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Pairings: Kai _ Tala.

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"Hey dude..." he greeted Bryan with a smile the next day, Kai had anticipated this day's meeting with his shrink all day he had been on the edge... he couldn't deny it now he was kind of...obsessed, nothing else mattered much now.

He tugged at his black dress shirt matched with his black jeans leaning on the counter he grasped Bryan's overly large hand wincing when his own hand got nearly crushed.

"Hey Kai..."

"Seriously, I'm not a masochist..."

Bryan just grinned leaning over the counter too so their faces weren't too far from each others, Kai wasn't bothered.

"You're so damn punctual Kai it's almost sickening..." Bryan said with the lilac eyes lingering on the watch on the wall.

"Can't help it... so... is he expecting me?"

"Yep, go right in..."

Kai turned walking for the office.

"Oh and Kai...?"


"He's not alone in there but he said you know the guy and its okay..."

Dumbfounded Kai nodded.

He wasn't expecting to see Tyson a.k.a the shrimp, he also wasn't expecting to see Tyson's tanned hand grasping Tala's delicate jaw, in the way that led him to think Tyson was trying either to get some information from Tala either Tyson was about to kiss the redhead, the fact that the petite shrink was pressed against the table awkwardly wasn't helping.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing Tyson?"Tyson flinched but didn't release the captured jaw meanwhile Tala's blue eyes widened and a pale hand gripped on Tyson's tanned one trying to get it off.

"He's trying to break my jaw that's what it is, Tyson let go!" Tala half whimpered and Kai was stepping forward with a clear intention to maim Tyson, he stopped when Tyson importantly raised a hand to his chest grinning madly.

"He's lying I'm not even putting much pressure, I just wanted to know something and Tala is ever so stubborn!"

"Let him go and get the fuck out of here..."

Surprisingly Tyson did let go and Kai watched Tala massage the delicate jaw for a while till the crystal blue eyes narrowed with malice, Tyson really didn't have the time to react, Kai was sure even his reflexes wouldn't have worked, Tala's hand moved in a blur.


Tyson clutched his quickly reddening cheek and Kai was chuckling now just because it was a damn slap not a punch mind you, the shrink however was furious.

"Tyson you asshole be grateful I didn't call Bryan because he would fucking punch you into another dimension you twerp... I can understand you being worried about Kai but Jesus Christ that's taking it too far, what are you crushing on him?"


"What?" Tyson actually screeched, high pitched too. "No way, Kai is a terrible person! I would personally sympathize the person who ever would have a crush on a rude and cold bastard like him who's neglecting his friends and doesn't even bother to answer their calls and messages, he's the worst fucking friend I tell you! All I wanted to know was is he coming to see you and is he getting better because he was a living zombie for months and months and this is what I get? You are an asshole Kai!"

Kai sighed, he suddenly felt a bit guilty even though the redhead still looked on the verge of starting throwing things and slap people left and right.

"Listen Tyson, okay I am his patient okay? And err... I am getting better at least that's what I think... and...errr... thanks for...uhh... worrying... I guess." It seriously was the hardest sentence in his life he was about to take it all back to save his dignity when the shrimp decided he deserves a hug, a bear hug no less, he gasped and raised his arms lamely wincing at the show of affection.

"Uhh okay... no need to jump on me like that... okay seriously it's enough..." he stammered, Tala watching him from close and giggling quietly didn't help but when the redheads plump lips turned into a smile and Tala's long delicate finger poked his forehead he was sure he blushed.

"You're supposed to return the hug Kai..." Tala explained in a teasing whisper and he wincing and growling moved his arms just so they would form a very loose hug.

"Next time answer my calls asshole and it would be nice if you would visit us sometimes, Max and Rei are worrying too..." Tyson scolded letting him go and walking for the door making an apologetic face at Tala who just dismissed the shrimp with the graceful wave of the equally graceful hand.

Kai sighed when he was left alone with Tala...only then he took in Tala's appearance since he was standing facing Tala and from close up too he couldn't help but feel the urge to advance. The shrink was dressed in a stylish and as Kai thought common for Tala button up shirt this time it was a deeper shade of blue and the long slender legs were clad in one of those tight-as-sin dark blue jeans.

"Kai?" it was breathed out and he looking up realized that his face probably gave away what he thought and since Tala had a knack for observation... "Don't look at me like that..."

Kai held the gaze of the blue eyes for a moment, just till he saw the fierce blush, then he stepped back out of Tala's personal space even though he really didn't want to. He didn't ask 'looking how' because he knew how he had looked at Tala...with lust.

He went for the couch plopping down rather heavily looking out of the window, he realized the right thing to do would be to stop these meetings with Tala...

"Kai? Ummm, so did you... slept well?"

"I slept better than ever...and I also forgot to take the medicine." All the awkwardness that might have been there faded away as Tala flew over the room and sat down on the couch beside him, Kai was sure that the shrink didn't think on it much when the delicate hand laid on his knee, Kai however bit his lips at the almost intimate gesture.

"You're serious? That's... great... why do you think was that?"

Kai shrugged. "I don't know I guess I just...felt good...for a change."

"Amazing..." Tala added getting up and bouncing across the office again to sit down by the desk and scribble something. Suddenly the shrink chuckled and looked at him with amusement clear in the blue eyes. "You don't think it was because of the wine we consumed?"

Kai joined in the chuckle. "Uh the wine was good but no I don't think so... did you had a good rest?"

Tala nodded standing up and going around the desk leaning against it putting the petite body on full display for Kai and was it just him or Tala was somewhat...fidgety today?

"I did... i-it was a nice evening..."

God, he wanted to act after that stutter and after Tala looked down at the floor like a girl after a good date waiting for a kiss. He wanted to go there and ...

"So what should we talk about today? How about future Kai?"


"Mhm... like...what are your plans... what would you like to accomplish... your view on the family and such..."

Kai accepted the change of subject leaning back in his couch and throwing his arm over the edge lazily perching his ankle on his knee.

"Family? Told you I'm gay and I'm sure that won't change..."

"Mmm Kai, actually it can change, I've seen it happen before."

"Yes I'm sure you have but it won't change when it comes to me and I don't want it to change... I don't see anything in women..."

"So you've always been into guys from the very beginning? Never...experimented with women...?"

Kai chuckled looking down for a while before he found the crystal orbs again. "Can't experiment with them if it just won't get up for them, now can I?"

He sure wished he had a camera with him, the blush on Tala's face should be in worlds records or something, he was sure it was paining the shrink.

"I see..." Tala kind of choked out starting to play with the shirts sleeve, Kai figured it meant Tala was nervous. "And when did you discovered your...liking for men?"

Kai was certain now... this was no therapy the shrink was just being curious and nosy and interested.

"At the same time I discovered my indifference for women...how about you Tala, played for both teams haven't you?"

The shrink spluttered and gasped clearly surprised of the sudden question. "That's-..."

"None of my business? Well, sorry you don't have to blush so hard I was just keeping a conversation..."

Tala was looking at him now... looking intently...as if trying to read him once more or trying to challenge him to move...

When the alluring eyes narrowed and Tala smirked faintly Kai knew he's in for it... whatever the 'it' was.

"Al right Kai, yeah I did swing both ways for quite a while till I realized that women just doesn't...ummm satisfy me... if you know what I mean, there's just the lack of something hard and preferably big!"

Oh but Tala was a devil. And damn he liked this devil, his smirk stretched into a grin praising Tala mentally for being able to keep up with him even despite the fierce blush.

"Mm, I'm sure I get what you mean... but you know what they say... it's not the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean..."

"Sure... I know...but with a nice big boat and a great motion of the ocean you get a very satisfied passenger..."

Kai was getting hard... simple as that. Smiling naughtily he looked down playing with the lace of his shoe, talking about sex with Tala was nerve tingling.

"What's the matter Kai... I thought you were keeping a conversation..."

Little naughty bitch... he could hear in Tala's voice the shrink was enjoying this...well, so was he.

"What could I possibly say to that, you nailed it!"

Tala was acting like this conversation wasn't bothering him and Kai could see it, which proved that Tala can't be his shrink, Tala had something for him.

"I think...we should change the...subject."

"Yes, how about we talk about Tyson...what was that, is that how he...treats you normally?"

"No... I'm pretty shaken myself actually, this has been a rough week people trying to...manhandle me. And its only the beginning of the week I'm afraid. When It comes to Tyson I hold no grudge I think he really cares for you which is good... and he was right about you being a...uhh well, what he said about neglecting your friends."

Kai snickered. "You just called your patient an asshole?"

Tala's lips made a cute little 'o' but Tala was smiling. "What is up with you today, you're different!"

"I had a good night's sleep!" he retorted simply with a small shrug of his shoulders the smuggest smile still present on his lips and it would stay there till Tala's cheeks would stay in that lovely shade of pink.

"You had a good night's sleep and you turned into a playful grinning flirt?"

Of course the shrink saw right through him, of course... he didn't say anything just looked down at his shoe not in a shy way though more in the way that said Tala was right about the flirting and he wasn't quite sure if he's going to be scolded now like a school boy who is totally not sorry for what he's done.

"I don't approve Kai..."

Hearing that he stood up advancing slowly. "If you don't approve I suggest you go and press that button under your desk..."

"W-what... Kai? What are you doing?" Tala stuttered out, standing straight and looking at him with widened eyes, he could damn well see Tala's eyes move all over his body and then he was standing right into Tala's personal space... he himself wasn't quite confident of what he was about to do, but he had to do it.

"Kai...?" the shrink gasped out as his hand laid on a delicate waist pushing his own body on the shrinks till Tala was pressed against the desk, the redhead leaned back going incredulously red in the face when Kai put his other hand on the side of the pale face his thumb sliding over the lower plump lip... it was so damn soft and it looked simply too delicious. Kai's eyes traveled up to the crystal blue orbs.

"You don't approve Tala?" he breathed out in a whisper breaking the tiny space between them to place the lightest of kisses on the rosy lips, his own lips parted just so he could feel the form of Tala's lower lip between his it was soft kiss in no way forceful, his thumb went back to slide over the luscious and now slightly parted mouth as he pulled back a hair keeping their lips close as close he could without touching.

"Kai... it's not..." the shrink started but stopped to breathe, Kai shivered when a delicate hand grabbed on his shirt somewhere on his shoulder as he pressed himself closer, Tala was leaning back over the desk slightly but Kai had no intentions to stop, his lips returned on Tala's to nip at the wet lips softly he didn't press it too much he was more like just massaging Tala's lips with his own enjoying the feel and enjoying the way Tala closed the blue eyes and shivered against him the second hand joining the first on his other shoulder while his own hand slid around Tala pulling the fragile being unto himself.

He kept on his soft and almost too gentle ministrations having to fight himself not to use his tongue, not to deepen the kisses he was planting on the beautiful lips. He was waiting...


"Do you mean it?" he asked sliding his fingers through red silky tresses pulling gently till the redhead had to lift the head back a bit, Kai's lips caressed the swan-like neck down to the shoulder just to return back up on the perfect jaw line and move to the ear where he nibbled on the fleshy part with his lips. "Do you?" he repeated in a whisper not waiting for an answer he moved for the parted gasping lips this time kissing them more pressingly.

He growled softly when the shrinks lips finally moved against his pressing back lightly, Tala's hands on his shoulders moved too, one on the back of his neck pulling him in and the other on his broad back also pulling him in, he took that as a 'go' and deepened the kiss pushing his tongue into the hot mouth, loving the gasp and the miniature moan he received.

And suddenly there was Tala's tongue flirting with his and then teeth appeared and he had to growl louder and press his body further unto Tala's till the shrink had no choice but to yelp in the kiss because Kai lifted the petite frame to sit on the desk he himself forced his way between the slender legs, his hands starting to misbehave and explore the lean body starting with the arms and finally ending up on the jean covered legs and then inner thighs, that's when Tala pulled back gasping for air and searching his eyes.

"Kai... I don't think we should...nnn!" Tala couldn't finish because Kai intentionally rolled his hips making sure Tala could feel his growing arousal and making sure he felt Tala's and it was there hard just like his own.

"Don't think we should continue or don't think we should be doing this at all?" he murmured against the soft lips before pressing into another kiss, he found it extremely arousing the way the beautiful redhead was suddenly rendered unable to speak in full sentences. His lips nibbled giving Tala the chance to speak or even pull away but the petite form against him pressed closer and arched slightly when he took the liberty to grind their hips together harshly.

"Nhh..." Tala moaned into their kiss, Kai loving the noise moved back to the pale neck this time using his teeth as well as his tongue, his fingers entwined in soft red hair craning the beauty's head backwards to gain better access to the skin worrying it till he heard another soft moan and till there were few nicely red patches on Tala's neck.

Kai was undoing the annoying little buttons of the blue shirt while he kissed Tala with all he had, not wanting to be stopped now, another rather animalistic sound escaping him when Tala's hips bucked towards his with want, Tala growled afterwards since Kai choose that moment to pull away from the reddening lips to dive down and find a little pink and hardened nipple, he licked it delighted when Tala's long fingers went to his hair and the pale chest arched a little noise coming from Tala.

Closing his mouth around the hard nub he sucked playing the other between his fingers, he could feel Tala looking down, the harsh breaths and gasps were tickling his skin and the frail hand in his hair was pushing him unto the delicious chest some more.

Moving Tala's still present shirt to the sides and down the delicate shoulders he pulled away simply having to see the beauty in his grasp and he did like it, the pale skin was so alluring and beautiful the petite structure making him imagine how exactly he would have Tala and the two rosy nipples just begged him to get his mouth back on them.

Tala however was looking at him through half lidded blue eyes gasping for air, Kai could see Tala trying to collect himself, trying to straighten up, trying to look like he didn't just make out.

"Kai..." Kai liked his name sounding like that all breathless and near wanton. He decided it was time to move on a bit, his palm laid on Tala's crotch pressing down.

"Ahhh...nnn..." and that was the first real moan he heard from Tala a little shocked and a little sounding like 'oh don't do that Kai' but it was the loveliest sound he had heard and it did make his cock twitch in his jeans.

His fingers caught the jean button and as soon as it did Tala's hand caught his wrist. "Kai, no...no, no stop! We can't do this!"

Kai breathless himself returned to Tala's lips taking the lower between his for a second to lick it. "Yes we can..." his hand pushed Tala's aside returning to the button popping it open before the beauty could grab it again.

"Kai...nnn-no..." the shrink gasped out clutching on his wrist as a lifeline as he pulled the zipper down swiftly not missing the moan when Tala's visible erection gained more space, his hand fondled the nicely hard cock through the boxer briefs the shrink was sporting, this seemingly rendered Tala uncaring for the time being, the redhead threw the head backwards moaning and bucking into his massaging hand pulling Kai closer by his shoulders, Kai smirked to himself when Tala's fingers grabbed his shirt tugging on it as if trying to tear it right off of him.

"You want it too Tala..." he whispered huskily grabbing the redhead around the shoulders pressing their chest together diving for a kiss and diving into Tala's boxers with his hand swallowing down the shocked moan-like yelp when his fingers grasped the hot arousal giving it a encouraging squeeze before he stroked.

Tala's arms wrapped around his neck fingers fisting his hair as the redhead returned his hungry kiss with fervor, hot tongues sliding together and low grunts filling the room as Kai's fingers kept stroking the hard shaft till he felt wetness leak from the tip.

When they parted the next time Tala didn't try to say anything and Kai was pleasantly surprised and majorly turned on when the pale fingers battled with his shirt buttons undoing the two first before a shudder shook the lean body perched on the desk and Tala's fingers faltered clutching into his black shirt, two more buttons popped open and fell to the floor somewhere, but Tala seemingly didn't even register the damage done to the shirt, the pale hands laid on his now exposed chest and stroked with the cock in Kai's hand twitching and leaking more pre-cum.

"S-stop...I'm..." Tala was whimpering returning his short kisses halfheartedly the fragile hips now jerking into his stroking hand rather roughly.

Kai smirked against the plump lips. "Already?" he teased squeezing the shaft in his hand harder at the tip dragging a loud moan out of Tala's parted gasping lips, the blue eyes squeezed shut the black eyelashes fluttering on crimson cheeks.

"Ah... you're supposed to...take it as a...ahh...compliment."

Kai chuckled breathlessly. "I am..." he stopped his hand taking it out of the boxers before he kissed the Gorgeous again and then grabbed the jeans tugging them down.

Tala's hands interrupted but he was ignoring them fighting with the incredulously tight piece of clothing. Seriously it was Kai versus jeans for now and Tala's squirming wasn't helping.

"Kai...stop, damn you...are you really intending to...ummh... fuck me on the desk..."

Victory, Kai fought the jeans down creamy thighs and delicate knees revealing Tala's smooth slender legs he rashly nudged Tala's shoes off and sighed rather happily throwing the jeans to the side. Returning between the quivering legs he pressed his own hardness against Tala's boxer covered one and stole a short kiss. "Yes..." was all he said pushing on the delicate chest.

Tala landed on the paper covered desk surface with a squeak and tried to get up just to be kept down by Kai's hand, Tala growled weakly yelping when Kai's hand returned on the bulge and he hoisted one of the slender legs over his shoulder turning his head to kiss the inner thigh with his parted lips letting his tongue taste the almost white skin.

Tala was now looking at him all flustered and breathing harshly, as Kai's kisses steadily moved upwards till his lips grazed the still covered cock.

"Kai..." it came out as a breathless whisper from Tala's kiss swollen lips and Kai growling in answer pulled the black briefs down discarding them on the floor before he returned in his position perching both Tala's legs over his broad shoulders now looking down at the proudly standing pink cock producing drops of creamy liquid.

The picture of the beautiful shrink spread open for him like this was mind-blowing, he noticed his own body shake in need and his cock was throbbing against its clothe prison demanding attention and freedom.

Savoring the sight his hand slid over Tala's chest, his eyes following the moves, watching the lean muscles quivering under his touch, groaning he hunched down his tongue poking out, he gave a sure pressing lick to Tala's erection from the base to the very tip gathering up the salty liquid.

"Nn...ahh... Kai..." those moans still sounded slightly shocked but they were also needy and Kai supposed Tala felt pretty much like himself at the moment, not caring about anything else.

He took the pink head in his mouth careful not to scrap it with his teeth, he sucked gently, his lips jerking into a smirk seeing Tala finally throw the head back and let out the moan parting the wet plump lips the eyelashes fluttered in pleasure and Tala's hand found his hair sliding through, the other clutched the edge of the desk as he let his mouth take in as much as he could and started to bob his head up and down that's when Tala's whimpers and moans broke loose and god, how Kai loved them all.

He could tell that Tala didn't care anymore when the heels dug in his back and the hand in his hair was trying to push him down roughly with the delicate hips jerking upwards, he kept them down though not fond to choke and gag but he sucked harder till he heard the keening sounds emitted by the beauty, that's when he had to fight to pull back from the needy cock.

Tala wasn't pleased, the redhead growled at him and seemingly tried to glare, which didn't look very dangerous since Tala was all flushed with messed hair and breathing heavily a pleading look in the lidded blue eyes. Though he was sure he didn't look much different, his hands shaking slightly he opened his own jeans just to relieve the tension a bit growling when his boxer covered cock sprung out as soon as he pulled down the fly.

"Don't suppose you have lube here, eh?" he asked licking his own fingers before he leaned down to suck on the pale neck while his digits sneaked between the spread legs now around his waist and found the little wrinkled pucker pressing on it with two of his slick fingers.

"Ahh... Kai...no, damn it... I don't have lube...I don't...nnh usually fuck...with... my patients."

"Good..." Kai breathed out pushing his fingers inside the tight heat, pressing his lips on Tala's to silence the loud yelp, the beauty whimpered in his mouth squirming as he kept wriggling his questing digits trying to get deeper and deeper.

But Tala was kissing him back and Tala was hanging on to him almost desperately, the slender legs around his hips pulled him in and the arms around his neck didn't let him pull back, so he thought it was okay and slowly added the third finger wincing at the poor wetness.

Pulling back from the gasping and now moaning lips he pressed his hot face into Tala's neck trying to calm himself as he stretched the tight muscles, he was so hard it hurt.

"Ahhh, Kai...mmm!" Kai instantly knew he has hit the sweet spot, the delicate body under his arched and jerked the little backside pushed back on his digits roughly and Tala let out the neediest sound he had heard, ever. The redheads hands sneaked under his still present shirt on his back and dug the nails in his skin, Kai moaned himself when Tala's head lifted and teeth clamped on the skin of his neck biting him not overly gentle...

That bite did what Tala surely wanted it to do, he pushed his fingers in roughly causing a pleasured scream erupt from the shrink.

"K-Kai... enough..."

He agreed, pulling his fingers out and groaning when he straightened and Tala too sat up licking sucking and biting his neck as he pulled down his boxers letting his dripping sex bounce free standing Tall and thick and proud.

He couldn't resist the smirk tugging at his lips when Tala looked down at him with the blue eyes widening.

"The boat's big enough for you babe?" okay he was being naughty, but the blush on Tala's cheeks increased so it was worth it.

"T-titanic...let's hope it won't...sink suddenly..."

"Oh believe me it won't..." he assured with a smirk licking his own fingers before he reached down smearing the saliva and his own pre-cum over his length shuddering at his own touch. "Lay back or turn around... your choice."

"Oh so now I can make a choice?" the redhead teased already laying back on the table and hoisting the perfect legs upwards where Kai grabbed them stroking them and guided them around his hips, he leaned down not feeling awkward in the least as he looked into the bright lust clouded eyes his fingers guiding his swollen cock to the prepared opening rubbing the tip against it feeling the muscles ready to let him inside.

He moved slowly nudging himself inside as carefully as he possibly could trying to muffle the whimpers coming from the beauty with his own lips but he didn't stop... his hand grabbed on a luscious ass cheek lifting Tala's backside barely off the table to gain better access and buried himself within the incredible tightness and heat, his own eyes closing and rolling backwards despite Tala's muffled yelp of pain.

He stilled pulling back and eyeing the flushed pretty face under his... Tala's eyebrows were knitted and the blue eyes closed but they opened shortly looking into his own crimson orbs as he rolled his hips gently repeating the movement to let Tala adjust to his size while he couldn't break away from the blue gaze even if he would want to.

After few moments he had managed to get himself fully sheathed and he tried his very best not to lose it keeping his moves as little and gentle as possible, a little gasp from Tala got his attention and his eyes narrowed, he leaned closer to the flushed cheeks and rolled his hips again this time a bit harder.

Tala moaned and lifted the head off the table catching Kai's lower lip with the white teeth. "Start moving for real Kai..."

Thank god...

He did as told pulling his cock out to the tip and pushing himself back inside starting a pleasantly moderate pace for both of them it was only after the beautiful shrink started to moan under him and arch into him meeting his thrusts, Kai straightened up grabbing hold of Tala's delicate hips slamming himself into the beauty hard.

His libido went wild seeing the redhead arch on the desk beautifully and mewl out his name wriggling the pretty ass on his cock Tala's hands knocking objects off the desk left and right as Kai started a whole other pace pounding inside with their sweaty skin smacking together.

Tala's head was moving to the sides, the eyes closed and the body shivering and twitching squirming under Kai in the most delicious way.

"Mm Tal... fuck, you feel good." He rasped put wishing his black shirt wouldn't be left on, his sweat was soaking it and he was way too hot having his jeans still on too, but still this was surely the best sex of his life.

Crazed he kept driving into the petite form under him, sprawled over the desk, Kai's hands grabbed around Tala's ankles, he smirked about the little yelp when he spread the beauty open more, if Tala wanted to scold him or object about the exposed feeling it was forgotten as Kai slammed in hard and rough pleased when Tala screamed for him.

The sounds drove him mad with pleasure.

Tala's expression forced him closer to his orgasm with the speed of light, thankfully the beauty seemed the same.

"Oh god, Kai...ahh I'm...so close...nnn...Kai..."

"Yes babe, me too..."

It was a short exchange but Kai let go of the thin ankles and leaned back over the shrink one hand holding a fragile hip and the other supporting his weight on the table.

Another kiss and his hand on Tala's dripping cock was all it took the beauty wailed in his mouth pulling back, and jerking the hips spurting the hot seed unto his hand and their stomachs.


Kai definitely wanted to hear his name sounding like that again.

The tightness clutching him got just too much and he could barely move but it was okay since he was coming too and hard... hoping the beauty didn't mind much about him cumming inside. He was growling Tala's name pressing his sweaty face in the swan-like neck maybe biting down, he couldn't tell because his mind was blown...

When they both went limp, Tala laying there and he more or less laying on Tala with all gis upper weight, he almost chuckled thinking about the mess they had made, Tala's papers were everywhere including sticking to their sweaty skin and he was sure Tala will kill him for it as soon as the beauty will regain his senses, for now the shrink was just breathing there not a sign of worry on the beautiful face.

"Holy shit!"

Kai's head snapped to the side just like Tala's did... it was Bryan of course...standing in the door and looking at them with the lilac eyes widened and the jaw hanging down before a grin stretched on the handsome face and it sure was a wide grin.

"Shut the door!" Tala screeched and Kai was sure he was deaf now with one ear but having a bit of sanity he tried to glare at Bryan and keep Tala in place at the same time having no intention to show Bryan that they were well, still kind of connected.

"Get out dude!" Kai growled and Tala was randomly picking up a bunch of pens throwing them at the already closing door.

"Oh god... I'm embarrassed..." Tala murmured lowly leaning up on the elbows looking down between them. "Kai... there's documents sticking on my back and ass and I'm pretty sure I will castrate you for this...get off!"

Kai moved away grabbing napkins meant for tearing up patients pulling out a handful he intended to wipe the beauty off but Tala squeaked and grabbed the white tissues from his hands cleaning himself, Kai shrugged and cleaned himself before tucking himself back in his jeans.

Smiling sheepishly he pealed few sheets of paper off of the shrinks pale back and dared to slide his fingers through red locks.

With a little cough he retreated picking up Tala's clothes of the floor and passing them to the gorgeously and sexily flustered shrink.

And then he was watching Tala stand up on shaky legs and pulling on the clothes he smirked when he noticed the red cheeks, Tala maybe was a psychiatrist but it didn't mean he could avoid feeling shy and Tala felt shy, Kai could see it.

He stepped close helping the redhead with the little blue buttons.

"What now, Tala?"

"You're asking me Kai? Because I was about to ask you the same..."

He guessed it was okay that Tala felt a bit pissed at him, he did after all kind of...err...force this... a bit.

"I guess this means my therapy is over..." he stated and almost flinched when Tala looked up to him the blue eyes sharp now and almost...threatening.

"That's it? You fucked me and now you say...it's over?"

"No, no... I mean, I can't be your patient now can I, which means I can ask you out for a date...right?"

The smile was sudden and warming and brilliant... the smile was just perfect.

"Yes you can..."

"Perfect..." he breathed out before sealing his freshly licked lips unto Tala's with new hunger devouring the tasty mouth as if for the first time.

There was a knock on the door and Tala surprised him by pulling back and chuckling. "Now he knocks!"

Kai chuckled too cringing when the shrink not stepping away from him called for Bryan to enter, Kai's arms still wrapped around the delicate body possessively. Bryan opened the door with a grin not looking awkward even slightly.

"Oh you're finished...good... I hope you realize you can't blame me for barging in Tal, you were screaming!"

Tala was visibly melting the pretty face off looking anywhere but Bryan and Kai.

Kai however looked at Bryan then with narrowed eyes but the body builder apparently was immune and just winked at him naughtily sliding the lilac eyes over his chest and then chuckling. "Aww Tala-foxy ripped your shirt..."

"Bryan, get the fuck out!" Tala screamed stepping forward then paling and shutting the blue eyes in pain, Kai's arms tightened their grip on the hotheaded redhead and tried to give a warning look to Bryan managing only a smirk feeling all too smug because well, Tala did rip his shirt.

"Yeah sure but it's sort of time to head home... and since you're always giving me a lift..."

Kai shook his head in denial not even looking at the shrink in his arms. "You can take Tala's car, I'll take him with me..."

"Kai..." Tala beamed at him half scolding half pleasantly surprised.

"Shut up, you're coming with me... I'll get you here tomorrow morning no problem!" he growled out pressing a light kiss on Tala's lips not caring if Bryan was there or not, somehow he thought the guy didn't mind.

"Great... hey Kai, does that means you're cured? Won't be seeing you around here anymore?"

Reluctant about pulling away from the sweet lips he groaned. "I'm cured... but I'm afraid you'll be seeing me around plenty if I have anything to say about it."

"Great... enjoy... and see ya tomorrow... Tal, I canceled your first appointment tomorrow... ten o clock you should be here though." with that said Bryan left offering them his last naughty grin, Kai could hear Bryan murmuring something about bloody hot sight and fucking on the table being damn kinky.

Blue eyes beamed at him when the door closed. "Bryan likes you Kai...he's usually much more protective."

"Yeah... I like him too but I'm much more interested in you...so, do you like me Tala?"

Funny how they just had sex, hot and sweaty and with a kink yet Tala blushed and looked away from his eyes hearing a simple question like that.

"We just... had sex Kai... I don't have sex with someone I don't like."

"C'mon lets go... I'm gonna take you for our first date, which is going to be my shower."

Grabbing the giggling shrink by the wrist they left the office.


In Kai's car Tala seemed uncomfortable and fidgety sitting in the passenger's seat and staring at him with the blue eyes. Therefore Kai was speeding.

"Stop looking at me like that, it makes me think you didn't have enough."

"I didn't."

Kai's foot pressed harder on the gas pedal. He didn't have enough either.

"Concentrate on the road Kai..." with that said the shrinks delicate hand sneaked on his jeans stroking the inner tight creeping to his cock who got very interested starting to awaken.

"God Tala, stop... I don't want to die in a car crush now."

"Then keep your eyes on the road."

The hand pressed on his half hard erection squeezing.

"Nn Tala seriously stop, we're almost there."

Tala's hand obligingly retreat and of course Kai let out a displeased growl which made Tala chuckle in return.

"Kinky little tease."

"You bet."


In Kai's residence the shower suddenly seemed just too far away and they found themselves slumped down half naked with entangled limbs and racing hearts against the wall near to Kai's bedroom after having Tala up against the wall Kai was breathless and dizzy with ecstasy.

"You have a nice house... and I'm all sticky Kai..." Tala breathed out near his ear still straddling his hips with Kai still resting into Tala.

"I still intend to get us in the bathroom somehow... I just can't move right now..." Kai groaned out lazily kissing Tala's sweaty neck amazed by how the taste made his just sated cock twitch with new spark of interest, his fingers into Tala's silky hair curled wanting to feel the beauty more and more.

"Did you rip my shirt as revenge?" Tala chuckled out stroking his naked back gently a cute chuckle was born when Kai just grunted.

"Now you'll have to take me for my place tomorrow morning I can't go to work with ripped and...soiled clothes."

"That's no problem babe... don't think about it..."



"You sound really tired...yet you're getting hard..."

He growled realizing Tala was right, thankfully his energy was back and he could carry his ex-shrink for the shower.


It was only ten o'clock when they were both in Kai's bed sticky and sweaty all over again and nearly passed out from the bouts of rather rough sex.


"Yes babe?"

"This time really enough..."

"Yeah..." Kai agreed smirking and pulling the little sexy devil close wrapping his muscled arms around the sated body.

"I think I have cumm in my hair..."

"You're pretty much covered in it Tal..."

"It's kind of... gross."

"Shush... I'll wake you with a nice hot bath ready for you..."



Kai awoke gasping for air and trembling having had one of his worst nightmares ever about Tala being tortured before his eyes, he looked around the nearly pitch-black room in a state of panic his eyes wild.

Lean and firm body pressed against his side and gentle fingers stroked his hair away from his eyes. "Shhh..." Tala comforted him sounding still half asleep he was pulled back down on the sheets where he received a sleepy and gentle kiss. It relaxed him and when Tala settled back against his side he wrapped his arms around the lithe form sighing but he couldn't fall back asleep.

"Kai?" Tala murmured near his ear nuzzling into his neck.


"Go back to sleep, I won't run away, I'll be right here..."

Kai was sleeping after few moments.


And Tala didn't lie...Tala was there when he woke up... Tala kept being there by his side just as he was by Tala's side...

He owed Tyson big time...


Holy... mother... of... GOD! I'm done.
-Author passes out-

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