~Chapter 39: Bitten~

As the vampire stare at them with his eyes that looks like it belongs to a while animal. While Allen and Lavi ragain their composure, getting out their Innocence, the villagers soon ran away, moving away from them. Natsumi and and Kaoru stepped out of the shadow and stood on the trees, ready to attack when necessary.

'Damn.. I never would have thought that this legend of a vampire was actually true... But wait.. I thought vampires have only two sharp fangs to bite someone, but why does this vampire have all of his teeth sharpened? Is he an Akuma or a real vampire..? Ugh, if i think about this anymore, i'll lose concentration, and i won't be able to help Lavi and Allen in time if they need our help..'

"Innocence, activate!"

Within seconds, Allen's arm became a cannon, and Lavi's small hammer, slowly turned larger and larger. They pointed their weapons at the vampire, and the vampire began to laugh hysterically.

"Are you trying to fight me?"

"If he sucks your blood, our friendship's over, okay?"

"Same here!"

The vampire soon disappeared and appeared right in front of Allen with a speed of lightning, almost biting him in the process if Lavi hadn't knocked him away with his hammer. Soon, Allen realizes that Krory was moving faster than before.

"What're you doing?!"

"He moves faster than before!"


As Krory lick his lips with his tongue, he stared at them hungrily, dashing towards them with his speed of lightning, causing them to attack with their Innocence. Above Krory, was Lavi, making his hammer bigger and bigger as Allen lures him below Lavi's hammer.

"Grow... Grow... Grow... Grow... Grow...!"

Soon, in a flash, the hammer grew to a gigantic size, and crushed Krory below it. However, as the smoke clears away, Krory wasn't crushed by Lavi's hammer, rather, he stopped the attack with his teeth.

"No way! Those are some crazy teeth!"

The expressions on Lavi's face was priceless, and soon, he found himself being thrown by Krory with his teeth, and Lavi crashed into some boulders and rocks nearby, creating an explosion.

Kaoru couldn't help, but almost jump out to help them with the sight of Lavi being thrown with his Innocence. Natsumi wants to help them as well, but she knows it's not time for them to jump out, not yet at least...

Back to the fight, below the ground emerges with Allen's Innocence, grabbing Krory almost as if he's just a small little object easily. Kaoru and Natsumi sighed in relief as they watched the fight before them, with Allen catching Krory in his Innocence.

"I caught you... Please don't fight."

Allen moved one of his finger towards Krory's neck. At first, there was only silence, however, Krory began to laugh hysterically once again, catching both Kaoru and Natsumi's attention, also catching Lavi's attention, enough to make him get up from the rubble.

"What weird brats! To think that you're still alive after fighting against me... Are you two monsters, too? Hmm?"

"No. We're Exorcists. "

"You don't say... Good evening... I'm busy! Let me go!"

With that, Krory suddenly bit down on Allen's arm, catching almost everyone's attention who are in the area. Allen, Lavi, Kaoru, Natsumi, and the villagers were all surprised, and their expressions were all priceless.

"No way! He's biting my Anti-Akuma Weapon!"

"More importantly, Allen, your blood! Blood!"

"Ugh! Ahhh! It's bitter!"

Krory, out of nowhere, stopped sucking on Allen's blood, and jumped away from his grip, saying that it's bitter. He jumped towards the villager who hasn't moved for a while, supposedly, dead. Krory grabbed the body, and disappeared into the shadows, towards his castle, but before he does so, Kaoru secretly threw a powder that has a strong sweet scent that no one can discover, except for her at Krory. While Allen stares at his bitten finger, the villagers backed away from Allen, hiding behind the trees.

Kaoru and Natsumi didn't move from their spots, but they slightly moved back towards the shadows, hiding their presence. Lavi backed away from Allen, even Timcanpy backed away from Allen, leaving him all alone.

"Friendship's over..."


'Now i feel lonely.. I wish Xue was here to comfort me.. But will she act the same if she knew that i got bitten by a vampire..? If i turn into a vampire and hurt Xue... I'll never forgive myself.. For now, i should focus on the mission. I can't wait until i get back.'

"Why are you still keeping your distance from us?"

"They're afraid that you might become a vampire since you were bitten by Krory."

"What? Lavi?"

As Allen turns around, Lavi was standing a distance from him, wearing garlic around his neck, holding his hammer, and a huge wooden stake, smiling a bit nervously.

"I'm not a bit concerned at all."

'He is... He's definitely concerned...!'

"Now, let's go to the castle already!"

"Oh? You're suddenly ready, and willing?"

Lavi began to throw away his weapons to protect himself from vampires, following Allen as they began to talk about the villager that was taken who could be dead by now, but they could still save him.

Kaoru and Nastumi looked at each other and nodded their heads, and silently crept through the shadows, and reaching the castle, ready to attack at any moment, while the boys get ready to enter the old, massive castle.

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