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~Prologue: Target~

The moon was shining as bright as ever, just like any other night time. Akuma was roaming around the village, searching for their prey, searching for humans to kill in order to level up to a level 2.

As one of the Akuma went around looking for prey, a shadow appears behind the Akuma. As soon as it turned around, a flash of bright light appears and the Akuma was destroyed, and a sound of a sword getting sheathed.

The explosion attracted the other Akuma, surrounding the shadow within seconds.

When the shadow notice the Akuma surround him or her, he or she suddenly disappears and the same flash of light appears once again, and the sound of a sword getting sheathed once again. The Akuma were destroyed immediately.

More shadows appeared, and the moon's light reveals both of their faces; the Noah family.

"Is it the Heart?"

"Don't know, lets go and find out..."

With that, both of them suddenly appeared in front of the unknown shadow and started attacking him or her. He or she reacts to the sudden attack, and began pulling out his or her sword.

When they attacked, the moon was soon covered up by the dark clouds, leaving only darkness.

One of the noah releases a group of butterflies that began attacking him or her, which he or she dodges and began trying to destroy those butterflies, trying to avoid getting those butterflies near him or her.

"It seems that you know what these butterflies can do..."

As one of the Noah spoke, it reveals that one of them is male, while the other could be female.

As the unknown shadow finish destroying those butterflies, he or she turns around and slashes his or her sword at the man.

"Isn't it obvious, someone that has suspicious-looking butterflies with them, makes it really obvious that these butterfliesspell the word danger..."

The soft, yet cold voice echoes throughout the village, revealing that the unknown person is actually female.

A small giggle comes from the female Noah, and deflects the slash from the girl with an umbrella with a pumpkin head.


"Road-sama, how could you use me as a sword to deflect that girl's slash like that, lero?"

"Eh, but i don't have a sword, and you could be used as a sword, so i don't need to find a sword to defect her attack~"

One of the female shadow's eye could be seen, revealing a bloody red color, looking cold and murderous. She began to fight both of the Noah and each of them try to dodge each other's attacks as swiftly as possible.

Suddenly, the female Noad called Road suddenly managed to rip off the female shadow's hood.

Her long hair flows around her, and the dark clouds that were covering the moon soon moved out of the way, and the moon's light began revealing the girl's apperance.

Her long black hair with silver streaks going all the way down her long hair, flows down all the way below her thighs slightly. A bandage covering her eye, along with long side bangs covering it.

Her eyes were dark red, probably the color of blood, the bloody red color...

The male Noah began to slightly wolf whistle as he stares at her appearance. He smirks slightly, while Road giggles like crazy.

"How cute..."

"Too bad that such a cute girl like you have to die..."

"Before you die, whats your name?"

The female shadow closes her eye and sighs, and opens it once again, staring at both of them with cold eyes, yet filled with some slight playfulness.

"I'm going to die?"

"Ah, now thats too bad..."

"My name is Yuki, also thanks for trying to compliment me being cute, or should i say, flattery..."

As Yuki ended her sentence, both of the Noah surrounds the girl and stabs her right through her chest with their hand, but then a sound of a balloon popping can be heard, both of the Noah's face were filled with shock, but the shock disappeared and was replaced with smirks or grins, showing their sadistic nature.

"I wonder how she got away without us noticing at all~"

"Well, it seems this girl named Yuki sure is interesting after all, i have feeling we'll be meeting again."

"Yup~ Want to report back to the Millenium Earl about her or should it be a surprise?"

"Lets make it a surprise when we meet again."

"Okay, then lets go back~"

Road turns around and a door suddenly appears in front of her and it opens up for Road and the unknown male Noah to walk through with small smirks on their features.

Faraway, Yuki stares at the two Noah leaving through a door made by Road. Yuki smirks slightly and began to walk away silently muttering to herself.

"Looks like i'll be meeting them again..."

~Author's Note~

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(=^o^=) Here's some info on Yuki~

Chinese/Japanese Name: Zhao Xue/Kuro Yuki

Age: 15 years old

Personality: In overall, she's cold and emotionless most of the time, but occasionally, she often shows emotions of happiness and other positive emotions. Pretty polite to strangers, but after getting to know people and becoming her friend, she'll often show a mischievous side and sometimes might curse silently. She has a huge secret, she has three personalities. One is cold and emotionless, the other is mischievous and emotional, while the other one is something that she tries to restrain and hide from other people, a secret she's trying to hide. She does not have a personality disorder though.

Innocence: You can guess the first one just by reading this prologue, the others would be revealed soon.

Relatives: Father and Mother had abandoned her at a young age, has a adoptive brother whose name would be a secret for now.

Hobbies: She's usually seen reading a book, or sleeping under a huge tree with plenty of shade. She enjoys drawing people or scenes, and makes a living by crafting stuff that is very useful for protection, self-defense. Occasionally, she sometimes make a living by entertaining people by playing music, playing the Violin, the Viola, the Cello, and sometimes the Flute.

Talents: Drawing realistic people and scenes, playing many types of instruments including the Violin, the Viola, the Cello, the Flute, and the Piano. Crafting stuff such as miniture daggers, knives, and etc. Playing cards and winning them WITHOUT cheating unlike somebody i know of.

History: Not much is known about her, except that she was abandoned by her own parents at a young age. She's a girl full of mystery.