Trapped (An Aviana/Victorious Story)

-This is just a sample of my writing. Let me know if you like it.

Scenario: The Victorious cast (Avan, Ariana, Leon, Victoria, Liz, and Matt) have been kidnapped by a man named Drake. He has been stalking them, and finally had the chance to take them while they were alone during a lunch break on the Victorious set. They were put into a hotel/apartment type room far away from the set, and they are each forced to perform for him (sing, dance, act) in order to go home. Each has to impress him, and perform perfectly. The cast is obviously scared and are treating each other more like family now than ever before. They have 1 week to prepare.

3 days into their disappearance, it is 9:00 P.M. Ariana is dancing to a lyrical piece, practicing in the living room of their "hotel/apartment" they are locked in. Avan, Vic, and Leon are sitting on the couch, watching her. Matt and Liz are in another room. Ariana has been dancing all day. She is very tired, and she has been worked the most out of all of her cast mates, dancing every day. They all feel bad for her, and for each other. Especially Avan. It is heart-breaking for him to see his little Ariana looking weak and tired. To him, she is like a sister. Although recently, well, before they were kidnapped, he has been feeling something more. On this night at 9:00 P.M, Ariana is doing a beautiful job on her dance. She goes across the floor and into a front arial (a cartwheel with no hands). She misses her feet, and lands straight onto her right hip. Avan, Vic, and Leon gasp as she lands hard on the tile floor. Avan is on the edge of his seat, ready to get up any second. Ariana struggles to stand, but she manages. Desperate to finish the dance, and with tears in her eyes, she goes on to do another big trick in the air. Suddenly, she feels her hip bone crack as she lifts up. She doesn't even make it all the way up before she cries out and stumbles to her knees- tired, weak, and in pain. She shifts over to her left hip and sits there, sobbing.

*Avan, Vic, and Leon come running over*

Avan- "Oh my god, Ariana, are you okay?" He tries to stay calm as he kneels down to the sobbing girl. He picks her up and onto his lap so that she is off the floor.

Ariana- *Shakes her head no* "I can't feel my hip!" *Crying*

Leon- "I'll go get some ice."

Vic- "Where exactly did you hit it at?"

Ari- *Pulls up the bottom of her booty shorts a little to reveal a huge bump and red mark* Her voice is shaky and she is crying as she says, "I-I tried to land the arial, I was just so tired! I'm sorry." *continues to cry, with her head in Avan's shoulder*

Avan- *Brushes some hair back from Ari's face and tucks it behind her ear* "Shhh, don't say that, it's not your fault."

Vic- "It looks really swollen."

Ari- *Crying quiets down a little*

Vic- "Well, lets see if you can walk on it."

Avan- *Stands up with Ariana still in his arms, and sets her gently on her feet.*

Ari- *Grips onto Avan for support. Shifts her weight to her right side and winces at the pain. Looks up at Avan.*

Avan- * Looks down at her reassuringly* "It's okay, just try walking to Vic."

Ari- *Takes a few steps towards Victoria, but begins to cry because of the pain. Every step she takes gets harder and harder. She stumbles to the ground.*

Avan- *Walks over to her. As she looks up at him, he can see the exhaustion in her face. She picks her up and lays her on the couch.*

Leon- *Comes back with an ice pack* "Here, little red."

Ari- * Voice still shaky with tears* "Thanks, Leon." *Pulls up her shorts and gently sets the cold ice onto her hip bone.*

*Matt and Liz are in the living room too, at this point. Everyone is knelt down by Ariana, around the couch.*

Avan- *Studies Ariana's face, and then reaches down to feel her forehead* "Oh my gosh, your burning up, sweetheart."

Ari- *Eyes beginning to drift shut* "I'm so tired, Avan. But all I can feel is this shooting pain in my hip. My feet hurt, my whole body aches, and I…..I just want to go home. *Her voice chokes up with tears*

Avan- *Moves her hair back, and kisses her forehead* "I promise you that we will get you home, okay? Nobody is gonna hurt you, or any of us. Promise."

Ari- *nods* "Okay."

Liz- "I'll take her to go get changed and in bed."

*Matt turns off the still-playing music, and the commotion dies down. With Liz's help, Ariana hobbles out of the room.*

Avan- "That…..was scary."

Vic- "Yeah…..poor girl."

Matt- "Wait, what exactly happened? We heard this loud bang from my bed room."

Leon- "She went to do a flip, completely missed, and landed on her hip. It looked so painful."

Vic- "She even tried to keep going. She was sobbing."

Avan- "I think part of it is because she's so tired. She's sick, exhausted, weak…..she needed to cry. Drake is burning her out. On purpose. I'm so pissed at these people! They are making her perform and practice the most because she's the youngest and the smallest. They're trying to make her sick.

Vic- " I think we need to all look after her the most. I mean, I only have to perform one song, Leon has one song…..they are making her perform three dances AND a song.

Avan- "Yeah. Drake looked really creepy the other day, the way he was staring at her. She needs to be with us at all times. And one of us guys needs to be with a girl. I don't want any of you girls to be the victims here. Okay, Vic?"

Vic- *Nods* Okay.

Matt- "Yeah, we need to take care of each other. Especially Ariana, right now. We still have four days here. And remember what Drake said he would do to us if we don't impress him….or what he would do to Ariana.