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I use the airports pay phone to call my mom but she doesn't answer. Maybe I came late? But I'm almost positive that I didn't. I stand in line and Waite to ask if Jacobs flight has landed or not, I'm lost in thought when I get bumped two steps forward almost hitting the man in front of me. I turn and feel my heart freeze, there's a girl with her light colored hair in messy pick tails, her lips stained with red from what I assume the stain is from ice cream. She looks so much like Maria but I know it can't be, her father apologizes to me before grabbing her into his arms. I look around to see if Jacob is any where in sight but theres just to many faces to check. Shortly after the line has passed and I'm now next. The lady behind the desk tells me to hold on while she works the computer, she plasters a smile on her face, I clear my throat before asking her when the flight from Colorado will be landing. She checks the computers again and tells me that the flight will be landing soon. I take a seat on one of the uncomfortable chairs, maybe taking a nap earlier wouldn't have been such a bad idea. I can't take a nap now I gotta stay up and make sure to see Jacob. last spring when i went over to colorado I had got a better reaction with Jacob I hadn't got the the silent uncomfortable greet like I had when I first found him 4 months after he had fallen off the boat. I'll never forget Porsha and what we went through that night, fate dragged me there to show me bravery again to help Porsha with her promotions before it was to late and with that I found my sole mate Jacob. I Felt more alive then I had been since that fatal accident.

I begin to feel myself doze off, but I see a crowd coming from one of the halls just in front of me. I feel myself spring up when i realized that though's are passengers from colorado, I could literally feel my heart beat 100mph when I see him, he looks around almost uneasily like maybe he's scared? "jacob!" I shout for his attention getting others as well, his curl up into a small smile before turning towards my way. I regret my dressing choice when seeing Jacob in perfect fitted black jeans and a grey elbow patched shirt, making his slate blue eyes look a little more silver. I run up and hug him with so much force he has to regain his balance before welcoming me back, I resist the urge to kiss his lips and go for his cheek instead, I hear what sounds like the most amazing familiar laugh that I love so much. "I missed you" sounding muffled with my mouth pressed against shirt, I look up to see his reaction knowing all to well he wouldn't have came if he hadn't missed me either. "I missed you too" his smile widening when repeating though's blissful words back.

Where both silent in the car, I wonder if he has so much to say that he doesn't know where to start or if he has nothing to say at all? I Break the silence first. "did you remember any thing else?" he turns to look at me with that gentle smile of his. "I remembered a lot more after you left ...more child hood memories" I'm glad he's remembering more of his child hood ...I hate because i just can't help but wonder if he's only remembered little of me? "I'll remember more you know? I came here because I wanted to remember about my life here, remember more about you" he says that like he's answering my thoughts like he knows me all to well, just the way he always has. Right now all I wanna do is be closer to Jacob I want him to wrap me up in his arms and tell me how much he loves me, but I know it's gonna take time before we get back to where we left off.

Jacob tells me I could stay while he unpacks. "I was thinking you can show me around after?" he says while digging into his suit case "of course" my smile brightens, maybe I should leave him to settle in I mean maybe give him time to take every thing in. "I could always come back when your unpacked?" his face wonders in thought, but shakes his head. "i think it be better if I was with a familiar face then alone" he shrugs. I keep re-thinking his last few words they seem better this time, I then remember Jacobs unease look when he'd first landed. Like maybe he's not ready to be alone. I move closer to him, grabbing one of his hands, he looks at me a little surprised but he squeezes my hand back. And now where both smiling.