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Chapter 2 – Family lost Family gained….

Naruto shifted his cloth mask over his mouth and nose. He then moved with blinding speed and found a concealed door only a kilometer away from Konoha's main gate. He saw two of what appeared to be ANBU standing guard. He quickly moved in and knocked them out. He then destroyed the door and moved inside quickly. Fu and Ma appeared next to the destroyed door moments later. They followed the path of carnage through the facility until they found Naruto standing over a woman in a bed with red hair. He appeared to be channeling Kurama's chakra into the woman.

The woman's eyes fluttered open and she looked up at Naruto and said, "Minato-kun?"

Naruto shook his head, pulled his mask down and said, "No mom, it's me Naruto."

She smiled and said, "Naruto-sochi… I'm sorry I wasn't there for you. We tried…"

Naruto pulled up his mask, he then lifted her up off the bed and carried her towards the exit. Fu on the other hand was gathering files and documents from the room. Ma was helping Fu. She then said, "I thought she was dead, let's hope that Naruto-chan makes it to help in time or else Konoha is not going to survive."


Naruto ran as fast as his legs could carry him. He flew past the gates and entered the hospital only moments later. He then exclaimed, "I need some help here now!"

A nurse came running and offered him a gurney for him to lay the woman down. A doctor soon appeared and began to run a diagnostic on the woman. "She is suffering from chakra exhaustion and malnourishment. Get her on an immediate IV feed and I need someone with a huge chakra to assist me with a chakra infusion."

Naruto then said, "I'll volunteer, since she is my mother, our chakras should be compatible. "

The man nodded and did several hand seals and said, "Place your hands on top of my hands while we do the transfer."

Naruto nodded and a similar feeling to when he had help Lady Chiyo. He noticed the color returning to his mother's complexion. He smiled warmly and waited for the doctor to let him know that he was done. After a few moments the doctor then said, "That was close she might not have made it without your help son. Now can I get her name?"

Naruto replied, "Kushina Uzumaki."

The doctor nodded and then asked, "And your name?"

Naruto was interrupted by Ma who replied, "He is an Uzumaki. That is all you need to know."

The doctor nodded and headed off to further treat Kushina. Ma waved Naruto over to Fu who was holding a large collection of documents. The three began to go over the documents in the lobby of the hospital. Ma began to seal them away as they were read. Naruto appeared to get angrier and angrier. He then went into Sage mode and closed his eyes. Ma and Fu watched as Naruto's head shifted between three distinct directions. He then said, "I think I found them all. I need to get Tsunade here as quickly as I can."

A sage clone appeared and ran off. Naruto then walked out of the hospital followed by Fu and Ma. He moved up to a residence and recognized it as Sakura's building. He jumped up to the second floor and looked in to find a sleeping baby with red hair. He smiled warmly, but then scowled. He then asked, "What do you want?"

The apparent leader replied, "You will come with us for breaking into one of Danzo-sama's facilities."

Naruto smiled behind his mask and asked, "And if I don't want to come along?"

"You will be branded a threat to Konoha and dealt with appropriately," the man replied coldly.

Naruto disappeared and all four men fell to the ground. Naruto then looked up to see a long, almost forgotten face. "Jiji," he whispered under his breath, but also noticed the man beside him and he angrily said, "Danzo!"

Sarutobi then said authoritatively, "You will surrender yourself to my men or face my wrath!"

Naruto shook his head and replied, "If you arrest that man for raping an Uzumaki and leaving her die. I might think about it. I am ashamed at how an Uzumaki was treated by that man. I have documents that prove that he had her give birth to three more children after Naruto. You know that the releasing of the Kyuubi nearly killed her and the nail through the gut should have finished her off, but that man took her away and nursed her to some semblance health and then got her pregnant, not once, but three times more to get a hold of her chakra and her chakra chains. Now you will release my kin or I will make life hard for you, even if I thought of you as an honorable ally to Uzushiogakure no Sato!"

"Sarutobi-chan I would advise that you listen to the child. He knows what he is talking about and is the second Sage of the toads," Shima said authoritatively.

Sarutobi looked on at the mint haired girl and the elderly toad in surprise. "Shima-sama, you don't mean that this boy is a Sage?" he asked worriedly.

Shima nodded and replied, "And he is more proficient at it than Jiraiya-chan. You would also be upsetting Jiraiya-chan if any harm came to this boy."

Sarutobi nodded and said, "Danzo, you and the others will accompany me to my office, ANBU please follow the clones to the ones he has labeled kin and bring them to my office also along with the parents of said kin."

Naruto created four clones and an ANBU followed each to their destinations, while Naruto, Fu, Shima and Danzo followed Sarutobi to the Hokage's tower. The group arrived and entered his office. Shima was on Naruto's shoulder, while Fu was holding his hand.


Iruka had just avoided being impaled by a kunai from Naruto. He then saw a blonde about sixteen, wearing a mask over his lower face, but also had blonde hair similar to Naruto. The young man was accompanied by an ANBU. He then looked at Naruto and said, "Naruto Uzumaki, we need you at the Hokage tower."

Naruto looked worried and then jumped over the fence, but as he cleared the fence he found himself being held by the young blonde man that was on the other side of the practice area. "Let me go!" Naruto exclaimed.

The elder Naruto clone chucked and then asked, "Is that any way to talk to a relative who has some good news for you?"

Naruto looked up in surprise. He then asked in trepidation, "Are you really related to me?"

A dark haired boy then said in annoyance, "A loser relative for a loser."

He jumped when he heard the voice of the stranger behind him say, "Watch your tongue, Uchiha. The Uzumaki are an honored clan and have been allies with Konoha for a long time, especially the Senju and if you know what is good for you, you will not anger me more or insult my relative, since you have no clue how his life has been. While I sympathize about your loss, he lost more than you can ever know before you did. Now go play with the girls while I take care of my clansmen." The man then disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

The clone that had held Naruto escorted Naruto to the tower along with the ANBU that was with the both of them. He chuckled at the onslaught of questions, but said nothing. He then thought, 'Sasuke might mellow if I can get him on the straight and narrow, but did I really act like that?'


Naruto sighed, but Fu took his hand and squeezed it gently. Naruto looked between the elderly pair in the Hokage's office. Hiruzen then asked, "What is your name and how did you come across that woman?"

Naruto then replied, "I'm from the Uzumaki clan…" but then was interrupted.

Danzo exclaimed, "Uzumaki have trademark red hair."

Naruto glared at the man and said, "Not all of us have red hair, but we all have the Uzumaki blood running through our veins. I am a blood relation to the woman I brought into the hospital today. I will not explain myself, but if you want you can have me tested."

"What about that woman?" Danzo asked as he pointed his cane at Fu.

"She is my wife and an Uzumaki by marriage," Naruto replied.

"Remove the mask," Danzo ordered.

Naruto chuckled and replied, "Not going to happen when I can't trust you."

Danzo glared at Naruto and then said, "I'm a respected elder of the village."

Fu finally spoke up and said, "Yes one who is quite well known in Forest country, and also maintains a secret army along with experimenting with the traitor Orochimaru. By the way how are the Sharingan eyes that you had implanted in your arm along with the Senju chakra running through the same arm? The documents along with the men we stopped from killing Kushina-sama all point to you and Orochimaru doing something untoward to the Uzumaki clan. Almost as if you're trying to kill off the Uzumaki clan. We take issue with our old ally trying to kill us off."

Hiruzen wore a look of surprise and then Shima spoke up, "We found each of the men in the facility that imprisoned Kushina-chan had a seal upon their tongue. The will speak no evil of Danzo here, but with them trying to recover Kushina-chan, which by the way would have killed the poor girl."

Danzo growled, but Hiruzen sighed and asked, "You have evidence?"

Naruto then nodded and handed a couple of folders with documents in them to the Hokage. He then replied, "We have lots of documents dealing with experiments, impregnation without consent and now she is again with child, that is the main reason that she is about to die. We were able to stabilize her, but I want my clan to be protected or I will pull them out of here. Also any parents of the children that are not working for Danzo will be under my clan's protection."

"How dare you stipulate how a child is to be raised," Danzo exclaimed.

"I do when they are my family! You think that you're protecting the village, but you're not. You will return the girls and Naruto to my custody and we will raise them," Naruto explained.

"What is your name, before I even decide to offer you a clan status here in Konoha," Hiruzen explained.

"I will after this man leaves, but he can refer to me a Arashi. I will not discuss my family entering the village and bringing back the Uzumaki," Naruto said as he glared at Danzo.

Hiruzen nodded and then said, "Danzo I need you to leave, since this is a diplomatic matter."

Danzo nodded, but glared at Naruto and said, "Very well, Hiruzen." He left the room and nodded to a couple of the waiting parents outside of the office.

Hiruzen then sat down and said authoritatively, "Explain yourself Uzumaki…"

Naruto sighed and then pulled down his mask. "I am Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, son of Kushina Uzumaki and Minato Namikaze. I was born almost seventeen years ago and am the jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi. I have traveled back in time six years to try to make sure that the Uchiha don't destroy the world," he explained.

"How can you prove it?" Hiruzen asked.

Naruto was surrounded by a golden aura. Naruto smirked and then shifted to his single tail form with the chakra cloak. This then dissipated. He the lifted his shirt and channel some chakra, thus showing the seal on his stomach. Hiruzen noticed that Naruto's eyes shifted between a cerulean blue and gray with several concentric rings, but put that off till later. Naruto then asked, "Proof enough? There are now three jinchuuriki in Konoha, Fu-chan, myself and Naruto from your timeline."

Sarutobi sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. "I'm not sure how I want to deal with this," he said with a heavy sigh.

"You were killed during the chuunin exam by Orochimaru in a couple years. Tsunade-baachan then took over as Hokage for you. Jiraiya-sensei and I brought her back. I want to bring my clan back and help to bring peace to the world. I think that I can help both my mother and my younger self," Naruto said in a pleading tone.

"If Shima-sama wasn't here I would have put you in prison and then had your memory scanned. With her here I have to trust you." Naruto chuckled at that, but Hiruzen continued, "I understand that you could with the power of just the Sage at your disposal you could nearly destroy the village. I will agree to protect the Uzumaki now," Sarutobi said in resignation. He then asked, "What do you want me to do?"

"I need to find several people, Tsunade, Karin in Kusa, who are both Uzumaki. I would also like to bring them both to Konoha and bring the clan back to prominence. We are opposed to the Uchiha, but would like to help Sasuke before it is too late for him to be recoverable. He is being driven to darkness by trying to get revenge on his brother, who only killed the Uchiha under orders from the elders, specifically Danzo," Naruto explained.

The group spent the next ten minutes discussing what the clan would do. They then let Naruto, the girls and their parents were led in to the room. Hiruzen then said, "I am here to announce the reestablishment of the Uzumaki clan. Kushina will be the head, but this man will be acting head until she has recovered."

Naruto had replaced his mask and said, "My name is Arashi Uzumaki. I look forward to helping my clansmen." He then turned to the parents and looked them in the eyes and demanded, "I want to see your tongues."

The parents of the eldest girl opened their mouths without incident and shrugged when Naruto nodded. The father of the four year old shook his head and demanded, "Why should I do that?"

Naruto (Arashi) sighed and said, "If you are under the influence of Danzo I will end your relationship with my clansmen. She is of Kushina's blood and was put in your wife without Kushina's consent. Her egg was the one that began her and it will be her clan that helps raise her not an emotionless drone that will be at the beck and call of Danzo, who right now is an enemy of the Uzumaki for raping and impregnating Kushina for the oldest and with the child she now carries. So will you open your mouth and remove all doubt that you work for Danzo or shall I just assume that you do and remove you from this office not?"

The man pulled out a kunai and moved towards 'his' daughter, but was intercepted by an Arashi with yellow eyes that were horizontal rectangles for pupils and was soon being dragged out of the office. "I will stop you Uzumaki, I guarantee it," he exclaimed as an ANBU took the man into custody.

Arashi's eyes returned to normal and he looked at the last two parents who opened their mouths, but the woman turned and pulled up her black hair to reveal a seal on her neck. She then said, "If you can remove it I will swear allegiance to the Uzumaki, since this was put on me without my consent."

Naruto nodded and moved to the seal. He looked at the seal and then at Shima. They both nodded and he replied, "It will take a day to remove it, but you must not be in contact with Danzo until after we remove it."

The younger Naruto was looking at the masked blonde in awe the whole time, but also was wondering who this woman that he was talking about was. "Man you're cool, but who is this Kushina chick anyways?" he asked in confusion.

Arashi knelt down and looked Naruto in the eyes and replied, "She is your mother and I just recently rescued her from that man Danzo, but also these are your sisters. I'm not sure of their names, but they are your sisters, so you need to be a big brother and get to know them."

Naruto smiled widely and asked, "Are you my big brother?"

Arashi laughed and replied, "You could say that. This is my wife Fu and we are happy to meet you all."

Fu bowed and smiled warmly at the gathering. She then asked, "So what are your names?"


Danzo was pissed, he had lost the Uzumaki woman and the genetic samples of the Fourth Hokage which he had used to create the girls that the man Arashi was now taking charge of. He had hoped that the girls would begin to show the signs of having the chakra to keep the Kyuubi at bay, but only Ami the four year old seemed to be on track. Now this man had a clone blocking him getting to Kushina in the hospital and now seemed to have sway with the Hokage. Even worse he had the toads and more than likely Jiraiya. This did not bode well for his plans for the future. He then turned to his subordinate and said, "It is time to leave." The man nodded and disappeared.

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