"Fucking Hells." Arya rolled her eyes as hard as she could. She was not having this princess dung where the guy misheard something and is willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of his lover. Arya pulled away from her siblings smiling, "I'll fix them, sorry for disappearing like that." Arya hurried after the Bull. "Bullhead! Stupid!" She called after him, Gendry was stomping away coming to a sudden halt when Arya yelled after him. "You're an arse." Arya jumped on his back almost knocking him off balance. "What are you doing my lady?" Gendry tried to pill her off but she wouldn't budge. However, he was too series and it worried Arya. "What are you doing bullhead?" She finally jumped off him. Arya softly kicked her left foot behind Gendrys trampling down to the floor. Arya didn't hesitate to sit on his lap while he laid down. Gendry looked shocked and frozen. " The hells are you doing my lady, this is not proper of you." Arya leaned down pushing him from the shoulders. "To hells with proper, you're mine and I'm not letting you leave without a fight." Arya leaned down as if to kiss him. Gendry finally reacted and stopped her halfway, he overpowered her and flipped them over. "You said it yourself, my lady. You don't want to leave, and we both know you've never wanted to become a lord's wife." He was angry but there was hope in his eyes. Arya looked at him back with a shit eating grin. It put Gendry off, he wasn't sure what it meant. "I never want to leave my family. Gendry, you are my family." Arya had a sureness and authority to her voice he'd only heard come from Jon or Sansa. Something stirred deep inside him. Gendry laid his head on her shoulder still laying on the ground. Her words had released something he didn't know he was holding. He never considered himself much for Arya but her words now reassured him otherwise. His name sounded so sweet coming out of her mouth, she had been calling him anything but his birth name. "Gendry," she said again soflty, "you know I don't really care what anyone says right? But I don't want to give Jon more trouble." She pushed him up lightly. "So maybe we can continue this discussion somewhere else?" Gendry lifted his head up and nodded. He rose up and held a hand for her. Arya surprisingly accepted his help. They walked quietly to her chamber, there was no sign of the earlier common. Arya lead him to the bed where they both sat side to side. Gendry still wasn't sure what this meant, Arya saw him as family. Did it mean they were still getting married? The silence ended abruptly when Arya begin talking. "You are my family. You are the man I love. I do not want to become a wife to a lord and be treated just as that." Gendry prepared himself for the worst as she spoke. "I panicked this morning thinking just that. But I realized that I'm not going to marry just a lord. I am going to marry the man I chose. A man that does not want to be a lord himself." Arya reached her hand and put on top of one of Gendry's fist. "I will never see my father's face again, or my mother's, or Robb's. It took me years to build enough courage to see Jon, Sansa, Bran, and Rickon, and you." Arya turned her face toward Gendry's but he kept staring ahead. "I did terrible things and became a terrible person, and still you accepted me. Become your wife is not something I'm scared of. Never seeing you again is. I will become your wife and be a considered a proper lady. But there are worse prices to pay." Gendry let those words sink in. "I am scared. But I have you and it's all I need if you'll have me." His words were thick with emotion. "Of course I will you idiot."