"Amy," said the Doctor. "Don't blink."

Amy and the Doctor stared at the Weeping Angel. Its arms were outstretched toward them. A chill went down the Doctor's spine.

"Where's River?"

The Doctor's mouth went dry. She had gone to the shed, to find something to break the lock on the front door. Now, they were stuck in this house with a Weeping Angel. Please, River, be alright!

"How do you kill them?" asked Amy.

"You can't. There's quantum locked. As soon as you look at them, they turn to stone. And you can't kill stone."

Then he saw River. Before he could call out a warning, she was standing right behind the Angel.

"Hello, Sweetie."


Something flashed over the Weeping Angel. Then it crumbled into shards of stone. She burst into laughter.

"You can't kill stone, Doctor. But you can smash it with a hammer."

Just watched Blink. This was written listening to Chameleon Circuit's song, "Blink". Hope you enjoyed this little one-shot. Let me know in the reviews, please.