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A sun god slowly drifted off to sleep, unknowingly, bringing a forecast from the future, unto himself.

A girl that looks completely unfamiliar, whimpering in pain, and curled up in a small ball in the Throne Room. Chants can be heard, and the blonde-haired watcher recognizes them as the chants for changing a mortal's life to godhood.

His brows furrowed, only one question in his head; Why?

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Now an argument can be seen and partially heard. The same girl is thoroughly annoyed, and is arguing with some of the gods - Athena, Artemis, Apollo and Hermes. Catches of the conversation are heard now, and it is clear that for some reason, Zeus has decided to tear down the Mist, just like it had been when thousands of years ago; the other Olympians agree, the girl does not. Exactly what is going on?

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The gods are divided, some having been convinced by Zeus, some by the girl. Two sides. Mass destruction; the world thrown into chaos. Buildings destroyed, mortals killed, gods severely injured, demigods torn between loyalty to their parents or judgement through their own thoughts.

The Mist is being torn; more and more mortals see the war just as the demigods and gods see it.

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A destroyed world.

The Mist gone.

Slowly, the gods have stopped this atrocious argument.

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A country is formed. The only country now. Panem.

Districts and a Capitol are created. Each Olympian is placed with a district or the Capitol.

The Capitol with Zeus; District 1 with Hera; District 2 with Ares; District 3 with Athena; District 4 with Posiedon; District 5 with Apollo; District 6 with Hermes; District 7 with Hephaestus; District 8 with Aphrodite; District 9 with Dionysus; District 10 with Artemis; District 11 with Demeter; District 12 with Hestia and District 13 with Hades.

Each District knows about the Gods.

The girl has disappeared.

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Peaceful years go on and on, the world starts to restore itself.

The Capitol receives what they need from the Districts, some Districts get poorer and poorer, some Districts get richer and richer.

As generations wear by, the Gods are forgotten. The Mist reforms.

The girl begins to talk with Hades.

Change scene

District 13 starts the rebellion against the Capitol, the girl in lead.

A new war arises.

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No matter what the Olympians think, as they've been forgotten, other districts join the rebellion. Some gods help them, some do nothing, some help the Capitol.

Fighting continues and continues, again, the world is starting destroy itself, again.

Blood, blood and blood falls in every district, and each District is bombed.

District 13 is a wasteland.

Change scene

The war is not going well for the rebels, but all districts have turned against the Capitol now.

A diplomatic reproach is taken by the Olympians after District 13 threatens a nuclear war. They will be left alone, if they do not start using their nuclear bombs. They will not have to do anything for the Capitol.

Finally, an agreement.

Change scene

The blue-eyed boy frowns. This isn't good. This shouldn't happen.

The Hunger Games are announced as soon as the other Capitol regains control of Districts 1-12.

And that's when the boy knows, this event that has taken place a long, long, long time into the future, must never happen, because the rules of these Games...

Apollo wakes up.

The other gods must know this.

This. Can't. Ever. Happen.


I though, there needs to be some explanation for the first rebellion, even if it is short. As I still love Percy Jackson, I decided to combine them. Is it any good?

Also, I was thinking of turning this into a Reading the Hunger Games with the gods though... what do you think? (I may go ahead with it anyway, so this might just be the first chapter.)