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Summary: You've seen stories where the 2nd Generation go to the past. You've seen stories where the Marauders go to the future. Well, here's a bit of a twist. James II messes up a potion and sends his brother, sister, cousins, Teddy, and himself to 1995. At the same time in 1981, Sirius does the same thing and sends himself, Remus, James I, and Lily I to the EXACT same time period. Can the Order keep hidden from the Ministry? And can the time travelers get back home?

Headquarters Gets a Bit Crowded



"Do you really think this will work?" Harry Potter asked his sister-in-law.

"I don't blame you for being skeptical Harry." Hermione Weasley told her brother-in-all-but-blood. "I was too. But it's all the catches that make this hard."

"What kind of catches?" Harry asked.

"The person who brews have to have a form of love for the person taking it; it can't be brewed to save one's self; it needs to be taken 24 hours before the curse hits; it can only counter the curse itself, no other methods; and it takes 10 years to take effect."

"In other words, if Mum and Dad had this potion, I would have been starting Hogwarts by the time they recovered?" Harry asked as he picked up the recipe and looked it over. "You forgot another catch."

"What?" Hermione asked amazed she missed something.

"This thing makes Polyjuice look like First Year material!" he told her.

"I'm sure a few people are capable of brewing it." Hermione said.

Harry sighed.

"Yeah. Based on what Slughorn had told me, three capable people are you, Snape, and my mother. If this was available back then, then Snape would brew for Mum and she would brew for me and Dad and I'd have grown up in a happy family."

"No, because of the fact it takes ten years to take effect." She reminded him. "And the fact that another catch is that the person taking it can't know they're taking it, then the sacrifice would still be in effect and you'd still would have lived with the Dursleys until you started school."

"Well, at least I can still keep some of my aurors safe." Harry said.

"Yeah. Two." She said sarcastically. "Ron and Teddy."

Harry smirked.

"Still seems like yesterday Tonks was trying to get it through Remus' head she loved him despite the condition. And now…"

Harry laughed.

"What?" Hermione asked.

"Let's just say that boy hasn't done any shopping for himself for a LONG time. For the past year, Christmas and Birthday, he's asked for cash presents only."

"Saving up for something big huh?" she asked.

"Caught the boy on numerous occasions 'casually' going into different jewelry stores as well." Harry added with a smirk.

"The MOMENT that's announced, hell is going to break loose." Hermione groaned. "Not that I'm not happy, but between Molly and Fleur trying to plan the wedding and chances are Andromeda's going to want to contribute some of her ideas…it's going to be crazy."

"Speaking of all hell breaking loose," Harry said. "Did Rose tell you about hers and Al's best friend?"

"Not directly, but based on what she's said, I think I have a good idea." Hermione admitted. "And you asking just confirmed it as Ron will definitely throw a conniption. But back to the subject, what do you think of the potion?"

"I think it's a breakthrough in the realm of magical theory. Definitely throws a wrench into the belief that it's impossible to survive the killing curse."

"That was done when you were hit with it…TWICE!"

"The only reason I survived was Mum's sacrifice and the horcrux." Harry argued.

"Should we go on and make it?" Hermione asked.

"Make what?"

The two looked up to see the turquoise-haired newly 20 year old Teddy Lupin enter the room.

"A potion the unspeakables discovered." Hermione said. "It's…pretty much a counter to the killing curse."

Harry handed his godson the potion instructions. Teddy took it looking interested.

After all, eye-witness accounts did confirm that both Tonks and Remus were hit with the curse.

"Could this have helped Mum and Dad?" Teddy asked before eyes widening at the instructions. "Providing it was made in time by someone competent?"

"And that they took it in time." Hermione confirmed. "They would have had to have taken it 24 hours before the battle and drink it not knowing what it was."

"Not to mention Dad's condition." Teddy added. "There's no proof it'll work for werewolves…or metamorphmagi for that matter. Anyways, where's Aunt Ginny and Lily?"

"Lily's spending the day with Hugo while Gran's babysitting. As for Gin, she's observing the Cannons versus Harpies game." Harry said. "Though she did mention of going out with the team after the win to catch up which means, it's time for us to get the kids."