Chapter 2


As soon as she woke up, the first thing she did was look at herself. Apparently, only her cheek was scarred. She thought this as she raised her hand to feel her soft cheek. Even though her hand was light, the moment it hit her pain surged through her. However that pain is nothing compared to those around her.

A hospital. The word flashes in her head the moment she acknowledges her surroundings. It was most likely a public room, seeing as she wasn't the only one in it. At first she was nervous of her new "roommates" but she soon finds out that they were her old friends. In a more dangerous state that she was in: The green rabbit had wires attached to him and a life-support system, he had lost an arm and was directly pierced in his chest, a miracle he's still alive, according to the doctors, the spear missed an inch from his heart. That's rather good news, but sadly it can't cope up with all the damage to everyone else. The Blue rabbit was unconscious. Just like the green rabbit, he had lost an arm, but on a different occasion. Thank goodness he wasn't severely damaged… No, that's a lie. Moving our eyes to the edge of the room was a girl covered in bandages, to a point where she almost looked like a wrapped mummy, ready to be buried. This girl was precious to him: The blue boy. He was hr dear sister. The girl had tubes connected to her and several bags filled with blood to delay her deathbed. Even if any of them were to recover physically… the scars on their hearts and burns on their minds shall be long before eased and worse to never be.

Just then, the door opens and 3 people walk through it. Faces the girl knew for too long, after all, they were the cause of this incident.

"Hey." The boy in the middle, Raye speaks up. "How are you feeling?" the sentence comes out his mouth without emotions or rather scared of giving emotions, it was like it was a program, but that wasn't the case, Raye felt guilty to everyone. He was the one who got everyone involved and he is constantly reminded of that sin. But still, there was fire seen in his Raye signifying that he will once again try despite his failures.

The girl, known as Miley. Only nods her head. It wasn't because she had nothing to say, rather it was the opposite: she had a million things to say to him, she just didn't know how. Or maybe she knew, and just was tired to speak.

"I… I'm really sorry…" Raye, the prideful hero we all once knew, fell down his knees and bowed his head in shame. He needed forgiveness and friendship: those were his inspirations. Right now Raye could have said a lot of things but he chose to prioritize reconciliation first. Something that was hard for him. Seeing that he has thrown away all emotions before, twice even.

"That's not what matters now…" Raye looks away, his green scarf fluttering with a soft breeze hitting Miley on her face… "When everyone wakes up… I'll need to talk to you all…" It was that time, finnaly, that Raye could get it out of his chest, the burden he's been carrying… his motives and reasons. He thought this, and he smiled.

Yes… opening up, to friends…

When was the last time Raye had opened up?

When was the last time he actually had friends…?

To answer that, we spectators need to warp back 4 years ago: when the world was still bliss rather than burden for Raye and everyone else…

4 years ago…

"Raye?" the purple rabbit's voice snaps me back to reality, the melody around me which transported me had faded…

"Jane…" I look at the purple rabbit, almost as if to burn her image in my iris. This is my twin sister, but she claims to be older… by 10 seconds, yes, it does matter. At least to her…

"So… how was it?" A light purple rabbit with brown hair is across the room, with her voice off unheard beauty, we came here just to listen to that. And I can say it was truly majestic, but it'd be embarrassing for me to actually tell her…

"It's really good Miley!" Jane looks at me for a second, then looks back at the brown-haired rabbit now known as Miley "Raye thinks so too!"

Drat… I forgot she could read my mind, so therefore anything im actually thinking of, she could read it like a book. And sometimes I hate that about her… oh, it seems she read my mind again since now she's chuckling with a mischievous smile.

" Anyway, yeah, its good" I scratch my head, trying to make my compliment not too embarrassing for both of us nor too empty… its hard that I have to actually worry about these things and I'm pretty sure there's a certain someone not respecting my privacy with my thoughts…

"Aw, c'mon!" Jane quickly retaliates, further proof that she did actually read my mind. I become annoyed by this and shot her with a deep glare, frightening her and hiding behind Miley. Heh, you can be such a kid sometimes, Jane.

"whoa!" Miley, who probably doesn't have any clue as to what's going on, just stares at me awkwardly. Ugh, this'll be hard to explain. So I decide to retreat, and luckily, My best friend appears…

From the window… (he opened it first, no, he didn't crash it epically..) a silver wolf appears and falls down flat on his face. He stands and tries to look like he's not in pain but he's actually on the verge of tears.

This stupid guy, is Jacob, I can say were good friends but the only reason he's actually hanging out with me is because he likes Jane. And Yes, Jane knows but she plays dump since she thinks she's not ready for any commitment, but I think they both look cute.

"Raye! Where've you been? Master's looking for us!" No, he hasn't been looking for me to bring me back to training, He's actually stalking us. But I don't mind, And no, he's not a responsible student to our master, he just acts like that to 'earn points' with Jane. But anyway, this is my chance to bail.

"Ah, right!" I play along anyway, And im sure Jane knows it too, but since her mind powers are only between us she can't actually do anything about this. "Sorry guys," I look at Miley and Jane "I gotta go, training time!" I ran out the door while Jacob tries to open another window… is he trying to fail again?

I give Jane a triumphant look as I exit, if I stayed there Jane would probably do something I wouldn't actually want to know o to even find out to me.

Yes, this was everyday, sometimes I hang out with Isaac or Mia, I don't hang around with Kate since I feel weird around her, Jane thinks its funny.


That's all in the past now…

"Raye… Miley was calling for you, she says they're all awake…" Hollows voice echoes the room, I get up from the side of the window and look outside.

Its already sunset. The orange sky makes everything majestic, I could sit here watching this all day.

"I wonder if Lee's watching this too…" I ask, no, I was thinking out loud, something I should do more often, Jane's gone, so now I need to learn to express myself.

"Yeah, most likely." Hollow pats my back and stares out the window.

"Let's go…"


End of Chapter 2