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SUMMARY: Carlisle receives a letter informing him that Harry Potter, a recently changed vampire, will be come to stay with the family for training. Little does he know, the Volturi are sending him there for more complex reasons, reasons even Harry Potter doesn't know about. Edward doesn't like the arrogant younger vampire and his attitude towards Bella is completely unreasonable. What will happen between the two?

Canvas for the Dead

"Your mission is simple," muttered Aro, looking intently at the younger vampire standing before him, "Earn their trust,"

"For what purpose?" asked the small vampire, his unusual green eyes narrowed just slightly as he stood before the guard. Beside Aro sat Caius, who gave a chuckle. Emerald eyes gave a sharp look towards the blond vampire, "Something funny?"

Aro sent Caius a look, and then proceeded to look at the defiant young vampire, "You are in no position of asking questions, Harry. You will do the task at hand, and when you have fully earned the trust of the Cullen family, you will report back to the Volturi, understood?"

"Yes," Harry said, even though he had to bite his tongue to keep from talking back, "I understand, anything else you'd like for me to do, sire?"

Caius nodded when Aro looked over to him, and then spoke, "Keep an eye out for that Bella girl, will you?"


"You'll leave for America tomorrow, be ready first thing in the morning. Jane and Alec will escort you to the airport and from there you're on your own. We will be expecting occasional updates, is that clear?"

"Crystal," Harry growled, "I'll go pack now, then,"

Sequence One

"Carlisle, when were you going to tell us?" Alice asked quietly from his and Esme's bedroom door, "He's coming within the week, is he not?"

Carlisle looked from the letter he had received earlier that month and to his daughter, "Alice. I was hoping you'd have a vision of him soon, that's why I've been waiting."

"I don't understand..." Alice stepped into the bedroom, everyone else had gone off hunting, so they were free to speak without any eavesdropping, "Why would the Volturi have him train here, why wouldn't they train him themselves, isn't that what they usually do? I didn't think they preferred the vegetarian choice,"

The elder vampire gave a sigh, massaging his temples as he did so, "They've tried, from what I've gathered from the letter Aro sent me, he's far too out of control,"

"Then why send him here, to Forks? Isn't that a bit risky, this town isn't exactly that big and if we leave room for a mistake we'll have a big problem on our hands. The Volturi are already upset with Bella knowing," Alice's voice was fast as she spoke; worry dripping through her tone as she rambled on. Carlisle had to resist the urge to yell at her. He was too stressed right now, and Alice's anxiety wasn't helping him.

"Alice, there isn't a choice, if the Volturi ask of it I have to go through with it," the doctor tried to explain to her, "We won't leave the boy unattended, and if a problem does appear, we can always leave,"

"Carlisle, you don't understand," Alice began, "Every time I have visions of him, everyone else's futures are black,"

"What do you mean?" Carlisle asked, his brow forwarding in confusion, "You can't read our future while he's there?"

Alice didn't move, only shook her head, "That's not it, I don't know how to explain it; but it isn't good, Carlisle, it isn't good. I get a really bad feeling when I have visions of him, really bad,"

"Let's hope for the best then, right?" he paused, "Esme is back, along with the others. You're dismissed," Alice left the room. The blond vampire picked up the letter he was holding before and found himself reading it for the fiftieth time that day.

Dear Carlisle,

How are you, old friend? I bet America is as exciting as it's ever been. I don't want to drag this letter on more than it has to be, so I'll get straight to the point, I need your help. I need your whole family's help. I'm struggling to train a newborn vampire by the name of Harry; he's completely out of control. And I understand that as a member of the Volturi, we would usually handle a problem like this quite easily. But we cannot afford to kill this boy; you'll find that he is very special and useful if you will.

So, I'm asking that your family take him in, if this isn't too much to ask. I want you to train him to be a vegetarian (though I wouldn't prefer it, you know the Volturi are traditional when it comes to our diet). It seems he's too dangerous, and having a traditional diet would be too risky if we were to keep him around. He's addicted. To blood I mean, and would go on a killing frenzy if given the opportunity. As you might have concluded, this is a major problem that I am reaching out for your help with.

Please, contact me as soon as you can with your answer.

In my highest regards,

Aro, of the Volturi.

How bad would it look if he said no? Not that the Cullens had cared what others had thought of them, but this was the Volturi; and they were already having problems with them due to recent events that happened in Italy with Edward and Bella. Carlisle gave another sigh, it was clear that he was frustrated. Should he risk the health of his own family simply for the sake of this one child? He wasn't sure, but tomorrow morning he'd meet with Jane and Alec (who would be escorting the newborn to Forks so the child doesn't go and murder everyone in the airport).

Esme walked in, "Edward is really upset, love," she began, "apparently he read Alice's mind and found out something you've been keeping from us. Is another joining our family?"

Carlisle groaned, damn Edward and his ability, "It's only temporary, dear, he needs our help... the Volturi, need our help,"

"Explain from the beginning," Esme told him softly, walking to be beside where he was sitting at his desk and placing a small soothing kiss on his cheek, "Let me see this," and she grabbed the letter in Carlisle's cold hands and read it. A smile graced her lips, which calmed the doctor incredibly, "We'll do fine, and I'm looking forward to having him,"

The next day Carlisle was happy that his children were at school. Edward insisted that he was going to be staying at the house so that he could make sure everything was alright and the new vampire wouldn't be trying anything. Carlisle had the day off, which was even more to his liking. He was waiting for Jane and Alec's call, and then he'd leave to pick up the temporary new member of their family...

He looked to the clock on the wall, stood, and grabbed the keys from his desk.

When he arrived at the airport he was beyond nervous, not scared though, he could handle a newborn. He wasn't even nervous because of that, or maybe he was, but it was mainly from Jane and Alec. When he stepped out of his car and saw the twins making their way over from the entrance of the airport, he couldn't help but pause his movements at the sight of the newborn.

Harry was uncomfortable, the strong scent of the humans around him captivated him, until Alec used his ability and cut off his senses, which he didn't like at all. He walked in the middle, both of his escorts at his side. He saw Mr. Cullen, and gave him a hard look. When they reached him, he didn't dare take the offered handshake from the blond doctor.

"Well, I suppose I can take it from here then," Carlisle told the twins, who simply looked at him with an unpleased expression, they turned, not bothering to utter a single word and left from their presence. Carlisle sighed and looked down at the young vampire with a smile, "All good to go?"

There was a scoff and Harry didn't bother to answer the man as he moodily climbed into the car Carlisle chose to bring to pick him up. Carlisle frowned and walked to the driver's side of the car and got in himself. He didn't start the car just yet, but turned himself to Harry—still smiling, "So what makes you so special, hum?" it was asked nicely, but Harry took it the wrong way,

"If you think staying with you and your family is given to others as a special privilege, you're so wrong. I'd rather be anywhere else in the world than with a bunch of sodding vegetarians," ouch. The boy had a certain attitude to him, or perhaps he was just a cocky jerk.

Carlisle nodded, "Your accent's different, where're you from originally?"

"London, and if I had the choice, I'd be there in a heartbeat," double-ouch.

Deciding that it hadn't been wise to try and warm up to the boy just yet, Carlisle started the car and pulled away from the airport. He couldn't help but wonder what the future had in store for him and his family—but he knew it couldn't possibly be anything good, especially when Alice's visions were blocked when the newborn was involved with them.

Things were about to get very, very interesting.

There's the begining to that, more to come; hopefully. I know the begining seems a bit sketchy right now, but I think as it developes it'll turn out rather well. With that said, I truly hope you enjoyed it and will enjoy the many more chapters to come. Thanks ever so much for reading, and I do hope you take the time to review. x