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"No way man, this is bullshit!" Finn whined, folding his arms over his chest with a pout.

Quinn scoffed, because yeah, Finn was a 23 year old child. So was she of course, that's why she was in a band and more importantly the reason they were in this ridiculous situation.

Bowser Jr., fresh off of a successful run on Warped Tour, were called out to dinner with their manager, Kurt, to discuss their next moves. Big moves that included a headlining tour and studio dates. It was supposed to be an easy meeting, the bands and venues were set and they had already written a handful of songs. Things were going smooth until the check came and Kurt decided to drop his newest bomb on the band.

"Finn, this will be great for you guys, and the label picked you for specific reasons. First, she's pretty famous and hanging out with you guys will do wonders. Like when Adrian Brody started fan boying over Death Cab For Cutie. Second, they wanted a girl and Quinn is pretty much the only one on this label. If anyone should be complaining it should be her. She's the one that's going to have to show her the ropes." Kurt said. He raised his eyebrow as he turned to the pink haired girl next to him. Quinn's rose in response.

Puck grinned. "Dude, why are you even complaining? She's mad hot! Didn't you see Decaying Hearts?"

Finn scoffed. "Yeah, I did actually. That movie sucked. How can a zombie fall in love? They're dead! And then there was that ridiculous sex scene! With a zombie man! How is that possible? It would totally like...fall off or something." He finished with a frown.

Quinn groaned inwardly. No, his problem wasn't that some potentially difficult actress was about to hit the road with them to gain "learning experience", it was that she starred in an unrealistic sex scene.

"Look, Finn, she's already offered to pay for a bus and a driver." Kurt dead panned. Quinn fought off her urge to laugh at the now hopeful expression on her drummer's face. Yeah this is why Kurt was their manager. He knew how to deal with Finn's little diva moments.

"Really?" Finn asked, in awe.

Kurt nodded as Puck fist pumped, knocking over his water glass in the process. "Yes, and you know she'll keep that thing stocked with food and probably even pay for hotel rooms. So are you on board?"

Finn nodded, his goofy awestruck expression turned into an even goofier smile. Food was definitely the way to get Finn Hudson to do anything.

"Puck?" Kurt asked.


Kurt smiled and turned to Quinn, his icy blue eyes meeting Quinn's. Quinn knew he was anxious for her response. Finn might be the diva of the group but Quinn was the brains when it came to decisions like this. She was always the one that put up excellent arguments.

"You know I really hate the whole PR crap, that's the reason we're on this small label." She stated coolly, causing Kurt to take a sharp inhale. "But this movie sounds kind of cool. So my answer is yes." Kurt exhaled, relieved.

"Awesome, I'll call her manager right away and set things-"

"One condition though." Quinn interrupted. Kurt raised his eyebrow, waiting. "No bus." Finn yelled in protest and Puck looked crestfallen. "Look, if she's supposed to research for a role, she's going to do it in a van."

Kurt nodded, ignoring Finn's angry muttering. "Alright, I'll let them know. It was a pleasure kids." He said as he stood up from the booth and smoothed his pants. "I'll see you in one week!" He threw a few bills down onto the table and exited the small restaurant.

Puck smiled at his band mates. "Out of everyone, who do you think she'll end up sleeping with first?"

Finn groaned and Quinn rolled her eyes. "Come on lets get out of here. We have a tour to rehearse for."

Rachel Berry was not above making a scene in a restaurant. 5 stars or not. The paparazzi waiting outside be damned! This was not acceptable.

"Berry, do not fight me with this. You already agreed." Santana responded, dipping her fancy 5 star restaurant bread in a fancier dish of olive oil.

"Why wouldn't they want a bus though?" Rachel pouted, brown eyes wide and bottom lip jutted out. This was a serious situation that called for the big guns.

Santana actually snorted around her mouthful of 5 star bread at Rachel's expression. "Berry, the bus was never a guaranteed thing."

Damn Santana Lopez and her resistance to the puppy face.

"Look," Santana continued, black eyes hardening to her 'I am not dealing with your diva freakout' expression. It was one Rachel was very familiar with. "Mr. Big time Oscar winning director wants you to do this for the research. The studio wants you to do this for the PR. As a manager I want you to do this so we can get over the flop that was 'Decaying Hearts' and as your friend I want you to do this so you can get over your annoying penchant for the vanilla and learn how to have fun. REAL fun. I'm not sending you to join a gang or climb Mount Everest, you're going on a month long tour with a nerdy as hell pop-punk band. They're named after a Mario character for crying out loud!"

Rachel grinned at Santana's out burst. "How do you know that nerdy tid-bit of information, Lopez?"

Santana growled and rolled her eyes. "Chang used to play Super Mario Sunshine constantly when I lived in that apartment. It was why I moved out the minute I graduated."

Rachel was only slightly convinced. Sure, Santana's old roommate Mike was a hardcore gamer, but Rachel knew that Santana indulged every know and then in a run through of the original Pokemon games.

"Berry, nothing bad is going to happen. I will be there the entire time. It'll be good for you. This movie is already gaining buzz."

"Fine Santana, I'll do it."

"Excellent!" Santana hissed. "Trust me Berry, this part will be the one that puts you on the map as a real Hollywood actress. Then you can go back to crooning on Broadway or whatever the hell you want to do."

"You better be right." Rachel muttered. Her threat was lost as their waiter approached with their food. It didn't matter though. Rachel knew that Santana was almost never wrong.