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Chapter 3 – Finding others…

Arashi's clone smirked as he saw a pair of women holding a pig and walking out of a gambling den. He jumped down and announced his presence. The blonde woman turned to the young man now in front of her. "What do you want and don't tell me that I'm going to return to that hell hole," she exclaimed.

Arashi chuckled and replied, "You can do what you want granny-Tsunade, but I want you to know that your daughter-in-law and your grandchildren await you in Konoha."

Tsunade looked at the young man in awe, but then scowled and said, "I have no children or grandchildren. My lover, brother and child all died years ago."

The clone pulled down his mask and said, "Minato was your son, Sarutobi hid it from you along with what Orochimaru and Danzo had done. I am the eldest child of Minato and Kushina who we all thought dead just after the Kyuubi attack. Danzo apparently rescued her after the attack and returned her to some semblance of health. He then created four children with her eggs and Minato's sperm. She is currently pregnant, but I was barely able to save her. Danzo is currently sending an attack against her, but he is also running to Orochimaru. I want to revive the Uzumaki and you're going to play a big part of it since your grandmother was an Uzumaki."

Tsunade looked at the whiskered young man in awe and asked, "Who are you?"

He chuckled and replied, "It's a secret, but since you're my grandmother, I'll tell you. My name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze Senju, but don't tell anyone. Since you're one of the last of the Senju we can have you become one of the matriarchs of the Uzumaki. As for family you have me, a sixteen year old time travelling Naruto, the ten year old Naruto from this time period, Yuki a six year old, Ami a four year old and Sasami a two year old granddaughter. I know personally that Jiraiya is our grandfather, but we all will keep that between ourselves."

Tsunade growled, but then asked, "Why are you here? Really?"

The clone pulled up his mask and replied, "I need my mother figure to help my actual mother recover. Afterwards we can move the clan elsewhere if you like, but I need your help to keep her safe, since I couldn't before."

She noticed the dejected tone in his voice and then asked, "You said that you're from the future, how far?"

The clone chuckled and replied, "About six years, where you became the Hokage. We got to mourn Jiraiya-sensei, and I became the next Toad Sage. We went to war against a man who we thought was Madara Uchiha, but it was some other Uchiha, along with Kabuto Yakushi, and Sasuke Uchiha. Ah the memories…"

Tsunade sighed and said, "With all the heartache there why, other than you and your siblings should I return?"

"It is our home and we can make it better than it was before and help so many people along the way."

Tsunade chuckled and said, "You're just like that brat Minato and Jiraiya. They wanted to bring peace to the world."

Naruto frowned and said, "Yeah, so does another one of our kin, Nagato Uzumaki. He was one of Jiraiya's students. Remember the trio of kids you guys saved in the Rain village during the war?"

Tsunade nodded and replied, "Yeah, I remember those kids, but what does that have to do with them?"

"They are the figurehead of Akatsuki. An organization that wants to kill your grandson, Naruto and my wife Fu, both are jinchuuriki, like I am, but Akatsuki doesn't know about me, yet," Naruto explained.

Tsunade looked on at Naruto in surprise and asked, "You're married?"

Naruto nodded and replied, "Only a few days ago, but we haven't had a proper honeymoon, whatever that means."

Tsunade suddenly closed on the clone and hugged him, while she said, "So my grandson has become a man, or will soon. So what rank did you achieve before you came back in time?"

The clone blushed and replied, "I was only a genin, but I could take on an S class missing nin with some difficulty."

Tsunade began to laugh heartily and then asked, "Why were you only a genin if you could take on an 'S' class shinobi?"

Naruto scowled and replied, "Jinchuuriki, bigotry and poor training."

Tsunade scowled and asked, "What do you mean poor training?"

Naruto sighed and replied, "Look Tsunade-baa, school wasn't my best subject and I wasn't helped in any sort of way to learn what was needed to be a shinobi. I was at the bottom of my class, both by my own doing and by the teachers in the academy. I admit that I skipped class and didn't study well, but that didn't mean that they helped me out. At least not until Iruka-sensei became my teacher, but it took him quite a while to actually become a good teacher."

Tsunade smirked and said, "What is in it for me to return?"

Naruto smirked and replied, "Well, you get to enjoy being a mother figure and remember to call me Arashi, instead of Naruto."

Tsunade smiled, put her arm around the clone and asked, "Tell me more about my grandchildren."


Karin was having a bad day. She had just been assaulted by her fellow classmates and was now fighting to get back home in one piece. She jumped when a warm feeling passed over her and a blonde haired teen with a mask over his nose and mouth appeared before her. "Must be tough being a picked on at school," a Naruto clone said in a happy tone.

"I would give it all up to be away from here. My family is gone," Karin said in a dejected tone.

Naruto chuckled and said, "Well, Karin Uzumaki, my name is Arashi Uzumaki and am bringing the clan back together since we lost Eddy village. I promise you family if you come with me. I have already talked to the leader of the village. He only took a little persuasion, but he agreed to allow you to come with me to Konoha. I promise that things will be better there and you will be with family. Do you agree?"

Karin smiled warmly and jumped into the clones arms happily. The clone and Karin disappeared.


Pain looked out over the city, he suddenly turned and looked off in the distance. "I will be back in a little bit, Konan," he said and then jumped out the window. Several minutes later he found himself confronted by a blonde shinobi wearing a facial mask and flowing with chakra. "Why are you here?" he asked accusatorily.

Naruto chuckled and replied, "Good to see you Nagato. Good to see you are using Yahiko as your Diva body. My name is Arashi Uzumaki and I have a message for you." The clone's eyes suddenly changed from blue to gray with concentric rings. He then continued, "I'm getting the clan back together and I know that you have a problem with Konoha, but you WILL leave Naruto Uzumaki alone or face my wrath."

"So a fellow Uzumaki with the Rinnengan. Shall we see who is the true god?" Pain asked.

Naruto chuckled and replied, "I'm only a clone, but understand that I know your power and I can beat you. I will train Naruto to control the Kyuubi and I will also defend the other Jinchuuriki, since you do know pain, but had friends and family from the start. He had it taken from him by the man that you call Madara, but he is a fake. He says that by using the statue he will help you build a weapon that will bring the current system to its knees and help people learn what pain is, but he is more interested in taking your eyes and make the world fall under his genjutsu, thus enslaving the world. That isn't peace. Do you wish to be either dead or enslaved by that man?"

"How do I know that you speak the truth?" Pain asked.

Naruto chuckled, "I know about Akatsuki and its original goal of creating peace, but the men that you've assembled except for Konan are not the peace loving type. Deidara, Hidan, both psychopaths that only enjoy killing. Kakuzu and Kizame only like to fight, how do those make for peace? I don't really know about Sasori and Zetsu, but Orochimaru is a war hawk of the level of Danzo who you know well enough for killing the current body you're using of your friend."

"You know a little too much," Pain said angrily and threw a rod at Naruto, who just avoided it easily.

"I know your moves and think that your master would be very angry with how you are going about setting up peace, but hey you think that causing deaths will cause peace then go ahead and let Tobi, Madara or whatever his name is cause the fourth shinobi war. He will cause countless deaths. I know that we are family and that Madara sent the Konoha shinobi here that killed your parents and caused you to have your eyes unlocked. Now we will talk again cousin," Naruto' clone said with a wave and disappeared in a puff of smoke.


Naruto's clone standing outside of a hospital room door suddenly changed his stance to a defensive one and this alerted the ANBU standing next to him. One of the three clones disappeared and the other two turned in opposite directions. The group was suddenly attacked by a dozen shinobi in white masks. The clones were making quick work of the rogue shinobi, as were the ANBU. Suddenly there was an explosion in the room they were guarding. Both clones looked at each other and one headed into the room while the other continued to battle the Root forces attacking him and the ANBU.


Naruto felt the dispelling of the clone guarding his mother and he jumped out the window. He transitioned into Sage mode and sped towards the hospital. He quickly leapt into the window and pulled the trio with the explosive tags off the window, while attaching the tags to the men trying to put them on the window. All three exploded just outside the window, thus blowing the windows back inside the room. Naruto had slipped in and pulled Kushina behind a second over turned the bed to shield her from the blast. Naruto growled and said quietly as the ANBU and the last clone entered the room, "Danzo…" he growled angrily.


Fu had stayed at the Hokage's office and got to know the children. She was pushing the limits of human contact for herself, since she knew this was for Naruto and she wanted to make sure that her husband would not abandon her. She would do anything. Deep down she knew that he wouldn't abandon her, but part of her told her that humans couldn't be trusted, but Naruto wasn't exactly human, since he was like her. This put her mind at ease, but when Shima hopped up on to her shoulder and smiled warmly at her. Fu felt warmth wash over her.

She smiled warmly when she watched young Naruto talking with his newly introduced sisters. A jinchuuriki having a normal interaction with siblings was a heartwarming experience. Even the surrogate families didn't seem to act badly towards young Naruto. She watched this transpire and it warmed her heart just a little more.


Danzo scowled at the latest reports that his effort to destroy Kushina had failed and he had lost more than a dozen operatives. He had hoped that the training of the eldest Uzumaki girl would have started within the year and she would have been a good operative, but now that was null and void. He had sent word to Orochimaru that he was no longer in Konoha, but hadn't heard back from said operatives. 'This Arashi Uzumaki has become a thorn in my side and will need to be eliminated. The Uzumaki were becoming a real problem and would have to be eliminated,' he thought to himself.

He sighed as he continued to head away from Konoha at a good clip with his forces.


Yet another clone came upon a camp with four people sitting around a campfire. He chuckled and then said from the trees, "Zabuza Momochi, Demon brothers, and Haku Yuki. I, Arashi Uzumaki have come to try to hire your services. What do you say Demon of the Mist?"

"You have a death wish don't you kid?" Zabuza said as the mist began to thicken.

Naruto began to laugh heartily and then pulled out a kunai. He then said, "Lungs, liver, jugular vein, carotid artery, brain, kidneys, spine, heart, and I could list a few others, but you will get no satisfaction in killing me, since I'm a clone and I can sense you and your partners. I'm a sage and want your help to save the future and more than likely get you to help me to fix the future."

Naruto's clone caught Zabuza's butcher's blade with a kunai. "What are you proposing?" Zabuza asked.

Naruto chuckled and replied, "I'll give you some jobs and also make some requests of your services, along with making sure some people are taken out of the picture. I would also like for you to convey my opinion to Mei Terumi when she becomes the next Mizukage after Yagura is deposed."

Zabuza smiled and began to sweat when his sword was being cut by the boy's kunai. "You've got my attention, but how does it pay?"

Naruto smirked and replied, "I'll keep the hunter-nin off your backs."

Zabuza pulled his sword back and smiled. The mist began to clear, but then saw that the Demon brothers and Haku were being held hostage by clones of the boy. Zabuza put his sword on his back and nodded to boy and said, "I'll listen to your terms."


Naruto's clone quietly whispered into the ear of the sleeping dark haired woman, "Hello Guren…"


A clone sat in front of a white haired man and his disciple. "I would like for Amaru to also train with my family in Konoha, Shinno. I'm sure that you can both learn a lot there. I also understand your dislike for shinobi, Amaru, but you will also learn from both Tsunade and you, Shinno. After a couple years you can go about the world and help him more," the clone explained.

Shinno was worried inside since the boy had ignited hope in the girl which he had been trying to extinguish slowly and drive a wedge into her heart so that she would actually hate shinobi, but the boy appearing out of nowhere and saving their lives from a group of bandits was both a godsend and a curse for him, since Amaru had become enamored with the older boy. He sighed and replied, "Very well, we accept your offer, Arashi-san."


Naruto smirked and said, "We have the support I expected and we will have less problems down the road. I think that Ero-sennin helped make a good plan."

Fu kissed him and replied, "Good. We need some good news. Now we just need to make sure that we get at least some of the Uzumaki fortune to pay for the compound we need to house everyone."

Naruto smiled and replied, "I don't think that it will be a problem, since both the Land of Grass and Fire both have given their support to the Uzumaki, both financial and physical. With Tsunade and my mother we should be fine as far as finances go. We just need to get my younger self up to speed."

Fu nodded and then asked, "So when do we get a honeymoon?"

Naruto paled and replied, "As soon as you want…"

Fu smirked and said, "I knew there was a reason I love you Naruto… I mean Arashi-koi…" She kissed him passionately and pulled him off to their bedroom.


Somewhere in the land of Rice fields, a red haired girl is awoken by a young man with his hand over her mouth and a kunai to her throat. She looked worriedly at the boy with a face mask standing over her. She wondered how he had gotten into this facility. The boy than asked quietly, "You can be quiet, can't you?" She understood his question and nodded in reply. His face seemed to soften and he then asked, "Are you an Uzumaki?" She nodded in response. The boy's voice seemed pleased with his next question. "Do you want to be a plaything for Orochimaru?" Her eyes showed anger and she shook her head. "Do you want to meet some of your family?" The boy watched the girl nod her head again. He then said, "I'm going to lift my hand, but I swear if you scream I'm going to end it for you. I can't have you be in Orochimaru's hands."

She sighed when he lifted his hand and then pulled the kunai away a moment later. She then was about to berate him, but thought better about it. She decided to say quietly, "I'm Tayuya, what the fuck is your name?"

The boy chuckled and replied, "Arashi Uzumaki, the temporary head of the Uzumaki clan. Come with me if you want to live." Tayuya threw the sheets away to reveal a nude girl. Naruto's clone sighed and said, "Get dressed quickly and in something that doesn't bring attention to yourself. Also are there any other Uzumaki that you know of?"

Tayuya replied, "Yeah, he captured a couple of us, but I'm not sure if they can be saved. I was scheduled for receiving that damn curse mark from him, thanks for the save Arashi-kun." She quickly got dressed and the pair left the base and headed towards another base.


Naruto was surprised to find Fu snuggled up to him after last night. He had apologized for hurting her and not being able to make her feel like he had heard that men could. Fu had told him that she hadn't expected him to please her in their first experience. He blushed at the memory.


Naruto sighed and looked at his nude wife straddling him with a grimace on her face. "I'm sorry," he said apologetically.

Fu leaned down and kissed him gently. She slid to the side and said, "I didn't expect it to hurt that much, but it will get better. It wasn't your fault Koi, it was the fact that I was still a virgin and it can hurt during the first time. We will try again when I feel better, I'm sure it will be better for both of us."

Naruto nodded, but still felt bad that he couldn't please his wife and had hurt her during their first love making session. He turned away, curled up and went to sleep.

(Flashback end)…

Fu was snuggled up to him and didn't seem to want to let him go. He was able to turn within her grasp, but then noticed her eyes were open and she was smiling warmly at him. "I meant what I said, Koi. It will be better next time. Don't we have a meeting this morning and take a young boy to the academy?"

Naruto nodded, but was surprised by the passionate kiss from his wife. He now felt better as they slid out of bed and to the shower. He did notice the noticeable limp in Fu as they went to the shower. Her feral grin also didn't get past his notice. A few moments later he understood that his wife wanted to make sure that he understood that she was serious as she gave him a hand job in the shower.


The younger Naruto woke to his alarm and got up lazily. He then headed to the shower and got ready for his day. He put on some long shorts along with a white shirt with an orange Konoha symbol on the front. He was a little happier today, since he knew that he now had a family and a lot of members too. He had three sisters, all red heads, but still little sisters. He wasn't sure how to deal with them, but would just wing it like he had always done. He had just put his shuriken in the pocket of his shorts when there was a knock at the door. He went and found his older brother and his wife, who both were sporting blushes. He shrugged and closed the door behind himself.

The trio walked the streets, he did notice that Fu was walking irregularly and asked, "You alright, sis?"

Fu turned bright red and replied, "Yes, Naruto-kun, I just pulled a muscle, nothing to worry about. You ready for the academy today?"

Naruto sighed and replied, "Not really, I think I'm still in trouble with Iruka-sensei. After the incident with the Taki shinobi I think I got in big trouble for skipping."

Arashi chuckled and replied, "Nah, you did good with those ladies. You actually helped the village, but you'll find that out later. Now have a good day at school." Arashi then put up two fingers and said, "Two things, first, relax and don't try to show up Sasuke-teme. Second, just listen to the lessons, I'm sure there is a reason that they teach them. Tonight we will be doing training and lessons also."

Naruto scowled, but nodded to his brother and replied, "Okay brother, but why?"

Arashi sighed and replied, "You might miss something important and then need to learn it later. Also stay away from the girls for today. We will have some people for you to meet tonight after training."

Naruto nodded, waved and headed off to school.

Arashi then sighed, but perked up when Fu hugged him and said, "You're doing well. Now for the dreaded meeting."

The pair headed to the Hokage's tower. They entered a large room with a large group of people sitting at tables to either side of the room, while the Hokage and his two advisers sat at a table facing the entrance of the room. Arashi sighed, but smiled when Fu squeezed his hand. The pair sat in the chairs in the middle of the 'U' that the tables formed in the room.

Hiruzen cleared his throat and then declared, "This meeting to allow the Uzumaki clan to join the council is now underway."

Not a second later the door opened and two people entered the room, a clone of Arashi and Tsunade. "Sorry I'm late," she said tiredly, as the clone disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

Hiruzen smiled and replied, "Not at all, Tsunade-chan. You can take a seat behind Sakaki." She nodded and sat behind a man with dark brown hair. She then began to whisper to the man, who just nodded. Hiruzen then continued, "Since the actual head of the clan Kushina can't be here, her eldest son, Arashi and his wife are here in her stead."

Koharu asked, "What are you talking about, Hiruzen, Kushina is dead, has been for over ten years."

The Hokage sighed and replied, "It was found out that Danzo had kept Kushina alive after the sealing and had done some reprehensible things to her. She is currently in a coma at the hospital. Arashi is the brother of Naruto Uzumaki and son of Kushina. This has been proven with DNA tests. Currently there are six Uzumaki with a seventh on the way, in the village…"

Tsunade spoke up and said, "I'm also an Uzumaki along with being a Senju, so the number is eight."

Arashi then said, "I also have some more on the way from other locations around the elemental nations. I will have as list for you after the meeting. The number should be around twenty or so."

"That is preposterous! You think that you can bring a bunch of people into Konoha and call them a clan?" Hideki Chiku, a merchant, exclaimed.

Fu sighed and replied, "More so than you can call a single person the heir to a clan and the Uzumaki have been ally to Konoha if not the Senju for a long time. They even sacrificed their village to save Konoha, thus the reason for our clan symbol on the backs of your jounin and chuunin vests."

"So the Uzumaki should fall under the protection of the Senju?" Shibi Aburame asked.

Sakaki shrugged his shoulders and replied, "I guess that could work, but we do need to figure out what we are going to do with that large an influx of clan members."

Arashi chuckled and replied, "I have expenses covered, I just need to have area off of the Senju compound allotted for building, so that we can house my fellow clansmen. Also I would like the council to return the moneys that it confiscated from the fall of Uzushiogakure."

The room erupted in angry shouts. Arashi smirked under his mask and asked innocently, "Are you saying that Konoha is going to mistreat us along with mistreatment of my brother and stolen the Uzumaki monies? What happened to the clan scrolls?"

Koharu replied, "They were given to the Uchiha after the death of Kushina."

Arashi stood and growled at this revelation. He then angrily said, "I find out that an Uchiha is responsible for the state of my brother, the near death of my mother, the death of my father and now you tell me that they received my clan's scrolls? You realize what you have done? Who authorized this?" He looked at Sarutobi who shook his head.

Koharu replied, "The elders thought it would help to alleviate the tension between the Uchiha and the village. It worked."

Arashi took a step forward, but was halted by a firm grasp from Fu. She smiled, but the smile was that of someone who was going to kill you. She then sweetly asked, "How do you 'elders' plan to compensate the Uzumaki for illegally passing clan secrets to an opposing, if not enemy clan? Does the Uchiha boy have access to them? If so we demand compensation along with the monies stolen by this village, especially for the sacrifices that our clan has made for this village. One of your supposed elders took ovum from my mother-in-law and fertilized them. He then put those fertilized eggs in three woman, worse yet she is with child as we speak. You have a decision to make. Either compensate us, along with returning the scrolls or we will do it ourselves and I assure you that it won't be pretty."

"How dare you threaten this village and Uchiha-sama!" another council member exclaimed.

"Because your Hokage understands that he will not be able to stop me. My cousin, Tsunade and my master Jiraiya will not attempt to stop me and your Hokage doesn't have enough power to stop me. I am the second Toad Sage and am surprised by your ignorance. My brother should be thought of as a hero, or at least given a neutral standing. Is he? No! He is ridiculed for something that was beyond his control and who among you has lifted a finger to help him?" Arashi asked, knowing the answer.

Fu then interjected, "We also know that some of our clan's knowledge has become common village knowledge. Specifically several of the scrolls had fallen into the hands of specific jounin or a specific Sannin. Just understand Konoha that the Uzumaki have returned and you can either be with us or against us. Those of you who are shop owners who have abused Naruto-chan will see our wrath. We are not going to get revenge. We are going to make you understand the depths of your stupidity. Arashi lower your mask." Arashi lowered his mask to show the whisker marks on his face to many gasps of surprise. Fu then continued, "Blood tests prove that Arashi-koi is an almost twin of Naruto-chan, a billion to one, but also understand that the whisker marks are the product of males being exposed to the Kyuubi's chakra over a certain amount of time. For those of you that can't understand, Kushina-sama was the previous host for the Kyuubi. Arashi-koi and Naruto-chan both were exposed to said chakra and developed the whisker marks. The chakra also might have made the genetic similarities possible. The Uzumaki have carried the Kyuubi for this village and there have been three vessels for the fox. Tsunade-sama's grandmother was the first container. Yes, the esteemed wife of the Shodai! No any of you care to guess who is the third container? Yes, it is Naruto-chan."

Arashi began to chuckle and then said, "I already knew that you bastards had taken the Uzumaki fortune and the clan rights. I just wanted to figure out who did it. What you did was tantamount to giving a clan complete control of the village. Like the Hyuuga being able to put caged bird seals upon you all. We knew we were fighting an uphill battle mostly because of my brother, but this is ridiculous. I'm just asking for the return of what is ours, I understand that the money is excessive, but the scrolls are not negotiable. If I have to rip them from the Uchiha compound I will. I also want compensation for what wasn't kept in sacred trust. I'm sure that my mother when she recovers will be a little angry at what you've done."

Hiashi then asked, "You've commented on your father, but have yet to name him."

Arashi chuckled and replied, "Now that would be telling and would make this village look so bad for what they have done that the damage would be irreparable."

Inoichi then asked, "So you come here and demand that we prepare for an influx of your clan along with the demands that we return things that were taken over ten years ago?"

Arashi smiled widely and replied, "That's about it."

The room again erupted in shouts of anger, while Arashi sat down with a smirk on his face. He knew because of his conversation with Hiruzen that the scrolls had been instrumental in Konoha surviving the Third Shinobi war. He was less worried about the lost knowledge than showing the council that there would be some justice for how he was and his younger self had been treated. Poor training, information held from him that would have helped him be better able to cope with life and his favorite a prank that would shake the very fabric of Konoha itself. He knew when the knowledge of who his father was, it would cause ripples in the village. He had already had a clone talk to the Daimyo and they had agreed that what had been done could not be fixed, but returning clan property, things like scrolls and weapons were imperative. He had found that his grandfather's sword was now a display item in a shop that wouldn't sell the younger Naruto shinobi tools. The owner was of course a council member. He knew this much airing of dirty laundry and village secrets would cause trouble, but he had the permission from the Daimyo and grudgingly the Hokage.

Hiruzen sighed at the trouble that 'Arashi' had started. This was almost worse that the troubles that young Naruto would cause for him. He understood that the boy was trying to get some justice, but also was hoping that he would have been a little more delicate. He did thank Fu for being a little more diplomatic, if only a little, but better to have the girl tempering Arashi than allowing him to get angry and show all his cards. Hiruzen knew that he stood no chance against Arashi unless he wanted to use a sealing technique and that would only seal his death quicker since Fu would have killed him in the attempt. He knew for a fact that his student Tsunade wouldn't help him after what he knew the boy had told her. He had it run twice and it was final that he was caught hiding the fact that Minato was Tsunade's illegitimate son with Jiraiya, making Naruto their grandson. This coupled with the other family tie, the Uzumaki clan, he was trapped in a master stroke of genius by the boy. He knew that his family was going to suffer for taking funds from the Uzumaki clan along with the other clans, except for the Nara, which refused the funds at every turn. He mused now that the Senju clan which only had five members including Tsunade, if you didn't count Minato's children, was a dying clan. Now the big problem was finding the Uzumaki clan scrolls in the Uchiha compound and not getting Sasuke all riled up. This would cause him more headaches. He watched as Arashi sat smugly smiling at the arguing council members and hoped that this meeting would be over soon.

A/N: For those that wondered about Kushina. Her eggs were harvested and the eggs were fertilized outside the womb. They were them implanted into the three woman and Kushina. Given Naruto's limited understanding of pregnancy he believed that Kushina was raped. Not truly the case, but she was violated against her will. The father was Minato, I will not go into detail how they harvested the sperm. You can figure that out yourself.

As for Danzo, he realized he had been caught, so he left as soon as he was out the door of the Hokage's office. Naruto inadvertently slowed the process of capturing the man by his ranting and arguing with the Hokage. Hiruzen was shocked that his old 'friend' would do such a thing to a former Hokage's wife. He will find that escaping Naruto isn't so easy and I'm sorry for those who like Sai, but he might not survive an encounter with Naruto/Arashi.

ForeverFallen76: If you followed the manga you and I know that Danzo is an evil man who thinks that he is doing good for Konoha, but is hurting it more that he knew. This is just another example of him thinking about himself before the village. His private army is part of his problem and he seems to not be able to live without it. I also have plans for the man. Naruto has contacted the Daimyo and has both Fire and Grass approval of bringing back the Uzumaki. While Grass wants something, they will get something out of it, but I'm not telling yet.

Reishin Amara: Sorry about the rushed feeling of chapter 2, you might feel the same with this chapter somewhat. I'm trying to cover a lot of ground in a single chapter, not an easy task. I leave this up to you to help me with finding my mistakes as readers. I will see if I can fix things, but no guarantees, since I have to leave some things in foreshadowing and for you guys to guess at.

Oh by the way Naruto/Arashi is working the council trying to make them feel remorse for their actions. The only one who shouldn't feel it is Shikaku Nara, since his clan basically knew better than to take from the Uzumaki, since there was at least one member alive.