After the fight between the First Fist and Kenichi, Back at Ryōzanpaku.


"Whew" Kenichi moaned, as he stumbled through the front gates.

"Are you sure your ok?" Akisame questioned, walking beside Kenichi through the gates as Apachai closed them from above.

"Shigure?" Kenichi got out, "a word?"

"..Yes..what" Shigure asked questioningly, coming to a standstill infront of him, along with the other members of Ryōzanpaku.

"I tell you something..before we got to far.." Kenichi choked out, a blush barily noticable through his sweat drinched face.

"...well...what?" Shigure questioned, looking at him quizicaly, noticing the blush on his face and attempting to hide her own, kenichi never requested to talk to her in such manor.

"Are you sure your ok?" Akisame inquired again, you look like your are in pretty bad shape.

"Yeah.." Kenichi mumbled, "I'". He cut off, falling into a heap on the ground.

"KENICHI!" They all yelled in unison.

Kensai, being the fastest, was holding his head in his lap in seconds, looking into his eyes with noticable concern.

"What is wrong?" Kensai inquired furvently, "What hurts my boy?"

Everyone was crouded arround Kenichi, looking him over, concern evident on there faces.

All but Shigure, who was still standing just where she had been when kenichi addressed her.

A look of shock plain on her face.

"Sh-", Kenichi attempted, being shushed by Akisame.

"Hush now Kenichi, dont strain yourself" Akisame stated shortly, putting his finger over Kenichi's lips.

Kenichi looked at Akisame and smiled briefly, shaking his head slowly, and Akisame's hand off along with it, "No..I" he continued

"I Understand" Akisame nodded, standing, and retreating a few feet away, clearing a path between Kenichi and Shigure as he went.

"Sh-Shigure" Kenichi managed to say softly, looking at her with a smile, "Theres something I need to tell you".

"..What..?" Shigure asked, still in shock, taking a step foreward, turning and seeing that the one who pushed her foreward was none other than the elder. She stared at him, shock still in her eyes, finially understanding as he motioned for her to go to Kenichi, walking slowly to him, then kneeling the ground beside him.

"Sh..igure", Kenichi smiled faintly," I wanted to tell you..".

Kenichi forced out, pain in his face, yet his voice still soft, sweet, he raised his hand feebily, shaking, and let his fingers run down Shigure's cheek softly, smiling even more at the shock on her face.

"I..wanted to tell you that..." Kenichi went on, his eyes, swirling with warmth, and something else, "That..I..-" he stopped short, coughing, a drop of blood running from his mouth.

"I care about you...Sh..igure...a-al-alot.." Kenichi finished, smiling, a lone tear rolling down his cheek.

Then as if he was staying contious for that, and that alone, he slipped away.

His eyes shuddering closed, and his body going limp.

Shigure cought his hand before it fell, and, fore reasons unknown to her, held it to her cheek, nuzzling it gently..then his words sunk in..and the immunity of feeling that shock gave her left her.

Her eyes grew wide, taking in what he said, feeling his limp hand against her cheek.

"KENICHIIIII!" Shigure screamed, throwing her body over his, embracing his limp form into her own, placing head in his neck, staring at nothing, feeling something wet on her cheek.

Kensai moved slightly, to pick up Kenichi's limp form, only to be met by a low, fearsome growl, being even more taken aback when he realised it was coming from Shigure, holding Kenichi to her body, as if trying to protect him, reacting souly on her animal instincts, wanting no one to touch Kenichi.

Shigure, however, stopped her agression apon seeing Kensai's face, seeing the tear's spilling down his face, not even trying to stop them. She looked up with a start, seeing the same thing resounding apon all of Ryōzanpaku.

"Shigure" Kensai started.

"NO!" Shigure yelled, barily containing her emotion.

Kensai's face went from tearfull, to fatherly, yet stern, "Shigure..we have to get him to Akisame's Clinic" he continued, "we have to save Kenichi" he stated through tear stricken sobs, "Will you let us do that?" he cried.

Shigure stood, still holding Kenichi, and slowly, gently placed him into Akisame's arms, almost unwilling to release him. She finially did, and Akisame started twards the clinic, moving only at a slow jog, not wanting to shake Kenichi's wounds into an even more precarious position. Being followed by Kensai, who was holding his hat over his face, wiping away his tears.

"Miu, how about you go and make dinner for everyone, and two coffee's for the Doctors" The Elder stated, in his soft, yet loud voice. Tears evident apon his face.

"And you two!" The Elder continued, looking at Sakaki, and Apachai, "Stay here at the Dojo, we cant have anyone interfereing in there work" the Elder shot of, sending a warm, yet still frightening gaze ther way.

"But!-" Sakaki, and Apachai started simultainiously.

"Stay Here!" The Elder cut them off, glaring full force at them.

"OK..Fine.." Sakaki stated sadly, wiping the tears away from his face with his right hand, then sending his hand behind his head to scratch his neck, walking away fast in the direction of the training grounds.

Apachai, still standing in the gate, gazed at the Elder with sad eyes, "But I want to help Kenichi to..." he started.

The Elder walked over to him and put an arm arround him, bringing him into a hug. And closing the gate with his toe, being rewarded with a resounding 'clack' as the lock slid into place.

Apachai cried for a minute, squeezing the Elder tight, a hug that would have killed most people, and continued this for a few minutes.

"I know Apa" The Elder said softly, "We all do...but the best thing we can do for him right now is to make sure he has a warm home to come back to...can you do that, Apa?" The Elder questioned.

Apachai brightened up, "Making things all warm and snuggli is what Apachai best at!" he boomed, smiling through the tears, "You'll see! You'll see!" He burst with a smile, turning fron the Elder and marched off, " Ap-pap-pap-pa!, Ap-pap-pap-pa!" he went, as he marched off.

"Now Shigure-" The Elder started, stopping when he noticed that Shigure..was no longer there.

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