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Chapter I

Devil Inside

They were all unconscious. Perhaps dead, as they lay on the floor. To any normal person, it would seem that a typhoon or some calamity struck, but maybe it did. A calamity of distrust…

The first to wake up… Was the golden eyed Rabbit. Here, he would be known as Raye.

As he got up on his feet and wandered his eyes, he couldn't help but shed tears.

To him, he was the one at fault. He planned all of this, he became cruel and heartless. Perhaps he was the real demon, that's what he thought. As much as it may be a fantasy, no words would comfort him right now…

"…*sob*.. ha-.." The tears pour down like a stream, to no end. And to a spectator it would seem that he could no longer breathe from crying.

He was torn. He was the biggest victim here. Losing all family, friends, meeting new ones, and almost killing them. Who else in this world would want to face the responsibility of putting their invaluable, irreplaceable friends to rest..? I'm sure you wouldn't want to.

Though he was the worst of the victims, His agony is for another reason…

Across the room were several other people, all of them unknown to be dead or alive, Raye looked down on his arm, and it wasn't there anymore… Of course, it was painful, but that pain was nothing compared to what the others suffered.

The Pink rabbit, Known as Yin, leans on the wall like a doll… a blood stained doll. Next to her was Miley, a girl who represented care for others, but she was torn by Raye's conflicted plan. Miley showed no Physical damage. But emotional damage would be another factor.

To Raye's right was a green rabbit whose shoulder was shot and chest had been pierced. But there was something strange… The wound was wrapped to keep it from bleeding… but who?

Raye moved his head again; looking for who he thought was the one helped Yuck, the green rabbit. Then he saw three more bodies in front of him, A black and white tiger, with the white tiger's arm wrapped as well. Another rabbit was there too, a blue one, broken screws were scattered near where he lay. Of course, it was from his metal arm. That arm was actually a tracking device to easily find their prey…

"…!" Raye finally realized… He quickly got up on his feet. Their prey was gone. He panicked and breathlessly looked around… until his eyes caught up with his.

At first it seemed like a mirror reflection, as the two orange rabbits caught each other's glances. Both of them had wounds and both of them were in pain, and worse, both of them were afraid of each other, as if the person they were looking at was a savage beast that would devour them…

However he no longer had that armor, those claws, and the spear, that made Raye lose his fear and his guard. Though his bloodshot eyes are that of cowardice, he now only looked like a child longing for company.

"…hey." Hey tried to make conversation, breaking the silence but his reflection flinched, and he started shaking… almost traumatized by Raye's greeting. No- Traumatized by Raye himself. Raye took a step closer and his reflection took two steps back, but he missed his footing and fell, his back now leaning on the wall, he still tried to step back from the monster that looks like him. It was futile, he was at the edge of the wall, he probably knew this but he still took steps back, almost as if a secret passage would open behind him, saving him from the entity in front of him.

Raye stepped back, realizing that he was frightening him, he was saddened, and though it was obvious he would be. But he was back to normal, he no longer had that of a demon in him. Or maybe it was just resting in him, waiting for the right moment, a devil inside.

"Hey… um…" Raye scratched his head and looked around "I'm… sorry for… everything…" It was pathetic, but still he tried. Even though Raye knew he would not be forgiven. As he thought of thi he hung his head low.

But to his surprise, Lee stood up and walked nearer to him, but his guard was up and he was still shaking, almost as if he was being forced to come closer, this gave Raye a brink of hope, a hope to reconcile… but then he suddenly stopped.

"…!" something struck him, but no one saw what, he covered his ears, but there was no one actually shouting, he seemed to be in great pain, Raye was in shock of what was happening, what to do? He thought.

"Lee! What's wrong?" Raye ran to him, though he knew Lee may be afraid of him, Raye was desperately trying to communicate with Lee, perhaps to buy the lost time or to repair the broken bonds.

"Do not dare forgive him! He will betray you again!" A voice echoed in Lee's mind. It hurts, though words shouldn't, Lee was feeling an unbearable pain, as if he was trying to claw something that was long stuck inside him… It was the voice he that gave him power, the voice that he accepted foolishly, the voice that corrupted his bonds with others, the voice of the devil.

He couldn't shout, he wished to, he wanted to call Raye, to help him. But Raye hates him now, he thought. His only companion was this voice. But Raye was asking for forgiveness! But what if he was still gonna end him either way? Raye was a hero, and he still is, what he's done is get rid of the darkness, and now Lee is that darkness. A forbidden friendship, Lee placed down his arms and calmed down. Silence filled the room again. Raye is the protagonist, his goal is to kill Lee. Lee accepted this, But still…

"I don't want…. To die…." Lee could barely speak "But I don't want to kill you…"

"Lee, you don't have to!" Raye knew that there he had to end him, but right now he's choosing to neglect being a hero and live as a friend, a loyal friend, something he thought he could never be. He walked closer to Lee, but Lee became frightened. Raye will kill him… it's his duty, those words echoed in his head.

"GET AWAY!" Lee grabbed hold of Raye and tossed him across the room, though he was in fear he showed outstanding power, or maybe it's because he IS afraid.

"RRRRAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHh!" Lee shouted with his damaged throat as he charged himself towards Raye, but Raye didnt move, he deserved it, he stood up opened his arms and braced himself, waiting for the end.

But as they were just about to hit each other…


Lee had grown his black wings and flew upward, destroying the ceiling…

Tons of rocks fell but none of them disturbed the bodies of the people inside, almost as if the rocks were avoiding them. Black feathers were scattered around, proof that Lee was here, and proof that he was still alive.

Raye was left in shock. What to do now? He thought. He could go after Lee, but then what? He could end up almost killing him again. He didn't want to make any more mistakes like this, he had to be careful from now on, at first he thought he would be protecting everyone, but that's just a sick lie… He was afraid, not for himself but for everyone else, but he knew he needed them. Right now though… he looks at everyone…

"They need help…" Raye looks up at the hole Lee had made…

"I'll find a way to save you, Lee." Raye held his palm up high, almost like he was reaching out for the sun, hoping it would give him strength, hoping he could see this same sun with everyone, smiling happily together…

Determination was written all over his face, but he was not doing it as a hero, not anymore, he was doing it for a greater cause… he was doing it as a friend.

End of Chapter I

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