Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, Kishimoto is the owner of Naruto. I am taking off the timeline and tweaking like most authors. This is a time travel fic and will have a several changes in it along the canon timeline. Please let me know what you think. Currently it will be a Naruto Fu story unlike most of my stories.

Chapter 1 – Back in the buff…

Fu approached the crater wearily. She had seen something falling through the air and it impacted the ground with an earthshattering crash. She peered over the edge wearily and was shocked to find a boy that appeared to be about her age. She blushed at the fact of the boy didn't have any clothes, but steeled herself and drew a kunai. She wondered if the boy would hate her like everyone else, since she had almost given up hope on humanity. He had a kind face with what appeared to be whisker marks on his cheeks. He groaned as if in pain. She moved in quickly, sat on his chest and pushed her kunai against his throat. "You're my prisoner, now give me your name and village affiliation," she said in a demanding tone.

Naruto felt a weight on his chest and his arms. Not really wanting to move so soon after hitting the ground so hard. He shook his head lightly. "Since you're not pulling out the Kyuubi out of me, I would guess that you're not Tobi. My name is Naruto and I'm from Konoha. Also Kurama says hi to Chomei," he replied happily.

Fu jumped back and glared at the boy on the ground. She then asked, "Why do you speak that name?"

Naruto slowly sat up and replied, "Because I got to meet you before, Fu and Chomei in the future…" His face saddens and he continues, "You're dead, killed by Akatsuki and had Chomei removed and then reinserted into your living corpse. You see, I lost to Tobi and Sasuke… They were trying to extract Kurama and all of you joined together and sent a massive wave of chakra into me and something happened. I remember Kurama telling me that it was going to hurt a lot and he wasn't kidding. Then I found myself falling and hit the ground here. Next thing I know you're sitting on top of me…" He looked down and noticed his state of dress or lack thereof. "Hey, where are my clothes? Are you some kind of pervert?"

Fu blushed, but her face also fell. "You hate me like all the rest," she said cryptically.

Naruto looked down and replied, "The loneliness and the hatred can be unbearable. Being a jinchuuriki is hard and it can either get worse or it can get better. If you'll allow it… I'll be your friend."

Fu looked up and glared at the naked boy, but then say the look in his eyes. She then said, "Others have said that they will be my friend, only to turn on me. I don't know if I can trust anyone anymore."

Naruto opened his arms and smiled. "I'm sitting naked before you and have nothing to hide."

Fu began to giggle and then said, "True, and nothing to cover you up." Her eyes scanned the boy and she saw a shiver from him. She caught herself staring at the boy and turned away. "I'm sorry, but trusting isn't easy. I've been hurt before and can't trust anybody."

Naruto cupped his hands over his crotch and said, "Yeah, my best friend tried to kill me on several occasions and the girl I loved would and never will return my affection, and then there was a girl who proclaimed that she loved me. I never was able to get the courage to tell her that I didn't know how to answer her. I thought love was being accepted, but I don't know…"

Naruto jumped when he felt a pair of arms wrap around him from behind. He then heard Fu gently whisper into his ear, "It hurts not knowing what everyone else feels and why they won't feel the same as we do."

Naruto nodded and leaned his head against Fu's, who had her head resting on his shoulder. He then asked, "So what are you going to do about me? I'm guessing from your headband that I'm in or near Takigakure." Naruto shivered at the smirk that crossed Fu's face.

She then replied, "I'm going to have my way with you and then run away with you." Naruto paled at this, but then Fu began to laugh heartily. She squeezed him and said, "I really don't know. We're both jinchuuriki and don't really know what we should do with our lives. We should find you some clothes though and I was just kidding about the 'having my way with you' part. I know no one would ever want someone like me, so I have to joke about even having relations to deal with those urges."

Naruto looked at the girl in awe and asked, "You mean that girls are…"

Fu giggle and replied, "Yes girls are perverts too, but we will rarely admit it. Since I have no outlet I have to improvise."

Naruto chuckled and said, "Yeah, I know what you mean. I have a jutsu that I change my sex to cause my male opponents to be, if they are perverts, to be very distracted."

Fu giggled and said, "I would like to see it sometime. Until then we need to get you to the village and make sure that you're not a spy for Konoha."

Naruto shrugged and asked, "How long ago did the Kyuubi attack Konoha?"

Fu stood, shrugged and replied, "About ten years ago, why?"

Naruto sighed and then replied, "I'm sixteen and out there in Konoha right now is a ten year old me who has no clue why he is hated."

"Are you worried about him?" Fu asked.

Naruto nodded and replied, "Yeah he's going to go through a hard time for a little while. I figure if we allow things to sort of progress the way they did before I can help things along to a better future. Remember this Fu, I will not abandon you no matter what. If I have to return to make sure that you're safe I will."

Fu shuffled around to the front of Naruto and then looked him in the eyes. "Why would you do that for me? The one that no one loves and no one trusts," she asked.

Naruto cupped her cheek with his hand and replied, "Because we're the same, jinchuuriki, 'The power of Human sacrifice'. Others have used us to maintain the balance of power. We need to make sure that it is the Bijuu that are protected. I know that my younger self is safe, along with the eight tails, but you and the others are at risk. I have an idea that might turn the tide in our favor." He then smiled and put his hands out. He then said, "We should go, if we want to help out Taki and the world."

Fu took his hands and helped him to standing. She blushed as she did another once over of Naruto and thought about them being together. Then shook her head and thought, 'He'll never want me. No one ever does...'

Naruto smiled, but then staggered into the girl unintentionally. He was suddenly not standing next to Fu, but on top of a sleeping Kurama and looking at Chomei. He smiled and said, "Hey Chomei. Sorry about brining you into this, but I needed to make sure that I could get through to her."

The large beetle chuckled and said, "You've made quite an impression on the girl and on myself. I feel a small amount of my chakra within you, but also understand that Fu has become attached to you and has had her first deep feeling of connection. You can now either help or hurt her. While you stood naked before her, she will also do so figuratively."

Naruto looked at the beetle and tilted his head. He then said, "Huh?"

Kurama smirked and then said, "He is kind of dense, you could either spell it out for him or you could let him wander around in the dark."

Choumei chuckled and said, "Very well. Naruto, Fu likes you. In the very short time you have known each other she has become attached to you and likes you. She like most jinchuuriki doesn't understand feelings and thus will find those that she can relate to. She will deepen her feeling for you, even to the point of falling in love with you. You need to teach her how to control my power. I can tell that you can since you're here."

Naruto sighed and said, "But I don't know if I have feelings for her or not. I've always had problems with girls. They either shy away from me or hit me."

Choumei chuckled and said, "I can't say for humans, but if you treat Fu kindly things will go fine and she will at least become the best friend you could ever have. Oh and as for controlling my power… I will tell you that I will fight her for control when we get to that point though."

Naruto nodded and his eyes suddenly saw Fu's orange eyes filled with concern. He smiled and said, "I had a talk with your Bijuu and… we can talk about it later. I need to get some clothes first."

Naruto got confused when Fu asked, "Why? I like you the way you are…" He then figured out what her lecherous grin meant. He sighed and she continued, "You could be my boyfriend or my lover."

Naruto sighed and said, "One thing at a time. I just got sent back six years into the past and am being helped by a girl who seems to want me to be nude around her."

Fu giggled and said, "Is that so bad? I could hit you for not having clothes, but I sort of like it. You're like me and we can be together."

Naruto sighed and said, "I don't even know if we will like each other that way. I'm willing to give you a try, but we need to get me some clothes first."

Fu smiled and said, "Okay, we'll go to the village a couple kilometers away and get you some clothes and then we'll head to Taki and figure out what we'll do from there."

Naruto nodded. The pair walked towards the town as Naruto regained his strength. They finally came to the village and Naruto used a transformation jutsu to hide his nudity, much to Fu's disappointment. Fu paid for some civilian clothes and after that they headed to the entrance of Taki. Naruto allowed Fu to bind his hands, since he could break it at any time. An hour later they were at the waterfall and were intercepted by a Taki squad.

"What do you want and what is this scum doing?" the appearent leader of the squad asked.

Fu glared at the man and replied, "He is from Konoha and I'm bringing him in for questioning."

The man huffed and waved the pair through the checkpoint.

Naruto was taken into was amounted as the torture and interrogation building in Taki. Fu accompanied him and watched as they began to do basic questioning of him. He finally had enough when a man named Suien entered the room. Naruto asked to speak with the leader, but Suien decided to have the T&I people attach chakra suppression seals upon Naruto.

Naruto glared at the man who continued to punch him in the jaw. He hadn't even asked any questions, just continued to punch Naruto. Naruto spit out some blood and then asked, "What do you want to know, traitor."

The man looked surprised and then hit Naruto with all of his might, knocking him and his chair over. Naruto looked at the man and just smirked. Suien nodded and Naruto was righted. Suien put on some brass knuckles and then hit Naruto in the jaw. Naruto spit some more blood out and then said with his face pointing away from Suien, "So when are you going to turn against your leader? I know you want to go after the 'Hero's water', but are afraid that the leader will be able to beat you with it."

Suien slammed his fist into Naruto's gut and said, "How dare you Konoha scum accuse me of betraying Taki!"

Naruto smiled a bloody smile and replied, "Because I know that you will. Also understand that I can escape at any time of my choosing. I'm just here to try to help out Taki."

Suien became angry and slammed his fist into Naruto, knocking him against the far wall.

Naruto sighed, looked up and said, "Looks like I hit a nerve. I would get your leader, before I kill this guy and then find him myself and let him know that I've taken care of a security issue for him."

Suien cracked his knuckles and walked over towards Naruto with a menacing grin on his face. His face changed from humor to astonishment and then to anger when the suppression seals began to burn off of Naruto. Naruto looked up and his eyes had turned yellow with rectangular pupils and what appeared to be orange mascara was around his eyes. He easily broke the restraining chains. His hand moved forward and slammed a Rasengan into Suien, sending the man into the far wall. Naruto looked at the others and said, "I only have him in my sights. I will not fight you, but if I have too I will, but you will only be hurt, not killed."

One of the men attempted to attack Naruto only to fall to the ground with Naruto standing above him, apparently having done a neck chop the man to render him unconscious. He moved forward and tied up Suien. He then left a note on the man's body and waved Fu over to him. He then bit his thumb and did several hand seals and both jinchuuriki disappeared in a puff of smoke.


Fu felt a little nauseated, but then looked around and saw the beautiful scenery. Naruto then said, "Hey Gama can you get Fukasaku-sensei?"

The toad nodded and hopped off. Naruto then looked at Fu and said, "I wouldn't touch the oil till you're ready."

"Otherwise you will become another toad statue," a voice came from behind them.

Naruto bowed and said, "Fukasaku-sensei, I need to talk to you. I'm Naruto Uzumaki and am from the future. Ero-sennin told me that if I wasn't on the contract I could use summoning and would come here. I need your advice and we need to help her do some training."

A small toad looked at the blonde teen wearily, but replied, "Who is this Ero-sennin?"

Naruto chuckled and replied, "Why, Jiraiya-sensei. Also I'm Minato's son, if that helps out any."

A look of recognition appeared on the toads face and he said, "I thought you were lost my boy."

Naruto shook his head and said, "Nah, the ten year old me is still in Konoha. Like I said I came from the future and need some advice and she needs some training. Also she is a jinchuuriki like I am."

Fukasaku sighed and lead the pair off to a toadstool house. Naruto then said, "Ma loves to cook, but I'm not sure if you will like her cooking. It's an acquired taste. I hope Choumei won't get too angry with the food either."

Fu smiled and latched onto his arm. She then said, "If he does then we shall see, but if I'm with you I think I can endure."

They entered the house and found Shirma working over to get dinner ready. The conversation was not light, but the mood was, since it was a time to get to know each other and to learn about a possible future. Naruto discussed his plans and the elderly toads gave him their advice. They also suggested that Naruto marry Fu so that she would more easily be able to summon the toads. Naruto was at first leery of the idea and wanted to take time to learn who Fu was. Fu agreed with Naruto, since she really didn't know what a relationship was.

Over the next three months Naruto and Fu met up with Jiraiya and discussed things that could and would happen.

Jiraiya sighed and looked at the teen. He could have sworn that he was looking at a younger Minato, if not for the face, with was similar to his mother's. "Look Naruto, I understand what you're saying, but that is impossible. I know that time-space jutsu only allow you to travel from point to point," Jiraiya explained.

Naruto then said, "If I had the combined power of the Ten-tailed beast would I be able to break the time barrier?"

Jiraiya shook his head and replied, "I just don't know and what do you mean by ten-tail?"

Naruto sighed and said, "All nine of the bijuu were originally one creature that the Sage of the Six paths created nine beasts and divided the power into. He named each of them and thus he was able to let them find out how to live life. A guy who was presenting himself as Madara was the cause for my parent's deaths. Madara himself is dead, but a guy named Kabuto brings him back using Edo Tensei. Heck Orochimaru brings back the First and Second with the same jutsu. Heck we have to fight most of the old Kages."

Jiraiya looked at the boy in awe and asked, "So they resurrected some of the most powerful people to ever have existed?"

Naruto nodded while Fu seemed to pale. Naruto then said, "We need to get the Naruto here up to speed and figure out how to keep the jinchuuriki out of Akatsuki hands. I also think that I might be able to sway the current leader. He is from the Uzumaki clan and has the Rinnengan. Oh, I remember that Madara had gotten the Rinnengan along with having something from the Shodai so that he could Mokuton."

Jiraiya sighed and waited a minute, but then said, "You might be able to use it too."

Naruto looked at his sensei like he had two heads, but then said, "Sensei, I'm a wind user."

Jiraiya handed him a piece of paper and said, "Try this…"

Naruto took the paper and then pushed some chakra into it. The paper did as expected it split, but then it became wet on one side and the other side disintegrated. Naruto looked up at Jiraiya in awe. And then said, "But when I tried it with Kakashi-sensei, it only split in two."

Jiraiya smirked and said, "You're getting along with the Kyuubi now, right?"

Naruto said, "Kurama, and yes we're getting along now. He hates Madara and the Uchiha as much as I do, but I'm still worried about the part that Sasuke Uchiha will play."

Jiraiya nodded and said, "Yes, I understand why Kyuubi… I mean Kurama wouldn't like to be controlled yet again by Madara or any other Uchiha for that matter."

Naruto sighed and said, "You've got to understand that Tobi or whatever his name is was the one who released Kurama, put him under a genjutsu and unleashed him on the village. He is responsible for the deaths of my parents, my misery and the deaths of all the others who died on that day, possibly others. I want to stop him, but I don't want to go down the path of revenge. I want to show the younger me that he is loved, but I don't know where to start."

Jiraiya signed, turned to Fu and asked, "You are a jinchuuriki?" She nodded and he continued, "You know the pain of loneliness like Naruto here, right?" She again nodded, but then turned to Naruto and asked, "Since your chances for love and happiness are going to be limited by you being a jinchuuriki, why not marry her and you both can learn about love together. I know that I miss the one time my love was acknowledged and a child came out of it, but you will have to investigate further to understand what I mean."

Naruto sighed and replied, "But we really don't know each other that well."

Tears began to form in Fu's eyes and she asked, "You don't want to be with me, even though you know that the girl you loved will never return it and right now she is six years younger than you?"

Naruto shook his head and replied, "I don't know how I feel for you right now."

Fukasaku sighed and said, "Naruto-chan, Fu is starting to understand her feelings for you, but you need to search yours out and see if you have any for her. You've been here for three months and asked us to train her. If you didn't have any feelings for her you wouldn't have asked for us to train her. Heck even with all the arguing that Ma and I do we learned to love each other. You must give up on the past so far as love goes and move on. Fu is before you and I'm sure that she will never abandon you. She also needs your support and help. She is strong, but she needs your help to become what you need to stop the great evil. Remember what the Elder said? He said the one with the insect will help light your path through the ring of life. What is the symbol of marriage?"

Naruto answered quickly without thinking, "A ring."

Pa nodded and then said, "A ring and a commitment to protect each other. Like I said, Ma and I get into arguments on little things, but we do love each other. You are a grown up and need to take responsibility. You took her from her home, no matter how bad it was, you need to take responsibility and learn to love the girl. I can see that she cares for you deeply and like the other girl you were deciding on before, both have their own lives now and you have passed them up or do you want to get in the way of your younger self. Like I told you before, she will have to marry you to sign the toad contract. She will not be ready for Sage training for about another six months and we can't train her more. You need to do that. Also seek out your mother figure and learn something from her. Heck you might even get a chance to blunt the death of the Third."

Naruto nodded and got up, but Ma said, "Take her hand and go learn about her. She will make you a good man, more so than you are now and you will make her a good woman. Now shoo." She then walked up to Pa and put an arm around him and kissed him on the cheek. She then said, "You did good, not as good as me, but he will be happy with her and she with him."

Naruto and Fu left for the wilderness and talked for hours. The came back arm in arm. Ma smiled as Fu pulled Naruto into her bedroom. Naruto woke up the next morning and found most of his clothes on the floor, but also saw the clothes that Fu was wearing on the floor too. He pulled up the sheets to find himself in his boxers, but also noticed a pair of slim legs next to his. His eyes traveled up the legs to find a green pair of panties. His eyes traveled up further to find a chest rising up and down rhythmically. He stared for a moment at the chest and realized that it was Fu's and she wasn't wearing anything to hide her chest. He quickly pulled the sheets down and covered her up with a heavy blush.

Fu stirred at this and looked wearily up at Naruto. She then remembered last night and smiled warmly at Naruto. She then said, "Naruto-kun, nothing happened other than some kissing. You know I sleep only in my panties, but usually keep the blanket up to cover my chest. I really don't mind you seeing me this way or even fully naked. We both shared a lot last night, happiness, sadness, loneliness, a first kiss, well at least for me. I want to be with you and I want to be your wife. I know that we have only known each other for a little more than three months, but you have given me back hope in humanity and that I can be loved and I want it to be you who loves me. So if I need to bed you then so be it, I will to prove that I'm committed to you."

Naruto smiled at Fu and said, "That's not necessary. I believe you. Last night meant a lot to me and I know that you will be good to me and for me. In a way I need you and you need me. It's just a little hard to accept that my feelings have changed in such a short time from loving Sakura and coming to accept that she would never love me in return. Then there was Hinata that I really didn't know what to do about her, since I didn't understand why she, a princess would want to be with a no-name like me."

Fu put her hand on Naruto as the sheets slipped off of her chest. "Naruto, you are just as much royalty as she is, but also understand that you have at least found someone who would want to return feelings to you, twice. While you can't be with Hinata," she explained, as she pulled his hand her breast. She then continued, "Naruto, understand that these feelings are new to me and are very strong. I know that it takes time to love someone, not just a crush or infatuation, but real love. We have time and if you marry me I will make sure that you are happy."

Naruto chuckled and said, "I am happy with you and am learning that I do like you a lot. Heck, most guys would be envious of a girl throwing herself at them only wearing panties." To emphasize his point he gently squeezed her breast.

She smiled, reached up and pulled him down into a kiss. She then slid on top of him while they continued to kiss. When the kiss broke she rested her head on his shoulder. "You know, Naruto?" she asked in a faraway tone.

Naruto began to brush her mint green hair and replied, "What Fu-chan?"

She kissed his neck and said, "I could get used to being like this and being called Mrs. Uzumaki."

Naruto chucked and said, "So could I… so could I."

Fu grinned and sat up on Naruto excitedly. She asked emphatically, "You really mean it Naruto?"

Naruto smiled and pulled her into a kiss and replied, "Yes Fu-chan. I'm not really good at these things, but will you marry me?"

Fu then glared at Naruto and asked, "This isn't because I'm easy and the only one on the market is it?"

Naruto shook his head and said, "Last night opened my eyes to a lot of things. I know that I'm not very bright, but if you want me that much and my feelings for you are growing then we should act on them, since that is the type of guy I am. It doesn't matter that you're willing and are rather forward about that willingness." Fu blushed at this, but allowed him to continue, "You make me happy and help drive away the loneliness. Fukasaku-sensei said that I've got a good thing with you and shouldn't waste it. We have both been lonely for so long and we both deserve to be happy. You make me happy and I want to make you happy. I'm a guy who is driven by impulse and my gut tells me to take you."

He quickly grabbed her face and pulled her down to him and gave her a passionate kiss. Fu returned it with vigor. They continued their make out session until there was a knock on the door a half hour later.

"Children, time to come to breakfast and let us know of your decision," Ma exclaimed through the door.

Fu got off of Naruto and noticed his predicament. She smiled and said, "I'm glad I can do that to you, Naruto-kun, but we have to wait until our wedding night to indulge in that type of fun." She then turned and pulled off her panties in full view of Naruto. She then sauntered over to the dresser and pulled out a new pair. She then put the new pair on and said, "Don't worry, you get me just as excited as I got you, maybe even more so."

Naruto blushed and notice the heavy blush on Fu's face. He rolled his eyes and was happy that this was an inter room with no windows so that his perverted sensei wouldn't be watching this. He watched the young woman dress and made it a show for him exclusively. He then got out of the bed and pulled his boxers to the floor, while exclaiming, "This is what you did to me Fu-chan."

She walked over and kissed him gently on the lips. She then knelt down and pulled his boxers up with a smiled. She then said, "I'm glad as I said before. Now that we're done with show and tell, let's get into the dining room, before your sensei, Jiraiya comes in and comes to the 'right' conclusions."

Naruto paled and quickly dressed. They both then left her room and entered the dining room with smiles on their faces. Ma said quietly, "Ah young love."

Jiraiya cleared his throat and then said, "Naruto, I'm not sure how we want you to deal with Konoha and your younger self."

Naruto then replied, "I want to find Tsunade-baachan first and then head to Konoha. I want to make sure that my younger self knows that he has family. I'll start near Konoha and then head out from there to find Baachan. When I find here I can either bring her back or not."

Pa nodded and then said, "That is a good plan, first gather allies then move into Konoha. I agree with the plan, since you already have Jiraiya-chan as an ally. Now to the important issue, what are we going to do with Fu-chan?"

Naruto looked at Fu and she nodded. He then turned to the group and replied, "Fu has agreed to marry me and I have agreed to marry her… well she sort of asked first and I then asked her."

Jiraiya then smirked and asked, "So did you get a little bit of the married life beforehand?"

He was suddenly hit in the face with a fist and on the head with a frying pan. Ma then said, angrily, "He wouldn't do that in this house. Also they are still children."

Naruto sighed and looked at Fu who giggled at Jiraiya's predicament. Naruto then said, "Sensei, we're not ready for that yet."

Fu then chimed in and said, "But I'm ready to become Fu Uzumaki!"

Ma and Pa chuckled at the young couple. The group what the pair planned to do about becoming married and what names they would go under. Naruto would keep his family name and Fu would take his family name now and act as his wife until they figured that they were ready to finalize the marriage. Naruto also gave his word to Fu that they would be married within the next two years. Naruto also took on the name of Arashi as a cover. He would also emulate his old sensei, Kakashi with a face mask. Naruto and Fu signed the toad summoning contract and then Ma summoned them outside of Konoha.

Naruto then went into sage mode and looked around worriedly while saying, "I've felt this chakra before… This isn't good, Ma, Fu-chan, follow me!" He then took off away from Konoha.

A/N: I know I have several stories that are not completed, but l have not been feeling good, my father-in-law died of lung cancer in November, I lost my job in February, got sick at that time also, have had to move to a smaller apartment and my wife is finally returning my affection, it was kind of touch and go until fairly recently. I love her dearly, but we had some problems and it affected me not being able to write much, but this story came to me and I thought I would share it with all of my fans. For better or worse.