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The whole week had gone by and it was now Friday afternoon. School had let out and everyone was talking about the dance later that night. Jade was getting into her Camaro after another failed attempt to get Tori to talk to her. Case and point the flowers and 'I'm sorry' card that were attached to Tori's locker, now lay in her back seat. Sighing, Jade got in her ride and started it up. She looked up and locked eyes with the girl who had taken over mind as of late. Tori paused before getting into her car, a look of wanting flashed across her face. The half-Latina shook it off and turned to laugh at something Cat had said, as they got in and then drove out the lot.

Later that night, at the Vega residence…

Tori was getting ready to head to the senior party, with her crazy sister; who somehow convince someone on the HA staff that she'd be a good chaperon.

'Ha, yeah right?' thought Tori, as she looked at herself in the mirror.

She had decided on a simple purple, slightly shimmery, dress. Its neckline showed just enough cleavage to not be skunkbagish. She also threw on some black hills and a matching black leather jacket, one of those girly ones that only came down halfway down her back and arms. Tori ran a hand through her straightened hair and did one last look over her outfit, before heading to her sister's room.

"Come on Trina. It starts at 9:00 and it's almost 8:50." said Tori, as she knocked on her sister's door frame.

"Hold your horses…Ah, shit. You can't rush this perfection." said Trina, while trying not to burn herself with her flatiron.

"Ha, right." said Tori sarcastically.

"Don't hate 'cause I'ma be the hot college chick at the party." said Trina, striking a pose.

"Haha…Yeah yeah, whatever hot stuff. I'll be downstairs. Hurry up." said Tori as she left the door way, laughing at her sister.

"Yes, mother!" Trina yelled after her.

As Tori waited on the couch for Trina, she found herself daydreaming.

*Door bell*

Tori got up and went to the door. She looked through the peephole and smiled brightly, quickly opening the door.

"Wow, you look beautiful." said the raven haired girl, standing outside.

"Thanks, so do you." said Tori shyly.

"So, you ready to go?" asked the raven haired girl, extending her arm.

"I'm always ready to go with you." said Tori softly, as she intertwined their arms.

She suddenly found herself pulled into the other girl. They were nose to nose…lips so close…

"Ow! Trina!"

"What I tried calling you first. That was my second option." said Trina innocently.

"What, flicking me in my neck?" asked Tori incredulously.

"Mmm, hmm. Come on sista there's a whole lot of senior boys just waiting to be violated by moi." said Trina, leaving out the door.

"Oh God." said Tori, as they left out the house.

On the way to the party, Tori replayed her little dream scenario.

'Aahhh, stop that!' thought Tori, shaking her head. 'She will never see me that way and even if we could go back to whatever it was we were before. I can't.'

"Thinkin' about her again?" asked Trina.

Tori opened her mouth to protest, but soon realized that see was too tired to. Sighing, she just continued to look out the car window.

"Wow you really got it bad for Elvira, don't you?" said Trina, turning to look at her baby sister.

"Not now Trina." Huffing, "It's just, what if she shows up?" asked Tori panicky.

"So what if she does…Look Tori…Ugh…Ok don't take this as me getting all sappy, 'cause I'm not. It's just…I'm tired of seeing you all depressy. It's starting to affect me and that I will not allow. Come on. You got the senior par-té, graduation tomorrow, and the grad after party. Heeeey!" said Trina, raising the roof with one hand.

Tori was grateful for her sister's support and realized that this was one of the rare times she was right. This was the time to have fun and party. Speaking of which…

"Trina what grad after party are you talking about?" asked Tori curiously.

"Oopsies…Uh so me and mom kind of were planning to have a grad party for you and you're dork friends, after graduation tomorrow." said Trina. "It's your senior year. You're going to have fun this weekend, if I have to beat it into you. And I didn't invite you know who, so happy birthday or whatever." trailed off Trina.

All Tori could do was shake her head and laugh at Trina's mostly kind words.

"Thanks Trina, for being an awesome big sister." said Tori sincerely.

"Well, well...Look who finally appreciates my greatness." said Trina gloating, while Tori rolled her eyes. "But you're welcome…and you not such a bad little runt yourself." finished Trina smiling.

"Oh! Did I just kind of get a complement from Queen Trina herself?" asked Tori teasingly.

"Yeah yeah, I hope you keep all that energy. 'Cause we're here and it's time to parté!"

"Whoo!" yelled both Vega sisters, as they pulled into the HA lot.

A couple hours later, Tori, Trina, and Cat found themselves cracking up at Robbie, Beck, and André posing and flexing as they danced to LMFAO's 'Sexy and I Know It'. After the song was over, Tori excused herself to get something to drink from the cooler by the grub truck. She grabbed a Peppy Cola and when she turned from the cooler, she accidently ran into someone. She couldn't see most of their face because the fedora they wore covered it.

"Oh, sorry." said Tori.

"No problem."

Tori's breath instantly caught at the voice she knew so well. The person stepped back and pushed back their fedora, revealing their face. She was so hypnotized by the blue eyes she missed so much, that she didn't realize said owner of those eyes was leading her inside the school doors.

'Wow, Jade looks so hot. What? ! No, we're supposed to be avoiding Jade remember? ! Awwwww but look at her black slacks and dress shirt, and her little black vest, and her little spiked belt, and her little matching fedora…Oh, would ya stop it! Focus Vega! Speaking of which, how did we end up in the school?'

"Whoa, what are doing? !" said Tori as she came back to reality, and snatched her wrist away from Jade.

"I needed to talk to you." said Jade in a matter-of-fact tone.

"Yeah well you can't just cavewoman me anywhere you'd like." said Tori angrily.

"Your legs seem to move just fine on their own." said Jade replied smartly.

After a little more bickering, Tori finally put an end to it.

"Jade what do you want?"

"Well I've been trying to apologize to you this whole week."

"No really? I hadn't noticed." said Tori sarcastically.

Seeing a flash of hurt across Jade's face, Tori felt bad.

"I know. I'm sorry, that was mean." Sighing, "Look Jade I gotta go." said Tori trying to escape, but her right arm was grabbed by Jade.

Tori flinched at Jade's touch, but not for the reasons the goth thought. Tori's reaction hurt Jade more than a smack ever would; she raised her hands up and backed away.

"Tori please look at me." said Jade softly.

Tori looked at the girl who's been driving her crazy for the past two years, but who she also knew she loved with all her heart. The feelings she locked up were starting to become restless once more, with their creator being so close. Tori shook her head…

"I can't do this." she said emotionally, as quickly walked out the school; leaving a stunned Jade West in her wake, yet again.

Jade followed after Tori, but she had disappeared into the crowd.

"Damn it!" yelled Jade, as she ran a frustrated hand through her hair and tried not to cry.

She laughed humorlessly at the song that started to play.

Just nothin'
will fix this
I messed up and you just took off from here
to where you know that we won't make up

[Shows Jade wiping tears, as she drives through the city.]

Just nothin'
will fix this
I messed up and you just took off from here
to where you know that we won't make up

[Shows Tori trying not think about a certain pair of blue eyes and listen to her mother and sister, as they animatedly talked about her graduation party.]

At your most beautiful
God how I hate that you're so pretty now
Honey your eyes have dried
Will there be no more tears to waste on me,
tears to waste on me

Just nothin'
will fix this
I'm sorry, so damn sorry
Apologies won't easily ease heartache

[Jade lies back in her car on Comet Cliff, staring at the stars; thinking of a certain brown eyed girl and all the wrongs she's done to her.]

'I pushed her too far.' thought Jade.

At your most beautiful
God how I hate that you're so pretty now
Honey your eyes have dried
Will there be no more tears to waste on me,
tears to waste on me

The next day at the graduation ceremony, all the gang was together and for a moment everything felt great. The ceremony was long, but went well. André's older sister flew in and taped it for their grandma. André said she'd be safer at home, away from all the scary stadium seats…Riiight. Tori and André gave a speech together, and Cat and Robbie sang a nice song for their graduating class. Their achievement and the support from their families had the whole gang, even Tori and Jade, with smiles on their faces. Pictures were taken, even one with just Tori and Jade; only because their mothers both insisted. That wasn't awkward or anything. Yeah, right. Tori and Jade shared one last look, before the gang all went their separate ways to spend the rest of the afternoon with their families.

At your most beautiful
God how I hate that you're so pretty now
Honey your eyes have dried
Will there be no more tears to waste on me,
tears to waste on me

Later that Saturday night, Jade sat on her bed working on her play. The goth has had a lot of time, in-between failed attempts to talk to Tori, to focus on her work; which even working on that came right back to the brown eyed girl. Jade never said it, but Tori had given her the motivation she needed to finish the play that's so close to her heart. The raven haired girl went to continue writing a scene when she heard the door bell. As she made her way downstairs, she wondered who would actually want to come to the West residence; especially on a Saturday night. Jade opened the front door and was met with bouncy redhead and a cool Canadian.

"Hiiiiiii!" said Cat, as she bounced up and down in her Jupiter Boots.

All Jade could do was look at Beck and share a head shake.

"Hey, Jade." said Beck coolly, as he leaned against the door frame.

"Uh, hey guys. I thought you'd be at Tori's by now." said Jade, trying not to show her interest.

"We…" "We came to pick you up!…Hehe." said Cat, interrupting Beck, as she continued to bounce.

"Yeah, that." agreed Beck, with a smirk.

"You guys I don't know…" "Oh come on." said Beck, standing up straight.

"She didn't invite me." said Jade.

"Yeah, but she didn't not invite you." said Cat, getting an eyebrow raise from both Beck and Jade.

"You know Cat may have a point. Tori didn't say either way, so come on." said Beck coaxingly.

"No." said Jade simply.

"Aww, poo." said Cat, as she hopped away sadly.

Beck ran a hand over his face and sighed.

"Look Jade if you want Tori, you're going to have to tell her eventually or you just might lose her for good." said Beck in a matter-of-fact tone.

"Goodbye Oliver." said Jade angrily, as she shut the door in his face.

Jade leaned her forehead against the closed door and let out a calming breath. She slowly went upstairs and lied down on her bed. The raven haired girl just stared at the ceiling, thinking about none other than the one and only Tori Vega.

"God, when did I become such a pussy?"

Jade quickly sat up and was met with a mirror image of self, sitting in one of her chairs across the room.

"Ello, darling." said the other Jade, with a little wave.

'Ok, I've finally fucking lost it.' thought a wide eyed Jade.

"Now don't freak the fuck out on me. This is supposed one of those self-help kinds of dreams or whatever, but looking at me now I don't know where to start. I got daddy issues, nobody likes me…oh wait we had a taker, but in true Jade West fashion I bombed that with the quickness. And maybe for the best too…" said dream Jade, as she scratched her head in a thoughtful manner. "That little skunkbag was making me soft." she said turning to look at her other self.

"Don't call her that." said Jade, tensing.

"Oh, did I hit a nerve?" asked dream Jade, feigning innocents. "Pfft, come on. It's not like you're gonna marry the little bi…"

Dream Jade was cut off by real Jade crossing the room and yanking her up by her shirt.

"I said don't." said Jade in a threatening tone, nose to nose with herself.

"Why do even care? !" asked dream Jade.

"Because I love her!" yelled Jade.

"Ding ding! No shit Sherlock, so what the fuck you gonna do about it? !" yelled dream Jade right back, giving herself a challenging look.

The real Jade suddenly had a knowing smirk on her face.

"Well it took you long enough. Man I'm slow. Now let go of me." said dream Jade.

Real Jade released dream Jade.

"Thanks." said real Jade.

"Well you weren't listening to anyone else. We West are good for that. Now go get her…Oh yeah and one more thing…"

It was now dream Jade's turn to grab real Jade by the shirt.

"Never touch me." finished dream Jade, and then she shoved real Jade away.

Jade jerked awake and ended up falling off the side of her bed, onto the wood floor below.

"Ow…Man I can be a gank." said Jade, as she got off the floor.

'Focus West.' thought Jade.

"I gotta get to that party." said the raven haired girl, as hurriedly gathered her stuff before spiriting for the garage.

So far, so far from now
Honey you're so far, so far from I, from I

"Hey, Tori! Why don't you come jump in the pool with us?!" yelled Jason, from the back patio.

Sikowitz told Tori and the gang that his nephew was back in town to visit again, so naturally he was invited to the party; which was packed with hyped up teens.

"Yeah Tori, come on! AH!" screamed Cat, as Jason picked her up and ran toward the pool.

"Uh no, I think I'm going to chill for awhile guys!" yelled Tori to no one, seeing as they already left the doorway.

All Tori could do was giggle, as Sinjin, André, and Robbie soon followed using their pool noodles as swords. Moments later, Beck and Trina walked in to find the youngest Vega sitting to herself at the piano; nursing a can of Wahoo Punch, as she stared out the window.

"Oh for the love of lip gloss!" said Trina, as she exasperatedly threw her hands up. "You and your little (not) girlfriend are workin' my nerves." said Trina, putting her hands on her hips.

"Trina!" said Tori, giving her sister the 'shut up' look.

"Oh don't worry, I know what's been going on between you and Jade. And believe it or not, I actually agree with Trina on this." said Beck.

"Yeah…Hey!" said Trina, giving Beck an accusatory look; in which he gave a smirk and a shrug to in return. "Anywayzz…something must be done." finished Trina, with a mischievous smile taking form; as she made her way toward her sister.

"Yes…it must." said Beck, also closing in on Tori's personal space.

"Uh…guys?" said Tori, as she slowly stood up from the piano bench. "What'cha doin'? Gettin' a little close there aren't we?" said Tori, putting her hands up and slowly backing away.

"Mr. Oliver would kindly escort my sister to the pool?" asked Trina sweetly.

"Why certainly Ms. Vega." said Beck, as he quickly grabbed up a screaming Tori and ran out the backdoors to the pool; as he was followed by a laughing Trina.

"Make way!" yelled Beck, as he carried a struggling Tori to the edge of the Vega pool. "Look out below!"

"Trina!...Beck…Beck…Beck no!...AHHH!" screamed Tori, as Beck jumped into the pool; submerging them both in the heated water.

Trina soon followed suit and lowered herself into the pool. Tori came up sputtering water and gave her best death glare to her sister and friend.

"Alright…" Tori blows hair out of her face. "It is so on." said the youngest Vega, using all her might to send the biggest wave of water she could right into Beck and Trina faces.

Tori laughed at Trina's reaction.

"Oh this means war!" said Trina, inciting a fierce water battle to begin in and around the Vega pool.

Jade had parked down the block and determinedly walked up to the Vega residence, only giving pause when she reached the front door.

The pale skinned girl let out a huff of breath; "You can do this Jade." said the goth, as she rung the door bell and knocked on the door.

The loud music pulsating through the door calmed her somewhat, as she waited for what seemed like an eternity for someone to come open it. Finally someone did come to the door, but it was the last person Jade wanted to see at the moment or any moment for that matter.

"What are you doing here? You weren't invited." said Trina, as she crossed her arms leaned against the door frame.

"I'm aware and I'm not here to cause trouble, but there's something I need to do. May I come in please?" asked Jade nicely.

'Very good self, I'm proud of you.' thought Jade, giving herself a mental pat on the back.

"No way…Tori just broke out of whatever funk you just put her in and I'm not going to let you drag her back into it, so why don't you be on your little emo way and leave." said Trina.

'Huh…I tried.'

"Look I apologized for what I did, but I need to tell Tori something and you are keeping from that. Now get your no talent ass out of my way." said Jade, getting Trina's face.

Trina gasped indignantly before coming right back at the goth.

"Fuck you Bride of Frankenstein. I have more talent than you!" said Trina, getting in Jade's face.

"Whatever psycho!"

"Enough." said Holly, as she stepped between the two girls. "Trina will you excuse us?"

"Yeah, whatever." said Trina, casting one last dirty look toward Jade; before walking out the backdoors.

Holly just shook her head and sighed, and then turned her attention to the raven haired girl at her door.

"Hello Jade, how may I help you?" asked Holly, even though she already knew why and who the girl standing in front of her was there for.

"Hello Mrs. Vega…Look I know I'm probably the last person you want to see right now, but I really need to speak to your daughter…It's important." said Jade, looking Holly in the eye.

Holly looked thoughtful for a second, before she simply smiled and nodded.

"Come on in Jade." said Holly, stepping aside to let the teen in the house. "Hey guys can you clear out of here for sec?" she said addressing the other teens currently in her living room and kitchen.

All the party goers did as requested; all filing outback, as they whispered among themselves about a certain raven haired girl's presents at the party.

"Wait here." said Holly, as she followed the crowd out to the backyard.

Jade did as she was told; taking off her jacket and nervously pacing, only looking up when she heard one of the backdoors open.

"So how did the cupcakes turn out mom…" trailed off Tori, as she came face to face with the last person she thought she would see that night.

Tori turned to give her mother a look, but got a motherly one back in return.

"Look it's obvious that you two need to work something out. Now don't break anything or each other. Have a fun chat girls!" said Holly, as she hastily made her way back outside.

Both girls couldn't help but smile at Holly's actions.

"Your mom is cool." said Jade, with a smirk.

"Yeah she is…Your mom is not so bad herself. How is she by the way?" asked Tori, genuinely interested.

Tori made her way over to the piano bench where she had left her board shorts and zip up hoodie. The tan skinned girl went to unwrap her towel and made eye contact with the pale skinned girl across the room. Tori raised her eyebrow, signaling for Jade to turn around as she dressed; but she, of course, was matched by a challenging look from the goth. Jade's smirk was wiped off her face, when surprisingly Tori dropped her towel; revealing her new hot pink bikini.

'Oh my God…' thought Jade, as her brain shut off.

Tori put her shorts and hoodie on, but left the hoodie open; not that the raven haired girl across the room minded. Tori cleared her throat, as she came to stand in front of Jade; getting her attention.

"Um…" cough, "Um, she's doin' ok." said Jade, trying to appear nonchalant and not stare at Tori's chest.

"That's good. How are things going with your dad?" asked Tori, as she moved past Jade too sit on the couch and was soon joined by the black haired girl.

"He uh…he's been staying at a hotel for the past week…I think my parents are done." said Jade, knowing the words hurt her more than she let on.

Any barrier Tori had been putting between her and Jade was put down, seeing the sadness that clouded the blue eyes that she thought of night and day.

"Oh Jade, I'm so sorry." said Tori softly, as gently rubbed Jade's back.

Jade once again shrugged, "The family finally had it out. Things were said, my dad left, and I left the house pissed."

"That's why you were so angry that day. You were hurt." said Tori, putting together the scenario for what took place Monday morning.

"That's no excuse for how I treated you." Jade said, with conviction.

Tori gently took the pale skinned girls hands and looked her in the eyes, "I forgive you Jade." she said softly.

"Really?" asked the goth teary eyed.

"Yes." answered the half-Latina, with a smile; receiving one from Jade in return.

The truth was that Tori had forgiven Jade awhile ago. She just thought that not addressing it or the girl sitting next to her would rid her of the ache she had for her; long story short that method did not work, as Tori felt all the feelings she took all week burying spring right back to life. Jade felt Tori's hands stiffen and her smile falter.

"You're about to do it again aren't you?" asked Jade.

"Do what?" asked Tori.

"Runaway from me." answered Jade.

Sighing and getting up from the couch, "Jade there's something I need to tell you…"

"No, Tori there's something I need to tell you…" said Jade, also standing up.

"We can't be friends."

"I…What? Why not?" asked Jade wide-eyed.

"Because…I…I have feelings for you, that won't allowed me just to be your friend." said Tori, holding back tears.

"Maybe I have feelings too." said Jade, taking one of Tori's hands into one of her own.

Tori simply enjoyed the contact of Jade's thumb rubbing the back of her hand, before she sighed once more.

"Maybe, maybe just isn't good enough." said the half-Latina; as she broke Jade's hold and turned to walk away.

"Why not?" asked Jade, following after the tan skinned girl.

"Because I love you Jade!" said Tori, as she whipped back around to face Jade.

Seeing the shocked look on other girl's face, Tori wanted to cry.

She shook her head, "I knew you'd never feel the same." said Tori, before she walked out to the backyard.

'She loves me…' thought a stunned Jade, goofy smile forming and all; 'Um well that's great and all, but you might wanna catch her, 'cause she just walked away from you…again. What?' said Jade, coming out of her daze. 'Oh that's it.'

"Look Jade if you want Tori, you're going to have to tell her eventually or you just might lose her for good."

"…if you want, need…love Tori, then you're going to have to show her just how much and make it clear."

'Oh, I'll make it clear alright.' She thought, as she determinedly followed after the other half of her soul.

"HEY VEGA!" yelled Jade, stopping Tori in her tracks.

Jade walked right up to the tan skinned girl and said, "You don't know a damn thing about how you make me feel…" gently taking hold of Tori's exposed waist and bringing their bodies together, "…but I'm gonna change that right now."

Intense blue met intense brown, before Jade leaned in. Eyes closed, noses brushed, lips less than a breath apart…

"I love you Tori Vega." were last words uttered, before waiting lips finally found each other.

The kiss started off soft and slow; but after waiting so long for this moment, soft and slow soon became hot and heavy. Tori's hands came up to rest on Jade's face and neck, while Jade's held firm to her waist. Nothing else mattered, as they explored each other's mouths; hands caressed each other. Tori and Jade broke apart, breathing heavily and smiling like crazy. Nothing or no one else existed, well that was until…

"Awwww yeah, one mo' time! Rob get my phone, so I can get some pics…uh, to document this beautiful moment." said Rex.

That finally snapped the two young women out of their own little world, as they began to take in their surroundings. All around them were slack jawed party goers. It was like the party had been put on pause, even the music had stopped. A slightly red face Tori, turned to wave nervously at their audience; whereas Jade really couldn't give a fuck about anyone else, after tasting Tori's sweet lips.

"Uh, hey guys." said Tori, as she made eye contact with her friends in the pool; included her loud mouth sister.

Who as on queue said…

"FINALLY!" exclaimed Trina, surprisingly triggering a cheer from the gang and the rest of the party goers.

Jade and Tori couldn't keeping the smiles off their faces, as they received praise from all around. They were bum rushed into a soaking wet group hug by Trina and their close friends.

"Yaaaay! We're so happy for you guys!" said the always bouncy Cat Valentine.

"Totally." "Oh yeah." "That's what's up." agreed Robbie, André, and Rex.

"Wait…what you guys knew? !" asked Tori.

"Are you kiddin' me? ! We've been waitin' for you two to suck face for a while now."

"Rex!" "Watch it puppet." said Robbie and Jade.

Tori gently rubbed Jade's back to keep her from ripping a certain puppet's arm off, yet again. The fiery goth turned to face her tamer, and was yet again drawn to her lips. What was supposed to be a short, but sweet kiss; was soon on its way to becoming another make out session, ignoring the cat calls and gag noises from their friends. The girls only stopped when someone loudly cleared their throat next to them; and that someone just happened to be David Vega, who just got home from his shift at the precinct, with Holly Vega standing right next to him.

"Mom, dad!" "Mr. and Mrs. Vega!" said both girls, as they quickly separated.

David wore a stern expression and took notice of how his daughter automatically sought out the other girl's hand, as if to comfort her; and how the other girl moved to stand in front of his daughter, as if to shield her from his impending 'fatherly wrath'. He didn't show it on the outside just yet, only wanting to mess with the girls a little, but David was smiling on the inside. He was so happy that his daughter finally found someone decent that he could see that she truly loved and that they loved her just as hard back, and as a father that's all he could ever want for his both of his daughters.

"So it's Jade, right?" asked David, as he made to shake the girl's hand.

"Yes, sir." answered Jade; as she nervously accepted the hand shake, but made sure to sound confidant and make it a firm grip.

"Just remember I'm a cop." said David, getting one last harmless jab in; which he received a swat from all three of the Vega women.

"Dad!" "Alright that's enough David." said Tori, Trina, and Holly.

"What? !" said David, feigning innocents; before turned back to Jade and his daughter. "Anyone who can make my daughter smile like that is fine with me. Welcome to the family." finished David with a smile, and giving a surprised Jade a hug.

Soon it turned into one big mush fest, as the Vega women and the rest of the gang joined in. For the first time in her life Jade felt like she was part of an actual family, and she was beyond happy at the moment. After the group hug, everybody gave their congrats to the girls once more; even Beck, who assured Tori multiple times that he was totally on board the Jori train and couldn't be happier for them. Everyone soon went back to the party and left the new couple to themselves. Tori heard a sniffle and saw Jade quickly wipe her eyes.

"Oh my God, Jade are you crying?" asked Tori, with a smile.

"Pfft, no." said the goth, putting on her tough girl act.

"Mmm hmm, suuure." teased Tori.

"I said I wasn't. So drop it Vega, or else." said Jade, getting in Tori's face.

"Or else what?" said the half-Latina, standing her ground.

Tori licked her lip and unknowingly sealed her fate, as Jade soon claimed said lips with her own. The contact was lost all too soon due to two water balloons being thrown at the both of them, connecting with both of their heads.

"Ewwww!" yelled a voice oddly similar to that of Trina Vega, but when Tori and Jade turned their death glares toward the offending voice; they found themselves pelted with more balloons from their so called 'friends'.

"Haha! You are guys so funny…I'm a kill you." said the dark haired girl; moving in for the kill, but was once again stopped by Tori.

"Jade..." "But they…" "I know. I got this baby." said the tan skinned girl, as pulled the gardened hose from behind her back; complete with spray gun attached. "I love you guys, but you gotta go." finished Tori, before she began spraying her fleeing sister and friends.

The party went on full force. If anyone had not known the history between Jade West and Tori Vega; they would've just thought they'd been a couple for years, as the love they shared for one another seemed to just radiate off them in waves. The party ended around one in the morning. Early for the graduates, but late for Mr. and Mrs. Vega; who surprisingly hung with the kiddies all night. The gang and some other leftover party goers helped clean up; afterward everybody exchanged warm goodbyes, as they went their separate ways for the night. Tori went to take a quick shower, while her new girlfriend waited for her in her room.

'Girlfriend…hehe.' thought a giddy Tori Vega, as she quickly finished her shower and got dressed.

Once she was done; Tori returned to her room and found her love playing on what used to be André's old, now her new, portable piano keyboard he happily entrusted her with. Tori just looked at the girl who she'd never thought would see her as anything more than "Vega!", the girl she loved to torture. Which now that the tan skinned girl thought about it, Jade did mess with her more than most…hmm, could that have been a clue? Even if she was still in shock, Tori was not about to second guess her new found clearance to do this…

"Hey." said Tori; walking up to Jade, who sat cross-legged on her bed.

"Hey. You wanna…mmm…"

Jade was immediately cut off, as Tori's lips moved in on her own. Whatever song she was playing had been forgotten, as the half-Latina set the keyboard aside and pushed Jade on her back; never breaking their heated lip lock, as she got on top of the raven haired girl. Jade was little stunned for a second, not used to seeing this side of the girl on top of her; but was not complaining one bit, as she grabbed Tori's ass and ground their centers into each other. Both girls let out deep moans. Tori broke the kiss only to kiss her way down Jade's neck, while her hands made their way under Jade's shirt.

'Oh my God…this feels so good… "Just remember I'm a cop."' And that's when the happy time in Jade's head came to a screeching halt.

"Hey Tori…" said Jade, trying to think clearly.

"Hmm?" hummed the tan skinned, as continued to assault the goth's neck.

"Um…Hey…" continued Jade, as she brought Tori face back up to look into her eyes. "I want this…so bad baby, believe me. It's just your whole family is downstairs and although it might be fun; I'm not really up for being the guinea pig for your dad's new Taser."

Tori let out a frustrated groan, as she touched her forehead to Jade's. She could not believe that she had just totally spaced out about her parents and her nosy sister still being in the house.

"We could go to my house, if that's ok with you?" asked Jade; really wanting to continue their previous activity, but not wanting to put pressure on Tori either.

"Yes!" said Tori, eagerly sitting up. "But wait, what about your mom?"

"Actually she called me while you were in the shower and I told her that we finally are together…"

"Wait your mom knows about us?" asked Tori, slightly afraid.

"Yeah apparently everybody knew about us, but us." said Jade, making her and Tori laugh. "Anyway, she was super excited about it. I actually haven't heard her be that happy in awhile. And oddly enough my mom decided that she needed some sister bonding time with my aunt, and won't be back home until late Sun…" checked the time on her phone. "…today so…" finished Jade wagging her eyebrows.

The girls shared mischievous smirks, before Tori hurriedly got off of Jade and started shoving some clothes, and other overnight stuff, into her Powerpuff Girls drawstring backpack.

"Nice bag." said Jade smiling, as they walked toward the stares.

"Why thank you." said Tori, in the voice Jade usually mocks her in.

They made it to the top of the stairs, when Jade stopped Tori.

"What if your parents say no?"

"I'm eighteen. I can do whatever I want." said Tori cocky tone, before adding this less confidently… "Backup plan…we run."

"Best. Plan. Ever." said Jade, laughing at the dirty look Tori gave her.

The girls decided to just be as cool with it as possible.

"Hey mom and dad, I'm going over Jade's house." said Tori as normally as she could, then hesitantly looked at her parents in the kitchen.

She and Jade paused by the door waiting for the resounding 'No.' that was sure to come. Holly and David had a quick huddled, were some affirmative nods and some negative ones. When it came down to it; even though they still saw Tori as their baby girl, she technically was an adult and they knew she was raised to be a responsible and intelligent youth lady, so eventually Holly turned around and nonchalantly answered…

"Ok, you two just be careful." said Holly happily; David looked on the fence about the situation, but attempted a smile anyway.

What? He was still a dad, even though he was happy for his little girl.

"What? !" said Trina, from the couch in disbelief.

She loved her sister and all, but when she was in high school it was never that easy. So what if Tori just graduated.

"Love you guys, you too Trina! Bye!" said Tori; as she quickly grabbed Jade's hand (who only had enough time for a quick wave goodbye) and ran out the house.

"Yeah yeah, whatever brat." said Trina to herself, as turned back toward the TV; soon a smile replaced her frown, as she truly was happy for her little sister.

When Tori and Jade arrived at her house as much as Jade wanted to continue what they had started in Tori's room, she really wanted to wash the party off of her body first and the party glitter out of her hair…Don't ask. As Jade took the quickest shower in history; Tori awaited her in her bedroom like a good girlfriend. She walked over to Jade's desk and her 'Clouded Minds' folder was open on her computer screen, smiling as she went through it and saw how much work Jade had put into the play since that night they worked on it together. After she read over some of the new material, Tori noticed some candles on a corner table to the right. She made her way over to the array of candles and noticed a shiny black lighter next to them. Tori picked it up and saw that there was a black widow, etched on one of the sides. She just shook her head at how Jade it was. Flicking it opened she watched the flame dance and it gave her and idea. Tori soon started placing candles all over the room and lit them with the 'deadly' lighter. After she finished that task, she went to Jade's PearHome dock; but was surprised to see something she did not notice before. Next to the PearHome dock, was a sleek black record player. Tori smiled brightly, remembering how she loved listening to her parents' records when she was little and now even till this day. The half-Latina decided to check out the record her 'girlfriend'…hehe (God she was turning into Cat)…had left on the player. Tori closed her eyes as soft music filled the air. As she moved around the room, Tori spotted one of Jade's long-sleeved shirts that she loved on the raven haired girl.

'Well you've already gone this far.' thought the tan skinned girl, before she removed all of her clothing and put on the Jade's dark blue shirt; leaving its three buttons at the top undone.

Tori grabbed a light body spray from her bag and did little spritzes here and there. She looked in Jade's full length mirror on the wall and ran her hands through her hair, tousling it. Coughing a little after spraying too much Scope breath spray in her mouth, she had just enough time to take a deep breath; when the door to the room began to open.

"You know Tori…the funniest thing happened to me. Someone swiped my tank and shorts while I was in the show-wer…" trailed off Jade, as the most beautiful sight she had ever seen took her breath away.

Jade took in the music playing in the background; the dim light of her corner lamp, accompanied with the warm glow of the various candles lit all over the room; but her eyes rested solely on the beauty in front of her. Both girls were so nervous (in a good way); but they kept their nerves in check, as they slowly moved to stand in front of one another.

"I just…" Tori was about explain her choice of outfit, when she was interrupted. "You look beautiful." said Jade, as she brought her right hand up to Tori's left cheek. "I'm so in love with you." whispered the dark haired girl.

Tori could not help, but shiver at the passion behind Jade's words.

"Oh Jade." said Tori, before their lips met in a kiss that left them seeing stars.

The two young lovers broke apart, breathing heavily. Tori undid the tie on Jade's robe and pushed it open, as her hands moved across pale taut stomach. She felt Jade have a little shiver of her own, as she slowly made her way up her stomach, between her breasts, before she moved her robe off her shoulders. Letting it fall to the floor, revealing her beautifully toned body. Jade placed a quick soft kiss on Tori lips, before she began lifting her blue shirt off of her; revealing sweet caramel skin, the higher and higher it went. As sexy as Tori looked in her top, Jade needed to see all of her. When the top hit the floor Tori smiled shyly at Jade, who smiled right back. The pale skinned girl wrapped her arms around her soon to be lover's waist and Tori wrapped hers around Jade's neck, both moaning as their naked bodies met for the first time. Jade kissed Tori's left shoulder and then looked her in the eyes.

"You sure you're ready for this?" asked Jade.

"More than anything in my life…but Jade…I've never done this before." answered Tori, a little scared about Jade's reaction to being her first.

The raven haired girl was terrified, but only because she felt that she did not deserve such an honor. As if the brown eyed girl could read her thoughts…

"I want it to be you…if that's ok." said Tori softly, while rubbing the back of Jade's neck.

It took all the blue eyed girl had to keep it together. She gently took her companion's face in her hands and then placed a kiss on her forehead, then her nose, and then finally her eagerly awaiting lips. Their lips detaching with a soft smack, Jade picked up Tori bridal style before making her way over to her bed.

I've waited a hundred years,
But I'd wait a million more for you.
Nothin' prepared me for,
What the privilege of being yours would do.

Jade laid Tori down in the bed, before gently settling on top of her. There was a gasp and a moan, as their bodies came together. With matching grins, Tori grabbed Jade's face never being able to get enough of her luscious pink lips. The brunette surprised the goth with her strength, as she flipped them over. Jade playfully gave a questioning look, in which she got playful smile and slight blush return. Tori's shy expression soon turned huntress and the beautiful goddess below her was her prey. She began kissing Jade's chest and stomach and the dark haired girl's surprise soon turned to pleasure, as soft hands and lips began to roam her body.

If I had only felt the warmth within your touch,
If I had only seen how you smile when you blush,
Or how you curl your lip when you concentrate enough,
I would have known what I was living for all along.
What I've been living for.

Jade wanting to return the favor regained her original position, flipping a laughing Tori onto her back. Soon moans replaced laughter, as Jade took a light brown nipple into her mouth.

Your love is my turning page,
Where only the sweetest words remain.
Every kiss is a cursive line,
Every touch is a redefining phrase.

Moans and gasps filled the air, as wanting tongues tasted heated skin and wondering hands found their way into aching centers. Jade's sure fingers entered Tori's wet folds, as the half-Latina's fingernails dug into the ivory skin of her back. Her eyes tearing from the pain of her barrier finally being broken, but the pain began to fade between Jade whispering soothing words in her ear and her loving touch. Feeling the fair skinned girl's fingers thrusting inside her sent Tori into a state of pleasure she had never felt before and she didn't want to go into this bliss alone. Tan fingers found their way into the velvet folds of the pale skinned girl on top of her, as once again intense brown met intense blue. Their two young lovers locked eyes, as they thrust in an out of one another in the most wonderful rhythm. Scorching bodies rubbing against each other, sensual kisses being exchanged, lip biting, heavy breathing, grunts, moans… Tori's free hand gripped the bed sheets while Jade's took hold of the headboard, as each felt what little control they had slipping away. Loving words were said through bated breaths before the two young women came hard, calling out each other's names for all to hear.

I surrender who I've been for who you are,
For nothin' makes me stronger than your fragile heart.
If I had only felt how it feels to be yours,
Well, I would have known what I've been living for all along.
What I've been living for.

Both girls lay in each other's arms, staring into the other's eyes and wondering (yet at the same time not questioning) how they ended up here. Neither girl could image it being anyone else.

"I love you Tori Vega." said Jade softly, but surely, as she brushed piece of Tori's hair back and tucked it behind her right ear.

"And I love you Jade West." said Tori back, just as surely; giggling when Jade nipped at the finger she used to trace the side of her face.

"You think you can handle me Vega?" asked Jade with her trademark cocky grin and raised eyebrow.

Tori just simply raised her own perfectly arched eyebrow, pushed the goth on her back and straddled her waist.

"I believe the real question is…can you handle me…West?" Tori asked with a look that said 'I'm going to destroy you', which left the pale skinned girl beneath her turned on beyond belief and also a little scare, but Jade (ever the poker player) did not break her own tough girl facade.

Tori and Jade were both taking a liking to this new side of hers.

"Oh I think I'm up to the challenge." said Jade, taking hold of Tori hips.

Tori bent down and laid quick, but sensual kiss on Jade's lips.

"Prove it." she whispered against the pale girl's rosy pink lips.

'Yes, ma'am.' thought Jade, as she closed the short distance between them and once again their tongues were locked in heated battle.

As the two young lovers got caught up in each other once more, neither girl knew what lied ahead in their future, but they were ready to face whatever came their way with the one who held their heart.

Though we're tethered to the story we must tell,
When I saw you, well, I knew we'd tell it well.
With a whisper, we will tame the vicious seas.
Like a feather bringing kingdoms to their knees.

6 years later…

"Six years." said the now 24 year old Jade West to herself, while she sat in her Camaro in the driveway.

Six years was exactly how long she and the love of her life, Tori Vega, had been together. If someone would have told Jade seven years ago, that she and Tori would be madly in love, she probably would have caused them severe emotional and physical trauma.

"But a lot can happen in a year."

One can fall in love with the very person they claim they can't stand. That's exactly what happened between Tori and Jade, and they hadn't looked back ever since.

'And we're not going to.' thought Jade as she snapped shut the small box that was in her right hand.

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