Trapped (An Aviana/Victorious Story)

Finale (3/3)

This is it! The last episode…thanks for joining me everyone. Thanks for the support. Sorry for the ridiculous waits.

Ariana walks up to him, her eyes a bit teary, and takes his hand. "I need you to believe in me. I can't do this without you."

He looks at her, looks at her eyes and her sweet face, and brushes some hair behind her ear. "I'm with you. Always, baby girl. Let's do this." For the first time in a long time, Ariana smiled a real smile, a tear escaping her eye. Avan pulls her in for a hug, kisses her forehead, and the whole cast comes over to join in on the hug.

They're going to get out. Tonight.

Avan walks up to the stereo that Drake has provided for them, and is about to press play for Ariana to run through her dance, but he hesitates. "Ari, if you feel even the slightest bit of dizziness or faintness, please promise me that you'll stop."

"I promise, Av." Ariana walks to wall, as if she were "off stage" before starting her dance.

Avan presses play, and after a few short seconds, the music starts playing for the emotional lyrical solo that Ariana performed as a young girl, and now again, "Disappear".

This was one of the hardest solos for Ariana. Because she always gives it all of her try and emotion, she can't help but become very vulnerable whenever she performs this piece, and on top of how vulnerable she already was, this was very hard for her.

Right off the bat, the dance begins with Ariana, portraying a young and pained girl, running out on stage, looking and searching for help, and grasping in each direction with her hands. "I think I'm drowning but I don't know where the air is…or what direction to go."

Ariana leaps into the air, does all of her gorgeous turns, all of her pained acting bits, so innocently, enough to make one's heart break. (To watch Ariana's full dance, what it is based off of, go to Youtube and type in Maddie Ziegler-Disappear, and watch the full dance. It is a work of art.)

Ariana makes it through most of the dance safely, even the front aerial, which is a front cartwheel with no hands. Avan held his breathe right before she did that, about ready to stop her, but she safely made it through. Thanks to her life long training, her muscle memory kicked in, her second nature instincts, and her body carried her through the dance safely.

"Don't care if they're crying, this water's just like airrr…." The singers voice lingers on that last word, "air". At this last line, and with tears in her eyes from the emotion and the pain combined, she takes a deep breath and sinks down onto the floor, as if she were drowning, as the dance is about a girl who commits suicide. The sad piano melody in the music plays its last slow notes, and Ariana lays there on the floor, crying.

Avan stops the CD track, and everyone runs over to her. Everyone is a little bit teary after what they saw. Avan reaches Ari first and pulls her up by her arms, so that she is in his lap. She wraps her arms around him and she gasps for breath over her crying. "Shhh, you're okay, you did it baby," says Avan as he rubs her back. Everyone circles around Avan as he helps get Ari under control. Ariana sits up in his lap and rubs her eyes, still trying to catch her breath.

"How do you feel, Ari, are you hurt?" asks Leon. Ariana finally catches her breath enough to talk. "No, I mean yes it hurt, but I'll be okay. I'm so tired though. I can't believe I got through that," she says with a little laugh, wiping away some tears. Avan looks a her with a slight smile, and wipes away a tear from her cheek as well.

The rest of the cast looks at each other, and at Ari, and smiles. "I think we're ready, guys," says Victoria. Ariana looks around at her friends and says, "I seriously don't know if I can do that again in the next half hour, though. That completely wiped me out." She leans her head on Avan's shoulder and takes some deep breathes, trying to relax.

"You just relax, take a little nap if you have too, and you'll be ready. If you just do what you did, you'll be good to go," says Matt. Ariana, still uncertain, just nods. "Are we sure that he's really going to let us all go, even if we do good? He could just be saying that," asks Liz.

Avan stares at the ground for a second, in thought. And then he responds, "I don't know, you guys. All I know is that, tonight we have to fight. For each other, for our families, our careers...I know we're all tired, and weak." He looks at Ariana, who closes her eyes, with her head leaning on his chest still. "But we must push through, okay? There are six of us, and three of them. When we get to the performance location, take note of all the exits, windows, or anything we could use to get out, okay? And we'll figure it out from there." Everyone nods in agreement.

After everyone has reviewed their performances, Ariana and Avan curl up together and Ariana rests in his lap. Suddenly, the metal door and the end of the big hall slams open, making everyone jump, and startles Ariana awake.

The cast huddles a little closer together as Drake and his two men approach them and hover over them. "Everyone ready?" asks Drake, staring at Ariana, and stealing quick glances at the others.

Before anyone gets the chance to respond, Drake's two men lean down and grab Ariana right out from Avan's arms. Ariana gasps and almost loses her breath as they roughly grab her. "No!" she lets out a quick shriek. Avan, furious, tries to hold on to her but the men violently push his arms away. He stands up. "Hey! Bring her back here, where are you taking her!?" he yells, walking after them. The rest of the cast gets up a follows them too. One of the men continues out the door with Ariana in his arms, while the other one blocks the door. Four more men are waiting outside the hall. One by one, each man takes a member of the cast. Avan peeks over the shoulders of the men in front of him and keeps his eyes on Ariana the whole time that they walk.

Ariana's heart beats hard as she is taken away by this man. He puts his hand on her butt as he carries her, making her want to vomit. A few minutes later, they enter a large back door at Drake's main headquarters, where Avan and Ariana had just escaped from a few hours ago. The sun is just about to set as they walk through the huge double doors. When they enter, everyone is amazed by what they see: an old, huge theater with a stage, seats, and ancient decorations on the walls. Avan stares around amazed at where he was.

Drake leads the men and the whole cast through a door and to the backstage area. Drake points to the ground, and Ariana is thrown on the dirty floor of the backstage area. Avan lunges forward. "Hey!" he yells. Almost in synch, the men all throw the Victorious cast members forward and they all stumble and trip onto the floor. The men exit out the stage door, and Drake stands at the door they came through to and watches them all try and get back up from the ground. "The order of your performances is on the wall there. We will announce when the first performer is to come on stage. Good luck," Drake says with a grin, and the door slams shut and locked.

"You guys ok?" says Leon. Avan rushes over to Ariana and helps her up. Matt and Avan check to make sure she is okay and doesn't have any new injuries. "I'm okay, I'm okay guys," Ariana says timidly as the guys check her over.

Liz walks over to the wall where the performances are listed and laughs to herself. "This is ridiculous," she says.

"What?" says Avan

"This. This whole thing. These performances. What the hell is wrong with him," she says as she puts her hands over her head in disbelief.

"What's the order?" ask Avan as he looks up from Ariana.

"Victoria is first, then Matt, Leon, you, me, and Ari is last."

Ariana winces at the thought of dancing full-out again, and leans her head into Avan's chest. He puts his hand over her head.

Suddenly, a loud voice is heard over the announcements. "We will now begin our showcase of performances from the Victorious cast. First up, Victoria Justice." The whole group turns their heads as the locked stage door clicks, indicating it is unlocked.

Victoria slowly gets up from the floor where she was still sitting from being thrown, and Avan takes her hand in reassurance. "You've got this, Vic. It'll be over before you know it, okay. We will be right here."

Victoria nods and gets up from the floor. She heads to the door, out to the stage, and a dim light appears overhead as she steps onto the stage.

The group sits down and listens to Victoria perform. She comes backstage, shaking, and sits next to Leon who puts his arm around her. Next Matt goes out and performs. One by one, each cast member performs. As Avan is about to go out, Ariana hesitantly let's go of Avan's arm. He kisses her on the forehead. "I'll be right back." Liz puts her arm around Ariana.

Avan finishes a dramatic scene, and as he is about to turn around to head backstage, Drake stops him. "Wait. Avan," he says. Avan glares and turns back around.

"Come, sit with me. I don't think you'll want to miss your precious Ariana's performance, will you?" Avan looks at the backstage door. He wants to be with Ariana, but then he realizes that he won't be able to watch her dance and help her if something goes wrong, because he will be locked behind the door. Reluctantly, he turns around and joins Drake. His old theater seat is dusty and creaks as he sits down. This is the closest he's ever been to Drake. He had scars on his face and an almost bald head. Avan grimaces as he takes a long glance at him, and then looks back to the stage.

Liz sings her song next, and gives her a reassuring nod as she looks at him and then walks off. Drake looks over at Avan with an intimidating smile.

Drake yells out, "Ariana, babe, you're up next. Last but certainly not least." Avan holds back his increasing anger.

Ariana nervously walks out onto the dirty stage. She looks down at the ground as she walks and sees a nail. Panic begins to set in at what she is about to do and the slim chances that she can actually pull it off.

Drake gets up and walks up closer to the stage. "Damn, I'm excited to see this. You are so….mmmm," Avan's blood boils as he hears this. He stands up and Drake turns around. Avan regains his composure. "She needs to start in the corner."

Ariana looks at Avan desperately. The sadness and fear in her eyes was enough to break his heart. He nods at her with a firm and protective gaze. Drake looks between the two of them. "Well, go. The music will start in 15 seconds." Drake watches Ariana with a grin as she hurries to the back corner of the stage.

Drake and Avan go back to their seats. Ariana takes a deep breath and looks at Avan before the music starts. He is so tempted to go up there and give her a hug and be there in case she falls, but he knows that if he tries that all hell would break loose.

The music starts and Ariana runs out on stage, like a girl running away, and lost. "I think I'm drowning but I don't know where the air is…or what direction to go….. And this pain in my chest…it's still there, and it won't let me rest. Please get me out of here, so I can disappear, from this life I'm leading, I don't think they'll be needing me anymore…" Ariana goes full out. Her hips burn, she feels sick to her stomach, but she gives it her entire effort. The front arial part of the dance comes, and Ariana dives into the air and does a cartwheel facing forward and without her hands. She barely makes it to her feet, but she does at the last second with slipping. Avan breathes a sigh of relief.

Tears well up in his eyes as he watches her complete this ridiculous and difficult task. After being abused and violated, she is still able to put her heart and energy into this amazing dance. He was so in love with this beautiful girl.

He glances over to see Drake's expression, and it makes Avan sick. The look he has on his face just shows how much he desires her.

Out of the corner of Avan's eye, he sees an image in the window at the other side of the theater. He notices a face, and his heart jumps in his chest with hope.

Victoria. And Liz. And Leon and Matt. They somehow had escaped and were waving to Avan from outside the window. He smiles and then turns his attention back to Ariana who is just about finished with the dance that she was doing so well. Don't care if they're crying, this water's just like aiiir, aiiir….Tears are in Ariana's eyes as she falls to the ground, imitates a child taking in a big breathe before submerging herself into the ocean at the very end of the dance.

Drake stands up, never taking his eyes from her. Ariana stands up and wipes some tears away from her eyes. Avan walks up to the stage. "Baby girl that was amazing." Ariana falls to her knees and takes Avan's hands, gripping them. Avan leans in a says quietly, "The group is outside, they're going to get us out, okay?" A slight gleam shimmers in her eye at this news. Drake walks up to the stage and pushes Avan out of the way.

"My dear Ariana," he says slowly. "I am going to have so much fun with you."

Ariana practically loses her breath in fear and disbelief and gives Avan a panicked look.

Avan explodes. "Ahhh you bastard!". He's just about to punch Drake and start their fight to the outdoors and to freedom, when the theater door bangs open.

"Police, everybody drop your weapons!" Avan's first response is to look out the window where he just saw his friends. They are being approached by policemen and firemen. Tears run down Avan's face.

Drake's hands are up and the police corner him and tackle him to the ground. Drake's two security guards make a run for the door, but are met by more police at the foot of the door.
Ariana falls to her knees and sobs. Avan runs up to her and takes her in his arms, kisses her multiple times on her cheek, forehead, and a quick kiss on the lips. Ariana continues to cry into Avan's shoulder, and Av joins her.

They did it. They were trapped but now they are free.