Hey everyone! Here's chapter 1 of the sequel to Pancakes! This will be about 20 chapters, and the rest of them should be longer than this.

Chapter 1: Flour

Having breakfast together became a habit for the pair, whether it be pancakes or something else. Every moment Mathew spent with Lovino, he found himself happier and happier.

He also noticed that ever since Lovino kissed him in the meeting a week ago, the Italian had gotten very protective of him. He kept Matthew from getting sat on, he made sure people didn't overlook him, and he took offense to anything Matthew might find insulting. Lovino would hold doors open for him, glare at anyone who looked at them with an expression the Italian didn't like, and take his hand in any situation that could be considered mildly threatening such as crossing streets or just walking, really. Matthew found it adorable and therefore didn't mention that he probably didn't need that much protection, as he could get pretty feisty with a hockey stick.

And ever since they had actually been dating, Matthew found himself with more self confidence. He wasn't as afraid to give his opinions on things and started initiating conversations.

"Is it weird that I feel nervous to go in?" Matthew asked as they stood outside the conference room for the first meeting since their abrupt departure of the last one.

Lovino just interlocked their fingers in response. "They'll see you. And hear you...And if they don't, I'll make them."

They walked in and were greeted by a few of the nations. Taking a pair of seats in their usual corner, Francis came gliding over with a smirk. "Ohonhonhon~ That was quite a kiss last meeting! Where did you two go afterwards in such a hurry?"

Matthew had never seen Lovino get that red that quickly. "None of your business, bastard!"

"Oh, mon cher, I'm sure Mathieu will tell me everything later. After all, you'll be wanting some tips from me eventually, ohonhonhonhon~!"

Matthew shook his head fervently when Lovino looked over at him as France swooped away to bother England.

They waited in silence for the meeting to start. Bored, Matthew began doodling a moose in the corner of his notebook.

"Sit on him and die, commie bastard." Lovino said in a monotonously threatening voice without looking up, and Matthew froze, only his eyes moved up from his moose as Russia paused by their chairs. Ivan's eyes held a dangerous glow and he responded with his signature "kolkolkol" and moved to sit by a frightened Toris instead, much to Feliks' dismay. Apparently Lovino had a bit more self confidence too.

The meeting began and quickly dissolved into chaos, as usual, until Germany managed to take control.

"Raise your hand to speak." Ludwig demanded. After waiting patiently for his turn through Alfred's crazy ideas, Arthur's objections, and Ivan's plans for world domination, Matthew was the only one left with a raised hand. "Anyone else?"

No one said anything. Matthew cleared his throat quietly. "um..."

"Well, let's move on to our next topic." Germany began.

"Canada has something to say, potato bastard!" Lovino snapped and Ludwig looked over at them as Matthew slowly put his hand down.

"Oh...sorry. Yes, Canada?"

"Um...well...I think that maybe without the superheroes and robots, and if the order was switched around a bit, America's idea might actually work?" Matthew replied, turning pink. He looked over at Lovino, unsurely, who gave him a small smile in response.

A few nations stared at him, and most seemed to be actually considering his idea. "You know," England said after a moment, "that could work."

The room seemed to come to a consensus for once and Matthew smiled. He never thought his ideas would be heard at a meeting.

The rest of the conference passed by almost orderly and every time Matthew raised his hand to speak, he was called on. Whether because of the other nations' fear of Lovino's wrath or out of respect for his successful ideas, Matthew would never know, but it was nice to be heard for once.

Matthew tucked his hand into Lovino's under the table. Without him, he wouldn't have been noticed. He probably would be getting sat on by Russia or some other nation at the moment. And now he had been happy for days. Lovino was the best thing that had ever happened to him. Matthew wanted to tell Lovino he loved him, but he wanted it to be special. With a sigh, he broke out of his daydreaming thoughts to refocus his attention on the meeting. He would think of something eventually.