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Chapter 6: A Particular Bracelet.

Yuzuki's POV

I wake once again, and sat up. I stretched and yawned, then quickly jumped out of bed. I quickly got dressed, and ran out of my room. Today, I had to figure out a way to slip past Ulquiorra to get to Orihime.

I started to sneak down the hall, when suddenly; I was picked up by my collar. I was spun around to see Grimmjow in my face. "Hi Grimmjow!" I greeted. He just frowned. "Didn't you remember Lord Aizen's punishment for you? To stay in your room?" He demanded.

I laughed nervously. "Yea, but… it was… stuffy in there." I lied. Grimmjow looked irritated. He threw me over his shoulder, and started to walk back to my room. "Hey, put me down!" I yelled. "Nope." Grimmjow replied.

I started thrashing and kicking him. I then went to kick him in the face, but he caught my foot on time. He then smiled and looked at me, a scary glint in his eyes. I gulped. "Think you can kick me in the face again, huh?" He questioned.

I glare at him, and he glares back. He then turned back around, and started to go back to my room. I gave up, and he made it back and threw me inside. He stuck out his tongue at me, and I did the same, before the door closed.

I ran up to it, and listened for him to walk away. I didn't hear anything. I check under the door. No feet were seen. I frown. 'He's still there.' I thought. 'Grimmjow isn't smart enough to flash step away like that.'

I smile, and went up to the right wall and walked through it. I was now in the room beside my room. I continued doing this, until I heard footsteps on the other side of a wall. I looked through it.

It was Orihime! I look around, to see if anyone else was in there, and there wasn't. I stuck my head through the wall and went. "Psst." Really quietly. Orihime looked at me, and almost gasped, but I stuck my finger up to my lip quickly, signaling to be quiet.

She nodded, as I came through. Orihime quickly started shaking her head, and shaking her hands, but it was too late. Somebody jumped down on top of me, and the air was knocked of me completely. I started gasping for air, as I was picked up. I look over my shoulder, and sure enough it was Ulquiorra.

"Did you really think you can get past me that easily?" He questioned. I laughed nervously yet again, and stayed silent. He then carried me out the door. I wave to Orihime a bit, and she did the same.

I sigh, disappointed that I almost got to Orihime. We got to my room, and Ulquiorra dropped me on my bed. I stuck my tongue out at him, and he just stood there and stared at me. It was scaring me. He then turned and left, quickly heading back to Orihime.

I sigh, wondering what to do. I knew I was in trouble with Aizen, but didn't really care. I thought on what to do, and decided on one thing. To go see Grimmjow. I had nothing better to do. If Ulquiorra was guarding over Orihime, then there was no way I could get past him.

I walk down the halls, looking around for Grimmjow. I went to his quarters, and to his room. I looked in. No Grimmjow to be seen. I sigh, and turned around, to bump into someone. I look up, to see Grimmjow. "Yay, Grimmjow! What a coincidence." I yell.

He looked irritated, as usual. I smile up at him, and he frowns. "What do you want, runt?" He demanded. I shrug. "I dunno. I'm just bored." He sighed, and walked past me into his room. I was about to follow him, but he slammed the door in my face.

In fact, I heard a crunching noise coming from my nose, and felt liquid pouring out of my nose. I look down, to see blood pouring out of my nose, and felt a tear slip down my face. "Shit." I hear on the other side of the door, and suddenly Ulquiorra was next to me, and was pulling out his sword.

He blew down the door with a cero and walked inside. Grimmjow came running out quickly, Ulquiorra quick on his trail. I would have laughed except, I didn't do anything to provoke him, and he didn't mean to slam the door in my face.

I held the blood from pouring out but was failing miserably. One thing I had figured out with my jewel is that I can only come back to life, and after doing so, can I heal myself. So I was left there, with a bad bloody nose, and had no aid at the time.

Ulquiorra had Grimmjow, and was about to plunge his sword into his chest. Tears well up in my eyes, and I ran to Ulquiorra. "Stop!" I shouted. I hugged him from behind, and started crying. "It was an accident, Ulquiorra! He didn't mean to! I was too close to the door! It wasn't his fault!" I yelled, crying.

Grimmjow was certainly surprised, and Ulquiorra, if anything, was surprised. He put his sword away, and picked me up. He turned and stared at Grimmjow, the same way he stared at me earlier. He was just staring at you normally, like any other of his stares, but it was so intense, it was scary. He then turned, and went to the medical area in Las Noches.

We got to one of the rooms, and Ulquiorra sat me down in the chair that was in the room. An arrancar entered the room, and came over to me. This one looked similar to Shiloh, but different. It looked at my nose, and grabbed it softly.

"This is going to hurt, but it will fix it. It's not broken, but is moved out of place. There is a crack in it, but it will heal back in a month or two. Ready?" I nod my head once. The arrancar held my nose tighter, and jerked it to my left. I gasp in agony, and it then pulled down, which hurt the most. I yelped. The arrancar then wrapped up my nose in bandages, to hold back the blood.

It was hard to breathe through my nose so I had to breathe through my mouth. I noticed that Ulquiorra was just about ready to kill the arrancar. If you didn't know Ulquiorra as well as I did, you couldn't tell that he was about to pull out his sword, but I could see it in his eyes. That's the only way you could read his emotions, was through his eyes.

I then got up and bowed. "Thank you for helping me fix my nose." I said softly. The arrancar was taken aback greatly. I then turned to Ulquiorra. "I'm fine now." I said, signaling him to leave the arrancar be. He understood, and turned, and left, now signaling me to follow. I smile, and wave at the arrancar.

The arrancar was too surprised to do anything back.

We walked back to my room, and entered. I looked down. "I'm sorry Ulquiorra." I whispered. "For what?" He asked. "For getting your clothes all covered in blood." I said. Ulquiorra just stood there, as usual.

"And how did you know I got hurt?" I asked. Ulquiorra looked at me, and then sighed. He removed his hand from his pocket, that I didn't even realize was in it, and opened up his palm. In his hand was a bracelet very similar to my own, but instead of a green emerald like mine, there was a blue sapphire in his.

"Lord Aizen gave it to me, to alert me when you want me, when you are in danger, hurt, or upset." He explained. I looked at it. "I see, so that's why I was told not to take of my bracelet. Lord Aizen gave me the same thing, but instead of my eye color, it's yours." I replied.

Ulquiorra stayed silent as he closed his palm again, ready to put it away. I look up at him. "Ulquiorra. Can you wear it, please?" I asked. Ulquiorra's gaze softens just a bit. He opened up his palm, and slipped the bracelet onto his right hand, just like mine. I smile.

Suddenly, a voice filed the room, and rest of the palace. "Ichigo Kurosaki has entered the palace."

Ulquiorra's gaze returned to normal.

"That piece of trash."

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