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Harry rose from bed when the rays of sun bathed his body through the window. He looked at the clock. He had half an hour to get finished, before he had to go make breakfast for the Dursleys. He was finally 17, but he couldn't understand why his entire body was aching just from sleeping. He went to the closet and got out a plain, white t-shirt and a pair of black pants, both items he'd gotten last Christmas from Ron.

Suddenly Harry remembered something. Wasn't today the day he had to get up extra early, because uncle Vernon would get his boss' family for breakfast, before they left for a business trip? How come he hadn't been woken up? He hurried to the door, and nervously headed down the stairs. "Ah, seems my nephew finally decided to wake up. Boy! Come in here! You're late!" Harry took a calming breath, and walked into the kitchen.

Vernon and Dudley were sitting at the table, while Petunia was calmly gathering the plates after the breakfast, which she had made, from the looks of it. Vernon's boss sat opposite of him at the dinner table, at his right sat his daughter and at his left sat his wife. Harry nervously waited to hear Vernon's decided punishment, his eyes closed to avoid his fear showing.

When nothing happened, Harry dared to look at the people around the table. Why were they staring so much at him? Vernon clearly wasn't angry, the look in his eyes more reminded Harry of how Ron had been staring at Hermione; lust. Everyone at the table stared at Harry, the silence made Harry even more scared.

Suddenly, the young girl spoke, shocking Harry. "He's hot!" she exclaimed with a lustful glint in her eyes.
It didn't take long before more talk started, and Harry got more nervous. Hot? Since when was he even near that category? From the looks in all six people's eyes, he surely was now, though he didn't know how it happened.

Had he put glamours on while he was asleep? No. If he had glamours on, he'd notice. He didn't know what to do, and hurried from the room, running to the bathroom to find out what was wrong. As soon as he saw himself in the big human-sized mirror, he gasped. Was that really him? His hair was longer, going about a hand further than his shoulders, his body had gotten paler, yet it suited him so beautifully he couldn't believe it, his eyes were standing out perfectly in contrast to his pale skin, his features had become more feminine, his hips were slightly wider, as well as his skin was smooth and softer than usual. He twirled in front of the mirror, and noticed he truly was hot! He looked better than Draco ever did!

Harry stopped moving; had he just thought of Draco as good-looking? He shrugged it off and looked at the mirror again. His thin waist created perfect curves combined with his hips, and his previously malnourished body had transformed into a perfect, beautiful creature. He rushed to his room, ignoring Vernon, who'd come to find out what had happened. "What the fuck happened to you, boy? What have you done in here? Did you use your freakishness to change your looks?" his voice asked shakily, and Harry was amused that his uncle was so nervous he couldn't even sound angry.

Harry dug through his things. Hadn't he read about these things somewhere? He found the book he sought, and looked through the pages. There it was! "Veela…" he whispered, staring at the book. "I'm… I'm a Veela… Why did no one tell me this?" His magic started swirling in the room, and Vernon shrieked and jumped back. Harry heard the shriek and focused on calming. Once the magic stopped swirling, he looked at Vernon, tears brimming in his eyes.

Vernon was surprised; he hadn't seen the boy cry for almost two years now! It wasn't the fact that Harry was crying, it was the sight of such a beautiful creature crying that shook him. He hurried downstairs again, and soon after Petunia walked in. "Vernon sent me up, what happened?" She froze when she saw Harry laying on the bed; crying.

She sat down on the edge of the bed and petted his hair softly. "Just let it out; crying helps sometimes." She watched as Harry's crying turned into mere sobs, and soon after he was silent again. "Now, tell me what's wrong, Harry…" she said in a soft, motherly voice, trying to get the upset boy to calm and talk.

Harry sat up weakly, and looked at her. "I'm seventeen… At seventeen, wizards get their inheritance, if they have something else than human in them… I… I don't understand… If the book is correct… I'm a Veela… A Veela is known mainly for the beauty, charm and pure blood… But I should've been told! No one told me! I don't even know where I get it from! Wouldn't I've been told? I should've been told!" Harry started crying again, and Petunia put her arms around the boy.

When he finally calmed, she brushed his hair out of his face. "Why don't you write your friends? They could always come by and get you while we're out. You can use the spare key from the kitchen. Just put it in the mailbox afterwards, okay? You should go with people who know about these things," she said softly. They were both surprised she was so nice, though they didn't think much of it, and she calmly helped the boy up. "It may help you to know… Lily wasn't actually my sister. When my mother found out she couldn't get any more children, she was heartbroken, since she wanted more kids, and our family adopted Lily." Petunia gave Harry a small smile, before she went downstairs. Harry sat on the bed, stunned by the words. He slowly got up and opened Hedwig's cage. He took a small paper and a pen, and wrote a quick note.

Need a place to stay for the summer.
The Dursleys are out for the day.
The door's open when you get here.
Not enough time to explain on paper.
Please come pick me up, I need help.

Harry looked at the paper, and opened the window. He tied the note to Hedwig's leg. "Hurry to the Burrow, girl. I'm counting on you." Hedwig hooted eagerly, and few seconds later, he was alone in the room. He looked at the blue sky. "I'm counting on you…" he whispered softly.


Harry was waiting patiently for what felt like hours. His things were packed, shrunk and kept in his pocket. He hurried to the front door when he heard a knock. He stopped a bit from the door though; he had said in the note, that the door was open! They wouldn't knock if they knew it was open! He slowly made it to the living room, and looked out between the drapes. His heart skipped a beat, as he ran to the front door, opened it and hugged the man outside. "Thank you so much for coming," he said softly.

The man smiled softly at the boy. "Do you have everything? We need to get back to the Burrow. You know how Molly gets." Harry smiled and nodded. He hurried to the kitchen, took the spare key out, and went outside again. He locked the door and put the key in the mailbox.

He then hurried into the car, and when they were all alone, he made the car invisible and they drove through the sky to the Burrow. "Why didn't Dumbledore tell me I'm a Veela, Remus?" Harry asked softly. "Why didn't anyone tell me? Did anyone even know? You would've told me if dad had been a Veela… Could mom have been a Veela without anyone noticing?" Remus chuckled softly; Harry was so curious and confused.

Remus calmly drove the car through the clouds, enjoying the sights. "Your father had no Veela in his blood, but your mother… I suspected she had Veela blood when we were young, since she had a natural charm to gather admirers whenever she wanted company, and James felt a natural pull to her, which he couldn't explain. She denied it, of course, and when she turned 17, I thought she'd have changes that could prove my theory. Sadly, she didn't change at all. Later on, before they went into hiding, your mother told me the truth, and she made me swear I'd keep it secret until you turned 17 and got your inheritance, so you wouldn't be disappointed, if your father's genes were superior and fought down the Veela blood. She was a pure blooded Veela, though she never liked the way Veela looked, so somehow she managed to get a potion to make her inheritance come in early. She told me she changed her looks with another potion, and when she made her inheritance come in early, it had taken her fake looks and made them permanent. The only thing she kept was her eyes. Since your father was just a wizard, you're only half Veela, but it should still be enough to make you able to feel your soulmate, when he or she comes of age as well. Some very powerful Veela may even have two or three soulmates, and they are only content if they have every single one of their mates with them. I must warn you though, Harry. It may be a while before you are comfortable enough for your body to let you feel your mate or mates. Your mother first felt James as her mate halfway through seventh year, because she didn't accept and understand her Veela heritage before then. Your mate or mates will feel you as soon as they see you, even if they don't know they're your mates." Harry nodded, only just noticing they were about to land at the Burrow.

They got out of the car, and Harry heard the Weasleys gasp when they saw him. Hermione was staying with the Weasleys at the Burrow, and he heard a thud, and saw she'd actually dropped the book she was carrying when she saw him. He walked towards the house. At least he knew the story, so he could easily get through the questioning for once.