Chapter 5 – More confusion…

Arashi's clones worked on sorting the items and scrolls found in the Uchiha district. Arashi, Naruto and Karin gathered the scrolls and began to walk to the various clans with the possessions of said clan. Arashi's first stop was the Yamanaka. The trio entered the flower shop and was greeted by Ino. "Welcome to the Yamanaka flower shop. How can I help you? Oh it's you, Naruto…" Ino said in an annoyed tone.

Arashi sighed and held Naruto by the shoulder. He smiled under his mask and said, "Ino-chan, would you be a dear and get your father for me?"

Ino scowled at the masked blonde in front of her and replied, "Sure…" She walked into the back room.

"She seems mad," Naruto commented nervously.

"She is a nice girl once you get to know her, but don't let your guard fall," Arashi warned.

Naruto looked up at him in confusion and asked, "Huh, why?"

Arashi chuckled and replied, "She is a fan girl, just like Sakura is and will not appreciate you for you until you're older. I advise getting to know, Hinata, Karin Amaru, and possibly Yakumo Kurama. They can help you attempt to understand girls, not that you'll ever be able to… I still can't"

Naruto began to laugh and said, "You're with Fu-neechan and you don't understand her! That's hilarious." Karin giggled, but kept to herself other than holding onto Naruto's arm when he would let her.

Arashi chuckled and said, "Yes, but that type of ignorance is good. Just make sure you can understand when they don't want you around, like Sakura didn't. Learn when they are in a mood and when they are not. It will save you from a lot of unnecessary injury." He then turned to see Ino an Inoichi entering the room. "Inoichi-san, I would like for Ino to witness this," he said authoritatively. Inoichi nodded and put a hand on Ino's shoulder to stop her from leaving. Arashi took a deep breath and then said, "I am Arashi Uzumaki, I am here to present you with things that I found while searching the Uchiha compound under the supervision of the Hokage in the hopes of retrieving my clan's property. I present you with scrolls that I found there with your clan's markings."

Ino looked confused and asked, "Why were you searching Sasuke-kun's compound?"

Arashi was about to speak, but Naruto replied, "The Uchiha were given items and scrolls that were the property of my clan."

Ino looked at Naruto and said, "He mentioned you being from a clan before, but I didn't believe it, but given that he and you look alike I can't argue that you might be part of a clan."

Inoichi went through the scrolls that Arashi handed him and became more enraged with each scroll he saw. He sighed and finally said, "I Inoichi Yamanaka take possession of the returned gifts from you, Arashi. The Yamanaka clan is grateful and offers our support to your clan." He then turned to Ino and said, "You do realize that your infatuation with the Uchiha boy must end now."

Ino wore a worried look and asked, "Why? What is going on and why do I have to?"

Inoichi wore an angry look upon his face and said, "The Uchiha stole these scrolls from our clan and our archives. Some have been missing for years and some for only a few years. I will not have you associating with a boy whose clan has stolen from us."

Ino began to tear up and said, "What? That is a lie!" She turned to Arashi and Naruto and said, "You did this! You ruined my life!"

Naruto looked sorrowfully at Ino, but Arashi said, "Ino, you can check with the Hokage and Sasuke himself, but I wouldn't expect Sasuke to say much, like he ever does to a girl. I will also advise you to treat my brother with the respect due a clan heir. Given the support of your father our clans will become closer, so please don't do anything you might regret. Naruto will also be on his best behavior… well as good as he can that is, since he practically raised himself."

Ino looked at Naruto who lowered his head and nodded. Ino then asked, "You mean that…"

"Yes, he was a clan heir that was raised by the village and poorly I might add," Arashi replied to the unasked question.

Inoichi put his hand out and Arashi took it. Inoichi then said, "Again thank you for returning this to our clan. If you need anything don't be afraid to ask."

Arashi nodded and replied, "You're quite welcome and don't worry about it. It's not like I'll ask for Ino to marry Naruto." Ino and Naruto's eyes went wide and Arashi chuckled. He then said, "Like I said, "I'm not looking to marry them off to each other."

Inoichi smirked and then said in a joking tone, "That isn't a half bad idea…"

Ino screamed and exclaimed, "Don't even joke about that!"

Naruto began to laugh and said, "Now that was a good prank, Mr. Yamanaka."

Inoichi smiled at Naruto and said, "Thank you that is quite a compliment coming from the prank king of Konoha."

Arashi bowed and then said, "Well we have several other clans to return their stuff too, so we'll be off."

Arashi, Naruto and Karin bid the Yamanaka a farewell and headed to the Akamichi next, followed by the Nara, the Hyuuga, several smaller clans and finally the Kurama clan, while Karin headed to the Senju compound when the boys headed to the Kurama clan compound. Arashi was given a switch of loyalty from the Uchiha to the Uzumaki from the Kurama clan and a possible marriage with Yakumo at a later date. He sighed and asked that it might be better if Naruto be put on that marriage arrangement. Arashi and Naruto argued, but Arashi pointed out that Naruto would at least have one girl who would agree to marry him. Naruto relented at that, but didn't understand quite what Arashi meant.

They then went back to the Senju compound. They were met by Tsunade, Karin, Amaru and another girl from Oto named Mito. Arashi raised an eyebrow, but figured that the Mito had gone through questioning and now was ready for entrance to the clan. Tsunade waved for Arashi to come with her, so Arashi looked at the assembled ten year olds and said, "I want all of you to work on chakra control. Please Karin, help Naruto with it, since he really needs help." He then left an annoyed Naruto with a group of girls and grin on his face. He walked with Tsunade and asked, "What's up Baa-chan?"

Tsunade sighed and asked, "You're going to keep calling me that aren't you?"

Arashi chuckled and replied, "You're my grandmother and I have a mother, so yeah."

Tsunade then asked, "What are we going to do, since you said we have several years before the fake Madara moves?"

Arashi sighed and replied, "Well, first I pissed off Orochimaru by taking all the Uzumaki from his base and eliminating the others who opposed me. I also took some of his key players from later on. I really am only playing this by ear and don't really have too much of a plan. Ero-sennin wasn't sure that I should even come to Konoha and hide myself away until I could really be more help, but I couldn't just let my mother die."

Tsunade smiled warmly. She then reached up and pulled down Arashi's mask and kissed him on the cheek. She then said, "My grandson had grown up into a strong man." She then sighed and asked, "So how do you want to do this? You're acting head of the Uzumaki clan, but have no rank. I'm an Uzumaki too, by my grandmother, but also I am the figurehead of the Senju clan. You've really caused a firestorm here in the village, you know that?"

Arashi smiled and chuckled. He then replied, "Yeah, I always did cause some sort of ruckus. I'm guessing that Jiiji will want me to do some task to prove my rank. I also have to hide the fact that I'm the jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi, so I guess it is mostly Sage mode for important battles." He then sighed and said, "About the clan, I'm not sure, since I've never really had much of a family and that was broken from the start. I had Sasuke who I thought of like a brother, but he tried to kill me on several occasions, then there was Sakura who never returned my affection… You and Ero-sennin, who were like silly parents, who… I don't know… and Iruka-sensei who was like a father or brother to me later on, well after that little incident with Taki is when it happened."

Tsunade pulled Arashi into a hug and said, "I'm sorry I wasn't there for you."

Arashi returned the hug and said, "We didn't know and you're here now. As for Sasuke, I'm going to be watching him and Sakura… well we don't have to worry about Naruto chasing after her anymore." He chuckled and said, "I sort of arranged for him to marry Yakumo Kurama when they are older. We can change that later, but it would be good for him to learn to work with the girl. I figure that I can get her back into the academy in a few weeks. Once Naruto and I help her either shackle or destroy Id she will be better."

"You did what?" Tsunade asked as she was surprised at what Arashi had done.

Arashi sighed and replied, "There was a connection when they met, and one when I met her before. I also know she really became infatuated with me, similar to Hinata, but different. I need to figure out what to do, since I know now that I affected a lot of girls during my life. I just have recently realized what it means to be rejected and don't want Naruto to feel it anymore. I know Karin likes both Naruto and I, but it is because she is a sensor type." He chuckled and said, "I watched her closely when she saw Naruto, since my Kurama isn't so vexed my chakra isn't so malicious underneath. She seemed to like the feeling she got while she was around Naruto, so helping them will help us all."

Tsunade nodded and said, "Let me know if you need anything to help."

Arashi nodded and replied, "We need Naruto's chakra control to improve dramatically. I will work on his other skills, since they were neglected. Luckily we weren't abused too much as a kid."

Tsunade chuckled and said, "You turned out okay."

Arashi chuckled and said, "Yeah, I'm perfect, no problems at all." Both chuckled and then headed back to the children, while Arashi pulled up his mask. Arashi clapped his hand and then said, "All of you will be entering the Konoha academy alongside of Naruto. You are Uzumaki and there are two rules. First, never give up and second you are stronger working together than you are working alone and for only yourself."

"Easy for the guy who can use Sage mode," Naruto said in a derogatory tone.

Arashi chuckled and said, "Sit down, we have a family secret that needs to be put out in the open, but it is only for the clan. First, you must never discuss this no matter what with anyone outside of the clan or outside of the compound. Second there is a village secret that can get you in trouble so no sharing no matter how much you feel you need to say this information to others to show them up, Naruto." Arashi glared at the younger blonde, only for him to shrink under the gaze and then nod. Arashi sighed, as Tsunade watched and she sat with the group. He then began, "The first secret is that there are several jinchuuriki in the Uzumaki clan. Now before you panic, understand what a jinchuuriki is. They are described as the cost of human sacrifice. They all have a demon sealed within them. This doesn't mean that they are what they hold. Now we will talk about my wife, Fu, she holds the Nanabi or seven tailed beetle. You've met her, so you can see that she isn't the beetle. We then have Amaru, who holds Riebi or the Zero tailed leach. She didn't know this, so go easy on her. Next we have Naruto who holds Kyuubi or the Nine tailed fox." He then looked at Amaru and Naruto and said, "Now you understand why you've been persecuted. That will not happen here in this clan."

Mito raised her hand and asked, "Why won't it happen here?"

Arashi smirked and replied, "First, I won't tolerate it. There is also some information you need to know. The Kyuubi has had three Uzumaki vessels, the first was Mito Senju-Uzumaki, the second jinchuuriki was Kushina Uzumaki, Naruto's and my mother, and finally Naruto. The cause of the sealing of the Kyuubi can be traced to an Uchiha, along with the severe injury that my mother is now dealing with." Arashi sighed and took off his shirt, this caused both Amaru and Karin to blush. He then channeled chakra and the seal on his stomach appeared. "I am also the keeper of Kurama, or as you know him, the Kyuubi. I am really Naruto Uzumaki from six years in the future. I can and will help Fu, Naruto and Amaru deal with and eventually work with their sealed beast. That is the reason I will not tolerate any of them being persecuted. Also refer to me as Arashi, since I've become used to the name and don't want to confuse Naruto. Now let's get to training. Also Amaru, we need to talk."

Amaru looked down and replied, "Yes, Arashi-sama."

Arashi sighed and said, "You're not in trouble. It is more information for you. Now let's get to training."

The next hour was put into intensive training led by both Tsunade and Arashi. Arashi and Tsunade took Amaru aside and Arashi explained, "Amaru, what I'm going to tell you is hard to believe, but it is the truth." He took a deep breath and then started, "Shinno is the head of the Sky country shinobi. He sealed Reibi in you. He both cares about you and also doesn't… it's confusing, but know that Tsunade and I are here for you. Don't confront Shinno about this or it could be bad." He then lifted her chin and asked, "Remember when I said that you would become a beautiful young woman?"

Amaru with tears rolling down her cheeks nodded and replied, "Yes."

Arashi pulled down his mask and said, "I told you that I'm from the future, so I know what you'll look like and you become beautiful."

Amaru lurched forward and embraced Arashi. She then said in a pleading voice, "Don't ever leave me."

Arashi began to rub her head and replied, "I would never do that to someone that I love."

Amaru pulled back and looked into his eyes. She then asked, "You mean that?"

Arashi smiled and said, "I loved the woman that you became. You are still young and need to mature, but right now I love you like a sister." He then sighed and said, "Speaking of sisters… here they come grandma…"

Tsunade glared at Arashi, but braced for the trio of Uzumaki girls, as they came running towards the area that Arashi, Amaru and Tsunade were at. Yuki led the trio of red heads. Yuki slammed into Arashi, followed by Sasami. He captured both and asked, "So how are my sisters doing?"

Ami blushed and replied, "We saw mommy… I mean our other mommy. She was nice."

Arashi chuckled and replied, "Good, I'm glad to hear that. Now I would like you three to meet, Amaru Uzumaki, she will be in Naruto-chan's class."

Ami bowed and said, "I am pleased to meet you Amaru-chan."

Sasami got down and jumped up onto Amaru's lap. She then said, "I'm Sasami and I'm two."

Amaru smiled and said, "I'm glad to meet you Sasami-chan." Sasami nodded emphatically.

Yuki moved behind Arashi and wore a worried look on her face. Arashi then said, "Yuki-chan, please don't be impolite. Say hello to Amaru-chan. She is sort of like a cousin." This caused Yuki to come out from behind Arashi, but still stayed close to him.

She then said, "Sorry… hi…"

Amaru nodded and said, "It is good to meet you Yuki-chan. I'm glad to meet all three of Kushina-sama's children and Arashi-kun's sisters."

Tsunade then asked, "What no greeting for me?"

All there forgot about Amaru and encircled Tsunade exclaiming, "We didn't forget about you, Tsunade-obaasan!"

Tsunade glared at Arashi who just shrugged and Amaru began to giggle.


Arashi sighed as he and several clones began to go over the paperwork that had accumulated for the clan. While the Senju were dealing with some of the expenses, Arashi, Tsunade and Sakaki were trying to work out how both clans would be dealing with things. The Uzumaki was now a lot larger than the Senju. The Senju sported only six members, while the Uzumaki was now over twenty. There was also the petition for the Uzumaki to protect the Kurama clan. Sakaki got a laugh out of the marriage proposal as assurance of the clan's support of the Uzumaki. The change from Uchiha to Uzumaki was a political boon for Arashi and the Uzumaki, but also had some consequences too. Arashi was already talking to Unkai, which Arashi was beginning to dislike immensely.

Over the next couple weeks Arashi was able to, with Naruto's help, deal with Id and bring Yakumo into the academy, much to the annoyance of Unkai. Arashi was pleased that Naruto was able to get the support of Mito, Karin and Amaru in the academy. He did watch carefully when the girls were first exposed to Sasuke, but stopped worrying when Sasuke spurned a friendly advance by Amaru and did so in a very insulting way. Arashi was also please when Ino and the other clan heirs stood up for Naruto when Sasuke insulted him and his clan. While Sasuke held the advantage in most of the realm of physical skills, he seemed be distancing himself from any type of help. Ino had even called him a 'jerk'. This had brought a smirk to Arashi's clone that was watching the antics of the students.

The next month saw the birth of the fourth daughter of the Kushina. Arashi was there for the delivery, much to his annoyance. He really didn't want to see his mother giving birth, but Tsunade didn't give him a choice. At least he didn't have to see the actual birth, since he only had to hold her hand while Akimi Uzumaki came into the world. There was much joy and celebration in the Uzumaki and Senju household.

Over the month Naruto and the other Uzumaki had improved in their classes, thus earning the ire of several individuals around the village. Arashi had also taken a test of his abilities in front of the council. His only weakness appeared to be genjutsu, but that didn't stop him from embarrassing Kakashi. This earned him a promotion to jounin and allowed him to start doing missions when Kushina finally took over the mantle of leadership of the clan.

Guren had finally been released to the Uzumaki clan's protection. She had promptly asked to become a member of the Uzumaki clan. The clan leaders readily agreed, but she had pulled a fast one on the clan by demanding that Arashi become her husband. Given that the clan had already agreed to include her request, they had to acquiesce to her demands. This didn't stop Fu from laying down the ground rules for the threesome marriage, which Guren quickly agreed to. Arashi had a week long honeymoon with both of his wives. He came back a happy, but frustrated man. The women were civil when he was around, but when he was away they would fight and only Tsunade would be able to stop them from fighting. After that Arashi learned to take mission with both of his wives, because it easier than leaving them at home to cause problems around the village. This taking of mission had helped the clan's finances and helped Fu and Guren to learn about getting along. Amaru got angry that Guren had become Arashi's wife, since she held a special place for him in her heart. She was hard pressed to say that she wasn't in love with him.

After hearing about the betrothal between Naruto and Yakumo, Hinata did her best to befriend Naruto. This worked, since the boy would accept just about anyone who showed interest in him to be his friend. Her romantic advances were clumsy and timid, so Karin attempted to show her how to do it, only to end up kissing the boy, much to her enjoyment. The closeness of the boy and his chakra was intoxicating. Now Naruto had his own following of girls in class, all of which were being trained by Tsunade, Arashi, Fu and Kushina, meaning that they would not lose unless they wanted too to the other girls in class. Yakumo not wanting to be outdone by another girl had cornered Naruto and kissed him aggressively. Naruto was useless the rest of the day and commented on not minding have to marry Yakumo later.


Several months later, Arashi chuckled at the sour look on Naruto's face. Arashi and Naruto were going on a date this night. Arashi was going with Guren and Fu, while Naruto was taking Yakumo and Karin out on his date. Karin had asked Kushina if she could marry Naruto and Kushina agreed. Naruto now was complaining, "Why do I have to go out with them? I'm already set to marry them."

Arashi chuckled and replied, "You need to get to know your women better than you do now. Kissing them isn't enough and yes I've heard what they did. Karin is infatuated with you because of your chakra. She finds it like basking in sunlight and warm to go along with it."

Naruto looked at him in confusion and said, "That sounds weird."

Arashi chuckled and said, "Might be, but you also are a sensor type. You will learn it when you train more."

Naruto sighed and said, "But you know all that is going to happen. It isn't fair."

Arashi chuckled and said, "No, when I came back Fu was already dead as were all of the other jinchuuriki. You will find that Yakumo is a nice girl and she does like you. I would watch Karin in that she might want to make you a man earlier than you're ready."

Naruto looked at him in confusion and asked, "What do you mean?"

Arashi sighed and replied, "She might want to take you into her bed and have sex with you."

Naruto wore a look of almost fear. He then exclaimed, "What?"

Arashi chuckled and said, "It is not something that you're ready for. I'm sure that you would enjoy it, but mom, I and other would not be happy if that happens. This is a date to find if you're compatible."

Naruto looked down and said, "But what is it like?"

Arashi chuckled and replied, "That is for you to find out when you're older. Each woman is different and I won't go into detail."

Naruto sighed in relief and said, "Good, I don't want to hear about you, Fu-chan and Guren-baka."

Arashi raised an eyebrow and asked, "Why are you against Guren-chan?"

Naruto stepped back and replied, "She kissed me last week… on the lips…" He then curled up and said apologetically, "Sorry."

Arashi chuckled and said, "I will take that up with my wife later. You did nothing wrong. Now let's go get some dinner with the girls."

Arashi and Naruto left the room and went down to the foyer of the compound. Naruto's eyes went wide at the sight of Yakumo and Karin in dress kimonos and makeup. "Wow," he exclaimed. This caused both Yakumo and Karin to blush.

Arashi smiled and said, "You both look very beautiful, girls." He then turned to see Fu and Guren and his smile grew wider. He then said, "I'm the luckiest man in the world and have the most beautiful women as my wives."

Fu moved forward and took his lips. The passionate kiss finished only for Guren to take possession of her husband's lips after her co-wife. He smiled at the end of the kiss and saw the blush on the younger kids in the room. Arashi put out his arms which were taken by Fu and Guren. Naruto imitated this and Yakumo and Karin took his arm. The six left the compound. A sad Amaru came out into the room, but was taken into the arms of Tsunade. She then said, "If you can wait a few more years then you can court Arashi-kun." She looked down at the red head, who just nodded. Tsunade turned and knelt to eye level with the girl. "Arashi knows how you feel and isn't spurning you, but he does need to keep his current wives happy. Remember the date he took you on a month ago?"

Amaru smiled warmly and touched her lips. She then said, "I kissed him and he didn't stop me."

Tsunade smiled and said, "Yes, he told me about that. He was surprised by your forwardness. He said it was nice, but still wanted you to be older before he wanted to court you. He is worried that you wanting to be with another boy, but he also feels a connection to you from before. How is your work with Reibi going?"

Amaru chuckled and replied, "Better than my relationship with Arashi-kun."

Tsunade chuckled and said, "Give it time. He has told me that did love you, but is worried that he might move to fast for you, so he is going slowly with you. He also has to deal with Naruto-chan and the girls that are interested in him. Has he told you about his childhood?"

Amaru nodded and replied, "He was clueless about girls and never found love."

Tsunade nodded and said, "Knowing that… he now has to deal with girls almost like what Sasuke Uchiha has to deal with, but with real feelings for him. Fu and him have a special relationship, both jinchuuriki and their love is primal, similar to your attraction to him. He has a fear that you girls will abandon him."

Amaru looked worriedly and said, "I would never abandon him."

Tsunade smiled and hugged the girl. "I know you wouldn't, since you understand him better than most."


Arashi smiled at the sight of two naked women in his bed. He had spent the last couple hours making love to his wives and now he was thinking of a young red head. He wondered if she would or could wait for him. He again smiled at the remembrance of making love to the women that shared his bed. He was woken out of his musing by Fu who looked worriedly up at him. "What's wrong Arashi-kun?" she asked worriedly.

Arashi sighed and asked, "What do you think of Amaru-chan?"

Fu smirked and said, "Is my husband into younger women?"

Arashi chuckled and replied, "You know that isn't it. I loved her and lost her."

Fu smiled and said, "You have her now. She has been on a couple of dates with you and she even kissed you. I think that she will wait for you." She then smirked and said, "But if you want her now…"

Arashi's eyes went wide and said, "I wouldn't take a ten year old into my bed. It isn't right and might hurt her."

Fu giggled and said, "I wasn't going to say that you should take her, but I think you should take me." She then made a ram hand sign and said, "Transform." She then appeared to be a ten year old version of herself. She then said, "Your turn, Arashi-kun."

Arashi chuckled and transformed himself into his younger self. The couple then went about making love to each other. The interesting thing was that they didn't disturb Guren.


Arashi was sitting in the family hot spring. He closed his eyes and said, "Welcome Haku-chan."

Haku stepped forward and Arashi raised an eyebrow at the nude Haku. He noted the female form and truth that Haku was a girl. He chuckled and said, "Come on in and warm up. I'm sure that it is cold without any clothes."

Haku nodded and replied, "Thank you Arashi-sama. Zabuza-sama has told me to deliver myself and a jutsu scroll onto you."

Arashi looked at the girl and asked, "So you are offering your body to me?"

Haku nodded and replied, "If that is what you wish."

Arashi sighed and said, "I already have physical gratification from my wives. I do admit that you are a beautiful young woman."

Haku bowed her head and said, "Thank you Arashi-sama. So are you saying no to my advance?"

Arashi replied, "You're what, twelve, thirteen?"

Haku nodded and replied, "I am thirteen."

Arashi sighed and replied, "I am sixteen, married and have several girls and women pursuing me. I am flattered at your advance, but I thought you were interested in Zabuza-san."

Haku bowed her head and replied, "Zabuza-sama is not interested in me and my underdeveloped body. He is interested in Mei-sama."

Arashi moved over and touched Haku's chin. She flinched and became rigid. He gently pulled up her chin to meet her eyes. He smiled and said, "I would like you to meet someone."

Haku looked up at Arashi and asked, "Who?"

Arashi smiled and said, "Her name is Amaru and she is in love with me, but she is only ten years old. I do love her too, but I don't want to make advances until she is old enough to be with me. I think that you're trying to transfer your affection for Zabuza to me."

Haku sighed and said, "You might be right, but can I at least try to become precious to you?"

Arashi chuckled and replied, "I would like that. We can become friends, but I would like for you to keep running messages between Zabuza-san and myself."

"Adding another girl to your harem?" Fu said, as she came around a rock. She like the other two was naked. She moved over to Arashi and kissed him gently on the lips.

Haku cocked her head and said, "She's pretty, Arashi-kun."

Fu smiled and said, "Thank you Haku-chan. I will talk to Guren and Amaru about allowing you into our little group."

Haku bowed her head and said, "Thank you Fu-sama." Haku's eyes went wide when Fu moved closer and kissed her on the lips. Haku stammered out, "What… why did you do that?"

Fu smirked and replied, "If you are accepted you will be sleeping with Arashi-kun and us will have to accept affection from other women. Do you understand?"

Haku nodded and turned to Arashi and kissed him on the lips. She turned to Fu and then kissed her. Arashi chuckled at this and then sighed. He then said, "Amaru will be here in a couple minutes."

Amaru entered the area a couple minutes later clad only in a towel. Arashi motioned for her to enter the spring, which she did. Arashi then said, "Amaru-chan, you want to be my wife, correct?"

Amaru smiled and replied, "Yes Arashi-kun. I really do."

Arashi then asked, "Would you like a marriage contract?" She nodded to the question. Arashi then continued, "Haku-chan here wants to marry me too. Do you have a problem with her joining us as a family?"

Amaru looked at the naked girl and saw something in her that she connected with her. She then blushed as she noticed Arashi was also naked. She quickly turned away and said, "Arashi-kun, you're naked."

Arashi sighed and replied, "Sorry, I am more used to being this way. I'm sorry if it offends you."

Amaru continued to blush and slowly turned to Arashi. "I'm not offended, but I thought it would be our wedding night before we saw each other this way," she explained.

Arashi sighed and took a towel from Fu and put it over his crotch. Haku then moved forward to Amaru and asked meekly, "Will you be offended if I say that I want marry Arashi-kun?"

Amaru blushed heavily and replied, "If you love him than no, I don't have a problem with it."

Haku then said, "I will see if I can learn to love Arashi-kun."

Amaru smiled warmly at the other girl. Fu rolled her eyes and just shook her head.

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