Chapter 4 – Moving along...

Sitting in the noisy council chamber room Arashi began to laugh heartily at the arguing between the members of the council. This stopped the arguing in its tracks. Hiashi, who had gotten fed up with the pointless bickering decided to ask, "What do you find so funny Uzumaki-san?"

Arashi looked at the Hyuuga head and replied, "The mighty village, Konoha, has been brought to its knees by a single clan with whom they owe so much, but refuse to admit to their debt. I'm not seeking revenge for your transgressions, but I am asking for you to own up to your failings. Don't get me wrong, I do want the Uzumaki scrolls and heirlooms returned. We can negotiate an arrangement for at least some of the money taken from our family and former village. I don't want to bring this village to its knees, but others might have done just that. I want you to treat my clan members better than they have before. I don't care if you loath us, but you will stop mistreating Naruto-chan! I will work on his training, no matter what some of you think. He is going through a lot and you shun him while he protects you from a force of nature brought to life by the Sage of the Six Paths, the progenitor of the Uchiha and the Senju clans."

He then glared at each member of the council in turn before he continued, "All of you think that treating a jinchuuriki badly is a good idea? Think of the destruction that would happen if you in your infinite wisdom had driven Naruto-chan insane and he couldn't live with the pain anymore and thus let the Kyuubi out. You would have destruction on a grand scale and then you would have to figure out how to seal it again or lose the village, since you couldn't drive it away. You have some real soul searching to do after what you've done to the boy who the Yondaime declared as your hero. You show no reverence to your fallen Hokage. Heck you even trod over a fallen ally, while you show your lack of memory for their sacrifice. I was taught by Jiraiya-sensei and the toads. Understand that the Uzumaki are here and can do with or without the help of the village," Arashi explained.

Color had drained from many of the members of the council while Arashi shamed the village council. A civilian looked at Arashi and said, "I will not submit to the demon and his kin demanding anything from this village."

Arashi chuckled lightly at the man and said, "This from the man who adorns his shop with my grandfather's sword above his storefront. Return the sword or I will take it. It is sealed and only an Uzumaki can unsheathe it. You took from my clan and have not returned it, even knowing who the proper owner is, now I'm asking you to do the right thing."

The man glared for a minute before he began to shrink back into his chair. Shikaku Nara looked at the man and said, "I would return the sword if I were you. It would be too troublesome not too. Heck he could steal it from you and you couldn't say anything. Be happy he isn't asking for you to pay him for using it."

The man looked surprised at the Nara head, but also felt the killing intent focused on him by the Uzumaki, the Senju and a couple of the clan heads. He just nodded as sweat rolled off his face.

Sarutobi sighed and said, "That is enough. We as a village will return the items that the Uzumaki owned before the clan was thought to be dead. I'm sorry Arashi that you've had to deal with this, but it is politics. We can't return all of the money that was taken from the refugees from Uzushiogakure, but we will work something out. Any who oppose this will be dealt with severely."

Arashi nodded and helped Fu to standing. This meeting had taken most of the day and the annoyed Uzumaki couple wanted to get their scrolls and see his mother. As they left Hiruzen came up to them and said, "I will take you to the Uchiha compound so that we can reclaim your scrolls."


Naruto was standing at the gates of the Academy with his hands behind his head watching a girl with dark blue hair debating something with herself. He thought, 'She is kind of weird…'

Hinata was debating whether to talk to Naruto or not, since he was just standing at the gate of the academy and she still wanted to talk to him. After about a dozen minutes she found the resolve to talk to the blonde. She walked up to him and said to him in heavy stutters, "Naruto-kun, I would like to thank you."

Naruto eyed the girl wearily and asked, "What for?"

Hinata began to turn red and her vision began to blacken at the edges. She swallowed hard and replied, again in stutters, "For protecting me when I was younger." She couldn't take the feeling anymore and ran from the area, right into her handler, Kurenai Yuhi. She looked worriedly up at the chuunin and said, "I did it. I just hope that he doesn't hate me."

Kurenai knelt down and asked, "What did you do Hinata?"

Hinata wiped tears from her face and replied, "I thanked Naruto-kun."

Kurenai smiled warmly at the girl and said, "You'll have to tell me the whole story on the way home."

Hinata smiled and nodded as the pair headed away from the academy.

Naruto was standing there with his mouth open when Fu, Arashi and the Hokage approached. Fu got a grin on her face and said, "I would close your mouth, Naruto-chan. I'm sure that Aburame-san would appreciate that you don't swallow any of his insects."

Shino blushed at the woman having noticed him, but showed no other sign of his being pointed out. Naruto looked at Fu and said, "Hey Fu-neesan! You're back!" He ran up and embraced the young woman. Fu for her part smiled and accepted the hug.

Fu then asked, "Who was the girl and what did you do to chase her off?"

Naruto scratched the back of his head and replied, "I have no clue really. She thanked me, but I don't know what for."

Arashi chuckled and said, "Hinata Hyuuga, heir to the Hyuuga clan. Have you rescued many girls in your life, Naruto-chan?"

Naruto scratched the back of his head and replied, "Yeah, I rescued Sakura-chan…"

Naruto was immediately on the ground and his face on the ground. "You have done no such thing!" Sakura Haruno yelled, while holding a fist where Naruto's head used to be.

Arashi sighed and said, "Haruno-san… I would run if I were you."

Sakura looked around in confusion and asked, "What? Why?"

Arashi replied, "Because you just hit my little brother and I don't think that my wife is happy at how you treated him."

Sakura slowly turned her head to see an angry mint haired young woman. She smiled meekly and said, "Sorry."

Fu replied with a sadist smile and said, "Not good enough." She then grabbed the girl by the front of her shirt and said, "You have struck my little brother without provocation. I should turn you into the ANBU for assault or I could just make you disappear. Which would you like?"

Naruto groggily said, "Leave Sakura-chan alone."

Fu growled and asked, "Why? She treats you worse than the other villagers! I will not have my brother treated as such. I don't care if you like her or not. She is to treat you right or I will make it so that this girl doesn't mistreat an Uzumaki again."

Arashi sighed and said, "Fu-chan. We can't have you doing to her what she is doing to Naruto-chan."

Fu looked worriedly at Arashi and said, "But she is abusing him."

Arashi sighed, leaned into her ear and said, "I wish I had you around when I was younger. I might have seen Hinata sooner." He then leaned back and said, "Sakura-san, I would stop your treatment of my brother. If you don't like him then tell him nicely. I'm sure that we can try to steer him to a more appropriate girl for him."

Sakura glared at the young man and said, "Just make sure he leaves me and my Sasuke-kun alone!"

Arashi sighed and replied, "That will not be possible, since you're all in the same class. I will talk to Naruto-chan about unwanted pursuit of others, but I would also heed this advice yourself. Think about this. Does the Uchiha boy really want to have girls chasing him right now? Or does he want to work through his personal issues?"

"What do you know of Sasuke-kun's problem?" Sakura asked angrily.

Arashi smirked under his mask and replied, "More than you know. I know his older brother and what actually happened. I would give him some space and try to become stronger. If you want his attention then get it by being stronger and different from the other girls. I'm not saying that you shouldn't show some interest, but don't go overboard. Swooning and declaring your love can get annoying."

Sakura growled, but quickly stopped when Fu again lifted her and said, "You would disrespect my husband?"

Sakura swallowed roughly, but then said, "Any relative of that baka deserves disrespect."

Arashi was now angry at his former crush and pulled down his mask, revealing his whiskered face. He then said in a threatening tone, "Sakura, what Naruto sees in you is now beyond me. You are shallow and external beauty will fade with time. I just hope you're not related, since you would fall under my direction and that would not be a fun experience. I see why he sees you as cute, but you just wore on my last nerve and I hope he sees you for you, a shallow girl only worried about herself and her shallow ego. You would say that Naruto-chan is bad because he doesn't have parents." She nodded at his for this statement. He then continued, "His family was taken from him and he doesn't know why. Something I will remedy soon, but also understand that his mother was hidden from him for his life so far and he needed to learn how to grow up himself and this village never gave him any good examples of what to do or how to act. You helped in this. He thinks that your beating him is a sign of affection."

Fu growled and said, "It is a psychological disorder that a victim becomes in love with their tormentor. He would never accept a person who beat him like you did. All he said was that he saved you from bullies and you hit him."

"Fu-neesan, aniki, please don't hurt Sakura-chan," Naruto said in a pleading tone.

Fu sighed and looked at Naruto with a warm smile. She then asked, "Have I hurt her yet?" Naruto shook his head and Fu then asked, "Did she hurt you?"

Naruto scratched the back of his head and replied, "Not really, I'm used to it."

Fu growled and looked at Sakura, while she said, "You shouldn't be. Occasional bops on the head are okay, but from what my clone saw, I will have this girl brought up on charges of assault." She turned to Sakura and asked, "Would you hit the Uchiha boy if he did the same things that Naruto-chan did?"

Sakura looked at Fu as if she had grown a second head and replied, "Sasuke-kun would never do anything that the baka would."

Fu dropped the girl and said, "Hokage-sama, I want to have assault on fellow student added to her permanent record, or I could just make her a stain on the pavement, your choice."

Hiruzen sighed and said, "Sakura Haruno, for assaulting Naruto Uzumaki, your record will be amended for abuse of others. Now go home, we have things to do."

The girl got up, dusted herself off and left quickly.

Naruto frowned and said, "You didn't have to do that neesan."

Fu knelt down, pulled Naruto into a hug and said, "Yes I did. You haven't a clue about women, so I have to look out for my little gitei." Naruto blushed at the affection.

Sarutobi sighed and said, "Shall we go. We have to pick up Sasuke-kun also."

Arashi looked down at Naruto and said, "Well it will have to wait till later. We have to go search the Uchiha compound for clan scrolls and then go see mom. Tsunade-baa-chan should have done some work on her by now."

Naruto looked at Arashi in confusion, but then shrugged his shoulders and followed his brother to a waiting Fu, Sasuke and Hokage. "We're ready," Arashi explained.

The group headed to the Uchiha compound where Sasuke angrily asked, "What are we doing here?"

Arashi then replied, "We are here to get something that was given to your clan without permission. Basically it was stolen from my clan and given to yours. Naruto-chan should have been given the scrolls, but instead some of the elders decided that since our mother wasn't around they could take advantage of us and not hold them or just give them to the Uchiha."

Sasuke scoffed at the notion that his clan would steal anything and said, "Like we would want or need anything from a loser clan like yours."

"Self-righteous bastard! You will take that back now!" Fu exclaimed to the surprise of everyone present. She then continued, "You thieving Uchiha! You take what isn't yours, but scoff at the idea that you should return what isn't yours. Stolen property is stolen property!"

Sasuke shrugged and said, "Like I care. It was given to us…"

Arashi cut him off, "Just shut it teme. I'm here to retrieve the Uzumaki clan legacy and help dig this village out of a hole they dug themselves into. We can do this the easy way, where I just find and retrieve the scrolls while you just answer my questions, or we can just take acquisition of you as a slave and claim the whole of the Uchiha compound as property of the Uzumaki. Understand that we would also destroy your clan's reputation, since you would no longer be able to give assistance to your vassal clans. The Hokage has been nice enough to take care of that for you, since your clan met its unfortunate or fortunate, according to some people, fate." He then turned to Sasuke, who was now beginning to sweat. "You understand that I'm being nice and you WILL treat my brother with more respect."

"Why? He's just a loser. I can beat him in just about everything," Sasuke replied.

Arashi laughed and said, "You pale in comparison in chakra capacity. Also understand that he had to do all of his learning basically by himself. You have a family to teach you things for the first eight years of your life. Also I know more about you then you want to know. Your quest for power will only end in bloodshed and pain for you and those who care about you. So get off your high horse and start thinking about someone other than yourself. Understand that my clan will be keeping an eye on you and if you stray into the darkness… we will bring you back, either alive or dead. Only you can determine which it will be, since I'm convinced that you will take the path of the avenger."

He then moved next to Sasuke and whispered, "Naruto has taken the path of the virtuous pariah. He is nobler than you could imagine."

Sasuke looked confused by the statement, but then said, "Search until your heart's content."

Arashi smirked under his mask and made a hand seal. Hundreds of clones appeared and took off into the Uchiha compound. Sarutobi looked at him in confusion, but then remembered who he actually was. Naruto looked on in awe and said, "Wow! Can you teach me that too?"

Arashi nodded, but then replied, "Yes I can, but you will have to do better in your studies. Do you want to be on his team?" He pointed at Sasuke and then continued, "He more than likely will be Rookie of the year when you graduate, but it isn't the brightest star that will keep you warm."

Naruto looked at a blushing Fu and then back at Arashi. He then said, "Ew…"

Arashi raised an eyebrow and asked, "Would you say that about your abusive friend Sakura?"

Naruto was confused as to how to answer the question and kept making broken advances to protect himself and Sakura from the insult. Arashi smirked as several clones appeared a few minutes later with scrolls with the Uzumaki swirl on them. They also appeared with several nearly destroyed scrolls. After about an hour Arashi had concluded that most if not all of the Uzumaki property that was in the Uchiha compound was no in front of them. Naruto whistled in awe at the stack of scrolls and equipment. Also there were a few other items that raised an eyebrow for the Hokage. Several of the scrolls bore the marks of other clans inside of Konoha, Yamanaka, Nara, Aburame, Akamichi, Kurama and other clan symbols on the scrolls.

Arashi glared at Sasuke who was leaning against the wall in an indifferent look on his face. He then said, "Sasuke Uchiha… The Uchiha clan had in its possession scrolls from other clans which I'm sure that weren't given to them. If this were found out your clan would be the laughing stock of the village. Also know that I'm going to return the scrolls to their rightful owners. I'm sure that the Kurama clan will want to disassociate with your clan. Also Hokage, I have an idea on how to help the heir of that clan, if you're willing to listen."

Sarutobi glared at Sasuke and replied, "Yes Arashi I would be most interested." He then thought, 'It looks like the elders were right in taking down the Uchiha when they did. If they could have used even a portion of the Uzumaki scrolls and had an understanding of the other clan scroll we would have had a real problem with an actual rebellion.'

Sasuke glared at Arashi and said, "What do I care? I'm the only Uchiha left in the village."

Arashi gathered the scrolls and put them into several sealing scrolls. He then said, "You are not so important that you can't be eliminated. I know that the Hokage would have a real problem fighting my clan, especially since we aren't actually opposed to him, just a little annoyed at him. You've had it good for the last couple years, but that will end and you can learn what it is like to have a normal life. I know that loneliness is a terrible thing, but understand that you've not hit the true depths of loneliness."

Sasuke looked confused at Arashi and asked, "What are you talking about?"

Arashi sighed and replied, "Think about this. What if you didn't know your parents, those that you trust will not tell you even who they are and don't give you a reason for why they won't tell you. Now add to that children around you are told by their parents, in front of you I might add, to actively avoid you, sometimes violently. Now you go home without being able to talk to anyone, not by choice like you do. Humans need some feeling of belonging or else they go insane."

Sasuke glared at Arashi and then said, "Like anyone would ever have to endure that kind of treatment."

Naruto looked down and Fu put a reassuring hand on his shoulder. Arashi looked at Sasuke and said, "Again you cut off your nose to spite your face. If you can't see who has dealt with that then you are not as smart as you purport to be. Enough, we have a family reunion to have, Naruto-chan time to go meet your mother."

Naruto seemed to perk up and took Fu's hand. The trio of Uzumaki headed off to the hospital. A chuunin suddenly appeared next to the Hokage and whispered, "We have a problem at the front gates, Hokage-sama."

Sarutobi sighed and knew that this was Arashi's doing.


Naruto entered the hospital and walked hand in hand with Fu, but every time a nurse attempted to brock their progress a burst of Ki was sent their way from Arashi. They quickly found the room with Tsunade and Shizune standing over a conscious red head. Naruto looked at the woman and back at Arashi. Arashi nodded and Naruto was instantly wrapping his arms around the red head. The woman giggled and said, "Well that is something I have wanted to have for a long time. Well sort of… Hello again Naruto-chan. I'm sorry I wasn't there for you, but thanks to your big brother I'm here."

She continued to hug her son and tears came down from the duo, but no words were exchanged. Arashi felt Fu pull herself into his side and hug him with a longing stare. He smiled beneath his mask. He then chuckled and said, "Hey Baa-chan, we're needed at the main gate. Hope you have a lot of rooms at the Senju compound."

Tsunade glared at the blonde, but nodded and headed out with Arashi. Fu stayed behind and cautiously approached Kushina.


Arashi and Tsunade appeared next to a frustrated Hokage. "So what's the holdup?" Arashi asked.

Sarutobi replied, "You didn't tell me that you were bringing all the lost remnants of the Uzumaki clan and several from other villages."

Arashi smirked and said, "Well I know that we have one from Grass, over a dozen from Sound, those will have to spend some time talking to with Ibiki, but be nice, please… I found a couple here and there. I also found one that might be coming later and she is a doozy."

Tsunade chuckled at the sea of red heads and asked, "So let me get this straight. You want me to test if they all are Uzumaki?"

"Oh they're Uzumaki, but I just want to figure out some lineage. I know that Karin is a medical and sensor type. She is from Hidden Grass. Amaru is from a small village that we need to talk about later. Tayuya and her friends are from around, but were being training in the Sound village. Let's just say they escaped and leave it at that for now," Arashi explained. He then cleared his throat and said, "With the permission of the Hokage I would like those of you from the Hidden Sound to accompany my clone for a debriefing." A clone appeared and a group broke off from the rest and followed the clone.

Tayuya smirked and said, "Did you like the view from when you rescued us?"

Arashi chuckled and replied, "You will fill out very well Tayuya-chan."

Tayuya blushed heavily as she followed the clone. Guren smirked and said, "I got you first…"

Arashi then said, "Guren-chan, Fu-chan accomplished that first, sorry. She would also like a few words with you about taking something from a married man when his wife isn't around."

Guren wore a worried look upon her face and quickly followed the group with the clone.

Sarutobi chuckled and asked, "Marital troubles already?"

Arashi shook his head and replied, "No, she just took advantage of a clone in an intimate way. Fu is perturbed, but not really mad, since it was only a clone. She will also determine what Guren is soon enough."

Sarutobi blushed and said, "Polygamy isn't illegal."

"No, but it can be hard to handle," Arashi replied with a chuckle.

The rest of the assembled people moved towards Arashi, Tsunade and the Hokage. Arashi gently grabbed the hand of Amaru and led her and Shinno to Tsunade. "Amaru-chan, this is Tsunade of the Sannin or as I like to call her Tsunade-Baa-chan. Baa-chan, this is Amaru Uzumaki and her mentor Shinno," Arashi introduced the young girl with stars in her eyes and her master to Tsunade.

Tsunade glared at the blonde, but then said, "Welcome Amaru-chan, an unusual name for a boy."

Arashi chuckled and said, "Amaru-chan is girl. She will become quite pretty when she gets older, I'm sure of it."

Amaru blushed at the compliment. She then said, "It's a great honor to meet the legendary medic, Tsunade Senju."

Arashi looked at a dejected Karin and said, "Karin, since you're also a medical type. Why don't you go along with them to begin your training?" She smiled widely, nodded and joined the group.

Tsunade, Karin, Amaru and Shinno began to walk off talking amongst themselves. Arashi then said quietly to Sarutobi, "Shinno is the leader of the former Sky Country shinobi. We should keep an eye on him, but not too close a one, since his disciple will be staying close to Baa-chan. The ones from Sound will more than likely give you all the information they can about Orochimaru. I would keep that he is the leader of Sound under wraps until we have an effective counter to him."

Sarutobi nodded and replied, "You have brought a large group to Konoha. Many skills will be useful, but can we trust them?"

Arashi smirked under his mask and replied, "They trust me and I won't fail them. I failed before and won't fail this time. My worries are that I will have to fight my cousin from Rain village and the fake Madara Uchiha."

Arashi led the remaining Uzumaki to the Senju compound and with the help of the remaining Senju they got them situated.


Arashi arrived at the hospital, but sighed when Karin came up to him and grabbed his hand. Not wanting to push the girl away to join the group known as the Sasuke fan club, he endured the girl's affection.

Fu smirked when she saw Karin holding onto her husband's hand. She wondered if she could keep sole custody of her husband or would have to share. She then smirked and thought that the younger Naruto might have similar problems. She knew that Hinata Hyuuga liked Naruto and with things going the way they were it might be more girls knocking down his door. She then asked is a seductive tone, "So Arashi-kun, are we sharing our bed with a ten year old?"

Karin blushed profusely and then glared at the mint haired girl. "Who are you and what are you talking about?" she asked accusatorily.

Arashi smirked and replied, "She is my wife and I don't think that you're ready for being in my bed just yet Karin-chan. Maybe in a few years, but you might have moved on to another boy by then. If you do, please let me meet them first."

Karin nodded and replied, "Anything for you Arashi-kun." Suddenly she felt a similar chakra to Arashi. She looked around the room and saw another blonde, who was holding on to an older red head's hand. They seemed to be talking, but she was drawn to his chakra, but there was also a more malevolent chakra underlying it. This intrigued her. Arashi led her over to Kushina and Naruto.

"Mom, this is Karin. Karin, this is my mother, Kushina Uzumaki and my younger brother, Naruto-chan. He also is my near twin, only six years younger," Arashi explained.

Kushina motioned for Karin to move forward, but Amaru came out of the dark corner of the room and said, "Kushina-sama, you need to take it easy. You are still recovering from a ten year long coma."

Kushina smiled warmly when the girl placed a hand on Naruto's shoulder. She then replied, "Very well Amaru-chan. I guess we will have to get together again Naruto-chan." She turned to Arashi and said, "Thank you. You have made me happier than you could ever imagine."

Arashi pulled down his mask and smiled. "Anything for you mom," he replied happily. He then continued, "Naruto-chan, Karin-chan, you both will be training tonight and attending the academy tomorrow. Amaru-chan, I leave my mother in your capable hands."

Tsunade smirked at the comment, but took no offense to it. She knew that Arashi considered her his mother in a way, so she just kept an eye on the girl while Shizune kept an eye on her master, Shinno. Tsunade noticed the way that Amaru treated Kushina and would give an occasional longing glance towards Arashi. She smirked and thought, 'Watch yourself Fu-chan. He is attracting a lot of attention. He even told me about Guren having her way with a clone. Jeez some women and their thirst for power.'


Orochimaru was fuming. He had lost at least one base and many people that he considered at least somewhat valuable. The worst part was that their genetic samples were ruined and he would have to track down where those people had gone to get another sample. The news of Guren and Tayuya defecting to someone else was also troubling. At least he hadn't lost Kabuto and his skills. The only clue was a message on a wall that stated: 'You lose, you pedophile. I've saved them, even the ones you forced me to kill and this is only the beginning.'

"Kabuto, who do you think could have written this message?" he asked his most trusted associate.

Kabuto shrugged and replied, "I have no clue, but they had to be powerful, since I found no evidence of jutsu used against our people. It was an infiltration and then assassination mission, but what puzzles me is who would know about this base and who would, knowing that, take several people who are of Uzumaki lineage."

"Uzumaki you say. Kushina is dead and I don't know of any others besides the ones we picked up," Orochimaru explained out loud. He then continued, "Well enough thought about this loss. Head to Konoha and check on the progress of our former village."

Kabuto bowed and said, "As you with Orochimaru." He then left the room to prepare for his trip to Konoha.


Danzo was breathing hard, bleeding from several locations and beginning to tire. He now understood what Arashi had meant what he warned him before. His men lay dying and strewn over the field of battle. There were several Wood village shinobi also, but the true enemy when killed would just disappear in a puff of smoke. This man had forced him to release his arm and the Sharingan eyes within. He feared that he wouldn't last the rest of the day. He had used several Wind type jutsu only to have them replicated and returned about twenty minutes later. Worse yet the arrival of the Wood village shinobi had not allowed him and his men to disengage from Arashi.

He turned to find a face that he seemed to recognize, but couldn't quite place it. "Who are you?" he asked angrily.

"I am god. Here to punish you for your transgressions. You had Hanzo betray us now you will pay for using him to destroy Ame," Pain explained in his Yahiko body.

Emotion crossed Danzo's face, but only briefly. "You were killed by your comrade. How can you be alive?" he asked in confusion.

Arashi appeared next to Pain and said, "As I promised. I delivered him onto you, so you will leave Naruto and the other jinchuuriki alone. I will allow you to extract vengeance from all that he has done over time. The arm and the eyes though come with me. We can burn the rest other than the head."

Pain nodded and replied, "Arashi, you have made a friend with me and have rekindled my desire to bring peace to the world. Tell Jiraiya-sensei that I am back in the fold."

Arashi laughed and replied, "Good to have you. Also give Konan some of your time. She loves you and doesn't hold you responsible for Yahiko's death. She loves you both."

A metal pole began to extend from Pain's arm and he declared, "Almighty pull."

Danzo was pulled into the pole and appeared to die on the pole, but then disappeared and reappeared about five meters away. "You will have to do better than that to kill me," Danzo explained.

Arashi looked at Danzo and then whispered, "One of the eyes has closed and the chakra no longer runs through it. Just kill him enough times to get rid of all the eyes and you're set."

Pain nodded, but then raised an eyebrow when a Wood shinobi pushed a sword through Danzo and he appeared to die yet again. Pain and Arashi both thought, 'This is going to be a long day.'

The next hour was spent playing cat and mouse with Danzo. In the end Arashi took the arm and Pain took the head. They burned the rest of the body. Arashi also took several of the other head, but sighed when he came upon two bodies that he recognized. "Sorry Sai…" he said apologetically. He burned the bodies and buried the remains. He then headed back to Konoha with his gruesome collection of remains sealed in a scroll.


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