I apologize profusely for dropping off the face of the internet for a while. Here's a little sneak peek to keep you guys drooling until I finish chapter seven.

Oh and sorry for not responding to all the fantastic reviews.

"Don't move!"

I froze. "Okay, not moving."

"I mean it! You so much as twitch and she won't be seeing any more patients!" He now had Dr. Michel around the throat, holding the muzzle of his pistol to her head.

"I said I wasn't moving, sheesh." I deliberately avoided looking at Shepard. The thug motioned one of his cronies to make sure I didn't cause any trouble. He apparently hadn't gotten the memo that I was the least of his problems.

Out of the corner of my eye I spotted a grey head with blue face-paint. I kept my hands in plain sight until the mercenary was within arm's reach. I then proceeded with another of my stupid ideas.

A gunshot cracked through the air.

Hee hee heeā€¦