A Simple Twist Of Fate (chapter 2)

Come morning the group of about thirty soldiers had reached the small village of Nova Linda.

Crimson looked about the small sleepy village. She smiled. How peaceful. Out of the corner of her eye she saw five of the soldiers carring torches had started fires around some of the buildings.

Dlaxius rode through the village as if nothing were happening. The rest of the soldiers started pulling people from their homes and killing them.

Suddenly a boy about the same age as Crimson appeared in front of them. Dlaxius rode toward him. The boy didn't move.

What's wrong with him why does he not move, it is as if he does not see us. Crimson thought. She closed her eyes waiting to hear the sound of crushing bones as the horse moved faster. But all she heard was a sudden scream and then a hard thud. She opened her eyes and looked back to see the boy laying on the ground. "My goodness what did you do to him?" She jumped off the horse and ran to him.

Dlaxius turned the horse moving back toward them. "Killed him most likely."

She glared at him. "He's not dead and I will not allow you to kill him."

Dlaxius chuckled. "If we let him live he will surely tell someone what has happened here."

Crimson stood. "Listen father." It pained her to call him that, because the man she saw before her was nothing more then a tyrant. "If you kill him you will have to kill me as well."

Dlaxius noded. He had just found his only child and he didn't want to lose her again. Especially over the life of a now orphaned village boy "As you wish, we will take him with us." He motioned to a soldier who lifted the boy up and layed him on his stomach over the back of a horse.

Crimson smiled. Seems as though I can make him do whatever I want.

A soldier walked up beside her and bowed slightly. "Your horse m'lady."

She took the reins and he helped her up on to the horse.

The group rode from the village leaving a mass of burning rubble. The long ride to the academy was filled with an awkward silence.

Crimson thought a moment before she spoke. "I suppose you've informed these monkeys that the boy is not to be harmed?" She looked at Dlaxius. Looking for perhaps a small sign that he had at least some emotion.

Dlaxius noded. "What am I to do with him if he is not to be killed?" He looked at her his eyes shining slightly.

"This academy of yours trains soldiers does it not?"

He noded shifting his gaze back to the road.

"You could train him as one." She continued to watch him.

"I will do for him what I can."

Crimson smileed. Well it's a start, at least he's not going to kill him.

As they reached the academy a set of big metal doors opened welcoming them. Crimson sighed having a renewed sense of hope for the new life she had yet to live. As they enter the academy, A boy looking to be about ten years old hurried over to them. "Welcome back master, I take it your journey went well?"

Dlaxius noded as he climbed down off his horse. He walked back and helped Crimson down from her horse.

Once on the ground Crimson looked around, her gaze finally settled on the boy who referred to Dlaxius as master. When the boy turned to look at her she turned away blushing slightly and walked off.

The boy looked at Dlaxius slightly confused. "Who is she master?" He asked indicating Crimson.

Dlaxius placed a hand on the boy's shoulder. "It's not important, But I am sure you will learn in time."

Crimson wondered the academy halls. Wondering why and what made Daemon want to take her from this place, from her father. She wanted answers but wasn't quite sure how to get them. Reaching the end of one hall she turned down another rounding the corner she ran into someone, She stumbled backward. She looked up into the face of the boy she saw in the courtyard when she came in. "Excuse me." She blushed a bit and kept walking.

He smiled slightly. "No problem." He watched her. "Wait a second what's your name?"

"I-I'm not supposed to talk to you." She turned to look at him again. "I-I'm sorry." She ran off headed to her room.

Reaching her room she entered and quickly shut the door. She layed down on the bed and stared at the ceiling thinking about the boy. He's cute, but why do I get this weird feeling when I see him? . She rolled on to her side. I want to tell him my name but I can't. She sighed closing her eyes. Wonder if I'll ever see him again? With that question weighing heavily on her mind she fell into a dreamless sleep. What her future had in store for her she did not yet know but she planed to make it worth wild.