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"Through others, we become ourselves,"

Sequence One—part two.

When Harry James Potter was turned, it may have been the best news the Volturi ever received. Finally they had found a vampire with a power that can build their race higher than ever before. The boy was young, turned at the age of sixteen and then abandoned. When the found him, it wasn't shortly after he had been turned so his blood-lust was a bit higher than average. In fear of being a victim of the young boy's special ability Alec had to cut off his senses, leaving him blind. The new vampire was quite unique, emerald eyes that deceived, with just a look, a simple look, they could kill.

Now, realizing they had a problem on their hands with the uncontrollable newborn, Harry stood outside of the Cullen house for some 'rehabilitation' attempt to stable his hunger. He scoffed, tugging at the collar of the coat that fit his form perfectly. He did not want to be here, certainly not, and if he had to go more than a week without the blood of his current diet he would surely snap. Feeling the rumble of frustration and anger bubbling in his stomach the vampire wanted nothing more than to scream at the Volturi for sending him here.

"Esme designed it herself," said Carlisle from beside Harry, and instantly the newborn wanted to lash out. He doesn't ever recall asking the elder vampire if his wife designed it, so why should he need to be told that some vegetarian vampire designed the Cullen home (even if the house was remarkably beautiful).

The scoff the emitted from Harry didn't go unnoticed, and Carlisle questioned how long he would truly be able to tolerate the disrespectful child, he listened nonetheless as Harry retorted, "It's hideous, poor choice in choosing a designer, don't you think? Who would want to walk around their home with the whole world looking in at them? It's a complete invasion of one's privacy, how thick can you get?"

"Alright," Carlisle frowned, "I'll think twice from now on before I decide to ask your opinions on things, but as a favor could you not tell Esme that you absolute detest her house, it would break her heart,"

"Her heart can't break, sir, it's already dead," the coldness and bitter amusement that dripped from the boy's mouth made the doctor flinch. He may not have been a psychologist, but in those short words Carlisle figured something out, Harry's bitter at the fact he's a vampire, "Oh, don't you just love the hilarity of words, Dr. Cullen?"

Shaking his head and stepping forward in hopes that Harry will follow, the blond vampire lead the newborn into the home where he was greeted by his beautiful wife, "I didn't expect you to be home so quickly, you must be Harry, it's a pleasure to have you here, I hope you find yourself at home,"

"I wouldn't find this place home in a million decades," the mutter certainly wasn't unnoticed, and the look Esme gave him was blank, "The sooner I become a dreaded vegetarian the better,"

Esme blinked and her eyes landed to her husband for answers, his tired and irate look was enough for her to figure out that the boy was going to be like this for quite a while. Regardless, she replied, "Well, don't you have a colorful personality? Carlisle can show you to your room, I'd like for you to stay there until the children get home from school,"

"Oh, I'm jumping with excitement," spat Harry as he followed Dr. Cullen upstairs and to his designated room for the next couple of months or so. He was disappointed at what he saw, "What the hell is this pathetic excuse of a bedroom?"

Tsk, he's hardly grateful, Carlisle rolled his eyes not even attempting to try and please the other vampire, "I'm sorry, don't we meet the Volturi's standards? I'm sorry your bedroom can't be the size of a mansion. That room will have to do for the amount of time that you stay here, as my wife said: make yourself at home,"

"I hope you don't plan on me being here much longer,"

Carlisle gave a mocking laugh and turned to face the boy, he was just about to head back downstairs to his wife but he could feel himself becoming sick of the boy's rotten tone, "I do actually, with the way you're acting you're going to be here for a very long time. You have a lot of growing up to do, Harry, so get used to the life of being a vegetarian because you're going to be drinking the blood of animals for a while,"

The anger he felt, the urge to destroy the man in front of him, the pure hatred he felt for the current situation he was in, "You think you can change me? You think you're going to be able to do what the Volturi couldn't, well, you're wrong Cullen, you're so wrong! I refuse to drink animal blood and nothing you say or do can stop me from—"

"You go near any innocent humans within a thousand mile radius of this town, I'll kill you, I swear to all that is the Volturi, I will set your body on fire and watch as you burn, do you understand me? If the Volturi can willingly drop you off on my doorstep, then I can willingly kill you. So choose your actions wisely, Mr. Potter, because I'm not pretty when I get angry," taken aback, Harry simply scowled at the other man as he spoke. He wasn't afraid, nothing could scare him anymore, and— "We'll call you when the children get home,"

A very frustrated Harry entered his room with the slam of a door. He looked around him with disgust, a bookshelf with absolutely no books, a small desk with a lamp, and a bed. He wanted to laugh when he saw the bed, "It's not like I can sleep or anything, what a fucking joke,"

Later on Harry could sense the presence of others, their scent flooding his nose which wrinkled up in distaste, and he dreaded meeting them. He felt ambushed, like it were one against seven. The Volturi educated him briefly on whom and what the Cullens were, not to mention their names came up in many jokes that were passed around some of the meetings the leaders had. He knew three things: One could read minds, one was a seer, and the other was an empath. The green eyed vampire scoffed, feeling a bit bemused, so what if he couldn't control his thirst—that doesn't mean they had to send him to the Cullens, of all the other families.

There was a voice that echoed from downstairs, so beautiful and harmonious, it took Harry off guard at first until he regained himself and his brow narrowed. No, nothing about the Cullens could ever be beautiful or harmonious. Someone rapped at his door, and he listened as the oldest Cullen spoke, "You may come down, if you want to meet the others,"

He gave no reply and listened as the other vampire walked away from his door. Harry leaned back on the bed he was so kindly provided with and looked up to the tall ceiling of his temporary bedroom. He hated it. He hated it all. His stomach twisted and he found himself gaining a headache, he was so hungry, but how was he supposed to feed? How was he going to be able to control himself if he was already this bad on the first day of this intervention? He was so bloody hungry, so damned thirsty, all he wanted to do was feed, why was everyone so against that?

A whimper escaped his lips and he grabbed the pillow behind his head and moved it so that he could press it into his face and try to vent some of his frustration out on it, would animals be enough to help him get through his stay here? He felt himself bordering the edge of insanity with just a day of not being able to drink the blood of some beautiful human that he could easily find in Italy. He whimpered once more and let out a groan.

Then, an overwhelming feeling of comfort and calmness flooded him, and he gave a thankful and relieved sigh until he realised something, the empath. Could it be that the vampire, the empath that the Volturi explained to him, was downstairs sending waves of calmness to him? Was it possible that the other vampire could feel his painful hunger? Maybe he'd be able to understand him then; maybe someone will finally be able to understand the hunger he feels each day, maybe that someone could help him find a food source that wasn't of animal—

The comfort went away, and he was back to suffering. He could hear the voices of the others downstairs only slightly, but not enough to understand anything that they might have been saying. He let out a loud groan this time and another rap echoed from his door, "If you want, we can go hunting?"

"Fuck you," Harry snapped, knowing the voice on the other side as Carlisle Cullen's, "I'm not going to drink animal blood and nothing you or the Volturi say is going to change my mind!"

"If you starve, you'll die—"

"I'm already dead you fucking arsehole!" it was loud, loud enough to make the birds outside flutter away in a startled fashion, "Just leave me alone, I don't need your help or anyone else's help,"

Carlisle left, knowing he wouldn't be able to convince the newborn no matter what he tried, so he left him to bask in the pain of thirst and starvation hoping that it'll drive him into submission and he'll come begging for them to give him anything, even if it's the blood of an animal.

Later that night when the house had settled in silence overtook the nighttime atmosphere, Harry creaked his bedroom door open and with his vampire ability he quietly moved down the hall and to the stairs, he carefully passed the open door of Edward's bedroom though, and flinched with annoyance when a voice (a graceful voice that he would never admit was graceful) spoke out and asked, "Where are you going?"

"None of your business," snapped the short vampire, "and you'll do best not to go and tell that damn father of yours that you saw me, do you understand?"

A laugh, and oh god how wonderful that laugh sounded, caressed his ears. In the blink of an eye, Edward was out of his room and standing in front of the newborn, "I'm older than you, therefore that gives me rights to boss you around—not the other way around,"

Harry didn't reply, but his glare was louder than words. Edward crossed his arms and appeared unaffected by the face he was receiving, "Either you go back to your room like a good little boy, or, you let me take you out hunting. You can have anything you like, we've got deer, bear, rabbit—"

"I'm not eating animals," it was defiant, but it hadn't phased Edward one bit, "sod of you prick,"

"Then you choose to go back to your room?"

With another deathly glare Harry stomped past Edward and into his own room with yet another slam of his door. Edward smirked when he heard the young vampire whimper again and entered his room to read a book he's probably read just about a hundred times in his long life. Things were getting a bit boring around here, but with this newborn, Edward could tell things were only just getting started.

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