Moonlight: Yay! New story! This story is about Moonlight's younger sister who was never mentioned in the main story: Anime Freak's Heaven. Anyways, I don't own anything except the unknown character.

Chapter 1: Meeting

_'s POV

Hello. I'm sorry but I can't tell you my name, because I don't have a name. I can't remember it. I live here, by myself, in Hueco Mundo. I am a hollow, but I'm not a mean one, that likes to eat souls. Instead, I hardly ever eat souls. It's only when I'm about to die from starvation. I'm about six years old, a girl, and like to be by myself. I look human, just with hollow mask parts speckled around my eyes, shining like they're sparkles. I have silver hair that shines in the moonlight that never goes away here. I also have sapphire blue eyes that look sad. I once had a sister, that looked a lot like me, silver hair, sapphire eyes, pale skin. But I got ran over by a truck when I crossed the road, on my way to see my sister get off from school. I don't know why I'm here, in this dark place. Sister said that when I die, people in black kimonos will come and help me pass over into a place known as the Soul Society. But that never happened. Instead, I woke up here, in this forever darkened place.

I don't understand what I did wrong. I never hurt anybody or killed anyone. Every day, I think on what I did wrong. I can't find anything. I thought all of this while sitting under a crystal type tree. I look over to the palace, the other hollows say it's called Las Noches. The other hollows don't tend to bother me, because one time, a huge hollow, a really really huge hollow came after me, and killed me, but I got back up and got really really made and killed it with one blow, same with 10 more other ones just the same. A bunch of hollows saw this, and they left, warning me to leave them alone. Ever since then, they left me alone, every now and then, one picks a fight with me, trying to prove that they are stronger than me, but I always kill them with a scythe I can create somehow. Sister says that I have a jewel inside me, called the Ten Yami no Tama, the Heaven's Darkness Jewel. It has the same ability has my sister's jewel, The Jigoku Hikari, the Hell's Light Jewel. When her jewel is destroyed, Hell will break out, giving it's name. When my jewel is destroyed, Heaven will be destroyed, engulfed by darkness, giving it it's name.

I get up, and walk to the palace, wondering how it looks like up close. I've never actually been up close to it before, though I can tell it's pretty huge. I walk to it for a very long time, not getting anywhere, I decide to teleport to it. I do so, then it seems like I've gotten a bit closer, when a huge hollow forms from the sand. "You are not allowed here." Boomed it's voice. "But I just wanted to see the palace a bit closer." I reply. "I said you are not allowed here!" boomed it's voice again, then lunges it's arm at me. I dodge and break it off with my bare hand, but it rebuilds it's self with more sand. It lunges at me for the past 5 hours, with me slicing it in half, but it reforming, until I get tired and finally it hits me, slicing me down the middle.

I wake up again, seeing the monster is no longer here, then get back up, my body now healed together. I begin to walk to the palace again when the hollow forms again "How is it that you're still alive?" It questions. "I cannot die, so I can never be defeated!" I shout up at it. Suddenly, a hollow with a cow skull like mask on with ears a part of it and is bigger than the ones behind it, with about 50 or more other ones behind it, their masks looking like cow skulls, appears behind the huge sand hollow. "Runuganga, this hollow may pass. Hollow, come with us, and do not fight back." Says the leader of the cow skull masked hollows. The ones behind it form a circle around me, forcing me to move forward. The leader opens a portal, leading somewhere, I'd say to the palace, entering it, including me. We end up inside some sort of building with a huge door, me guessing inside the palace. The leader opens the door, revealing a throne, with a man sitting in it. "Lord Aizen, we have brought you the hollow you have asked for." The leader says, bowing. "Good, you may leave now." Says the man in the throne. "Thank you, my lord." Says the leader once again, then leaves with the other cow skull masked hollows. The door closes behind me, then I look back up to the man. "Good, now that you are here, what is your name." I blink a couple of times then reply "I don't have a name…" The man lifts his head off from his hand. "You don't have one? That's interesting, how about I give you one." I gasp. "How about… Yuzuki?" I smile. "If that's what you want my name." He smiles a soft smile. "Now for my name. My name is Sosuke Aizen, but please address me Lord Aizen." I bow. "Yes, Lord Aizen." He gets up then is suddenly in front of me.

He places his hand on my shoulder. "Now, Yuzuki. You will be staying here in this palace until further notice, alright?" This man was so kind! He's giving me someplace to stay, and he's giving me a beautiful name! I nod my head. "Yes, my lord." He removes his hand from my shoulder. "Good." Aizen says, then appears sitting back at his throne. Then a hollow enters the room, looking like a human, but with a mask over it's face.. "Follow this hollow, Yuzuki. It will lead you to your room." I bow then say "Yes, my lord." Then started following the hollow.

The hollow stops in front of a wall, but the wall opens up, revealing that it's a hidden room. "This is your room. If you need anything, ring this." It says, handing me a silver bell. "Thank you." I say shyly, then it gasps. "What is it? Did I do something?" I begin panicking, but the hollow simply says "No, it's just no one has ever thank me before." I was taken aback. "Really? Well, I will continue thanking you so I guess get used to it." I say, smiling. "Yes, milady." And with that, it leaves the room. I look around the room. It was a simple room, with a lovely sofa, a beautiful bed, a high table with a single high chair to match it, and another room, I'm guessing is the bathroom. I walk over to the sofa and sat down. I notice there's a window, showing the moon outside. I walk over to it, jump up on the ledge, and stare outside.

After a while, I jump back down, and go over to where the door is supposed to be. I touch the wall and it opens up. I flinched, not expecting it to open. I peer outside the door. It was just an empty hallway. I walk out, looking around. 'Hmm, I don't think it would be a good idea if I looked around the place. I heard there was powerful hollows in this place. They might think I'm an intruder…' I think, walking back into the room. I touch the door again, causing it to close. I went back over to the sofa and sat down, waiting for something to happen.

After a long while, a different hollow but looked similar to the one from earlier, entered the room, with clothes. "These are for you. These indicate that you live here and you live for Lord Aizen." I accept the dress, as I found out, and looked at it. It was a white dress, with black thick lines going vertical on it (Me: Think of how the arrancars dress!) with the bottom being like a triangle (Me: hink of it like this. A pathway that starts out big then getting smaller till you can't see it, the dress you would be able to see the underwear) a white long skirt part, so no one can see someone's underwear. I bow and thank the hollow, and again it was surprised and I went through the same process again. Finally, the hollow leaves and I change into the dress. I noticed that there was white boots, the edges being black, sitting by the table. I put those on too, and the hollow enters again. "Please follow me. Lord Aizen wants to see you. He wants to introduce you to the Los Espadas so that they are aware of your presence." I nod my head. "Alright. Let's go."

I follow the hollow back to the door, and I found out that the door was just two corners away from my room. I the hollow opens the door, and I take a deep breath. The door opens, revealing 10 hollows standing in a line in front of the throne. They all turn around to look at me. "Now everyone. This here, is Yuzuki." Aizen introduces me to everyone, and I bow. "What is this? Some kind of joke! It's a 3 year old!" says a blue haired man. My vein pops out. 'It's 7 years old.' I hear the door close behind me, then a big light brown colored man, with just a black ponytail says "I agree, is this some kind of joke! We're Espadas, not babysitters!" My eye begins to twitch. Then a long black haired man says "I agree with them too." Then a pink haired one agrees, then a short black haired one with a scar running down his left eye agrees, then a yellowed hair agrees. I was trying my very best to hold back pounding one of them. Only the masked one, other black skinned one, the expressionless one, and the old one say nothing. I like those ones. "Settle down. All of you. I'm sure Lord Aizen has an explanation for this." Says, the old one. "Yes I do. I happened to be standing outside on my porch (Me: I'm pretty sure its not called a porch XD) when I saw Runuganga battling her. She dodge him for at least 4 hours, when finally hit sliced her in two. And this is what caught my attention. After about 2 minutes passed, she got back up, perfectly fine." The ones that were complaining look astonished. The expressionless one opened his eyes, the old man looked up. "How is it possible! Show us proof so that we can believe you!" Says the blue haired one. "Go on ahead, try to kill her." Aizen says. I blink a couple of times, panicking. The blue haired one grins evilly, then appears beside me. I, quick as lightning, move to the other side of the room, dodging his attack. He does this again, trying a different tack tick. I keep doing this for about 3 hours, when he finally just shoves his hand into my heart. 'Oh, no bad idea…' And everything goes black.

I wake up a couple minutes later on the ground. I sit up, to see the blue haired one holding my sapphire blue jewel. I gasp. "What's this?" I get up. I hear a couple of the other Espadas gasp. "Give that back, right now!" I yell. "Oh, now. Getting lippy now are we?" he teases, holding it out of my reach. I get dead serious. "Give. It. Back. Now." Black flames begin to emanate off of me. My eyes turn magenta like color and are cat eyed. (exactly like Sebastian's eyes from Black Butler) Quicker than lightning itself, I pick up the blue haired man by the throat. I squeeze till he releases the jewel. I swipe it away before it hits the ground, and I release the man. He coughs and I look over the jewel. "Yuzuki, let me see that jewel." I hear Aizen command. I look up at him, then at the jewel. I stare at it for about a minute, then I walk up, past the Espadas, and appear next to Aizen. I hand him the jewel, and appear back from wear I was a couple of seconds ago.

Aizen looks the jewel over, then asks "What is this jewel's name?" "It's the Ten Yami no Tama." He examines it some more. "The Heaven's Darkness Jewel? I've never heard of such a jewel." "That's because it's a rare jewel. Only my family has seen it. It is passed down from generation to generation, burned with the person who is born with it inside them." He continues examining it. "Interesting. So someone is born with this jewel inside them?" I nod my head. "Yes, that is why it is rare. Nobody can sense it's presence except the person that is born with it. There are three other jewels like it." Aizen looks up from examining. "Three?" I nod my head again. "Yes, the Shikon no Tama, the Jigoku Hikari no Tama, and the Yon Yoso Wa no Tama." He then squeezes the jewel, seeing if it would break. It doesn't and he throws me back the jewel. I catch it and stick it back into the hole the blue haired man created, then had a needle appear, and sewed it back together. "Now, Grimmjow. Are you satisfied?" Aizen asks. All the blue hair man does his cross his arms and goes "Hmph!" Aizen goes back to the other Espadas. "Now you can see why I would want her." Some of them nod. "Next, you need to know their names. In order now."

The big light brown colored Espada bows to me "I am Espada number zero, Yammy Llargo." The next one to bow was the long browned haired Espada. "I am Espada number one, Coyote Starrk." The next was the old Espada. "I am Espada number two, Baraggan Louisenbairn." The next was the blonde haired one. "I am Espada number three, Tier Harribel." Then the next was the expressionless one. "I am Espada number four, Ulquiorra Ciffer." I continued to stare at him. Next was the long black haired one, that I noticed had a creepy grin on his face. "I am Espada number five, Nnoitra Gilga." Next was the blue haired one. "I am Espada number six, Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez." Next was the big darker skinned colored one. "I am Espada number seven, Zommari Rureaux." Next was the pink haired one. "I am Espada number eight, Szayel Aporro Granz" Finally, the last one was the masked one. "I am Espada number 9,Aaroniero Arruruerie." I bow back.

"Now that they are aware of you, Yuzuki. You may go wherever you please. If you leave this palace, you must have one of the guards with you. Is that clear?" I bow "Yes, my lord." "Good, you are dismissed." I bow and leave. I walk to my room, not wanting to explore the palace quiet yet. I wanted some company. Black flames begin to emanate off of me again, but this time, my shadow grows and grows, eventually revealing two blood red eyes. My shadow takes form of a huge black wolf, his name Shadow. Shadow is like my guardian. I realized I had him inside me when I first woke up here in Hueco Mundo. He said he was my protector and would always be there for me. Shadow stretched and yawned. "What is it, Yuzuki?" I smile up at him. "Nothing, I just want you to explore the palace with me." He looked irritated. "Aww, please? I don't want to do it alone! This place is huge!" He sighs then says "Very well." I jump on his back, and he pads out the door. We walk down the hallways for a real long while, when I saw Grimmjow. He looked at me, then say Shadow. "What the hell is that!" He yells, getting ready to pull out his sword. "Duh, it's a wolf! His name is Shadow. He's my shadow." Shadow looks down at Grimmjow. "And what's your name?" Grimmjow smirks. "It doesn't matter, 'cause I'm going to kill you!" Grimmjow pulls out his sword and tries to hit Shadow, but the sword goes right through him.

"Grimmjow, I told you. Shadow is my shadow. That means he's made up of shadows." I try explaining it to him. He grumbles then puts his sword away. "Well you're no fun." And walks away. I began to get bored so I told Shadow to head back to my room. After another long while, we get back to my room. Shadow pads back into my room and I hop off. Shadow stretches and lies down next to the sofa. I decide to take a nap, considering how tired I was. I eventually fall asleep.

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