A sixteen year-old girl named Uzumaki Kushina had been sitting in the rented room in the inn she was staying at on the way back to Konoha after the completion of her latest mission and reading one of the romance novels that had been part of Mito-sama's collection while eating chocolate when the masked stranger arrived. Reading romance novels and eating chocolate had become a habit she indulged in when she was feeling down, and she had been feeling particularly down in the moments before she fell unconscious prior to her being spirited away from the inn by said masked stranger. Earlier that day, she had had a rather vicious argument with her rival turned boyfriend Namikaze Minato who had wanted to return to Konoha posthaste, which had meant another three days of straight slogging across flatlands through mud while rain poured down on the team without any chance of a hot bath any time soon, and they had broken up. Again. For the third time that week. Eventually she'd won the argument, but the damage had been done, and her victory had been spoiled by her foul mood over the latest break-up.

She had gotten to the good part of the story where Kimiko, Ariko, Noriko, and Watari professed their love for each-other in a most beautiful act that spanned nearly twenty pages when the stranger had appeared and knocked her out. When she came to, she found herself in a cavern where she had been chained to a pair of pillars. It had probably been because of what she had been reading earlier, and what she'd been reading before that but, rather than finding herself afraid and searching for a way out or hoping that her team would come and rescue her soon, she found herself thinking that the place she was in reminded her of what she had pictured during that one scene in the novel she had read earlier that day right after she had checked herself and the rest of her grateful team who had been near mutiny themselves into the inn. The scene in which the villain of the story had rather forcefully confessed his love for the heroine before the hero arrived.

It was at that point, when she was remembering the not-so-tender moment between that poor misunderstood man and that woman who didn't seem to realize that you could pick more than one man to spend the rest of your life with like Hanako had done in that one novel that had been written by that guy who had been named after a kind of soup, that the standard type of masked villain that usually went around harassing young maidens by chaining them to things in order to lure their lovers into a death trap appeared.

"So beautiful." he said in a smooth voice that was almost a purr as he lifted a lock of her incredibly long red hair that so far only Minato had found pretty. "It's a pity that..."

"Minato-teme and I broke up, so I don't have a boyfriend anymore." she said as she freed herself from the chains using a jutsu she had come up with to remove chains in-case she was kidnapped again.

She was able to do this because she had a seal on her that countered the most common types of Chakra suppressing seals for the same reason. The Chakra suppressing seal on the chains had been the standard one the Uchiha usually used, and was therefore nullified because she had added a counter to the Uchiha seal to her anti-Chakra-suppression-seal seal after that one time she had been arrested, and they had made her sit alone in a room with nothing to do for three whole days. That had to have been cruel and unusual punishment of some kind.

"I'm all yours!" she exclaimed as she launched herself at the man who had complimented her hair.

This was obviously meant to be. Minato had finally said something unforgivable and broken her heart, and another man who found her hair beautiful appeared to take his place and fix her broken heart. All that was left was planning what sort of wedding she wanted, traditional Whirlpool, traditional Konohan, or skyclad, like in that one book.

Uchiha Madara had spent many hours imagining how the releasing the Kyuubi from the second Jinchuriki's seal would go, and the way events had actually played out had been nowhere near what he'd expected...

He had waited until the girl was awake before he got down to the business of opening the seal and freeing the Kyuubi, as he had wanted revenge on Mito and had been forced to settle for the woman's replacement instead since the Senju Bastard Hashirama's widow had been too well guarded. Because of this, he had wanted the child to feel every bit of the agony of his vengeance denied.

When the girl had awoken, he had stepped out of the darkness, choosing to intimidate the girl who was little more than a child in his eyes despite the fact that she was near womanhood in order to make her feel fear as well as pain as she died. His first move after stepping out of the shadows had been to grab a lock of the girl's rather entrancing crimson hair that was the color of freshly spilled blood, and commented on its beauty. A move that was practically guaranteed to make a girl as aesthetically pleasing to the eye as she was feel terror as she worried about exactly how he would take advantage of her, and came up with progressively worse scenarios with each passing moment.

Rather than seeing dawning terror in the girl's eyes as she unexpectedly freed herself from her restraints, he saw something else entirely, something that had almost frightened him as she launched herself at him.

Instead of immediately attacking him when he had hit the floor with her on top of him and therefore with the advantage, the girl had pulled his mask half-way up his face and rather passionately kissed him.

Yes, this had most definitely not gone to plan...

Author's note: For those who are feeling somewhat confused about exactly what Kushina had been reading, Mito had disguised her porn as romance novels and didn't tell the rather young Kushina who had inherited her stuff after she died that she had done so.