It all started a few years ago when he had seen her lying in a hospital bed, alone, no one ever visited, at least not that he'd ever seen in the last few weeks. He had been visiting his friend Maka who had come from a mission and was badly injured. He had decided today he was going to visit this girl.

*Knock, knock* the girls eyes shifted to the boy in the door way, his hair was black with white lines on only one side and his cloths were mostly black with white here and there "Hello" he greeted with a smile "I saw you haven't had any visitors in the last few weeks" she glared "Yeah and?" he seemed taken aback "I am sorry that was out of line" the girl looked at him again "So, why did you decide to visit me?" her words were less hostile now.

"Well you're always staring out the window, and it seems like you're lonely" he answered, The girl nodded "Yeah…" He couldn't help but notice how symmetrical the girl was even with her being in the state she was.

"My names kid" she looked at him with a faint smile "Fallon, it's nice to meet you kid" he smiled "Fallon, it's a nice name, it suits you" he smiled "Would you mind, I mean I don't have to leave yet but, is it alright if I come visit you again?" Fallon smiled at Kid "I'd like that, it does get lonely here" he smiled back and pulled up a chair beside her bed "So might as well get to know each other" Fallon nodded as she pushed a button forcing the bed and her into a sitting position.

"So what put you here? if it's not too intrusive of me to ask" Fallon looked at him "It was…well, let's just say I don't come from a loving home" she looked at the wall, kid just looked at her "I'm sorry, off that subject then?" She nodded "What's your favorite color?" Fallon thought about it for a second.

"Hm, I never really thought about it but I guess I like purple and light blue, you know, like the sky" he smiled at her once again "I like those colors too but I also like black because it's shrouded in mystery Fallon laughed and kid blushed a little, her laugh was like listening to bells it made Kid feel warm inside.

"Hey can you walk around?" Fallon looked at him "Yeah why?" "I want to introduce you to my friends, I think you'll like them."

Fallon smiled again "A-alright but I am a little shy around large groups of people" Fallon carefully got out of bed and gripped the railing to steady herself until she felt hands holding her up "If it hurts we don't have to" she shook her head "Just haven't moved in a while, that's all" Kid helped her to the door before she got the hang of it.

They arrived in Maka's room before too long "Hey kid where've you-" The dishwater blonde haired girl noticed Fallon "Oh, hello, you're the girl a few rooms down right?" the other teens in the room all looked at her now, she hid behind kid.

The blue haired boy got up in her face "HEY I'M BLACK STAR AND I'M GOING TO SURPASS GOD, NO ONES STRONGR THAN ME!" Kid just looked at him "Idiot" Maka yelled at him "BLACK START KNOCK IT OFF, YOU'LL SCARE HER!" Fallon flinched "I think it's too late" Kid face palmed at his friends' stupidity.

A guy with white hair walked over "So what's her name?" Fallon stepped out from behind kid now and smiled "I'm Fallon" the white haired guys eyes seemed to gleam in a way "Cool name, I like this girl" he said before walking towards his chair again, a shy looking pink haired guy in black robe walked up to the two in the door way "I-I'm Crona, It's nice to meet you" eventually Fallon had met everyone and was feeling a little tired "Kid, I think I am going to go back and rest, I'm a little worn out and slightly…diz…zy" the room began to spin in her eyes and she passed out "FALLON! Nurse!" Was the last thing she heard before completely blacking out.

The next day Fallon woke up to a concerned kid gripping her hand "Wh-What happened?" "You blacked out" Kid explained as Fallon balled her hands into fists "Damn it" he could tell she was frustrated "Want to tell me why it happened?" Fallon just shook her head "All I want is to get out of here, see the outside world for once, instead of just through a window" kid got an idea "So let's do it" Fallon looked at him.

"How?" Kid just smiled "Get up and I'll show you" he gabbed Beelzebub out of his bag and Fallon had changed into the clothes by her bedside "You ready?" she nodded and walked over to the window and hopped onto the skateboard holding on tightly around kids waist as the board took off.

"Close your eyes" "Why?" "Just do it, I want to show you something special" Kid said as Fallon gave up and closed her eyes.

After what seemed like an hour Fallon felt the board land on the ground again "Can I look yet?" Kid took her hands and led her towards something "Just a little longer okay" he assured her "Alright, I trust you" he stopped suddenly and she smelt the sweet fragrance flowers "Open" Fallon's eyes shot open and adjusted to the moonlight as she gazed upon the moon flowers as the glowed into the beams of light.

"Oh my…" Fallon just smiled and looked at kid "How'd you find this place?" kid smiled "I was just walking and stumbled upon it, I often come here to think or relax, if you want this can be our secret place to talk." Fallon beamed "I'd like that" kid blushed it wasn't anything she had said that made this reaction occur but simply beautiful she looked in the mass of flowers.