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Tori Vega was currently enjoying sitting in the sun in the Asphalt Café, reading one of her favorite books before school started.

'It so nice out and so peaceful.' thought Tori closing her eyes as a light breeze washed over her.

"Man, you so can too fit a head in an average pickle jar!" "Rex it's not possible!" "Heeey!" "Hey, hey Toré!" "Hey, Tori." "Vega."

'And there goes the peace.' thought Tori as she opened her eyes to greet her friends and her one not friend, as she always likes to point out.

"Hey guys." said a smiling Tori, putting away her book. "What's up?" she asked as they sat down at the table.

"The sky." said a giggling Cat Valentine.

All Tori and the rest could do was shake their heads and smile at their bubbly friend.

"We were just talking about graduation...oh and the Movin' On Out Par-té, heeey." answered André, adding a little dance at the end.

"Is that what they're calling our senior party this year?" asked Tori while giggling at her friend trying to bust a move.

"Yep for us señors y señoritas, we were debating on whether or not we'll have a DJ this year, or a band; either way it's gonna be off the chizzain!" said André excitedly.

"What exactly does that mean?" asked Robbie.

"What…off the chain?" asked André.

"Yeah and for that matter where did 'tight' come from as well and…"

"Man I don't know. Don't overthink slang, you'll just hurt yourself." said André patting Robbie's back.

"Oh it's too late for that. This morning the man hurt himself while putting ointment on his…" "Rex!" interrupted Robbie.

"Well you did." said Rex.

Tori couldn't help but laugh at the two; during so she thought she saw Jade staring at her from the corner of her eye. Of course when Tori turned to look at the girl the warm smile she thought had been on her face a second ago ended up just being her usual scowl. Tori didn't know why she hoped it be something different; it wasn't like the two girls were close. They've had moments, but after every one of them Jade had always managed to push Tori away again and Tori was beginning to think that they'd never be more then what they were now.

'What are we exactly?' thought Tori to herself before being brought back to reality.

"Vega. Vega…Tori!" said Jade with what Tori thought a slight hint of worry, but that theory was soon crushed to bits by Jade's next statement. "What did that pretty little brain of yours cut itself off from its nonuse?"

Tori narrowed her eyes at Jade before turning to Cat, who had asked her a question while she was in her mini trance.

"What was that Cat?" asked Tori.

"Haha that rhymed…that Cat...hehe." said Cat giggling.

Everyone just shook their heads again at their crimson haired friend; knowing that eventually she'd get back to the conversation.

"Oh what was I saying…oh yeah, do you have a date Tori?" asked Cat.

Jade tuned into the conversation at that point, but kept the charade up that she was actually reading the book in her hands instead of intently listening for Tori's answer.

"The party is like three months away. Why would I have a date?" asked Tori.

"Dear sister, haven't you ever heard of booking in advance?" asked Trina, nudging her way in between Tori and Robbie.

"First of all it's a date not a hotel room and to be honest I'm not really that worried about having someone to go with." said Tori nonchalant about the situation.

"What? ! How can we be related?" asked Trina dramatically.

"I ask myself that often." answered Tori, which ended up in both Vega siblings sticking out their tongues at one another.

"Don't worry Tori I planned on going stag as well." said Robbie.

"Hmph, like you had a choice." countered Rex, getting a giggle from the rest of the table.

"You guys leave him alone. Thank you Robbie for the back up." said Tori getting him to smile.

"You're welcome." replied Robbie.

Everyone else went back to talking while Tori went back into her own head. For some reason Tori just didn't feel the need to find a guy; not only to go to the dance with, but just in general. She had been feeling this way for a while and those two douches from last year, Ryder and Sir Steven, didn't help. Tori just shrugged it off as her becoming more mature and not needing a boyfriend like her sister did every two seconds. Just then the warning bell rang, signaling that it was time for the gang to head to class.

"I'll see ya later lil' sis." said Trina giving Tori a parting hug.

This was Trina's freshman year at UCLA. She no longer graced Hollywood Arts with her amazing talent (or so she liked to call it). Her classes didn't start for another hour or so, but she was up when Tori was heading out to school and, even though she wouldn't admit it, she kind of missed her sister's little gang of pip-squeaks.

"See ya." said Tori as they parted. "Try not to 'accidently' trip anyone in your acting class today!"

"No promises!" yelled back Trina as she walked toward the parking lot.

Everyone had gotten up and were heading toward the doors, Tori and Jade were the last to get up from the table. Tori turned to leave the table when her right foot caught on the seat, causing her to fall forward. Before Tori could face plant, she felt arms around her waist keeping her from eating pavement; they slowly brought her back up to a standing position and Tori could not believe who her savior had been. Jade's arms remained around Tori's waist, while Tori's had wrapped around her neck. Neither girl said a word; Tori being too in shock to and Jade looked to be in serious concentration, almost as if she was trying to restrain herself from doing something.

"Th-Thank you Jade." said Tori.

"Whatever." said Jade going back to her usual self, abruptly detaching from Tori and walking off.

Tori stood there for a second, questioning why she missed the contact between her and the raven haired girl. She shook it off before following the goth into the school.


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