arriving at the marina, the car not even come to a stop before Lawson is out, racing towards the boat. Powering across the water it isn't long before they see the boat racing towards it calling out to Christian "get us as close as you can"

Watching as two men come out on the desk firing at them "shots fired shots fired". Firing back at the boat, Lawson looks up as he sees Kerry being hauled out on the deck in front of them. Into his com "Cease fire" before giving instructions, turning to Christian "get us as close as you can". Hearing the double click of Josh's com, Lawson turns to Christian "go go go" as a bullet hits the engine before the next hits the back of the boat" Getting close to the boat he sees them diving into the water, pushing Kerry away onto the ground, pulling up beside the boat, leaping on board, racing over to Kerry, leaning down he looks seeing her eyes closed, feeling for a pulse, he looks at her, not finding any blood or gun shot wound, he quickly starts CPR. Looking at Lawson kneeling next to Kerry, no she can't be she can't even say it "Is she". Not really hearing Stella, every ounce of his concentration in giving Kerry CPR, he didn't think she hit her head that hard, he didn't even see a bullet wound on her.

Looking around the boat, Stella picks up the needle, tapping Lawson on the arm "Lawson, a needle" looking around the boat more she picks up a packet, looking up at Stella as she speaks "they injected her" nodding at Stella "Help me get her into the boat" then into his com "Christian we need the medi kit" seeing Stella look at him "its in the car Lawson"

Racing back to the marina Lawson and Stella not stopping performing CPR Stella can hear Lawson's voice worried and angry "breathe Kerry, come on, don't you dare die" talking more to himself "Fuck Kerry what do you think you were doing, you couldn't stop could you". Watching Lawson, Stella knew there was something between them once, but watching Lawson now, she wondered if those feelings were still there, continuing the compressions, relief on her face as she looks up seeing the marina getting closer "Leon is the ambulance at the marina?" hearing Leon's voice "it's about a minute away"

Arriving at the marina Lawson looks up seeing the ambulance officers running down "they gave her an overdose" watching as the ambulance officers work on her as they inject her with adrenalin Lawson's eyes not moving from her the relief evident on his face as he sees Kerry's eyes open.

Opening her eyes, trying to focus shit what happened to her, looking around she sees Lawson's eyes upon her with two others leaning down, sitting up pushing them aside "Get off me". Seeing Lawson kneel down next to her "Kerry, just sit there" looking at him, what was he doing here, seeing Stella and the others what were they all doing here. Looking around she sees Lisa sitting on a boat, a glare on her face cuffed, memories coming back to her, looking up at the officers "I'm fine" getting off the boat.

Walking back to the boat hopping inside she sees Lisa sitting there, hearing Lawson's voice "What are you doing Kerry" ignoring him walking over to Lisa "get up" seeing the confidence which was there earlier gone as Lisa's eyes are down, Kerry's eyes darting around the boat, seeing a bar there. Watching Josh and Stella hop on board the boat looking at her as they pull her up walking towards the exit, walking over to her touching Josh "wait a moment" before turning to Lisa "did you go out with James just to get him killed?" seeing Lisa not looking at her, she moves her hand up to her face, pushing it around to look at her, her voice loud "answer me, did you… talk to me you little shit or I will beat the crap out of you" seeing Lisa turn her eyes away from her, not answering her, she walks quickly over to the lever on the ground picking it up, smashing it into her legs as hard as she can watching as Lisa falls to the ground, turning to Josh "Get her up". Turning to look at Kerry, Josh lets go of Lisa "Kerry don't" grabbing the lever out of her hand just before she was about to smash it into Lisa again "you don't want to do that?" glaring at Josh she sees Lisa not getting up, walking over to her, lifting her left up, kicking her as hard as she can before turning to Stella "Get that piece of shit out of here".

Watching Kerry pick up something hitting Lisa, the shock on his face, he has never seen Kerry like this before, he had seen her lose it partly earlier when James went missing, but never like this she wasn't even thinking what she was doing. Looking up as Lawson walks towards her "Kerry you need to be check over by the ambulance, they're still waiting for you" looking up at Lawson his eyes so caring still towards her and filled with concern "I'm fine". Looking at Kerry Lawson still can't help but worry, he knows drug squad will be down here and soon and that they will arrest her, wanting to protect her but no idea how "your not fine, you had to be revived Kerry, they gave you an overdose, you were bloody lucky we got to you when we did" looking up at Lawson she knows she should be grateful but all she is feeling is the need to find Col and fast, looking up at Lawson "they were the lucky ones …. if it will shut you up I'll see the ambulance"

Watching as Kerry walks over, to the ambulance sitting in it, he turns to Stella "let me know the moment drug squad turns up"

Getting up off the stretcher pushing the ambulance officers away Kerry walks over to the TR car, seeing her gun their looking around picking it up and putting it in the back of her jeans feeling her pocket her car keys are still there. Racing to her car, putting the keys in the ignition, hearing it start she pulls away from the curb, tearing away from the marina.

Walking up to the ambulance Lawson hears a car starting, hoping it wasn't' what he thought he looks around as he hears one of them speak "we were just coming to get you, she got up and left" looking at the officers "what do you mean she left" hearing them say "she got in her car and left, pushed us away" shaking his head "shit" before racing to the TR car, seeing the gun missing punching the dashboard, then into his com "Stel, Christian, get to the car now, Kerry has left" seeing Stella and Christian running up to the TR car, Lawson curses as he sees a car pull up, watching as Detective Chris Finch and detective Gallaher get out "where is she Lawson" shrugging looking Chris in the eyes and able to tell Chris the truth "I don't know".

Looking at Lawson did he really expect him to believe that "what do you mean you don't know" looking at Chris his voice firm "I don't know where she is" shaking his head at Lawson, he should of known he would protect her "you let her go" looking directly at Chris his voice firm "she left Chris, she got treated and left". Taking a deep breath trying to control himself "if I find out you let her go Lawson, I'll charge you … I thought she was seriously injured" looking up at Chris not giving anything away if he had his way Kerry would still be here "they overdosed her Chris, she is lucky to be alive, she got revived and given adrenalin … I DON'T KNOW where she is now" looking at Lawson wondering whether to believe him or not he knows how stubborn Kerry is "the guy she shot did he die?" walking away from Chris "don't know and don't really care…" interrupting Lawson "You should care, if Kerry has killed the guy it is murder" turning to look at Chris controlling the anger in his voice "The prick went for Kerry it was self defence, stop trying to pin everything on her, and find out what really happened"