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The door of the waiting room opened suddenly with a loud bang. The foggy light reflected from the glass and brightened Esme's face with its glow. The woman, raised from her stupor, was startled by the noise. Her quiet whispering stopped as she looked around with dead eyes. Her eyes widened as they land on the person who'd opened the door.

She opened her mouth and was about to say something when the other door—that door—slammed open to show Carlisle wearing his bloody white overall and gloves. He mopped his sweaty forehead with his sleeve, unknowingly jostling his surgical cap until it sat askew upon his head.

"Son, we need you. You have to scrub in. I can't do this myself," Carlisle pleaded.

Confused, Esme watched what happened around her. She watched as her son raised his head from his palms, his face a mix of emotions; despair and desperation flashing in his eyes.

He nodded and moved to his father, but he hesitated for a moment and turned over to look in her direction. Esme felt the power in his eyes and she trembled because of huge amount of negative feelings. The hate was pouring from him.

The woman knew that her son was not looking at her; his eyes and his hate was aimed at the guest, the person that was standing behind her completely still and silent. Everything happened in seconds. The man who'd been asked for help went inside just behind her husband and closed the door.

Esme turned around facing the guest behind her.

She wanted to say something, anything. Her throat closed and she couldn't find the right words. Tears began falling down her cheeks and she mopped them away nervously.

"What the fuck do you want here?" she hissed.

Thank you.