Tashigi had concentrated too much on gathering information instead of training with swords. She should have known it was stupid. She should have practiced more restraint and not wandered into the fascinating facts that could be found in the books taken from the marine headquarters' library, no matter how they might help in some unlikely situation. From now on she would allow herself one hour, no, half an hour of reading per day, and the rest of her free time she would spend on training.

She had lost to Trafalgar Law twice, and because of her, they were now in a difficult, not to mention embarrassing, situation.

The frown on her - or rather, Smoker's - face deepened, and the soldiers around her, rather uncomfortably, felt as if they now had two Smokers as their bosses, the actual owner of the body looking quite as much like himself as ever even in his subordinate's body, despite it being very different from his own.

"I told you not to fight him", the vice admiral said, either unfazed by his feminine voice or hiding his shame, glowering as usual.

"Yes, sir. I'm sorry", Tashigi replied, not quite so nonchalant about her change of body. It was the weirdest of sensations having the words she spoke come out in someone else's voice, and she constantly tried to speak too high.

"For now, we should take the weapons we're used to fighting with. They're the best choice, no matter the body you're in", Smoker said, holding out Tashigi's sword. She took it, a little shocked by how light it felt, and in turn handed her boss his jitte, noticing how his hand - or Tashigi's.. oh well - drooped a little under the weight before he found proper balance with the weapon.

"You're weak", he remarked, and Tashigi cringed, unintentionally making her boss's face look weird.

"Yes, sir."

A few of the soldiers snickered, but a fierce glance from their bosses sent them into a striking silence. Both Smoker and Tashigi were rather strung-up at the moment, realized they it or not.

Feeling the balance of her sword with the arms she was borrowing, Tashigi felt her resolve about training strengthen. Even Smoker, who was this strong, hadn't beaten the creepy shichibukai in a fight, so what was she compared to him?

Yes, she needed to get stronger