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Recap: After arriving at the Clinic, Shigure put herself to work in taking care of Kenichi. Between intimidating meetings with Kenichi's visiting friends, and reading a rather interesting book about adult relationships, comes an end to Shigure's first day of being a nurse.

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Shigure woke early the next morning, rising an hour before the sun began its trek across the morning sky.

On waking she stretched out from her position in the chair, shrugging the stiffness from her shoulders while pointing her toes outward, stretching her long and scantily clad legs, she let out a quick yawn before rising from the chair, which she had recently decided was hers, and quickly yet silently made her way to check on Kenichi.

On reaching him she gave him a quick check before finally allowing her eyes to come to rest on his closed lids, almost smiling before forcing herself to busy herself in removing his bandages, being carefully not to disturb him as she removed the gauss.

On finishing with his torso, she moved to his hands, carefully unwrapping the gauss once more before moving to remove the now hardened herbal mix. She thought while she worked, thinking about all that she had read the previous day, her cheeks being graced with a light blush as she recounted her actions the previous night, coming so close to Kenichi's face. Of course she had been close to him physically the few times they had trained, but this was different..wasn't it? It had to be, there was different...intent..different meaning in that closeness. A vivid image of the first page in the book painted in her mind, her brows creased in thought. So couples did that, even more so, good couples did that. She needed to learn more about this she knew, but how, and from who?

As she finished removing all of the herbs she scraped them onto the garbage can, then gathered all of the bandages on Kenichi's bed. On picking then up a few of the stray tassels brushed Kenichi's neck, not hard, but enough to be noticed.

"...Not now Shigure.." Kenichi mumbled in his sleep, before moving his head slightly closer to where the bandages had touched and descending once more into the deep recesses of his mind.

Shigure froze at his sudden words, jerking the bandages away quickly she turned quickly and all but ran to deposit the bandages into the hamper.

He was just talking in his sleep, she knew that. But for him to say her name meant that he was dreaming about her. Just what was he dreaming? She wondered to herself. Not that it meant anything to her of course.

But if it didn't mean anything why couldn't she get this confounded color to leave her cheeks?

She was brought out of her deep train of thought by a light knock at the door, shaking her head she turned, facing the door as it opened slowly, a small creak being made in its wake.

She began to tense up, muscles curling into ready position, preparing herself to face the possible threat in a matter of seconds.

"Shigure?" the light high pitch voice of Miu called through the slightly ajar door, before peeking through the door frame to look into the room.

On seeing Miu Shigure steadied herself, an coming to a more casual stance, which for Shigure still looked rather imposing.

"Good morning" Miu said lightly, a smile lighting up her face and she opened the door all the way, revealing a small tray of food that was carefully balanced on her right hand.

On opening the door she took hold of the tray with both hands, after turning an closing the door with her foot she continued across the room to place the tray on the near by desk before turning and taking stock of the room.

"The food is for you" She spoke to Shigure, her face still framed in a light smile, "And Akisame wanted me to tell you that Kenichi doesn't need anymore of the poultice mix to be applied to his hands".

Shigure nodded in understanding before asking, "bandages...we are..running low.." she stated, a tough of what some would call concern could be heard in her voice, though only to someone who knew her.

On hearing the concern in Shigure's face, Miu smiled all the more, her prior concern of Shigure just being confused and not really caring for the one she considered the brother she never had vanishing in a second, she had heard about her grandfather's uncounted, though the details were rather slim due to her informants rather..slurred..state, but she had to see it for herself. Now, though not completely convinced, did feel slightly better as a floor of relief washed over her.

"Don't worry, I'll grab some more from the house to drop off on my way to school, just give me the dirty ones so I can take them back to be washed" She replied, her smile much deeper in her slight reassurance, "Anything you need from home?" She questioned.

Shigure shook her head before moving for the hamper full of dirty bandages and hefting it, carrying it over to Miu.

"Well, if thats all, I'll just go back and eat breakfast with the others!" Miu replied, unaffected by Shigure's lack of words, having gotten used to her silence long ago, hefted the hamper, slinging it over her shoulder before moving for the door.

"See you soon" Miu said in goodbye, smiling at how Shigure once again nodded her head in farewell before taking to the door and closing it behind her.


On closing the door Miu turned back to the dojo, and began walking.

Miu was half way to the dojo, and deep in thought, so deep in fact, that she had thrown two unfortunate joggers who had made the mistake of bumping into her on there early morning run, without even knowing it.

I know that Shigure appears to be taking care of Kenichi, but what is she doing all day for the rest of the time? Miu thought to herself, her eyebrows creased in concentration as she thought, does she really care about Kenichi? Or is she simply acting out of guilt. She thought on, nearly stumbling and losing the hamper from its position on her shoulder due to a crack in the road.

Hefting the hamper once more, she continued her thoughts.

Kensai's daughter is not going to be happy about this, she snickered to herself, having tried as she could to keep the young yet beautifully waitress at bay due to her protectiveness for Kenichi, and the fact that she didn't think she was worthy.

Thinking about those particular incident's made her think all the deeper. Doe's Shigure deserve Kenichi? She wondered, I'll be the judge of that, She concluded. Smiling at her resolution.

"I bet I can get Niijima to help me out to" Miu commented quietly to herself, before blanching in remembrance of his perverted advances on her in the past. "Or maybe I will just do it myself" she concluded.


Miu froze, turning, eyes searching for the source of the sound.


She turned completely around and saw a cute cat, sitting on a garbage can by the road, looking in her direction.

"KITTY!" Miu all but yelled, dropping the hamper to the ground and ran towards the garbage sitting feline.

On seeing the large breasted blond running towards it, the cat did what any logical cat would resort to.

It ran.

"No, wait!' Miu yelled, running in pursuit.


On seeing the door close, Shigure made her way over to the tray of food, picking it up lightly and carrying it over to her chair and sitting down, placing the tray neatly in her lap she took the cover off of the food, taking in the smell of the still warm food before before taking her chop-sticks and tucking in.

She took her time, slowly eating while looking out the window at the sun, of which only half could be seen from the horizon. Deciding to make the most of her time, she pulled out her book from within her Kimono as she began to read.

After roughly thirty minutes she finished her food, as well as her chapter, and decided to check on Kenichi, turning away from the warmth of the still rising sun to check on Kenichi.

She figured it was about time to re-apply his bandages, so she began to making her way to the cabinets where the dwindling supply of bandages were reaching her destination she reached for the door to the cabinets, meaning to opening, only to stop as instead she reached a hand to a mar in the wood.

Thinking back to when she threw the shuriken at Niijima and friends. Why did I..react..like that? She thought to herself, a question rising to her mind, and why did I..answer...'not yet'?

After gathering the required bandages she rose, making her way back to Kenichi and setting the bandages on the bed beside him, and taking her position in front of his chair, as well as beside Kenichi, ans stopped. After all of her reading and thinking, even after coming to the conclusion that she loved Kenichi, she still didn't know what she really wanted out of all of this. Yes she did speak quickly the other day, but was it true?

Do I want..to be Kenichi's..girlfriend? She thought to herself, the all to familiar pounding in her chest rising once again as she placed a hand over her mouth in thought, feeling the heat in her cheeks, she realized how she must look and shoved her hands to her side abruptly, shaking her head as to shake the heat from her cheeks, she decided to focus on changing Kenichi's bandages.

Picking up the bandages, Shigure reached in, holding the end of the bandage with her right hand, while unraveling it a little ways with the other before reaching down and over him so she could lift his torso and feed the bandage under him.

Shigure froze as she realized something was touching her, feeling something grasping her left wrist. On looking she saw that Kenichi had grabbed her wrist in his sleep...good reflexes..She thought to herself, before Kenichi, unconscious still, gave a light flick of his wrist, pulling Shigure on top of his unconscious form.

Shigure gasped in surprise, having barely been able to catch herself from falling on top of him, she had to jump onto the bed and place a knee on the other side of his waist to avoid doing so, yet which pulled her already short kimono up slightly.

From this position, hovering simply inches from Kenichi, she got a good look at Kenichi, her eyes darting to his lower abdomen and working there way up. Taking in his now chiseled abs, and working there way up to his well toned chest, up his strong neck and finally to his youthful yet kind face. The beating in her chest had reached a new peak, thundering in her ears as she looked down at Kenichi, taking note how peaceful he looked while asleep.

"Shi..gure.." Kenichi mumbled in his sleep, a smile playing across his face before returning to the deep recesses of his mind.

That did it, for some reason, which she still didn't understand, she wanted to kiss Kenichi.

Biting her lip slightly, Shigure finally surrendered herself to her instincts, and with wide eyes, slowly began to lean in coming to stop just a hairs breath away from his lips. The beating in her chest reached a new thundering crescendo, pounding so loud she almost feared waking him. Coming to a decision, she closed her eyes and began to close the distance between there lips.

"EEP!" A voice shrieked, coming from the doorway.

Shigure whipped her head around to see Miu framed in the doorway blushing profusely.

"What are you doing?" Miu questioned, her voice a loud whisper so as not to disturb Kenichi.

It was then that Shigure took in her position, Her straddling Kenichi's waist with her kimono pulled up slightly, hands on either side of Kenichi's shoulders with her body just a few inches above his, not to mention the closeness of her face to his, especially when Miu walked in. On realizing this, she decided it was best for her to get off of the bed.

Rolling to the side quickly, Shigure all but jumped from the bed, the issue of disturbing Kenichi in her haste to get off of the bed, and landing neatly beside the bed with her hands at her sides. Looking expectantly at Miu.

"Changing Kenichi's...bandages" Shigure answered, her face attempting to go to its usual expressionless mask, foiled only by the light red dusting her cheeks.

"Thats what you call it?" Miu shot back, her eyebrows lodged somewhere in her hairline.

Shigure nodded.

"I would ask more, but I'm running late for school as is-" Miu continued.

"What..happened?" Shigure questioned tilting her head to the side cutely, it was not like Miu to be late.

Miu blushed, poking her fingers together as she looked to the floor, obviously embarrassed, "Well, you see there was this cute kitty.." She began, "wait, thats not the point!" She cut off.

Shigure stared.

Miu reached behind the other side of the door, pulling out a now empty hamper filled with the extra bandages and thrust it foreword for Shigure to take.

"Here's the bandages, as well as the hamper, could you put them away?" Miu asked, cheeks still slightly flushed, "I have to get to school if I don't want to be late, anything you want me to get or do after school?" She finished.

Shigure began to shake her head before stopping, and idea coming to mind.

"The girl..with the hat..." Shigure began.

"Kisara?" Miu asked.

Shigure nodded before continuing,"..And the big..guy..with the..scar..-"

"Ukita?" Miu finished for her.

Shigure nodded once more continuing still, "Tell them to..come here...after school..".

"Ok" Miu replied, her face lit up with her usual smile, she was slightly puzzled but decided not to pry.

"It's..important.." Shigure added.

Miu's face was that of shock, Shigure never said this much, never. For her to say just those extra two words must mean it is really important.

Miu nodded again, letting her usual smile return to her face before waving her farewell and making her way out the door.

Making her way over to the door Shigure took hold of the Hamper, carrying it over to the cabinet where she unloaded it, stacking the bandages carefully atop one another. After finishing she moved to place the hamper into the bin which held it before making her way across the room back to her post beside Kenichi's bed.

Eying Kenichi closely before once again taking up the bandages to apply them to his torso. This time Kenichi stayed unmoving, which for some reason disappointed her, which she couldn't understand. After finished with his torso she moved to his hands.

Picking up his hand and wrapping it without the poultice mix this time as Miu had said. She moved on to his other hand and stopped, suddenly remembering how that very hand had once touched her cheek, thinking of the hot trails it had left behind on her skin How even after he had fallen into unconsciousness she had held that hand to her face, and even nuzzled it.

Lost in memories she failed to realize what she was doing with her hand, looking down to see her fingers woven in with his, holding his hand gently.

On realizing this she almost jumped off the side of the bed where she was now sitting.

Shaking her head she cleared her mind, beginning to stroke his hand with her other hand, keeping her hand in his, her finger inter woven with his, marveling at how it felt to have her hands in his.

A few minutes passed and she knew that she needed to apply the bandages, removing her fingers from his, but almost sad to loose there warmth.

After finished Shigure sat back down in her chair, reaching once again for her book, and began to read.

She continued to read for a few hours, stopping only to change Kenichi's bandages as well as at lunch, when Akisame brought her lunch, which he ate with her. Akisame tried to start conversation several times, though he knew his attempts would be futile he tried all the same, the result being as expected. After finishing lunch, Akisame checked on Kenichi, and left, leaving Shigure to her thoughts once again. After another few hours she decided to go through some drills, bringing her sword out and practicing beside the cabinets for an hour or so before returning once again to her chair to read some more.

Knock Knock

Shigure froze, quickly putting her book away before rising and making her way over to the door and placing her ear against it, listening.

"So, why do we have to come here again? A female voice questioned.

"I dint know" a gruff male voice replied.

"Did we do something wrong?" the female voice questioned.

"I dint know Kisara, but did you want to say no to that creepy blond?" the gruff voice shot back.

"Hell no!" Kisara replied, "That damn cow can be scary as hell when she wants to be".

"You got that right, I dint know who is worse, Shigure, or Miu" The gruff voice replied, an obvious shiver in his voice as he tried to compare the two scary women.


Shigure pulled her head from the door and nodded to herself, It was Kisara and Ukita, and, she looked at the clock, it seemed they were both skipping there last period and got here early.

Donning her usual expressionless face, Shigure opened the door, revealing the two chatting teens who had yet to notice her, lost in there conversation.

Ukita picked up his hand and made to knock again, but on realizing that his hand hit air, he jerked around to face the doorway, and the figure standing in it, being joined moments after by a startled Kisara.

"Uuh..Hey!" Ukita waved, before scratching the back of his neck nervously, sweat coming to his face within moments of seeing the raven haired weapons master.

"Are we in trouble or something?" Kisara deadpanned, a small trickle of sweat making its way down her pretty face in obvious intimidation, remembering how Shigure had bested the entire Valkyrie Unit, which was heavily armed, with nothing but a rice spoon.

Shigure shook her head, then stepped back, opening the door further so as to admit the two nervous teens.

On seeing the gesture, they took the hint, and entered, Ukita leading with Kitara right behind him, noticing how menacing the room looked to them now after yesterday's events. Being brought from there bad flashbacks by the sound of the door closing behind them.

Coming to stand in the middle of the room, Shigure turned to the pair, looking at them intently before nodding to herself.

The pair watched with curiosity, gulping noisily as they saw Shigure nod in approval, or what they had no clue, and didn't even want to know.

"What?" Kisara asked nervously as Shigure looked her over before changing to look over Ukita.

"Is something wrong?" Ukita asked, now sweating bullets.

Shigure turned to Ukita, while raising a hand to point at Kisara.

"..Kiss...her.." Shigure ordered while pointing to Kisara.




"...HUH!" Ukita both yelled, both there faces covered in disbelief as they looked to Shigure, then back to each other.

"You like..each other..right?" Shigure pointed out, "So..kiss".

On hearing this Kisara turned a deep shade of red, chancing a quick look at Ukita to reveal him in a similar state.

"What makes you thing that?" Kisara questioned nervously, cheeks ablaze as she poked her fore fingers together and stared at them, refusing to look at her crush.

"So.." Ukita sighed, "I'm that obvious" Ukita stated, in an almost sad voice.

"What!" Kisara burst, disbelief written on her face, her cheeks still red.

Ukita turned to address Shigure, cheeks still red, "I have liked Kisara for a while now, but she does not share my feelings, nor did she know of them until now, so I cant ask her to kiss me" Ukita stated sadly.

Shigure appeared to think for a second before nodding and was beginning to turn away before she noticed Kisara beginning to move.

"Wait a second you big oaf" Kisara interrupted, "Dint go putting words in my mouth..idiot".

"I'm sorry, but its-...wait what?" Ukita stuttered.

"Dint say I dint like you without permission" Kisara muttered, color rising in her face steadily as she kicked the ground at her feel lightly, "Cause I do..you big oaf".

"Huh" Ukita deadpanned, face the picture of confusion, "But..how..when" He stuttered, " But I thought you-".

"Ooh damnit all" Kisara interrupted, muttered to herself, holding her face in her hand and she walked over to Ukita, "How does this explain it?"

Walking over to Ukita Kisara stood in front of him, cheeks ablaze, and stared at him for a long second before leaning foreword onto the tips of her toes, and planting her lips squally on his.

Ukita froze for a second before kissing back for a few seconds, then he shook his head and pulled back.

"Are you su-" He began.

"Shut Up" Kisara interrupted, wrapping her arms around his neck and bring him back within range so she could kiss him once more.

After a few seconds the kiss grew in passion, there faces gaining a hind of there natural color while there cheeks remained dusted red as Kisara opened her mouth slightly, allowing Ukita's tongue to enter. Kisara moaned in pleasure as the large man obliged, and fought to take her mouth for himself as she fought back, whipping her tongue around his in quick, tender lashes. Kisara moaned again, pulling Ukita deeper still into the passionate kiss, eyes closed in pleasure.

There moment was, in a word, ruined, when they felt the presence of another person near them, and separated briefly to take notice of Shigure, who was now standing right beside them, her face a mere foot away from threes, watching there kiss intently with a studying eye.

At seeing this the two released each other, pulling back quickly to stand beside the other, slightly closer now, the color returning to there cheeks.

Shigure took a step back.

"What?" The pair asked, embarrassment apparent in there voices as there faces once again lit up bright red.

"Why...did you..stop?" Shigure questioned.

"Because" Kisara started, the color in her face rising even more, "I'm kinda new at this, and you were standing like, right there".

Shigure cocked her head to the side in thought for a second before nodding sagely in understanding.

"Well" Ukita spoke suddenly, breaking the stretching, and extremely awkward silence, "If that was all you needed, can we leave now?" the large man questioned.

Shigure nodded.

"OK then" Kisara started, "..bye.." She finished, waving awkwardly in farewell as the new couple made there way to the door and let themselves out.


Things back at the Ryōzanpaku dojo were, in a word, ūmaru, had been missing Shigure had decided to hitch a ride in Miu's lunch box, and had thoroughly enjoyed the contents. The masters, now with nothing to do, had mainly been moping around all day, a grim expression on all of there faces as they forced themselves with iron discipline to go through there various practices and training techniques, in vain attempt to think about something other than there talentless disciple who had become so ingrained in there every day life. The over all mood was grim, with Akisame half heartedly sculpting another Buddha statue, almost missing the chisel several times due to his lack of concentration. Kensai was reading one of his magazines on the porch, one that he only read when he was in low spirits and needed the 'boost'. Sakaki had taken to his sake, bringing it with him to the training ground as he destroyed countless training posts. Even the Elder was in low spirits, though tried as he could he could not completely suppress it, but above all the worse off would be Apachai. The childish Tai boxer had spent most of his time in the training grounds, picking up the punching mits he used when he was training Kenichi several times and simply standing there, a concerned and lonely expression.

Being rather lonely, the masters took note of the time and realized it was about time for Miu to be coming home from school, so they all gathered in the main building to await her return.

"What are you waiting for?" Sakaki asked, his question being directed to the hentai reading Kensai.

"Who do you think?" Kensai responded, not even looking up from him magazine.

"You to?" Sakaki questioned, now addressing Akisame, who had decided to bring his in-progress statue into the main building so he could work while being in the company of his friends.

Akisame smiled and nodded, not speaking so as not to break his concentration.

Growing bored with the short answers Sakaki finished off his beer, crumpling the can and hurling it into the trash can before propping his legs up in front of him and leaning against the wall.

It went like this for several hours, Sakaki waking up briefly only to guzzle more alcohol and then fall back asleep. Akisame had long since finished his statue and was now repairing the small bicycle which he made for Tochūmaru. Kensai had already his hundreds of spare lenses for his camera's, and was moving to do so again out of boredom. Apachai and the Elder were playing Othello, and if the Elders face was anything to judge by, he was loosing. All in all the masters of Ryōzanpaku, were bored, but there Bordie was slowly being replaced with unease as the hours passed, and Miu was still no where to be found.


The masters all looked up from there particular engagements, listening to the front gate being closed as they listened for who might have entered.

"Guys!" Miu yelled in a questioning tone, "Where are you!"

"Guys in here, APA!" Apachai yelled, waving his hand in the open door way.

The sound of quick footfalls could be heard, coming to a stop in the doorway as Miu braced herself on the door frame, catching her breath. From her flush cheeks it could be taken that she had run quite a ways.

"What took so long?" The Elder questioned, concern playing across his face as he took in Miu's out of breath state.

"Sorry...I...thinking...then...there was...a...kitty..." Miu panted, attempting to catch her breath.

Sakaki rolled his eyes, Akisame sighed, Kensai slid his hat down to cover his face, and the Elder put palm to face as the unease left his face being replaces with distress at his granddaughters infatuation/love of cats.

"What's on your mind?" Akisame, being the first to recover, questioned.

"Well..." Miu started, trailing off as a light blush came to her face.

"It's ok if you dint feel comfortable talking about it yet Miu" Akisame assured her kindly, "But know that we are all here for you if you need to talk."

"Thanks, I'll tell you later" Miu replied with a quick smile before her thinking face once again took over as she moved to head for the kitchen.

"...But for Shigure to be on top of Kenichi like that..." The masters heard Miu mumble under her breath.

Four resounding 'thud's' could be heard from outside the dojo as the Elder, Akisame, Sakaki's jaws collectively hit the floor, the fourth noise being Kensai keeling over backwards, Leaving Apachai, who didn't understand what the fuss was about, crouching beside the Kensai shaking him in attempts to wake up the old pervert.

This time it was Sakaki who recovered first, calling Miu back quickly to ask her to explain.

On hearing that Miu was going to explain, Kensai suddenly revived, a twinkle in his eye revealing his eagerness as he listened to hear what Miu saw. The Elder recovered second, a merry chuckle rising from him as he seconded Sakaki's request. Akisame recovered last of course, probably because of his closeness to Shigure, and urged Miu to tell them.


It was late now, and Shigure was just starting to get tired, having not used much energy during the day she was restless until the later hour's of the night before an idea crept into her mind.

Unable to collect directly she pulled out the book from her kimono and flipped to the page she remembered it to be on and read for a few seconds before looking to the picture at the top of the page and nodding.

Moving to turn off the lights, Shigure fought the nervousness that seemed to be almost consuming her for some, unknown reason. Why should she be nervous? She didn't really know, so she tried to shrug it off, succeeding somewhat, but still feeling a little bit fluttery.

After turning the light off, She moved to head back over to Kenichi's bed, every step she took the fluttery feeling rose. She stopped beside Kenichi's bed, looking him over before reaching him down and moving him slightly so he would be more to the side of the bed before moving around to the other side of the bed.

Thinking of the picture, which was of a couple asleep together, she came to a conclusion. Finding her resolve came harder than she thought it would be, but it came. Followed shortly after by the fluttery sensation moving up and making itself known through the now thundering beat of her heart.

Picking up her left hand, she placed it over heart as if to muffle the sound which to her sounded as a pounding roar, resounding through her brest as it racked her ears with its time-full pounding.

Nodding to herself, She sat beside Kenichi, drawing the covers back slightly before slipping her long legs under the covers alongside his, a shiver racing down her spine at the contact.

Sliding down farther until she was parallel with the one who she loved, being able to turn her head and look at his kind face in the moonlight what leaked through the nearby window.

As soon as she laid down completely, laying beside him, feeling his warmth, smelling his scent, tinged with that of the medical herbs and poultices which had been applied to him, along with the knowledge that she was simply so close to him, was overwhelming. Closing her eyes at the oncoming flooding of her senses that followed, bearing with it nothing, but everything at the same time, until one thing remained in her mind, Kenichi.

And with this thought, Shigure slept.

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