Ch. 1 The First Session.

Sasuke sighed as he walked to the normal meeting place for Team 7. It had been about two weeks since they returned fromt he mission in Waves by the skin of their teeth.

"I need to get stronger!" Sasuke hissed. "I need to kill him!"

Sasuke then stopped. He blinked.

Out of impulse he did a genjutsu release, but the situation at hand did not change.

"Err...Dobe? What are you doing?"

The dobe, aka Naruto Uzumaki, was standing on the bridge with a slightly worn sofa, a folding chair. He was dressed in brown slacks, and a white dress shirt with an orange tie and glasses.

"You're late Uchiha-san! Take a seat so we can get started." Naruto snapped. He grabbed the boy and escorted him to the sofa before taking a seat on the chair.

"What am I late for? Sakura and Kakashi aren't even here yet!"

Naruto pushed up his glasses. "Your therapy session Uchiha-san. During the last mission you showed signs of extreme agression. That is not healthy in a shinobi."

Sasuke sat up. "What? Who are you to talk Dobe? You're a bowl of crazy and then some!"

Naruo glared at him. "At the moment am I am not talking to you as a team mate Uchiha-san. I am talking to you as your therapist!"

"What credentials do you have?" Sasuke asked knowing the idiot would not have any.

To his shock Naruto handed him a framed diploma.

Fire Country University

is proud to present

Naruto Uzumaki

with a Bachelor's Degree



"How did you get this?"

"Distance education. It was my back up plan in case being a shinobi failed. Now if I have proven to you that I know what I am doing Uchiha-san we must start your session."


"First of all, what do you intend to do as a shinobi?"

"To kill my brother!" Sasuke snapped.

Naruto started to write on his notepad.

"I see, what what are you going to do after that?"

"What do you mean?" Sasuke asked.

"Do you intend to stay as the standard field shinobi, or are you going into a certain field after you get your revenge? Will you join the police force, ANBU, medic nin or something along that line? It's good to have a plan for your life. For example; some students don't plan on being shinobi their entire lives."

Sasuke looked up at the sky. "To be honest...I haven't thought about that. I've just been focused on killing him!"

"I see. I remember you mentioning that you will restore your clan. That means you do plan on getting married and having children."


"Do you intend on using the Clan Restoration Act."

Sasuke blanched. "Hell no, one woman is enough. Maybe I'll get lucky and she'll have twins or triplets."

"You want a big family then?"

"Yes I suppose."

"Do you have anyone in mind?"

"Why are we talking about my love life?"

"Very well then, we will skip that topic until a future session. Seeing as we have only a minute left, for your next session we will discuss your contingencey plans for the future. I believe for your first session this went rather well."



With a poof the furniture disappeared and Naruto was wearing his normal bright orange jumpsuit.

"Good morning Sakura-chan!" Naruto cheered.

Sasuke blinked.

"What the hell just happened?"