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Harry sat with a tiny girl in his arms, while two big, beautiful snakes were resting in the sun and several smaller snakes were playing in the small pool that had been made for them. In the pool, a young man with black hair and red eyes was playing with the tiny snakes. None of them hurt him, since they knew he was a friend, so instead, they used him as a moving playground when he came into the pool to play with them.

The little girl looked like a perfect copy of Harry, except for her gender, and he was in heaven when she playfully grasped his finger and stuffed it in her mouth. "Harry, do you know where 'Lissa is?" Lucius came running out, and calmed with a relieved sigh when he saw the baby in Harry's arms. "I thought Draco would kill me when I saw she wasn't in her crib." Harry giggled softly, and the little girl; Anya Melissa Malfoy, squealed happily.

Draco had a natural connection to Anya, since he had carried and birthed her, but Harry seemed to have an instant connection to all the children. During the first two weeks after they had gotten back to the manor, only Harry was able to get the girls to sleep.

Harry had been a bit sad that he couldn't nurse the children properly, so Severus had given him a potion to make his body able to lactate. It would only work one week at a time, and when the children stopped nursing and got used to only eating 'real food', there had still been a few days left with milk, so Lucius and Draco had gotten to taste the milk when they found out pinching Harry's nipples made drops of milk run down his chest.

Harry looked up from the girl in his arms. "Well, I have her here, so it's fine. Why did he send you to get her?" Harry asked softly, letting the girl suck on his fingers again.

Lucius sat down next to Harry. "Well, he decided to bathe the kids, and when he was done with the twins, he asked me to bring Anya. Rose was the second one to be bathed, and as usual, she decided to splash the water so much, that Draco got soaked and wouldn't leave the bathroom. Becky and Rose are both put back into their cribs for their naps." Harry stood up and calmly carried the girl inside.

They went straight to the bathroom, where Draco was patiently waiting for the last girl. "There's my little princess!" Draco squealed. Anya instantly reached her arms for Draco, and Harry let her over to the other man. They watched as Draco undressed and bathed the little girl.

The girls were almost one year old, and even though Anya was the youngest one, she had been the first to talk. She was only ten months old when she managed to say 'papa' to Draco. She had stubbornly made it clear that only Draco was 'papa', so she had quickly become Draco's little princess. "Do you think we spoil the kids?" Harry asked Lucius softly.

Lucius looked at Draco and Anya. "Well, the worst thing that can happen would be that they turn out like Draco." Both of them laughed at that, and Draco put on his best overdramatic expression, and Anya squealed happily.

Draco turned back to the girl and kissed her forehead. "I think you'll grow up to love acting and theater. Maybe you can help papa and daddy to convince dad that culture is important?" She giggled happily, and Draco returned the warm, happy smile.

Harry pouted cutely, and Lucius wrapped his arms around the raven-haired beauty. "Just because I find the theater boring and opera annoying doesn't mean I don't get any cultural input. You seemed quite bored when we went to that muggle museum. And I like reading, remember?" Draco giggled, and Anya repeated the sound as good as she could.

Lucius kissed Harry's cheek. "If we weren't already married, I'd say you quarrel like an old married couple," he said softly.

Harry went over to the bathtub and got it filled, so they could all get a bath together. Lucius waited patiently, watching what Harry was doing. As soon as Draco came back in, Harry whipped out his wand and threw a wordless spell. The burst of wind hit the water, and a wave of water soaked both men. Draco had just gotten his clothes dried, so he was shocked.

Lucius quickly closed the door and took his clothes off. He went into the water, and the two younger men quickly followed the example. Lucius sat in the water near the edge of the big tub, while Draco and Harry happily splashed water at each other.

After half an hour of splashing, they both came over and snuggled up to Lucius. "Dray, can you do me a favor?" Harry's voice broke the silence in a happy, calm tone, yet there was some nervousness in the tone as well.

Both blondes looked at Harry. "Of course, love. What is it?" the younger blonde asked softly.

Harry smiled. "Can you make sure Luc makes no appointments with the Ministry, so he can come with us to the maternity ward tomorrow, when I get my first check-up?" Both blondes stared.

Lucius suddenly stood up, wrapped his arms around Harry, and twirled the boy around happily. Draco pounced them; making all three of them drop laughing into the deeper end. They swam back to the shallow end, and both blondes hugged Harry.

Harry smiled softly, though his words made the blondes freeze with fear. "Who of you will tell Severus I'm pregnant again?" Happily ever after may be said not to exist in real life, but Harry disagreed. As long as he had his blondes, his children and his friends, he would always have his 'happily ever after'.